Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 24)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 24

Title: A House Full

[Author's notes: Some random remix of another story,]

"Bang, bang, bang!"

"Hinata, Ino, TenTen, someone let me in damnit!" Sakura yelled viciously from the non-answered door. Hinata slowly rolled out of bed and to her feet as she yawned longingly.

"Ok, ok I'm coming." Hinata groaned sluggishly as she dragged her feet to the banging door. The door rocked with another set of knocks.

"Ok, hold the fuck on." Hinata snapped coldly as she pulled open the door.

"About time." Bitched Sakura as she pushed by the short dark-haired, arms loaded with grocery bags. Hinata wondered dumbfounded at the idea of buying groceries at 2:00 in the afternoon as she closed the door.

"Is’ in it a little early for shopping Sakura?" Hinata's cheeky lip never failed to surprise Sakura as she knew perfectly well the little slut had been sleeping all afternoon like the rest of whores.

"Not if you want to go hungry?" Sakura said irritably as she sat the bags on the table. Sakura caught Hinata's lips forming into words as she knew what Hinata was going to ask before even saying it.

"Ok Hinata, just watch TV. I'll make you something to eat." Sakura tossed the remote to Hinata as she smiled childishly and jumped on the couch. Down the hall Temari's door cracked opened as her footsteps followed the sound of TV.

"Anything for me in your baggie’s for me Sakura?" Temari stepped into the living room wearing a short white shirt and blue panties.

"Some orange juice to clear your throat?" Mocked Sakura know the blonde probably tasted everyone of her roommates and their guests last night as she pulled out a 1/2 gallon of orange juice in front of her.

"Don't mind if I do." Temari replied quickly as she snatched the bottle, popping the top and started drinking right from the carton. Sakura pulled the food from the bags as she pre-heated the oven.

"Is anyone else awake?" Sakura remarked softly to Hinata as she set the stove.

"No, I think." Hinata murmured as she flipped through the channels.

"Anything for you Temari?" Sakura asked patiently as she set a pan on the stove.

"Nah, I'm good." Temari stood up and stretched.

"Cartoons, movie, cartoons, movie!" Hinata argued as she switch the channel's back and fore.

"I'll take that." TenTen sneered slyly as she came out of nowhere and snatched the remote from Hinata.

"Hey, that’s not fair." Hinata said feebly as she tried reaching for the remote now in TenTen's control.

"You can't decide, so I'll decide for you." TenTen grinned chaotically as she flipped through the channels, staring at the white eyed girl.

"Give it BACK!" Hinata's soft voice turned dark as she jumped on TenTen, and seized her wrists.

"Uhhh Hinata." TenTen replied with surprise as Hinata grappled her to the couch. The two girls wrestled madly on the crouch trying to gain control of the remote as Temari watched ravenously. Sakura's eyes looked up and out at the two girls, then Temari.

"Do something Temari." Sakura's voices threaten as her eyes went back to the grocery bags.

"Nah, I like it went they fight." Temari smiled malevolently at the two girls, yelling savagely at each other.

"Damn it Temari." Sakura slammed down a box of pancake mix and stormed into the living room.

"Children?" Sakura asked calmly as she picked up both girls whose arms continued to flail at each other.

"Let go of me!" TenTen yelled furiously as the pink haired girl tossed her to the recliner.

"Ouch." TenTen bounced back up, rubbing her ass as Sakura dropped Hinata back on the couch.

"Play nice now, don't make me put you on time out." Sakura snarled hotly as she headed back into the kitchen.

"What's with all the noise?" Ino moaned groggily as she dragged ass into the living room.

"Good morning to you to Ino." Sakura sighed half-heartedly as she put more pans on the stove.

"Something to eat?" Sakura cracked eggs as she buttered another pan.

"No, I'm fine, could go with some of that juice." Ino grabbed the carton from Temari and started drinking.

"Hey there's other people here, get a glass." Sakura bitched raucously as she waved her knife at the beautiful blonde girl.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies." Kin yelled spitefully as the guest door opened up suddenly. All the girls eye's fixed to Kin as she strolled into the living room half-naked.

"Anyone in the bathroom, I need to wash up." Kin asked off-handedly as she rubbed her forearm across her mouth, breaking loose the dry encrusted cum on her lips and face, her eyes floating over to Ino.

"Next time try and aim for the sheets Ino, they absorb better then my face." Kin said slyly as she licked the tip of her finger.

"If you go through all the trouble of sneaking into my room and bed, playing with me, you think you'd swallow the fruits of your labor?" Ino grinned back lethally as she looked over at Temari, who was smiling wildly at Kin as the light skinned girl headed silently for the bathroom.

"Where's Anko at?" Sakura asked Kin coolly as the sound girl reached the bathroom.

"Still sleeping, I think?" TenTen said smoothly as she looked back at Sakura.

"Jesus, Anko get up and get something to eat!" Yelled Sakura as she went to work on the stove with eggs, bacon, and all the rest.

"When do I get some fucking food?!" Muttered TenTen darkly as Sakura walked by.

"Pancakes." Sakura offered only, but TenTen didn't complain as she looked back over at Hinata and stuck her tongue out.

"Fuck you." Hinata's lips worked venomously as her voice remained silent. A few minutes passed and Sakura started handing out food. Ino and Temari made quick work of their food that they didn’t want as Sakura walked in and handed TenTen her plate of pancakes.

"Where’s my syrup sexy?" TenTen spat meanly as she slapped Sakura's tight ass. Sakura stared furiously at the girl as she marched into the kitchen, grabbed the bottle and whipped it at TenTen's head. TenTen ducked quickly as it bounced off the back of the chair then her lap.

