Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 6)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 6

Title: Killer Kunoichi Klub

[Author's notes:

After the fall Konoha, The fifth had most of the young kunoichi put in cryogenic-statis and moved to a new HQ. With most of their memories erased, they have to relearn getting along and obeying their new master or end up back in statis or... worse


"Hinata could you please come to room 131." Hinata looked up silently at the speaker as Tsunde’s voice cut out.

"What does she want?" Hinata though curiously to herself as she headed to the door. Hinata walked quietly by looking through the open doors, TenTen and Sakura yelled at each other over a video game.

"That's bullshit Sakura, you’re cheating." TenTen bitched as she slammed her controller on the floor.

"Piss off TenTen, pick up the controller and lose like a real woman." Sakaru laughed coolly as she sat back in her chair. Hinata continued down the hall passing the monitoring room where Temari and Ino exercised in the combat room.

"Haha you missed me, you missed me." Ino teased mercilessly as she flipped backward from Temari’s fists and feet.

"Hold still you... little... slut." Temari yelled irritably as she tried to keep her cool. Temari tried a double roundhouse but Ino back flipped out of the way and sprung high into the air.

"Now that wouldn't be any fun." Ino giggled wildly as she landed on the corner of a platform. Temari stared menacingly up at the girl as she regained her footing.

"I'll get ya." Temari wiped a bit of sweat from her brow as she continued her assault by springing back at the blonde with a combo of kicks and punches. Hinata smiled sweetly at the two as she turned away from the screen and headed back down the hall. Hinata turned the corner and headed down some stairs. Hinata froze in front of the door as she looked up at the 131 over the door. She slowly creped in through the metal door into a crazy bio examining room with a huge high-tech computer that seem to fill the whole room with a metal table in the middle.

"Hello, Tsunde-sama?" Hinata whispered, trembling wildly as she curiously looked around the greenish dim room.

"Ahhh Hinata, It's about time, now get undressed and lay down on the examine table." Tsunde quickly directed from the darkness, spooking the piss out of Hinata.

"Tsunde-sama, I really don't feel like testing today." Hinata looked sternly at the cold table as her mind was set. Tsunde’s eye's slitted meanly as she came into view, burning them into Hinata's cute white ones.

"Hinata this is very important, I want to check your power limit's." Tsunde asked calmly as she lifted a needle to the green haze of light. Hinata glared miserably as green liquid in the needle shot from the tip.

“I said I don’t want to!” Hinata barked back.

"I don't care, get undressed now!" Tsunde yelled maliciously at the dark-haired girl as she pointed at the table. Tsunde grinned darkly to herself, knowing Hinata was not going to do what she was told like always.

“Stubborn little bitch, always doing things the hard way.”

"Don't tell me what to do." Hinata sneered coldly as she stood her ground and pointed lethally back at Tsunde.

"Just do it!" Tsunde screamed chaotically as she lost her cool. The two stared daringly at each other for a moment.

"No!" Hinata screamed sadistically as she stomped her foot in full protest. Tsunde face contorted insanely as she turned to the computer grinning wildly.

"Computer, sedate Hinata." Tsunde snapped to the computer as she turned her back on Hinata and walked to the table.

"Affirmative." The computer fired to life at the sound of Tsunde's voice as three robotic arms shot out of the wall and gripped Hinata's waist and wrists.

"Tsunde! No, I don't want to." Hinata struggled madly as the robotic arms lifted her small luscious body off the floor.

"I tried to ask you nicely, but you had to suit yourself, 30 cc of hydrogentic, computer." Tsunde ordered quickly to the computer as she sneered at Hinata.

"Yes, doctor." The computer droned as a needle on one of the robotic arms clicked out with a little green tube that pumped the drug into Hinata's arm.

"Tsunde, nooo..." Hinata's body went limp in the robot's grip as they moved her to the metal slab and laid her down.

"Computer, start the pre-tests for Hinata Hyuuga." Tsunde asked simply as she stuck her needle into Hinata's arm.

"Yes doctor." The computer beeped it’s replied as the arm's started their task's.


"You looked pretty sad in there, you ok?" Ino asked strangely as she and Temari both stepped out of the training room sweating and panting.

