Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 25)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 25

Title: A Monster's Pet

[Author's notes: Kin submits to...]

Kin Tsuchi of the Sound stood in the middle of a cave-like dwelling, only candles around the little room lit the girl’s face and outline. Her long black hair braided all the way down in two huge ponytails, her rough face powdered white with black painted around her mouth and eyes. The effort to look good was half-assed at best, never practicing or even doing it the right way, left misses here and there. It was strange for the girl to wear make-up, and her clothes didn’t help either. She felt so cheap, black fishnet covered her bra-less chest and firm mid-section with matching snug-fit shorts, forming her ass, hips, and crotch into something suitable to look.

“I feel so goddamn stupid.”

Grunted Kin in her mind as she heard footsteps moving to the door in front of her, grimacing she stood at attention. The doorknob turned and the door creaked open as a red-head woman grinned in the door frame. Kin feel the rush of fresh air with the woman’s musky, forbearing fragrant.

“Tayuya of the Sound…”

The strong scent filled the room and the black haired girl’s nose as the sporty, dark-eyed girl moaned with a shutter. Kin was granted quarters in the Sound Nin’s dojo and a forced subordinate to Tayuya. The other 3 sound Nin cared little about her, like her late teammates, they though the same thing about her, just a weak, unsexy, kunoichi.

“I’ve never been called pretty or powerful…”

Little did she know that the wicked girl never bunked with men and being the only other girl, she had very vicious attitude towards her own sex. She treated Kin as a slave with all the discipline that came with it times ten. Tayuya had a ruthless love for her, always taking, and never giving, bending and twisting her.

“She is the Alpha, I am the Beta.”

Kin quickly forget her position and pride as goose-bumps grew from the though.

“You didn’t have to get all dolled up for me.” Tayuya flew forward as she gripped one of the ponytails and yanked it roughly. A small yelp squeaked from Kin’s mouth as she shivered in place, doing nothing about her situation.

“B-because y-you l-like I-it.” Kin’s eyes filled with tears as the red head snatched the other braid with the same hand and yanked twice as hard. Kin’s back bowed agonizingly as her bit her lower lip painfully.

“Wasn’t a question, stupid bitch, now take this shit off!” Tayuya smeared Kin’s make-up as the girl’s pouring tear made it easy to spread the make-up around. Poor Kin tried holding back the tears, but she knew humiliation was Tayuya’s forte and she wouldn’t show the girl any mercy, even more Kin had begun to like it.

“Do you think your fooling anyone with that bullshit on your face? You’re still fucking ugly.” Tayuya stung deeply as Kin squeezed her thighs together, dampening her panties.

“I-I’m sorry.” Kin whimpered as Tayuya smiled violently at the girl’s apology and slapped hard in the face.

“Shut the fuck up, your not sorry…” Kin trembled feebly at the fierce red head’s threat as her face burned. She wanted to sooth her smoldering cheek with her cool hand but remained still; doing so would have only earned her another open palm slap or worse, a punch.

“Not yet anyway.” Tayuya stepped back admiring the sobbing girl as she felt her own wetness swirl between her legs. She loved seeing Kin cry all puny and frail-like, it made her inside come ablaze with lust and perversion, funny thing was she was only warming up. Being on mission for the last week had made the red-eyed girl cranky and aggressive and Kin was about to take the brunt of these emotions physically, emotionally and sexually.

“Strip down, slowly, like I like it.” Tayuya ordered as her right hand disappeared into her panties. Kin sobbed loudly as she gripped the bottom of the fishnet and lifted it up over her head, exposing her hardened nipples. Looking away, Kin closed her eyes shamefully as her hands drifted to her pants.

“All the way, you slutty little whore.” Tayuya purred with consent and bliss as the dark-haired girl unbuttoned her shorts and dropped her them to her ankles. Tayuya leaned back as she glared at her cruel handwork. Scars lined Kin’s firm body as she forced herself to look back at Tayuya with a gracious smile. If she was lucky her tormentor wouldn’t cut her up too bad or break anything important.

“I have a job for you.” Tayuya’s right hand reappeared as she rubbed her sticky fluid between her fingers. Kin held back a gag as the smell whiffed her way. The mean woman giggled at her raunchy smell as she had came straight here without washing up. Tayuya was pleased with her female liquid’s texture and odor as Kin gagged riotously at the smell again.

“Open your mouth.” The red head pointed with her soiled fingers as Kin pursed her lips and eyes shut with mild refusal.

“Open your mouth now or you start swallowing your fucking teeth one by fucking one.” Tayuya’s curse mark glowed in sexual rage as she snatched the feeble girl up by her little button nose and wrenched it upward. Kin peaked her tippy-toes as her mouth unhitched and dropped open with a sudden gasp. As air filled the girl so did the insane red head’s dirty, stinky fingers. Kin’s gag reflexes switched on instantly as her throat opened up.

“What’s this?!? My juice’s not good enough for you? Repulsive little shit!” Tayuya held her fingers in place as the dark-haired girl continued to vomit on the floor. Kin didn’t mind the puking though, Kabuto had warned the girl that the 4 Gates of Sound would return early today. She ate light, and drank a lot of water to make it easier on herself. If only she had been smarter about this kind of stuff earlier, she’d been a lot better off.

“We still got a fuck load of work with your sorry ass Kin-kunny.” Tayuya’s smile grew with the horns on her head as Kin sniveled in fear. A light stream of urine ran down Kin’s left thigh as she braced herself.

“At lease I remembered to use the bathroom too.”

Kin sighed weakly in her mind as Tayuya’s wicked hands gripped her.

“I’m a monster’s pet…”

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