Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 2)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 2

Title: Whipping prey

[Author's notes:

Temari and Ino get hung up on Tayuya...



“Are you ok Temari-chan?” Ino asked weakly as she sat chained to a cold, metal wall.

“My jaw hurts a little but nothing serious, how about you?” Temari groaned adjusting her jaw painfully as she tried pulling down her arms held above her head. Ino still had her slip robe intact with ripped bandages, while Temari had only her fishnets from their battle with Tayuya.

“I can’t believe I lost to that flute-playing whore” Snorted Ino as she jingled the manacles holding her slim arms in place.

“Me too, damn! it’s freezing in here.” Temari seconded meanly as goosebumps flashed over her naked flesh.

“Then perhaps I can get your blood boiling?” Declared a loud voice from the cell’s doorway. The red-haired woman known as Tayuya walked confidently into the cell, dressed in a black and red, rubber bodysuit with criss-crossing, tie-strings crossing over her cleavage, while a set of stiletto-heeled shoes fit snugly against her small feet.

The redhead carried a black whip in her left hand as she ran black-gloved fingers through her rich, shoulder short crimson tresses, her red eyes regarding the bound blondes with a greedy hunger.

“What’s going on? Why are we being kept here?” Demanded Ino as she jerked on her chains angrily.

“My mistress wants you here, and that’s all the reason you need,” Spat the sound woman while she stood intimately close to Temari and let her gloved hand drift over her bare, shapely ass.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” Temari shouted viciously as she twisted around in place.

“The lovely bitch’s got a backbone, is that it?” The redhead whispered as she slid her right hand up Temari’s bare back.

“I think you need to relax a little.” The rubber-encased woman stepped to the far side of the room, uncoiling her whip along the way as she turned and lashed it quickly across Temari’s ass. The tall blonde girl screamed in pain and fright as the snarling woman whipped her back, ass, and thighs ruthlessly.

Irate welts flawed Temari’s smooth skin as her captor lashed out again and again, marking her with fiery streaks. Temari struggled in her chains, helpless and weak before the sadistic urges of her subjugator as the punishment continued unabated.

“That’s it whore, moan like the slut you are!” Purred the fiery-maned woman as she raised her left hand and snapped the whip again. Hot leather kissed Temari’s tight ass, adding yet another set of welt to her vast collection. The sand ninja’s legs trembled with agony, yet her crotch grew warm and moist in powerless arousal.

“I think the whore likes it, what do you think?” Smirked Tayuya at Ino as she walked up behind Temari and reached around to cup the girl’s right breast.

“I can smell you’re cum trickling out right now.” The red-haired sound woman mocked as she licked the girl’s flesh.

“Please, stop.” Panted Temari as she hung her head low, her blonde hair plastered with sweat.

“But your body doesn’t want me to stop.” Tayuya whispered coldly before she reached down and fingered Temari’s dripping cunt.

“Uhhhh, stop damnit.” Temari protested weakly, her tits heaving with exhaustion as salvia streamed down the sides of her mouth. 

"No." Tayuya ignored the sand Kunoichi’s pleas and instead began licking the bound girl’s neck and shoulders, relishing the taste of Temari’s bitter sweat and sweet flesh. Tayuya moved the whip to her right hand and rubbed the pommel of the instrument across Temari’s trembling slit.

“I’m going to fucking kill you.” Temari groaned roughly, her legs trembled as the woman pressed the pommel between her thighs and into her tight fuck tunnel. Ino watched in awe and excitement as her captor shoved the cum-slick whip pommel deeply into Temari’s vagina, and started going back and forth with obscene pumping motions. Temari’s round ass moved up and down as the thick pole slid into her womb, the cold leather stimulated her sensitive, pink flesh.

“I’d love to see you try bitch.” Tayuya leaned forward, pulling Temari’s head back by the hair and kissed her forcefully on the lips. Temari moaned weakly as the sound woman thrust a wet tongue past her slack lips.

Tayuya’s soft probing tongue caressed and entwined with Temari’s until their mouths were burning with unhesitant lust. Parting with a stream of saliva, Tayuya spun Temari’s nude body to face her, leaning forward and sucked loudly on the girl’s large breasts while she continued to shove the whip handle into the tall blonde’s tight gap.

Temari’s lips and chin dripped with another woman’s saliva as her tits bobbed to the motion of the whip’s penetrations. The mean-spirited captor licked down between Temari’s bouncing breasts, enjoying the delicious, sweat-covered flesh of Temari’s tits and stomach.

“God, I love blondes!” Tayuya latched selfishly onto Temari’s right breast and bit down painfully on the bound girl's hardened, pink nipple. Temari cried out hotly as her tormenter moved to the left tit and sucked loudly on her ripe melon until it was drenched in warm spit.

“Tayuya! quit fucking and get down now!” A voice commanded through the building’s intercom system as Tayuya looked up to the speaker built into the upper corner of the wall.

“I guess are little party’s over... for now.” Tayuya shrugged before she reached up and kissed Temari’s slack mouth.

“I’m going to fuck you black and blue later, that’s a promise.” Tayuya removed a metal choke collar from her belt pouch and carefully fastened it around Temari’s slim neck. Tayuya unlocked Temari’s hands, pulling them behind her back and fastened on a pair of metal handcuffs on them.

“I don’t want my pretty little fucktoy to run off now." Tayuya snapped fiercely before she shoved the naked and exhausted blonde towards the waiting exit.

“Move your ass! and don’t you go anywhere, cause your ass is next.” Tayuya smirked back at Ino as she pointed the dripping whip at the long-haired blonde still chained to the wall and slammed the door behind her.

"Hurry back."

Ino though hotly to herself as her cunt soaked through panties selfishly. 


The End.

[End notes: I like your R&R, maybe and pairing or idea? Let me know.]

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