"I'm FINE, I don't need you fucking sassing me every time we work out." Temari replied breathlessly as she opened her locker, spite raced through her like most times went she talked to Ino. She is Temari's new teammate, but fuck, anyone can piss you if you give him or her enough time.

"I was just trying to be nice Temari." Ino pleaded comfortingly as she sat down and unlaced her shoes.

"You don't need to be nice, you need to understand nobody cares, and don't call me Temari." Temari spoke vaguely as she pulled off her tight shirt exposing her full D-sized chest.

"I'm sorry Temari, but living in a tube a good half of my life, my emotions are mixed up like who I'm I, what I'm I doing, where I'm I going, I'm so confused I don't know what to do." Ino looked up feebly at Temari's stone face that stared coldly at her.

"Get your shit together you fucking bitch, you fuck around and lose it Tsunde will put your ass so fast back into one of them fucking tubes it will make your head fucking spin." Temari yelled brutally as she slapped Ino effortlessly across the mouth. Ino felt shattered by Temari's hand and bluntness, but it was true if she couldn't cut it as a killer kunoichi, Tsunde would throw her ass back in stasis without a second though. Tsunde's dark playhouse of killer teenage girls, she didn't have the time or patients to put up with the crybaby problems and everyday things in their lives, you kill or be killed that's your choice.

"But why does everyone have to be so cold and heartless, you all look lost sometimes, like you don't know who you are." Ino moaned deliriously, finding it hard to fight back the tears as her face continued to burn.

"When you look into the faces of people you kill and remember that look, it hardens you, your personality, your morals, your god-damned soul and sometimes your fighting for your life. Yeah, we’re a team, but sometime you're like fuck everyone, maybe one of us doesn’t come back, then what? You’re just a name and a face six-feet under, that's if you even get there and not chopped up in some fucking forest." Temari announced miserably as it lowered Ino's self-esteem and want for life.

"You’re too depressed, maybe you need to take Prozac or something." Ino tried to break Temari's discouraging manner. Temari's face lit with hate as she cocked her hand back again. Ino didn't flinch this time as she stared at Temari.

"I'm taking a shower do what you want." Temari played off Ino and headed for the showers.

"Temari, wait I." Ino tried calling out to Temari but to no avail.

{Room 131}

"Where I'm I." Hinata slowly awoke strapped and naked on the cold metal table she refused to get on earlier.

"Your in room 131, don't you remember Hinata?" Tsunde stepped quietly out of the shadows at the end of the table.

"No, I don't." Hinata's head still felt a little fuzzy from the shot as the examine lights burned her eyes.

"You were a little hesitant, so I had to sedate you for your own good." Tsunde grinned slyly, rubbing Hinata's leg softy as Hinata tried focusing on Tsunde's outline, which was moving up from the end of the table.

"This may feel a little funny." Tsunde smiled sweetly as she cupped Hinata's small face roughly. Fear and shock shook Hinata's body from looking into the evil woman's empty eyes.

"Computer, start probing." Tsunde ordered smoothly to the computer as she stepped back into the shadows. Beeps and clicks filled the room as Hinata looked around. The table started to make noises as three long tentacles spawned out of the table. The Hyuuga girl screamed chaotically as the tentacles rubbed her smooth skin in a violating motion.

"Calm down Hinata, it's not as bad as it looks." Tsunde murmured coldly from the darkness as the heat-seeking tentacles inched closer to the girl's small exposed orifices.

"Tsunde-sama please stop!" Hinata begged feebly as she struggled around wildly. The tentacles squirmed like little snakes as they buried into Hinata's tight pussy and clenched anus. A high-pitched moan spat from Hinata's sweet red lips as the tentacles slid deeper inside her, forcing her to the table. Hinata's eye's filled with tears as Tsunde's tools worked in a pumping action, filling her tight holes.

"I-Tsunde-sama no more." Hinata squeaked weakly as her hips bucked unwillingly to the machine, pounding on her holes.

"Shhh Hinata, it's ok." Tsunde whispered, putting her finger to her lips as the third tentacle forced it's way into Hinata's mouth and down her throat, gagging her. Hinata groaned loudly around the smooth metal pole as the others snakes pumped in and out her tight pussy and ass, staring wide eyed to the ceiling as tears soaked her cheeks. The tentacles swirled wildly into the young girl as her little tits swung madly in all directions she could feel her hot cream fill in her stomach as Tsunde watched ravenously at the young girls luscious body being manipulated by her sinister machine. Tsunde felt her own arousal grow within body as she watched the malicious tentacles fuck Hinata faster and harder. Hinata’s body burned in anguish and pain as her masculine body tighten around the metal poles, breaching her small orifices. Tsunde cupped her damp cunt through her tight body suit as Hinata's body glistened with sex and sweat.

