Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 4)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 4

Title: Not in this life

[Author's notes: Hinata loses her mind and heart.]

“I’ve slept with a lot of girls Hinata, I’m not proud of that fact, I just don’t want to get attached, you have to keep your emotions free of distractions or they could get you killed.” Temari tossed the white-eyed girl her clothes as she glanced over at something unseen in the bushes.

“We could keep it a secret, no one will find out.” Hinata sobbed as she wiped her face. Temari amused the though of Hinata waiting on her hand and foot in a cute little kimono, pouring her tea and looking at the stars together at night as she reached into her kunai holder.

“We’re ninja, we don’t have the luxury of having relationships, we live and die by the blade, we can never be together in this life.” Temari explained sternly as she picked up her fan and set it on her shoulder.

“Loneliness is something that every ninja has to except; I’ve had a lot of lovers but their jus’ temperamental, is’in that right INO!” Temari smiled as she threw a kunai into the brush. A voice cried out as its owner jumped up.

“Jesus Temari, why’d you do that?” Ino stood holding her arm with a demanding glare. Hinata cried out in alarm as she grabbed her clothes and scrambled behind a tree.

“Hello Ino, and I though Hinata was the only peeping tom, nothing but a bunch of perverts in this village.” Temari said sharply as Ino walked up to Temari.

“You still didn’t have to do that.” Ino moaned as she looked at the droplets of blood in her hand from the cut on her arm.

“I knew you we’re there the whole time; I could smell you playing with yourself, like a bitch in heat.” Temari sneered as she lifted a finger under Ino’s chin. Ino blushed darkly as Hinata came from behind the tree fully dress and deeply depressed. Temari and Ino glanced at Hinata as the girl looked up from the ground her face devoid of emotion.

“Want to go round two with me, Hinata?” Ino asked as she licked her lips.

“Not with you.” Hinata mumbled crudely as she summoned her Byakugan and struck Ino in the chest with a charka-filled palm. Blood shot from Ino’s mouth, her ribs cracked instantly and organs flatten inside her chest as she dropped to ground. Gagging on her bodily fluid Ino gripped Hinata’s leg as a slow death fell on her. Temari jumped back in shock as she brought her weapon to attention.

“Why did you do that!” Temari shouted as Hinata looked at her sadistically.

“If I can’t have you, no one can.” Hinata smiled malevolently as she kicked Ino’s dead body.

“You’re making a big mistake Hinata.” Temari snapped as both girls attacked each other.

“Then die with me.” Hinata struck Temari’s heart with her powerful gentle fist as Temari sliced the Hyuuga girls head clean off her shoulders with her fan.

“Not in this life.”

Both girls though as they dropped dead to the ground.

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