Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 26)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 26

Title: Round two

[Author's notes: TenTen and Temari have another go...]

Area 72, Rapid woods training grounds.

The dark skinned weapon girl stood in the middle of a hundred targets that surrounded her every degree. With a deep breathe she pulled the large scroll from her back and slid it open. She bit her thumb and skated a streak of blood across it as random puffs of smoke erupted from the scroll. Weapons appeared as she threw deadly metal in different directions. She finished seconds’ later on one knee with her arms out spread to her sides. Looking up she watched the last kunai head for the last target 20 feet away, hanging on a tree. A smile crossed her face as she waited for it to hit dead center, when at the last moment the dagger missed and struck the tree’s trunk. The smile slowly worked into a frown as she got to her feet in disbelief.

“I missed?!?”

TenTen started walking to the missed target, wondering how she missed when a dark chuckle rang out.

“Oops, you missed one.” TenTen recognized the voice as its owner dropped from the trees.

“Temari, what do you want?” Spite shot throughout TenTen’s body and voice as the first thing she remembered was the Suna Kunoichi beating her senseless in the preliminary rounds.

“Is that anyway to speak to an ally of the leaf?” Temari’s smirking face did little but piss off TenTen even more as the brown haired girls hands balled into fists.

“Her and that fucking wind, Miss I’m-so-fucking cool.”

Grinding her teeth, TenTen held back from attacking the blonde with everything she had. She had humiliated her once and TenTen would be damned if she was going to let her do it again. The sand girl stood mockingly, just staring at TenTen, gesturing mixed emotions and twisted intent.

“You don’t have to say anything; if you feel froggy girl you go ahead and jump.” Temari licked her lips seductively as she put a hand on her fan. TenTen knew it would be stupid to attack her with her weapon jutus; she’d just blow them away.

“Think TenTen, think damnit!”

TenTen strained her thoughts as she suddenly smiled. Temari tightened up as she waited for the girl to strike.

“No weapons.” TenTen grinned this time as she tossed her large back-scroll and weapon pouches to the side.

“Pretty smart for a leaf kunoichi, but I don’t see what good it will do you.” The older blonde sighed as she whipped her fan, which struck halfway into tree to her right. What Temari didn’t really know was that the tai-jutus master Rock lee was insanely insistant he train her himself just in case.

“Weapons merely get in the way when completely crushing your opponent.”

“I’d say the same, but that’s not for me to worry about.” TenTen placed one hand behind her back as she raised the other in front of herself, her palm facing in.

“I’ve seen that stance before.”

Before Temari could think of where, TenTen attacked. The blonde dodged her head from side to side, missing jabs as TenTen continued with a flying roundhouse. Temari feet sunk into the ground a little as she blocked the strong kick with both forearms, when it hit her. Darting back a few steps Temari returned to her stance as she smiled.

“Did the guy with the funny eyebrows teach you that? I guess I should apologize for calling you garbage and stuff.” Temari hissed as she forearm started to tingle.

“What do you think?” TenTen sneered she started her second assault with twice the vitality. Temari continued to block and dodge as she found herself moving backwards at an annoying pace. TenTen smiled slyly as Temari blocked a low kick, leaving her face wide open.

“Leaf Hurricane!” A rapid speed kick blasted Temari backwards tumbling violently, just like her brother.

“Bitch!” Temari gritted her teeth as she dug her now charaka filled hand in the ground and arced her back like a cat. Temari’s eyes turned into a felines, her teeth growing sharper as she hissed like one too. TenTen stumbled a bit from the powerful move as she watched Temari slowly change.

“What’s wrong girl? scared?” Temari launched back at the weapon master as she went on the offensive. Punches and kicks started to land all over TenTen's body as blocking stopped only a small portion of them. Temari smiled as TenTen obstructed a high punch and crouched down. The brown eyed girl saw stars as Temari hit her with an upwards flash-kick. The ground felt the same as hitting Temari’s fan the first time, beaten.

“D-Damn you… Temari!” TenTen barked from the ground as managed to control her breathe enough to yell.

“Your beaten, just take your punishment like a woman.” Temari smirked darkly as she bit her thumb. With a quick set of hand signs, she pressed her thumb to the floor.

“Summoning jutus.” With a puff her smoke a figure slowly formed.

“Can’t a girl take a bath without being summoned?” A feline voice demanded as she licked the length of her leg high above her head.

“Ohhhh it’s you, what do you…Mmmmm.” The catwoman stood as she sniffed the air with a purr. TenTen just stared at white furred girl with Temari as the blonde spoke.

“Mushi-sama, I have a gift for you.” The green-eyed girl grinned at the brown-eyed one as TenTen slowly drew strength.