"Doctor the patient is reaching max energy level, continue?" The computer finally interrupted 20 hot minutes into Hinata's humiliation.

"Yes, full max." Tsunde replied firmly, grinning at Hinata's body jolting, deliriously from the forced sexual lust. The computer beeped faster as the sensors on the tentacles tracked Hinata's orgasm. Hinata moaned hotly around the metal pole sliding in and out of her tight mouth as her body spazed, her sweet little cunny spewing her teen hood cream onto the table. A small gasp escaped Hinata's red lips as the tentacles retracted back into the table. The humiliation was almost more then the young girl could bear as she sobbed loudly, feeling her hot cum streak out her pussy and down between her ass.

"You're all done." Tsunde purred sweetly as she walked up next to Hinata's head and ran her fingers though her short dark hair. The straps loosen silently around Hinata's arms and legs as she slowly formed herself into a ball. A strange violating sense flushed her whole body from her orgasm and Tsunde's childish way of treating her.

"You’re free to leave." Tsunde mothering tone didn't seem to help much as she turned on her heel and walked off. A few minutes passed until Hinata slid off the table to her shaky feet, her pussy and ass ached from her brutal sexual experience. But before she reached her cloths an overwhelming feeling flooded her belly, dropping her swiftly to the floor as she curled her ass and pissed like a puppy. Tears finally poured from her eyes as she stood up and got dressed, her cunt dripping wet from not wiping. She hurried out the door and up the stairs as she tried wiping her eye’s clear. Hinata sped quickly down the hall as she passed TenTen and Sakura playing video games. TenTen's sharp eyes spotted Hinata's body darting by the door.

"Hey Hinata you want to get in on this?" TenTen asked caringly as she watched and waited, but Hinata only answered her by slamming her door.

"Smell's like Hinata had a little accident." TenTen took a deep breath as she turned to see herself get beat on the game.

"I'm fucking done!" TenTen slammed the controller to the floor as she stood up.

"Hey! I was just getting warmed up." Sakura laughed jokingly as she relaxed back on the couch with the winning controller.

"My eyes feel like there going to fall out." TenTen stressed poorly as she rubbed her eyes.

"What are we going to do now?" Sakura turned off the play-station and TV and stretched.

"You're going to help me clean!" A tall dark voice stormed in with a huge fucking scar cutting down the right side of her face over a fake eye that bobbed crudely in every direction.

"Who the fuck are you?" TenTen looked confusedly at the scary women glaring at her.

"The name's Anko." Anko gripped TenTen's hand tightly, crushing it in her palm.

"Ahhh FUCK!" TenTen howled yanking her hand back in shock as she looked at the woman’s only good eye as the other one twirled madly in its socket.

"Nice grip." Anko said coldly as she focused on Sakura who stood up quickly.

"And what are you going to do pinky?" Anko yelled outrageously as she waited for a fucked answer.

"Hey, fuck you, you ugly Bitch." Sakura stared sternly as Anko's brain toyed with the answer.

"Yeah, name-calling I'm fucking scaried now." Anko replied friendly as her sinister intend shook the room.

"Now you're going to help me, let's go." Anko said hurried as she clicked her fingers.

"Hey, you just can't go around insulting people then expect them to help you I don't think so." TenTen defended herself for the first and last time to Anko.

"I think your going to help me about... Now." Anko punched TenTen swiftly in the stomach, forcing her to slouch over the madwoman's fist. Anko used her left hand as she palmed TenTen’s face with her right, grunting painfully TenTen's hands shot up as she gripped Anko's thick wrist as she slammed her head into the wall.

"Let her go." Kin walked in proudly.

"Ahh more help?" Anko's twisted face turned to Kin the dark-haired sound Kunoichi stepped forward.

"Is’in this cute, all the girls growing backbones now?" Anko looked away from TenTen and turned to face Kin and Sakura.

"Leave her alone." Kin demanded.

