Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 21)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 21

Title: The Yamanka house

[Author's notes: This may go somewhere, maybe...]

In the great Yamanaka house:

“Lady Ino, your sister is here to see you.” The cute hand-maid bowed as a tall, sharp-looking blonde girl stormed through the doorway, dressed more like a prince then princess. The girl pushed the hand-maid roughly out of her way as she came to the middle of the Ino’s room, tightening her gloved hands.

“You’re going to be late for you’re studies.” The blonde girl sneered as she brushed blindly at something unseen on her forearms.

“Temari-sama, nice of you to visit sister.” Ino turned from her mirrored dresser, combing her very long blonde hair.

“I have no time to waste on babysitting you, them damn Hyuuga’s have began moving in on our territory, and since you spend all your time studying and looking good, I have to take those bastards on at every turn.” Temari explained meanly as she stared down at her petite sister.

“Are you looking for my sympathy or praise?” Ino replied carelessly as she turned back to her mirror, not missing a beat with her comb.

“You disobedient little pig!” Temari snarled as she gripped her hilt of her sword and began drawing it.

“If we must prince-charming.” Ino stood up as a dagger dropped from her sleeve and into her hand.
Light footsteps tapped swiftly into the room as a soft hand forced the sword back into the older Yamanaka’s sheath.

“What have I told you two about fighting under my roof?” The figure asked lightly as she looked darkly at both of her daughters

“Family bickering is not fit for princesses.” Both girls said in unison.

“Good, now kiss and make up.” Tsunde looked at both girls sternly.

“Now?” Both girls look to their mother then back to each other.

“I didn’t stutter.” Tsunde smirked as she pulled the sisters closer to one other. Face to face Temari’s “Make it quick” snarl appeared. Ino leaned up lightly, pecking her sister on the lips. Suddenly, using one hand Tsunde slapped both unknowing girls in their pretty faces.

“Mother!” Temari turned her stern demeanor on her mother and was slapped again.

“Saucy child, your friends and staff may shudder at that tone, but I’m your birth-mother!” The older blonde stuck her nose right into Temari’s burning cheek. Temari stepped back slowly as Ino giggled into the back of her hand. Tsunde quickly grabbed the younger girls hand and pushed it hard into her face. Ino dropped back faster then her proud sister as a tear dropped from both eyes.

“And you, you’re too soft.” Tsunde grabbed Ino’s collar roughly.

“Your sister is the leader of our Yamanaka forces, both army and intelligence, you school all day and try clothes on, you have failed to prove yourself worthy of our name.” Ino moaned harshly as she had to look away from her mother.

“Do it again and so help me god.” Disgusted Tsunde turned and yanked her daughters back together again.

“Now mean it.” Tsunde whispered crudely as she licked her lips. The tears in Ino’s eyes made Temari’s heart swell with love and hate as they battled chaotic in her chest.

“Kiss me, if you love me…”

Both girls’ minds whispered as their lips and tongues connected.

“Good, now get ready, both of you.” Tsunde turned for the door and began walking for it. At the door the pretty hand-maiden bowed her head.

“Will there be anything else mistress?” The girl asked as Tsunde stopped. A grin worked up her face as she punched the girl as hard as she could in the stomach. Spittle shot from the girl’s mouth as she pissed herself in the same instant.

“Yes, clean that up.” Tsunde chuckled as she disappeared from sight.

“That woman is mad.” Temari stormed out the room as Ino watched the girl cry in a puddle of her own piss.

“That she is.”

To be continued... maybe 

[End notes:

I'll do a Hyuuga version soon.


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