Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 22)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 22

Title: Nursing Ino

In the hospital an angry nurse stormed to the front desk covered with some kind of liquid.

“Arrgg, that Yamanaka girl is impossible to deal with; do you believe she threw her bed pan full of piss at me?” The nurse complained, holding out her shirt for the girl behind the desk to see.

“She’s been a handful for the other nurses too.” The girl reported as Sakura Haruno walked up to the front desk, hearing what had just happened to the distressed woman.

“I mean every little thing the girl bitches about, the heat, the lighting, she hasn’t taken a bath in four days! Says she didn’t want my old hag hands on her spring young body or something. I’m 25!” The nurse continued to explain harshly as the girl at the desk giggled. Sakura listened quietly next to the urine-soaked nurse as the light-haired girl caught her out the corner of her eye and spoke.

“Sakura, that Ino girl is your age is’in she? Could you try and talk some sense into her please?” The nurse asked winningly, not wanting to see Ino for the time being or ever for that matter.

“Sure, but I don’t know how much good it’ll do. Ino and I really don’t see eye-to-eye.” Sakura warned airly as her mind flashed about a hundred times with different arguments and fights the two had been in.

“Please? She’s on the second floor, room B-4.” Sakura nodded as she turned and headed down the hall. The pink-haired the girl stood outside B-4 and sighed. As soon as Sakura opened the door a wicked stench filled her nose, forcing her to cover her it and her mouth just to be safe.

“Guess her name really suits her now.”

Sakura smiled at the though as she walked into the foul smelling room.

“Ino?” Sakura asked out loud as a stern voice replied.

“What’d you want?” Ino leaned up from her bed with a sneer, covered in bandages from the neck down. Sakura was never surprised to hear Ino’s slyness as she picked up Ino’s clipboard at the end of the bed and frowned.

“If I knew you were coming I would have saved my bed pan trick for you.” Ino grinned mischievously at what she had done to the other nurse as Sakura looked intently at the clipboard.

“She shouldn’t even be moving around with all these injuries.”

Sakura felt a bit bad as she looked Ino over, spotting the large gashes that had been stitched up on the cute blonde’s body.

“What are you staring at?” Ino snapped as she pulled her blanket up to her chin. Sakura just stared at the girl as she learned to blank her out.

“Hey! Answer me damnit!” Ino begged toughly as her eyes fluttered meanly.

“Sorry, I was jus’ thinking.” Sakura set the clipboard down and came up to the side of the bed.

“About what? Sasuke?” Ino asked as the blanket came down. Sakura felt like she was in a haze as the smell brought her back to reality.

“What do you care?” Sakura snipped back as her arms crossed over her chest.

“Well? Were you?” Ino asked again.

“That’s none of your business, come on and get undressed, you stink.” Sakura changed the subject quickly as Ino pointed her finger rudely, shifting her body roughly.

“I didn’t let that hag touch me, what makes you think I’ll let you Ahhhh!” Ino grimaced as pain shot throughout her body. Her finger fell as she gripped her side.

“Come on Ino, female hygiene is very important, especially down there.” Sakura reasoned with a blush as Ino hid under her blanket again.

“I don’t trust you, you might not do it right.” Ino held on tightly to the blanket as Sakura tried to pull it free.

“Don’t be stupid Ino, I’m a girl too, besides you’re really hurt!” Sakura let go of the blanket, staring ruthlessly at the bandaged blonde.

“Prove it.” Ino smirked smartly as Sakura’s hands met her hips.

“What do you mean prove it?” Sakura was losing her patients with the injured girl, even though her face was red. Ino nodded her head at Sakura’s crotch as the green-eyed girl blushed even deeper.

“You’re kidding right?” Sakura was sure her childhood friend was being frivolous, but the look in her eyes wasn’t. Ino replied with a nodding head as her face split with a simper. Simoned, Sakura knew Ino was very stubborn, but maybe if she did this Ino wouldn’t continue resisting… or at lease not that much.

“Fine, and then you take bath?” Sakura stated the deal as Ino nodded. Sakura turned her face away, embarrassed as she gripped the bottom of her skirt. Ino’s eyes fixed madly at her archrival’s mid-section, ever waiting.

