Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 20)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 20

Title: Hyuuga Handmaid

[Author's notes: Careful, this fic has some bloodplay. You've been warned.


“Hinata? Hinata get down here now!” Ordered Hiashi as he waited downstairs for his daughter to appear.

“Yes father.” Hinata raced down the stairs, dressed in a white robe as she noticed a young girl standing next to her father. The girl was dressed in common cloths; her dark hair made her hazel eyes look memerizing as she waited with her hands folded in her lap.

“This is your new hand-maid, show her around.” Hiashi said sternly, looking down at his oldest child with slight disgust as she refused to look him in the eye.

“Yes father.” Hinata took the girl’s hand and lead her away quickly. Hiashi just watched the two girls hurry off as he turned to Neji standing behind him.

“Are you ready?” Hishi asked, his voice never wavering.

“Yes uncle.” Replied Neji. Back in the mansion the two girls walked down the hall.

“Here is my sister Hanabi’s room, this is my room and my father is at the end, any questions?” Hinata turned as the girl looked to the floor and shook her head.

“Is your father always that stern?” The girl asked the floor as Hinata turned in a flash and slapped the girl in the face.

“Don’t ever speak about my father in front of me, understand?” Hinata snapped as the girl held her posture.

“I’m sorry my lady, I did not mean to speak ill of your family.” The girl apologized formally as Hinata just stared firmly at her new slave.

“You know formal address?” Hinata asked as she lifted the girl’s chin. The girl nodded wildly as she met her new master’s eyes for the first time.

“Lady Hinata, or Hinata-sama will do for now, only speak went spoken to and only listen to my orders, if my sister or father ask you for something ignore them, if they beat you, they answer to me, understand?” Hinata’s tone changed instantly as the girl nodded again.

“What is your name girl?” The Hyuuga girl asked with a sneer.

“Uhhhh, Momochi.” The girl replied as she looked away from her master. Hinata though it over as she shook her head.

“Your name is Momo now, understand?” Hinata leaned closely into the young girl’s face.

“Y-Yes lady Hinata.” Momo stuttered as her eyes found the floor again.

“Good, now come.” Hinata just smiled at the top of the girl’s head and turned around. The two girls walked into Hinata’s room as Momo looked around with awe. Hinata pointed to the floor as Momo quickly went to her knees by the door.

“You have a beautiful room Hinata-sama.” Hinata cleared her throat rudely as she didn’t remember speaking to the girl. Momo shut up instantly as Hinata moved to her window and ran her fingers up a vase to the flowers sticking out the top.

“So where are you from?” Hinata asked lightly as she fingered through the white and red flowers basking in the sunlight.

“I’m from…” Before the girl could answer Hinata knocked the vase over and let it smash on the floor.

“That’s nice, now clean this up.” Hinata’s voice remained the same as she removed her robe and sat on her bed. To Momo’s surprise the Hyuuga girl sat completely naked, without a care in the world.

“I said, now.” Hinata glared meanly at the servant girl as Momo blushed at getting caught, staring. Momo hastily moved to the broken vase and began to pick up glass. Hinata watched the girl work quietly next to her bed as her hands started to cruise over her nude body. Momo remained focused on the job at hand as Hinata moaned aloud.

“Come here Momo.” Afraid to look up, Momo crawled to her master’s feet with her head down.

“Yes my lady?” Momo whispered to the floorboards as she smelt the copper hint of blood.

“I have another mess for you to clean up first.” Hinata lifted the girl’s chin with a set of bloody fingers. Momo looked up as her eyes fixed right on Hinata’s bleeding vagina.

“Hinata-sama you’re…” Momo swallowed hard as Hinata just smiled and pressed a bloody finger to the girl’s lips.

“I know, I’m not stupid, now get to work.” Hinata continued to play with herself as Momo moved to get to her feet when Hinata grabbed her wrist.

“What are you doing?” Hinata asked, frowning her brows at the young girl.

t “I’m getting a towel to clean you up.” Hinata sneered as she shook her head.

“No towel, use your mouth.” Hinata tightened her grip on Momo as she lowered her back to the floor.

“But you’re bleeding… Uhhh!” Still holding the girl’s wrist, Hinata punched Momo square in the nose. The girl’s nose exploded with blood as Hinata chuckled.

“And now you’re bleeding too, anymore excuses?” Hinata gripped her fist tightly in Momo’s face.

“N-No my lady.” Momo looked up meekly as blood ran down both of her nostrils. Hinata continued smiling as she leaned down and smeared her mouth on Momo’s upper lip.

“Oh, and don’t worry, it’s fresh.” Hinata licked the warm blood from her lips as she lead Momo’s wet orifice to her bleeding one.

“Good girl.” Hinata hissed wickedly as Momo touched her bleeding gap with her wet member. Momo felt embarrassed as she began licking her mistress’s seeping hole. She had done some perverted things, with toys, food, different holes, but never blood. The young girl’s gag-reflexes slowly subsided as she opened her throat and let the sweet copperish fluid flow down. Fire started burning in Momo’s body as she worked her tongue faster and harder into Hinata’s slit.

“Blood is an aphrodisiac, and it looks like your drunk on it.” Hinata smirked, lifting Momo’s blood covered face as the girl’s eyes hazed over with lust.

“I got something extra for you, but you need to work for it.” Hinata assured as Momo nodded, licking her lips

“Use your fingers this time.” Hinata pushed the girl's head back to work as Momo inserted two fingers into Hinata's core. Shortly after the young Hyuuga screamed with bliss as she came long and hard into her servant’s mouth. Momo swallowed the hot juices as the blood left a funny after taste in her mouth. Hinata swiftly got to her shaky feet as the blue/green eyed girl fell back to the floor.

“Clean this room up and get my dinner ready, understand?” Hinata’s mean demeanor flowed forward again as she looked to the puddle of blood on her bed then to Momo's crimson face. The girl quickly folded her knees under her as blood and cum dripped from her mouth.

“Yes, Hinata-sama.” Momo replied instantly as she stared at the floor and puddle she was making.

“Good, get started… and clean yourself up too.” Hinata ordered as she put her robe back on and headed for the door.

“And Momo, same time next month understand?” Hinata raised her eyebrows as Momo looked up as a little smile crossed her face.

“Yes, Mistress.” Momo looked back to the floor as Hinata smiled back and walked out, leaving the girl to her duties.

The End

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