"Sure thing." Anko shifted her weight and threw TenTen into Kin as both fell to the floor.

"Hey!" Sakura yelled as she stepped in.

"You want to go pinky?" Anko shoved Sakura around, provoking the young girl into a fight.

"Anko, stop." An evil voice cut through the darkness.

"Who the...Oh Kurenai, I got these pieces of shit in line." Anko laughed sadistically as the black-haired woman floated into the room glaring madly.

"We’re not shit!" Sakura emotions flared as her body grew five times larger and flung Anko at Kurenai knocking them both into a near by wall.

"FOOLS!" Kurenai yelled as she flicked Anko like dirt into the opposite wall, her red eyes flared as she formed signs for her genjustsu.

“Aggghhh!” Sakura yelled painfully as she gripped her head.

"Kill the fucking lot of you!" Kurenai raised her hand at Kin and TenTen as Hinata's door cracked open and her little eyes peeked out at the action.

"That's ENOUGH!!!" Tsunde's voice boomed like a thunderstorm as she pressed a button on a remote. TenTen, Kin, Sakura bodies kicked wildly as the implants in their head shocked them to the floor. Hinata's body jolted forward from her door as she slid to the floor in the middle of the hallway. Temari dropped to her knee as her implant shocked her violently finally dropping her slender body to the wet floor as the shower continued to spray her.

"Are you ok Anko and Kurenai?" Tsunde asked carelessly as Anko stood up. Kurenai slowly walked off without a word as Tsunde watched her quietly.

"Your kidding, I'll be dead when I can't handle your rug-rats, that's why I never let you put anything in my head." Anko tapped her head as she looked at the killer kunoichi’s sprawled out.

"So what happens when they wake up, they're not going to thank you for the early bedtime." Anko cautioned sharply as she cracked her neck.

"It's ok, they won't remember a thing, clean up and tuck the kid's in." Tsunde smiled darkly to herself as Anko dragged Sakura and TenTen by their wrists down the hall. Tsunde slowly strolled over to Hinata and picked her up into her arms and walked her back into her room.

"Good night Hinata." Tsunde leaned down and kissed Hinata sweetly on the mouth and headed out.

Ino stripped down as she stepped into the shower room to find Temari naked and unconscious on the floor with water spraying her with, a stream of blood running from the corner of Temari’s head.

"Temari, oh my god." Ino spirited across the wet floor and got to her knees next to the unconscious girl.

"Temari wake up, come on wake up." Ino cupped Temari smooth face as she slowly awoke.

"What's going on?" Temari glanced around confused as she stopped at Ino. Temari sat up as she stared at Ino's lusty naked figure.

"I found you laying on the floor, but your bleeding, are you ok?" Ino explained as she tried to help Temari.

"Don't touch me, I don't know I can't remember anything." Temari snapped as she pulled away from Ino. Temari slowly got to her shakily feet, holding her head as Ino got up with her.

"Are you sure your ok Temari?" Ino started to ask again.

"What did I tell you about calling me Tema..." Temari froze mid sentence and before she knew what happened, she blacked out again. Ino quickly gripped Temari’s body as it headed for the floor into her wet arms.

"Ohhh Temari." Ino groaned as she pulled Temari's limp body out of the showers. Ino carefully laid Temari’s tall figure on the steel bench as she looked up to a dark shadow in the doorway.

"How did you manage to stay stable?" The voice asked darkly as it moved closer. Ino held steadfast as the body came to light.

"Tsunde-sama..." Ino whispered as she relaxed.

"How do you feel Ino?" Tsunde asked as she strolled up to Ino.

"Fine why...?" Tsunde cut her short as she dug a stun gun into her neck. Ino shuttered violently as the 100,000 volts shocked her body. The blonde’s body fell like a rock as her legs gave out.

"Anko!!!" Tsunde yelled as she turned her back on the stunned girl kicking on the floor.

"Yeah, yeah what do you want now?" Anko muttered as the steel door slide open, reveling Ino's body and Tsunde.

"Take her to stasis!" Tsunde ordered stiffly as she finally understood Ino could become a loose end.

"But you just let the little slut loose." Anko didn't understand Tsunde's plans and didn't need to. She had just let Ino and the others go and now she wanted her back in stasis.