"Thanks." TenTen grinned as she popped the lid and poured it on thickly.

"Don't you two ever go home?" Sakura said finally breaking the ice.

"We will, ok Sakura chill out, I'm going to eat and Kin's taking a shower." TenTen looked for sympathetic hearts from Temari and Ino, unlike Hinata who stared menacingly at her. TenTen went silent as she stuffed her mouth.

"They’re going to leave Sakura, don't have a fucking hizzy." Anko's voice shook through the room as the vemon beauty came into view, wearing tight black panties.

"Anko why can't you wear something went you come out!" Sakura angrily crossing her arms over her melon-sized tits.

"I pay a good part of the rent bitch, I‘ll wear what I want." Anko laughed mischievously as she pulled on the sides of her black panties. Her pink, little nipples staring at all the girls. Hinata giggled softly, covering her eyes as Anko walked next to the couch.

"What are you giggling at bright eyes?" Anko said playfully as she grabbed Hinata's foot and started playing with it.

"Nothing, Anko." Hinata sang gleefully as she tried returning her limb from Anko’s grip. Anko grinned anxiously as she let go and headed into the kitchen.

"Something smell's great." Anko purred into Sakura's ear over the pink-haired girl's shoulder.

"Yours is on the table." Sakura frowned mildly as she continued to cook.

"What's up girls?" Anko mentioned as she sat with Ino and Temari.

"Nothing, might go shopping later, you want to go?" Ino offered as she stood up.

"Nah, I'm going to mess around here." A sinister smile cracked across Anko’s face as her eyes fixed to Temari then drifted over to Hinata.

"Fine, I'm going." Ino turned swiftly and walked off to her room. Anko and Temari stared seductively at each other as there food got colder.

"I envy your body Temari, your build like a goddess." Loathed Anko as she eyed the sand queen’s luscious outline.

"You can have it anytime you want sweetheart." Temari winked as Anko got up and walked back to her room plate in hand.

“Maybe after breakfast.”

"Ok I'm done, I'm going back to bed do not wake me up ok, and Anko stay out of my room." Sakura warned harshly as her door slammed behind her.

"You know she wants me to tax that ass." Anko smiled as she licked her finger and closed her door.

"Ahhh, That's better." Kin stepped out of the steaming bathroom and sat on the couch next to Hinata, combing her long black hair.

"You smell good." Hinata moaned happily as she twiddled her toes.

"Thanks Hinata, I take it that little red bottle was yours?" Kin looked back softly as the comb went the length of her hair.

"Yeah it is." Hinata giggled like a little schoolgirl as she took another deep breath of the fragrant rolling off Kin‘s wet body.

"Your so sweet." Kin leaned over and kissed Hinata sweetly on her full red lips as she pinned the short girls arms to the couch the comb dropping freely from her hand. Hinata moaned blissfully as Kin pushed her tongue into her small, warm mouth as the comb hit the floor.

"Fun's already starting." Temari grinned as she got up, stretched and wandered in to the living room to TenTen's side who was done eating and watching her friend seduce the young sound girl. Kin quickly relieved Hinata of her long shirt and panties as the white eyed girl laid on the couch starch naked but her red tipped socks. Hinata's body trembled in the AC cooled room as her inside's burned in sexual anguish.

Her cunt became soaked instantly as Kin caressed every inch of her luscious little body. Hinata purred softly as she closed her eyes and rubbed her inner thighs breathlessly together. Kin's face lit up as she cocked her head and smiled sensuously at Temari and TenTen's watchful glares. Kin carefully pushed one of her long fingers into Hinata's glistening pussy, forcing a sluttish moan from Hinata's innocent red lip's. Temari could felt the intense heat coming off of TenTen's hot body, she also felt her own heat desperately escaping from in between her legs as they watched Kin’s mouth make it‘s way south.

Temari felt a hand rub her leg, she knew TenTen was hot, wet, and ready for the taking. The short brown eyed girl looked into Temari’s desire-filled eyes as she leeched on to her hard nipple.

"Why don't you get a little more comfortable?" Temari offered as she lifted TenTen up and in between her long smooth legs, Temari's hands quickly engulfed the young girl’s body as her fingers on one hand found the girl's right nipple and other tracked down to TenTen's panties. Hinata gripped the couch tightly as Kin’s tongue worked her soaking slit.

"I'm c-cuming." Hinata murmured loudly as her tight girlhood squirted her teen cream into Kin's hungry mouth. Hinata's wet pussy entranced Kin to lick the hyuuga’s draining slit clean, her throat contracted anxiously swallowing Hinata’s hot jism as she got to her feet.

"So sweet indeed." Kin leaned over and kissed Hinata softly on her mouth as the girl's small body slowly twitched on the couch. Kin turned on her heel and walked over to Temari and TenTen.

"Are you ready to go?" Kin asked, wiping the extra secretion from her mouth as she looked down at TenTen who was in complete submission to Temari's will.

"Aren't you going to play with me?" TenTen asked lustfully as she turned her head up and looked at the long brown haired goddess.

"Hmmm maybe later." Temari retracted her fingers quickly from TenTen's body as she leaned up, putting the weapon master to her feet.

"That's not fair." TenTen pouted as she looked over at Hinata's glistening naked body.

"Laters." Kin smiled slyly as she pushed TenTen to the door.

"You'll all come back now ya hear." Temari joked happily as she closed the door behind the two leaving girls.

"Ahhh peace and quiet." Temari smiled slyly as she turned and glared back at Hinata sliding on her panties. Temari's tongue worked her lips as Hinata blushed darkly, pulling her panties in to there proper place.

I wouldn’t do that jus’ yet…”

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