Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 5)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 5

Title: Hokage's doll

[Author's notes:

I just piece this stuff together, I don't think being vuglar makes me a better writer, but it gets the point across.


Hehehe I jus' made them shorter!




"When are you going to learn to behave yourself?" A dark voice asked a naked hog-tied girl, groaning around her ball-gag, held in place by ropes anchored to the floor with kunai. The girl moaned softly as her eyes slowly flickered open to the dim room, she knew where she was; it was her room, Shizune’s room.

"Oooh Shizune-chan." A woman’s voice sounded earnest enough as its owner came into view. Tsunde stood grinning malevolently down at Shizune's naked body with a strange sense of pity, wearing nothing but white cotton panties and her gamblers coat. Shizune eyes focused on Tsunde's large chest and clear face, as the innocent look was long gone and replace with a menacing glare. Shizune's whole body shuddered as she started to tremble uncontrollably.

"Is that what you were going to do to me?" Tsunde smiled happily as she got to her knees next to Shizune and remove the ball-gag for answers. Shizune flinched back but not far from Tsunde's hand as it closed in on her face. Shizune's plan to drug and control Tsunde had gone completely fucked as she was now under Tsunde's control, but how?

“How did she know about the tea? HOW?”

Tsunde's firm hands worked softly as she unbuckled the ball gag's straps and set it aside.

"Well Shizune? Were you going to drug me, tie me up and have your nasty little way with me?" Tsunde asked again as she ran her fingers through the girl’s short dark hair. Shizune felt a lie work it's way to her tongue but then held it back as Tsunde's eyebrows rose distinctively at Shizune's though. Knowing it was no good she began to nod her head slowly as Tsunde smiled a vulgar little smile.

"That’s good, you should never lie to your friends Shizune or try and drug them, its just not very nice." Tsunde marked unmercifully as her right hand caressed the girl's firm chest. Shizune felt the burn of humiliation and shame flush over her as the well-built blonde was now in complete control.

"I have to tell you, your pretty brave to try taking me on by yourself, I really though you'd have Anko or maybe Kurenai help you, but like a snake in the grass." Tsunde continued as her fingers creped to Shizune's hot crotch. Tsunde could smell Shizune's sweet female fragrant grow as her fingers danced cautiously into the sticky wetness of the black haired girl’s cunt. Shizune moaned breathlessly as Tsunde's fingers carefully found their mark.

"Ohhh Shizune-chan, you’re so wet." Tsunde giggled mesmerized at Shizune's reaction as she began to rub ever so slightly, soaking her fingertips in Shizune's sweet honey hole. Shizune tensed the ropes that held her in place as Tsunde's middle finger slid in and out of her hot cunt.

"Do you like that Shizune-chan, do you want more?" Tsunde whispered comfortingly as she moved in closer to the naked girl’s sweating body.

"Y-yes." Shizune panted harshly as she closed her eyes, trying to hide her lusty enjoyment from Tsunde. Shizune's emotions and feelings reddened her face, as she didn't think for a minute that Tsunde would have her way weather she liked it or not.

“I was wrong.”

"Your a sweet girl, but foolish." Tsunde leaned forward and kissed the moaning girl appreciably on the lips. Shizune did little to refused Tsunde's wet tongue as it split her red lips and slipped into her mouth with the greatest of ease. Shizune groaned desperately as Tsunde's tongue worked wildly in her mouth, submitting her every taste bud to Tsunde's will. Tsunde slowly pulled her tongue out and looked deeply into Shizune's eyes as the strange look reappeared.

"Let's see if you can eat pussy as good as you kiss." Tsunde asked instinctively as she stood up and slid down her panties to her ankles. Shizune stared transfixed at Tsunde's hairless pussy, waiting to be attended to.

"I'm not..." But before Shizune could finish Tsunde backhanded her across the mouth. The anchored kunai’s didn’t give an inch, as Shizune knew with Tsunde’s strength she’d give before the kunai’s ever came out.

"Don't talk back to your master!" Tsunde's eye's and voice flared violently as she quickly gripped Shizune's hair tightly in her hand.

"I'm sorry master, please don't hit again." Shizune squeezed her eye's shut as tears began to form and run down the sides of her cheek, her face burned fiercely from the slap, as the fear creped back into her.

"You'll do it and you'll like it." Tsunde's tone settled as she pulled the girls face into her cunt. Shizune froze, paralyzed as Tsunde slowly rubbed her mouth and nose into her dripping slit. Shizune's nose filled with Tsunde's sweet smell as the taste passed her lips and soaked her mouth. Shizune gave in as she slowly extended her tongue into Tsunde's wet cunt. It was Tsunde's turn to tremble as Shizune gently teased her sensitive clit. Tsunde moaned loudly unable to control her own sexual desire as Shizune teased her willingly.

"You're such a good pet." Tsunde moaned sensuously as both of her hands held Shizune's face and tongue in place until she loaded Shizune’s face and mouth with her sweet honey.

“That’s a good girl.”

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