Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 17)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 17

Title: I love to hate you

It was a hot summer day as Sakura sat against the outside of one of the storage sheds on the outskirts of the village, next to TenTen who was stuffing her face with her lunch. The pink-haired girl looked to the bright blue sky as her thoughts flowed in and out.

“Why did we throw are friendship away over a boy?”

Sakura had asked herself the same question over and over. Ino had been her first real friend; she had helped Sakura over come her self-conciseness of her big forehead that the others use to tease her about. They spend all their time together playing in the woods until nightfall, helping each other with their chores, everything!

Until one day Sakura learned that Ino was in love with the same boy as her, Sasuke. After that the two had became bitter enemies and fought every chance they had to win his affection, even drawing blood to prove it.

“What’ca thinking about Sakura?” TenTen asked, slurping up her noodles as she looked over at the green-eyed ninja girl.

“Nothing.” Sakura lied as she was’ in really thinking about something, it was actually someone.

“But why do I still care about you, Ino?”

“Hey, are you going to eat that?” TenTen interrupted Sakura’s thoughts again as she pointed her chopsticks to Sakura’s untouched bowl of noodles.

“I will.” Sakura lied again; she was’ in really that hungry. She hadn’t been eating good or sleeping well for the last few days. She told everyone it was from the Chuunin exams coming up, but really it was because she couldn’t stop thinking about Ino.

“Hey Sakura, I think we’re being watched.” TenTen whispered tenderly as she nodded her head to the corner of the shed. Sakura nodded as she reached into her leg holder swiftly and flung a kunai into the corner of the wooden shed.

“Please stop, its jus’ me!” A feebly voice cried out as it's owner came into view.

“Hinata?" Why the hell are you spying on us?” Sakura asked consolingly as she had almost put a kunai in the young girl's face.

“Not spying, I-I-I was jus’ wondering…” Hinata blushed shyly as her white eyes looked round for something else besides the two girls. “…If I could join you?”

“Of course you can Hinata.” Sakura smiled brightly as she put Ino in the back of her mind.

“Thank you.” Hinata exhaled deeply like she had just finished a hard test or intense training. TenTen snickered at Hinata as the white-eyed girl sat closely in front of Sakura on her knees like a servant girl. Hinata smiled at both girls as her eyesight wondered down to Sakura’s bowl. Hinata’s mouth started to water as she stared hungrily at Sakura’s untouched food. Sakura looked down at the bowl then to the hopeful Hinata and sighed.

“You can have it if you like.” Sakura smiled cheerfully as she lifted her bowl to the hungry girl.

“No, I couldn’t.” Hinata shook her head in protest as her stomach growled loudly.

“Jus’ eat it, I’m not hungry.” Sakura assured quickly as she pushed the bowl at Hinata. Hinata’s hands came up slowly and cupped the warm bowl. The delicious smell rose and filled Hinata’s nose as a small moan slipped from her lips.

“Thank you, Sakura-chan.” Hinata thanked meekly as her strange eyes started to water.

“Please jus’ eat, your starving.” Sakura pointed out belatedly as she waited for Hinata to stop thanking her and eat. Hinata nodded silently and began eating like a savage.

“I though you said you were going to eat that?” TenTen pouted childishly as she watched Hinata scarf down TenTen's 2nd helping.

“I lied…” Sakura shot the brown-eyed girl a menacing look. “… And you still haven’t finished your own.” Sakura could still see food in TenTen’s bowl as she turned her attention back to Hinata. Sakura grinned in appreciation of the Hyuuga’s appetite as a strange question arose, fading the smile from her face.

“Hinata, where’s your lunch?” Sakura asked worriedly as she never seen Hinata without her small white and black lunchbox before. Hinata tilted the bowl over her face hastily and almost choked on her food as she started to eat her lunch like she was eating her last. Sakura glanced over at TenTen who shrugged back.

“Hinata, please answer me.” Sakura pressed Hinata a little harder for info, as she knew the bowl was empty. Hinata slowly lowered her bowl as Sakura and TenTen stared at her.

“I forgot it.” Hinata mumbled uncomfortably as she knew the two girls weren’t going to buying it.

“That’s not likely, your not one to forget Hinata.” TenTen reminded Hinata accurately as she set her empty bowl down.

“Someone must have taken it she can’t even look at me and she’s fidgeting.”

“Who are you trying to protect?” TenTen asked carefully as she scooted closer to Hinata.

“I-I-I can’t say.” Hinata whimpered faintly as her hands covered her face.

“Yes you can, tell us now.” Sakura began to lose her patients with Hinata’s coyness.

“She said she’d beat me up if I told anyone.” Hinata’s body trembled cagily as she uncovered her face. Tears streamed down Hinata’s face as her lower lip quivered.

“She? Ino!” Sakura and TenTen yelled in unison as they jumped to their feet.

“No, please, don’t, I don’t want to make trouble, jus’ let it go.” Hinata begged mercifully as she grabbed a handful of each girl’s clothes.

