Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 19)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 19

Title: New pet

[Author's notes: Sex, sex and more sex]

“So are you going to tell us about Orichimaru?” Anko tightened her gloved fist as she circled a bandaged up, pink-haired girl slumped on a metal chair.

“The silent treatment huh…?” Anko moved closer to the girl and blasted her in the stomach. The girl groaned as she leaned sharply over the woman’s forearm.

“Why don’t you just save yourself from all the pain and suffering?” The dark haired proctor lifted the girl’s chin. The girl’s face and body had been badly burned from a barrage of fire jutsu, paper bombs and her large teammate igniting her charka suit. Only the cold and snow saved her from burning alive unlike her teammate who wasn’t so lucky.

“Not much is known about you Karenbana, your village, age jus’ that pretty face or what’s left of it.” Anko roughly pulled her hand up from the petite girl’s chin, snapping her head back.

“I-I don’t rem-ember.” The painkillers made Karenbana’s speech and movement slow and stupid as Anko just giggled.

“At least you’re trying.” Anko grinned as she gripped the girl’s burnt breast harshly. Karenbana’s screams filled the small room as Anko could feel the bandages biting into the girl’s tender new flesh.

“That’s so cute.” Anko licked the tears from the pink haired girl’s only eye.

“Why a-re y-you doing t-this?” Begged Karenbana as she tried to straighten her posture only to cause herself more agony.

“Because you are the enemy and if you don’t tell me what I want to hear, I’m going make sure you rot in prison for the rest of your life.” Anko said sternly as she slapped the girl’s burnt thigh, forcing another scream of pain. Tears continued to pour from Karenbana’s left eye as excruciating pain riddled her body.

“I wouldn’t worry about getting raped either; I mean who’d want an ugly burnt freak like you?” Anko chuckled as the girl started to cry.

“Alone for the rest of life doesn’t sound very fun, but I have idea.” Anko rounded the girl’s back and cupped her face from behind.

“I have a thing for freaks, so if you pass my little test maybe I’ll keep you… as a pet.” Anko offered as the girl trembled, scared of what the woman’s test might be.

“I like dogs, so if you’re a good dog I might keep you.” The dark haired proctor moaned as she sucked the girl’s ear.

“B-But I uhhh!” Karenbana was cut off as Anko back-handed the burnt side of her face and stepped in front of her.

“Dogs don’t talk, they bark.” Anko ordered as she forced the girl to her feet.

“Now strip bitch.” Karenbana shook her head violently as Anko punched her, causing her nose to explode with blood.

“I’m not asking you, I’m fucking telling you!” Anko punched her again. Karenbana’s knees buckled as Anko held her upright in her right fist and ripped the clothes from her body with her left.

“Please d-don’t.” Karenbana covered her bandaged body in shame as blood seeped from her nose.

“You’re not doing very good with my test, maybe you want to rot in prison, is that it?” Anko threatened as she backed away from the naked girl. Karenbana shook her head again too afraid to speak.

“Then answer my question the right way, bark once for yes, bark twice for no.” Anko’s devilish smirk returned.

“Bark.” Karenbana replied feebly as Anko drew a kunai from her leg holder.

“Now, let’s get a good look at you.” Anko swiftly sliced off the bandages. The girl shook uncontrollable as Anko finished off by unrevealing the girl’s disfigured face.

“Does it feel good to let your wound breath?” Anko blew lightly on Karenbana’s ruined skin.

“B-Bark.” The pink haired girl whimpered as Anko licked her chest, causing her to shutter with pleasure.

“I see you’re not totally numb from your wounds, did you like that?” Anko continued licking as Karenbana bit her lip and barked once.

“What about down here?” Anko gripped the girl’s cunt tightly as Karenbana’s juices literally poured out of her. Nodding her approval Anko inserted her fingers into Karenbana’s love hole as she continued to molest the young girl ruthlessly. After a few minutes of fingering Anko removed her digits and rubbed her fingertips together.

