Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 18)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 18

Title: The "Deflowering"

The noon sun shone brightly on the tower of fire, as heavy moaning echoed from the fifth hokage’s office.

“Lady Tsunde?” A short, dark-haired woman knocked at her sensei’s door and gripped the doorknob. The moaning got louder as Shizune slowly opened the door and stepped in.

“What is it?” Demanded the fifth Hokage as she stopped thrusting her hips into a lovely blonde girl’s ass.

“I have the reports from the last mission and…” Shizune reported softly, closing the door as Tsunde cut her off.

“Can’t you see I’m fucking busy?” Lady Tsunde continued thrusting her hips as a large strap-on dildo penetrated the young flower girl bent over her desk. Ino Yamanaka panted hotly with her hands tied behind her back as the leader of the village hidden in the leafs continued to shag her pink little pussy relentlessly.

“I know, but it’s very important.” Shizune explained sternly as she looked down at Ino drooling on the desk, then back to her sensai. Ino lifted her head and cried out with pleasure as spit ran down the sides of her grinning mouth.

“Shut up slut!” Tsunde ordered as she slammed Ino’s face into her desk violently, breaking her nose. Blood ran down Ino’s nose as she still moaned obsessively, taking the plastic pecker to the hilt over and over.

“Fine, make it quick.” Tsunde smiled devilish and looked back up at her assistant. Tsunde listened as she rammed her strap-on deeper into the young genin’s dripping slit. Shizune got halfway through the report when Ino started getting noisy again.

“Silly little bitch, this will keep you quiet.” Tsunde picked up Ino’s wet panties and stuffed them into the flower girl’s mouth as she forced her fake member into her womb. The moans were muffled instantly as Ino's white, cotton undergarments began to soak up the blood and saliva dripping from her broken nose and mouth.

“Hehehe, too cute.” The older blonde sensed Ino’s orgasm coming fast as she gripped the blonde’s hair and pulled it back roughly.

"Oh GOD!!!" Ino screamed with pure sexual gratification and jism all over. Smirking, Tsunde felt Ino’s hot juice flooded her lap as Ino collapsed onto desk, trying to catch her breath. Shizune finished her report as she waited for her master’s orders.

“Fine, send an ANBU squad and Asuma to investigate, and report back.” Tsunde ordered as she sat back into her chair and watched Ino’s teen hood fluids ran down the inside of her bandaged thighs.

“Get dressed and get out.” Tsunde slapped Ino’s ass as she wiped a bit of sweat from her brow.

“Y-Yes, Lady H-Hokage.” Ino’s words tremble like her legs as she slid into her slip and fix her shirt in place. The blonde’s breathing was still ragged as she reached for the door as it opened by itself.

“Ohhh, I’m sorry.” A meek voice replied as Ino smiled vehemently at Hinata Hyuuga, standing in the doorway. The Hyuuga girl’s eye’s fell to the floor as her nose pick up a strange but familiar smell.

“Not yet you aren't.” Ino whispered slyly as Hinata saw fluid running down Ino’s shaky legs. The two genin’s eyes locked for a second as a twisted smirk split Ino’s mouth. Hinata quickly looked away as she turned to Tsunde sitting patiently at her desk.

“Ah, Come in Hinata, we’ve been waiting for.” Tsunde grinned as her desk and she stroked her dildo lightly under it.

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