Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 3)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 3

Title: Piercing time

[Author's notes: Sakura gets some body work done.]

Sakura was strapped to a standing, metal examine table in the middle of a white room wearing nothing but a pair of leather crotch-less panties.

"Where I'm I?" Sakura asked mildly as she tried to pull on the straps holding her against the table.

"Your in hell bitch!" Tayuya stepped into the room and shut the door behind her. Tayuya stood proudly in her black and red flash-suit that matched her shoulder length hair.

"So that’s what you look like, your even uglier up close." Sakura laughed weakly as she remarked about the cut she had given the woman earlier. Tayuya moved closer as she let out a little sigh and punched the pink-haired girl hard in the stomach.

"Not so fucking cute, are you bitch." Tayuya asked darkly as Sakura didn't replied still trying to catch her breath.

"But you know what, I'm going to do you a favor, I'm going to put you in touch with your spiritual side, your a clean girl right?" Sakura just stared coldly as Tayuya sampled Sakura's nipples.

"Yep, your clean all right." Tayuya felt up Sakura's slit as Sakura squirmed a bit.

"Nice and tight, I like that." Sakura's body jerked in disgust as a smile cracked across Tayuya’s face.

"You wanted this Tayuya?" Kin walked in brandishing a large red toolbox.

"Thank you Kin, sit it over there." Tayuya smiled gladly at the dark haired sound village girl

"What’ cha going to do to her?" Kin asked as Tayuya flipped open the toolbox.

"I'm going to add a few pieces of metal in some tender part's of her body." Tayuya replied coolly as she pulled out a couple of long needles and a assortment of rings and barbells.

“So can I watch?” Kin asked meekly as Tayuya finished pulling the rest of her gear out.

"No, I like to work alone, plus I owe the slut one." Tayuya's one-second smile turned to despair in the next.

"But Tayuya, come on just a little look?" Kin protest as she crossed her arms.

"Get out Kin or I'm going to strap you down and pierce you up next." Tayuya barked, snapping rubber gloves on as she picked up a long needle and studied it.

"NOW!" Tayuya yelled as Kin made for the door like a jack-rabbit. Tayuya turned her full attention back to Sakura as the door shut behind her.

"Now we can begin, I wouldn't move around a lot." Tayuya smiled devilishly as she gripped Sakura's left tit.

"I hope this hurts... a lot." Tayuya sneered as she pierced the needle through Sakura's soft nipple.

"Uuugghh." Sakura groaned huskily as the sharp needle tore in and out of her hard nipple.

"Good, good, one down." Tayuya reached for the other.

"No, please don't." Sakura moaned loudly as she looked down at the needle in her other tit.

"Now pinky, no begging, I hate beggars." Tayuya's eyes stabbed Sakura coldly as the second needle pierced her other nipple. The sharp pain ached in Sakura's chest as the burn set in her whole body.

"You like that don't you, little whore?" Tayuya stepped back to admire her work as two silver needles stuck out of leaf village girl's nipples.

"So you want chrome or plastic?" Tayuya grinned as she held up to one of each. Sakura tried to pull up the straps as she refused to speak.

"When we stripped you down, found a lot of kunai’s on you so I'm guessing chrome." Tayuya quickly fitted two shiny chrome rings into Sakura's tits as the poor strapped girl just panted weakly.

"Very pretty." Tayuya smirked, licking the girls nipples as Sakura let out long breath and lined up her back with the table.

"The fun's is just starting." Tayuya's fingers danced up Sakura's thighs as Sakura knew what was coming.

"Now here's the tricky part." Tayuya's fingers probed Sakura's cunt, feeling for a soft spot.

"No, not there." Sakura's body and mind boarder-lined on the brink of shock as Tayuya looked up Sakura's paling face.

"You’re not fainting on me yet are you?" Tayuya caringly as she slapped Sakura roughly in the face. Sakura shook her head violently as Tayuya picked a pair of piercing tongs and gripped Sakura's cunt hood, her body shook from the cold tongs as it chilled her clit.

"Now hold very, very, still." Sakura's eye's shot open in total shock as the needle pierced her clit.

"There, not so bad is it?" Tayuya laughed spitefully as Sakura went into shock and slumped in her straps. Sakura felt her warm fluid run down the inner thighs before she fell into complete darkness.

"Weak." Tayuya grinned meanly at Sakura as the pink haired girl continued urinating on herself.

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