“On your knees doggy.” Anko gripped the girl’s collarbone tightly, dropping Karenbana instantly to her knees.

“Now use that pretty mouth to pleasure me.” Anko stuck her sticky fingers into Karenbana’s mouth and shirred them around, disregarding any protest. Karenbana just moaned hotly around the proctor’s fingers as her taste buds absorbed her creamy fluids reluctantly.

“Like a bitch in heat.” Pulling her fingers, Anko reached under her skirt and lowered her fishnets in the same motion as Karenbana stared at the hard woman’s clean shaven gap.

“I’m sure I don’t have to explain what your going to do next.” Anko gripped the girl’s short hair and lead her mouth to her dripping love flower. Resisting seemed futile as the burnt girl extended her tongue and tasted a woman for the first time.

“Good girl.” Anko groaned with blissful indulgence as she rubbed Karenbana’s face roughly into her crotch.

“Mmmmm, you’re pretty good at this.” Anko proclaimed as Karenbana started making loud sucking on her twat. The white eyed girl barked lightly into Anko’s wet hole, soaking her mouth and face as she stroked her nose on the jonin's hard clit. Anko grunted sharply to the ceiling as she sent a hot stream of cum right down the girl’s throat. Karenbana choked harshly on the hot delicacy invading her esophagus as she tried pulling away from her master’s squirting cunt.

“Swallow it all.” Anko ordered as she kept the pink-haired planted into sopping snatch. After a long murmur Anko let the girl go. Karenbana dropped to the floor as Anko glared at her on her hands and knees, coughing up her sweet solution on to the floor.

“What a waste.” Anko walked to a small table in the corner of the room and opened a black leather case. Karenbana finished coughing as she looked up at the proctor, removing a variety of items from her bag. The dark haired woman turned and headed back with a smirk with the strange items in her hands. Karenbana saw what the woman had in her hands as she trembled and pissed herself.

“You just keeping getting cuter little Bana-chan....” Anko paused at the name she had just given her pet.

“Bana, I like that.” Anko smiled as she held the items out in front of her. Karenbana looked at the ball-gag, dog ears, blindfold, and dildo tail with fear.

“You can dress yourself…” Anko grinned evilly. “…or I can.”

Karenbana quickly scooped up the items as her eye started to tear again. Anko made herself comfortable on the metal chair and watched her pet with delight. Karenbana put the ball-gag into her mouth and locked it into place. Then the dog ears, lifting the blindfold up next Anko stopped her.

“No, put your tail on next.” Karenbana blushed darkly as she lifted the dildo and looked to her nodding master. The girl moved the large plastic member with deep ridges between her legs as she began to push it into her dripping slit went Anko stopped her again.

“The other hole.” Anko said sternly as Karenbana sobbed loudly and complied. She forced her anus to relax as she pushed her “tail” in. Every ridge made her moan with discomfort as she reached the end and sighed. Her hands shook violently from the pain and humiliation as she picked up the blindfold and covered her eyes. Anko reached into her pocket and pulled a small black collar out with a silver bell.

“Wag your tail little Bana-chan.” Anko suggested meanly as she knew it would hurt the girl, but like an obedient dog she did.

“Aren’t you the cutest thing ever?” Anko fixed the collar around the girl’s neck as the jingle of the bell rang with disgrace in Karenbana’s ears.

“Come, I want to show you off.” Anko turned for the door as she grabbed a lease from the bag and waited. Karenbana started to get to her feet as Anko threw the bag at her. The bag struck Karenbana in the face as she dropped to her knees and covered her face.

“Bad dog! On your hands and knees, understand?” Anko tilted her head and waited for her to answer.

“Bark.” Replied Karenbana meekly as she crawled to her awaiting master.

“You’ll learn one way…” Anko clipped the leash on and opened the door. “…or another.”

The End

[End notes: I don't know if Karenbana is from the battle in the land of snow or a filler.]

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