“Can you not stare so much?” Sakura whined, her hands trying to give-up.

“Nahhh, the point is to stare at you.” Sakura’s eyebrows raised at Ino’s reply. Sakura looped her fingers into the sides of her panties and slowly lower them to the middle of her thighs. Ino tilted her head impatiently as Sakura lifted her skirt and exposed herself.

“So the drapes DO match the carpet.” Ino chuckled at Sakura’s pubic hair as the pink-haired girl’s face flushed a new shade of red.

“There, now jus’ Aggrr!” Sakura’s body rocked wildly as something lodged inside her tight gap and pressed against her G-spot. Looking down Sakura followed the blond girl’s arm extended to her crotch as she didn’t have to guess where her fingers were.

“I-Ino…?” Sakura slumped a little as Ino made her fingers dance inside her.

“What’s wrong Sakura-chan, pig got your pussy?” Ino leaned up as Sakura’s hands fell on her shoulders weakly. Sakura tried to push herself away from Ino as the flower girl wouldn’t let her off that easy. With her fingers where they were Ino knew she had control of Sakura.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Ino tightened her ring finger and thumb on Sakura’s stiffening nub. “…You know being a girl and all.” Ino forced her fingers upward as Sakura came up to her toes. Sakura felt her cunt getting wetter as she stood completely still.

“I can’t believe I’m getting turned on by this.”

“You’re a smart one.” Ino teased as she loosened her fingers a bit, letting Sakura down to her feet.

“Ino, p-please stop, you don’t Ahhmmm!” Sakura started to protest as Ino didn’t even think of letting her finish. Ino just smiled at Sakura as she made the nurse squirm in place and sighed.

“I guess I’ve had enough fun for now.” Ino removed her sticky fingers as Sakura staggered back. Ino rubbed her fingers together and lifted them to her nose.

“You do smell good Sakura-chan.” Ino laughed, watching Sakura try and compose herself.

“Y-You!” Sakura grunted as her body trembled.

“What’s wrong pervert, was that a bit too much for you?” Ino pestered, lifting her blanket again.

“You’re taking a bath now!” Sakura stuffed her aroused thoughts as Ino threw the blanket up at her.

“Whatever you say.” Ino’s carefree voice insisted as Sakura grabbed the blanket and yanked it off Ino. As soon as Sakura turned around she froze.

“Mind transfer jutus.” Ino whispered through the rectangle, made with her fingers. Sakura watched Ino’s body fall back on the bed, smiling.


Sakura felt Ino take over as a wicked grin split the pink-haired girl's face.

“What are you going to do now?” Ino’s voice poured out of Sakura’s mouth as Ino and Sakura’s looked at each others mental forms.

“Ino, get out of me now!” Sakura struggled to force Ino out as the blonde laughed at her.

“Working all those double shifts, you’re using a lot of charka to keep yourself going…” Ino’s mental form grew and grabbed Sakura in both hands. “…and I’ve been lying in this bed, now who do you think is stronger?”

“How do you like them apples?” Ino chuckled as she started squeezing. Sakura’s breath was forced from her lungs as Ino threw her down. The pink haired girl landed in something sticky as it quickly wrapped her hands and feet.

“Ino… I’m fucking serious now, GET OUT!” Sakura started to grow out of the ooze as Ino kicked her back into the sticky creep, submerging the girl.

“Not this time billboard brow, your fighting sprit is’in so strong today is it?” Ino shrunk back down as Sakura's head protruded from the sludge. As soon as the slime cleared Sakura’s mouth it began screaming.

“Ino you bitch! Get out!” Ino smiled as she made a small arc with her finger as the mire slowly sealed her mouth shut.

“I’ve had about enough of that.” Ino floated up over Sakura as the pink haired girl glared draggers at her.

“Now, where to begin?” Ino shifted back to her body, lying peaceful on the bed. Ino took a deep breath as she turned Sakura’s nose up.

“Wow, I do smell bad.” Ino smiled as she crawled onto the bed and on top of herself.