"Just do it!" Tsunde insisted fiercely as she crossed her arms venomously, glaring viciously at Anko.

"Your kids." Anko shrugged as she picked up the cute girl and carried her out.

"I'll have to make an example of her." Tsunde though insanely to herself as she watched the girl's beautiful face disappear around the door.

The next day

"EVERYONE GET UP AND REPORT TO THE MAIN LAB NOW!!!" Tsunde voice blared across the P.A.

"What does that bitch want now? It’s 11:00 in the morning." TenTen groaned as she pulled the covers over her head.

"Just do what you’re told!" Kin barked as she got out her bunk and threw on a shirt. TenTen cursed sourly under her sheet as she threw them off and got up.

"Wakey, wakey kids!" Anko yelled as she walked in banging on a steel pot.

"What's going on Anko?" Kin asked as Anko walked up to her.

"Don't know, but I think Tsunde's got a little surprise for you." Anko sneered as her grin grew from cheek to cheek.

"Now, hurry the fuck up." Anko continued as she began banging out the door.

"Hinata, wake up." Temari slowly rubbed Hinata's shoulder. Hinata's face was all contorted; Temari knew from the look that the girl didn't sleep well.

"Hinata, you need to get up, come on wake." Temari tried again as she waited to see Hinata's white eye's open.

"No Tsunde, please stop!" Hinata yelled in her sleep as she squeezed her eye's shut and tensed her whole body, taking Temari’s arm with her.

"Hinata, Hinata it's me, its Temari wake up." Temari freaked as she tried to shake the young girl awake with her other hand.

"Tsunde..." Hinata breathed harshly as her eye's shot open, scared, confused and wet.

"Ohhh, Hinata shhh, it's ok." Temari wrapped the trembling girls body into her arms. Hinata burst into tears as her arms reached around Temari’s waist.

"Ohhh Temari it was horrible, Tsunde s-s-she did stuff t-t-to me." Hinata stuttered as she soaked Temari’s chest.

"You need to get up, Tsunde wants us to report to the lab." Temari told Hinata smoothly as she looked into Hinata watery eyes. Hinata froze her stare as Temari looked unsurely at her.

"What's wrong now Hinata?" Temari glanced down at the girl as she figured out what was wrong.

"I-I wet my b-bed." Hinata moaned childishly as she pulled her blanket off.

"She must have been scared good, she damn near soaked the whole bed."

Temari thought to herself as she saw the damage. Hinata started crying again as she got to her feet and looked down at her bed.

"I'm a fucking animal!" Hinata forsake as she started to undress her soiled clothes.

"It's ok, stop crying and go take a shower." Temari reassured as she curled Hinata's half naked body up to the bathroom. Temari looked over to Ino’s empty bunk wondering as Anko busted into the room banging her sadistic beat.

"Oh, you’re up good, you and the white-eyed freak get dressed and report to the lab." Anko seconded Tsunde's first requested.

"Where's Ino?" Temari asked as she glared at Anko's crude face as a razorblade smile split her face again.

"Just get dressed." Anko threatened as she walked silently out of the room. A few minutes passed as the group reported to the lab. The group lined up as Tsunde and Anko pulled from the shadows.

"Where's Hinata?" Tsunde ordered as she looked down the line, frowning at her murderous group Kunoichi.

"She'll be here, but she had a little accident." Temari assured steely as she glanced at Tsunde. Tsunde face retorted to a rude snarl as she looked at Anko standing next to her.

"She going to have other little accident if she doesn’t get her ass in here right FUCKIN now!" Tsunde roared as she beamed at Temari fiercely. No sooner did the words leave her mouth the door opened.

Hinata walked in quickly, staring at the floor and stood in line with the rest. Tsunde's face broke into a sinister smile as she stepped in front of the girl.

"Glad you could join us, Hinata." Tsunde grinned as she crossed her arms across her chest in her always-bossy way.

"I-I'm sorry Tsunde-sama, I..." Hinata began as she looked up at Tsunde’s wicked face.

"You what?" Tsunde worded over as she waited impatiently.

"I wet my bed." Hinata's lower lip trembled as she blushed wildly, looking straight into Tsunde's dark eyes. TenTen giggled lightly as Hinata's words floated through the room.