“A human girl? Temari-sama you are too kind.” Mushi smirked wildly; her crystal blue eyes freezing TenTen in place. The weapon girl had heard enough as she launched herself off the ground at the cat named Mushi. Summons were just like ninja, injured they’d disappear and could be killed.

“Silly girl playing ninja?” Mushi laughed malevolently as she slapped TenTen brutally into a tree and held her up by her neck in the same motion. TenTen started to tremble as she suddenly gasped. Fear and excitement flashed before eyes as she was starting to get turned on and didn’t know why, being held by this strange catwoman… that liked girls!

“She’s kind of old; use your jutus to…” Mushi pouted and glanced to Temari with a loop of her finger.

“You’re loud Mushi.” Temari’s voice made Mushi’s ears twitch as she looked away from her master.

“I’m sorry; it’s just been so long.” Mushi licked TenTen’s face as she squashed her pawed hand against TenTen’s moistening crotch. The brown eyed girl moaned aloud as Mushi squeezed her even harder.

“I’m going to lick you dry human.” Mushi’s tongue cruised across TenTen’s face then slammed into her mouth. TenTen’s tensed her body for a moment then loosen in Mushi’s grip as her pussy began to melt. Mushi’s eyes soften a bit as she snarled sweetly.

“I like my prey young and full of fight.” TenTen just undid her shirt in silence as Mushi fixed a claw just barely in the bottom her TenTen’s panties. Temari smiled viciously as she walked up next to TenTen. Her hands formed more hand signs as she built yellow chakra into her right hand.

“Age-reduction jutus.” The sand girl pressed her hand on TenTen’s chest as the leaf girl cried out, a golden light covering her. TenTen felt her clothes get baggy on her as her frame got smaller.

“W-What did you do to me?” TenTen high voice asked as she looked at her free hand.

“My body, NO!!!” TenTen screamed as Mushi cover her mouth quickly and planted her to the ground.

“None of that sweetie.” Mushi grinned as she sliced off the girl’s hair buns in two slashes. TenTen screamed into the catwoman’s hand and bit her.

“Little shit!” Laughed Mushi as she let off the girl. TenTen slid back, scrambling to her feet, her pants gone, her pink slip-coat huge on her, and panties being grasped in both hands. With the haircut to top it off, she looked like a proper tomboy.

“You bitch! Why’d you do this to me, do you really hate me that much?” TenTen looked fearfully at the blonde as she slowly backed up. Mushi looked to Temari instantly as the sand girl just grinned, turning more and more feline.

“You didn’t tell her yet?” Mushi leaned back onto two feet and turned to the suna girl.

“She had her chance, she didn’t beat me.” Temari chiding voice made Mushi shutter with hate, while TenTen just stared at the two of them turning on one another.

“I don’t get it? I had to beat you?” TenTen asked as Mushi’s cold eyes fell on her.

“You didn’t think she was going to apologize to you for all that shit she did, if she beat you again did you?” Mushi chuckled into her new direction, changing again like flowing wind, always moving. TenTen had to do something but what? Two on one, half my size, no weapons, there’s no way! Still backing up TenTen felt brush and bushes behind.

“You got to beat it out of her, I mean really gotta’ beat it outta her.” Mushi and Temari crept towards their prey as TenTen made up her mind. Temari sensed TenTen urge to run as she sniffed the air.

“Water? No, TenTen don’t!”

TenTen turned into the bushes smirking as she sudden was looking down at the steep valley she had just stepped into. Her feet skipped two steps as she lost control and whirled down the vertical drop. Temari pounced into the opening, her eyes focused solely on TenTen tumbling. Mushi was right behind her as she followed Temari’s lead. Their paws hit and slid with the sharp level as Temari saw the wide canyon coming up fast.

“Mushi! Just keep back I think I know what to do.” They were in a Jonin level train area, dangerous and unpredictable, but many had fail-safes in place. TenTen caught a short glimpse of Temari heading for her. Sudden her head smashed off a rock as the feline blonde saw blood splash into the air. No more jokes or teasing, shit was serious now.


Almost at the edge, Temari launched herself just in front of the drop, as TenTen hit her like a fastball. The two slowly fell back in each others arms as a single tear dropped from Temari’s eye.

“I’m sorry…”

The two began to fall faster as Temari now put her plan into action. Kunai anchors, mounted into the sides of the crevasse. Temari had been smart to read into the different training grounds as she knew TenTen trained out here a lot, so it was two birds, one stone kind of thing.

“There!” Temari suddenly ripped the skin around TenTen’s wrist as she found very fine ninja wire wrapped around it. She had others fooled, but Temari knew this girl was a walking weapon; all you had to do was look. Quickly unwrapping the wire Temari…

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