“You know, I’ve seen this in your thoughts Sakura.” Ino said guiltily as she looked back at Sakura struggling in slime.

“You feel it don’t you?” Ino lower Sakura down and kissed her soft lips.

“That last time I was here during the chunin exams; I scanned through your mind.” Ino pushed Sakura’s tongue into her mouth. “Found a dream about you doing all kinds of perverted things with my sleeping body.”

Sakura found Ino’s soft breast under her hands as she lowered her mouth down her stomach. Even with Ino in control Sakura could still feel what Ino was making her do. Seeing this, Ino uncovered her mouth.

“Something you’d like to say?” Ino’s blue eyes stared wantonly as Sakura's greens fired back.

“You went through my memories!?!” Sakura tried to keep her voice light, but darkness seeped out.

“Not all of them, jus’ here and there like how much you cried when you first got your period, or how you touch yourself wanting Sasuke and Naruto to screw you at the same time.” Ino licked her lips as she came down to her own crotch.

“Hehehe they’re all in here, Hinata, Temari, Lee, TenTen…Garaa, you’re a class-S pervert.” Ino strolled through random images in Sakura minds.

“Stop looking at those Ino, I swear I’ll kill if you don’t stop.” Sakura jerked her body wildly as Ino continued strolling with her finger.

“Yeah, I guess I have other things to deal with.” Ino rolled her eyes back to herself lying in bed as she floated away.
Sakura had to think fast or she’d be munching on a dirty blond carpet.

“Ino wait…, I’m sorry.” Sakura watched Ino slowly turn with a grin. “I should have been honest with you from the beginning.”

“Go on.” Ino started circling Sakura upside down.

“I jus’ have urges sometimes and I let my mind go.” Sakura explained as Ino looked at her with bored look.

“I got better things to do with your body you know.” Ino pointed her thumb over her shoulder.

“Ok then, will you at lease kiss me first?” Sakura reasoned as the blond drifted down in front of her face.

“Nah, if you touch me you’ll…hey!” Sakura’s hand blasted from the slime as Ino tried to pull back. Sakura grinned as she gripped Ino’s ankle.

“Noooo! Don’t look!” Ino screamed as Sakura looked into her mind. Images flashed around Sakura as her friend was just as perverted as her. A bright light blinded her as covered her eyes.

“Ino.” Sakura gasped as she saw herself in Ino’s arms kissing her lovingly. The images of both girls flooded Sakura’s eyes as she came to one simply conclusion.

“You’re… in love with me.” Sakura looked at Ino crying.

“No, it’s just I-I.” Ino was off guard as she started losing control. Sakura pulled Ino in the goo as the blonde had her eyes covered.

“How come you never said anything?” Sakura asked softly as Ino continued crying.

“Y-You know me, I’m as stubborn as a pig.” Ino kind of laughed a little at calling herself a stubborn pig as she opened her eyes and gazed at Sakura.

“Well, I would have listened.” Sakura assured as she hugged her friend. Sakura felt Ino’s hands wrap around wrist and squeezed.

“Shhhh, come on Ino, get back in your body and let’s get you cleaned up.” Sakura slowly rose out of the creep with Ino in her arms.

“I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t make y-you do something you don’t w-want to do.” Ino wiped her nose as Sakura smiled sympathetically at the girl’s fainting form. Ino opened her eyes, looking up from the bed then to Sakura standing next to her still smiling.

“You not mad?” Ino leaned on despite the pain.

“Why would I be mad? You’re jus’ a girl after all.” Sakura leaned over and kissed Ino affectionately. The flower girl began to lift her hands up to her Sakura’s face as the nurse pulled back.

“Not until you take a bath.” Sakura shook her as Ino frowned.

“Fine, then…” Ino pouted as Sakura sighed aloud.

“We’ll see.” Sakura walked to the wall and grabbed a wheelchair as Ino looked at her childishly.

“I’ll be sure you wash you very carefully.” Sakura whispered as the smile returned to Ino’s face. Ino slipped into the wheelchair as she looked back at Sakura.

“Well I am a dirty little piggy.” Both girls giggled as they head for the bathroom.

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