"Shut up TenTen, Anko!" Tsunde demanded madly as she looked down the line of misfits to Anko who nodded. Anko grinned wildly as her buried her fist into TenTen's stomach again. TenTen dropped to her knees holding her stomach, fighting for breath.

"Now listen, I have something to show you, Anko if you please." Anko turned from TenTen and pushed a button on a large control panel. The room shifted quickly and quietly as a tube revealed itself on the opposite wall. The team’s eyes went wide as they focused on the content of the tube.

"It's Ino." Temari gasped silently as Ino was held naked in the empty tube.

"Cough... no way." TenTen caught her breath as she got to a knee, staring at the tube.

"This is a warning to the rest of you, Wake her up." Anko pushed the panel again as a light hazy smoke filled the tube. Ino shook spasmodically as she opened her eyes to the watchful group.

"What's going on?" Ino moaned groggily as she looked out of the tube at the others staring at her.

"You’re going on a little time-out." Tsunde smiled crookedly as she looked at Ino and nodded at Anko again. A thick, clear, green fluid began to fill at Ino's feet, as the group knew what was going to happen.

"Huh T-Tsunde-sama." Ino looked down as the fluid swirled around her ankles and crept up her legs.

"She is the first and I will not fucking hesitate to lock the rest of your asses in stasis with her!" Tsunde roared violently as she watched every eye in line, watching Ino bang on the tube, screaming.

"Tsunde!!!" Ino yelled fanatically as the fluid soaked her hips. The group watched in total awe as the fluid passed her chest. TenTen moaned helplessly as the fluid splashed at Ino's chin. Dread filled the group, as they knew they could do nothing to help Ino.

"You will listen to me and you will do as I command!" Tsunde's murderous voice stabbed the group as Anko chucked darkly from the corner of the room.

"Uhhh, Tsunde-sama plea..." Ino discussed desperately as she started to choke on the green fluid and tried to keep above it. Ino held what little breath she had left as she pressed her hands to the glass in the full tube. Ino eye's beamed fearful at the others, staring from one end of the line to other as she started to lose consciousness from the lack of oxygen. Ino kicked wildly as she started to fill her lungs with the life stasis fluid. Hinata's eye's filled with tears as her teammate finally went limp.

The fluid filled her chest and body shortly after trapping her in a timeless state. Hinata turned to Temari's chest and squeezed her tears in between Temari’s huge tits as she broke down. Ino's body drifted lazily in the tube as the life preserving fluid flowed through her body, setting her in stasis. Tsunde smiled venomously as she watched Ino’s body floated motionlessly in the glass tube.

"And if any of you even think of fucking crossing me, you'll end up like that little bitch or worse." Tsunde pointed to the tube as she watched the group's reaction. Shock, was the only feeling the Kunoichi could feel as one of they’re own floated lifelessly in the greenish fluid.

"Understood?" Tsunde glared heatedly as she walked down the line of her remaining team. The team nodded willingly, knowing that Tsunde had the upper hand.

"But what about Ino." Temari asked darkly as she petted Hinata's head. Tsunde stared violently at Temari as she looked at Anko.

"Dismissed." Tsunde ordered sternly as she turned her back and headed for the door.

"Tsunde!" Temari asked quizzically as she looked down at the rest of the group already heading out the door.

"DISMISSED!!!" Tsunde yelled savagely as she walked to the door with Anko.

"Let her go bitch!" Hinata whispered darkly as she stared at the floor, hands trembling. Tsunde stopped in her tracks as her head slowly turned.

"Hinata don't." Temari looked a little surprised at Hinata as the dark-haired girl geared up for a fight.

"I'll give you 'til the count of one to get out of my sight or you'll join Ino." Tsunde's eyes burned the crude threat into Hinata's face. Temari pulled back Hinata's shoulder, trying to get her to follow.

"One..." Tsunde was already off her heels and heading straight for Hinata.

"Hinata!" Temari leaned in quickly as Tsunde shifted to the left. Hinata swung forward as Tsunde counter and threw Hinata over her back and threw a sharp roundhouse and kicked Temari across the floor.

"You better hope I kill you next time, because if not, you'll never get out of them tubes." Tsunde sneered as she walked off. The door slid shut leaving Hinata and Temari staring at Ino’s slender body floating in the cylinder glass tube. 


[End notes:

More to come, I may do more with this group but who knows.



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