“She can’t just take things that don’t belong to her, come on!” Sakura announced brashly as she grabbed Hinata’s hand and yanked her to her feet. The three moved swiftly along the tree line, Sakura in the lead, towing the reluctant Hinata with TenTen picking her teeth behind them.

“Same spot, anytime.”

Sakura walked confidently as she knew exactly where to find Ino. Ino and Sakura had a special spot they always met at when they were younger, a large tree at the edge of the village with craved lines entwining down the middle of it. Sakura wondered if after their falling out if Ino ever went out there anymore. The tree came into view as Sakura’s heart sank at not seeing Ino.

“Where are we going anyway?” TenTen yawned noisily as she scratched her belly out of boredom.

“Don’t worry about it…” Sakura snapped back and spotted what she was looking for.


Sakura raced to the front of the tree, staring at a pair of legs sticking out around the side of the tree.

“Same spot, anytime.” A voice mocked from around the tree as Sakura worked her way around to the voice.

“Ino! Why did you do it?” Sakura demanded, as she looked down at Ino leaning back lazily against the tree, tossing an green apple repeatedly into the air. The blonde grinned up at Sakura with cool blue eyes as she gripped the apple tightly.

“You look mad, did a little birdie tell you something terrible?” Ino asked wolfishly as TenTen and Hinata came up behind Sakura.

“I heard, but why?” Sakura demanded again as Ino got to her feet.

“No reason really, jus’ to prove that I’m the best genin kunoichi in the leaf village.” Ino smirked arrogantly as she tossed back her long blonde hair.

“That reminds me; I wonder if that little birdie remembers what I said I’d do if she squawked?” Ino’s eyes shifted darkly as she whipped the apple at Hinata who gripped TenTen tightly. Sakura’s cat like reflexes tensed instantly as she sliced the apple in two with her kunai.

“Leave her alone, you have no right to bully others Ino, now give back Hinata’s lunchbox.” Sakura ordered firmly as she reloaded her dagger.

“Your right Sakura, here Hinata.” Ino smiled in contempt at the apple slices spinning on the ground as she picked up the lunchbox. Hinata let go of TenTen and walked over to Ino carefully.

“I’m sorry...” Ino’s apology was dull as a blunt sword as she held out the lunchbox in front of her, looking down at Hinata. Just before Hinata could grip it Ino dropped it and kicked it to pieces.

“…That you’re such a poor excuse for a ninja.” Ino barked as she unloaded a stunning roundhouse, which caught the side of Hinata’s face that sent her crashing to the ground.

“Hinata!” TenTen lurched forward at Ino in a blind rage with fists at the ready.

“No TenTen!” Sakura warned as Ino unleashed two handfuls of deadly needles. TenTen’s mid-air attack came to a standstill as she covered her face and throat from the ruthless onslaught. Needles stuck into TenTen’s arms, legs, and chest as she hit the ground next Hinata.

“TenTen! Get Hinata out of here!” Sakura yelled fiercely as lifted her dagger filled fists at Ino. TenTen grunted painfully, holding her arm and nodded.

“Be careful Sakura.” TenTen declared as she scooped up the unconscious girl and hit the ground running.

“And then there was one.” Ino grinned emulously as two kunai appeared in her hands. Sakura couldn’t believe that Ino had just disabled Hinata and TenTen so quickly. But Sakura couldn’t just let Ino get away with what she did.

“She has to pay!”

“I’ll make you pay for what you did to the others!” Sakura yelled rushing at Ino with her kunai at the ready.

“Be my guest!” Ino yelled as she raced at her ex-friend, her blades leading the forefront. Both screamed viciously as their blades clinked. Sakura’s green eyes glared meanly in Ino’s blues as they leered back. The two attacked each other like wild wind currents as their arms, legs, hands, and feet missed and connected at different parts of their bodies.


Sakura knew she had found an opening in Ino’s defense as Ino found the same one and struck. Both girls’ fists crashed into each other’s jaws, sending them both spiraling to the ground. Sakura rolled over slowly as she looked over to Ino getting up.

“Is this worth it Ino? Are you happy?” Sakura yelled as she staggered to her feet. Ino spit blood on the ground as she only made it to her hands and knees.

“Yes it is whatever it takes to make you mine.” Ino smiled as she looked up at Sakura and threw a kunai.

The shock of Ino’s words was quick, but the pain was slow and agonizing as it spread from her leg to her brain. Sakura looked down at the blade sticking out her thigh and fell back. Sakura could hear Ino’s laughter rise as it moved closer to her.

“Oh Sakura, you might know everything about being a good ninja, but you’ll never be a great ninja.” Ino smirked as she stood over Sakura and yanked out her kunai. Sakura grunted excruciatingly as Ino’s blade left a bloody hole.

“That doesn’t matter; you’ll never take Sasuke from me!” Sakura screamed as she gripped her bleeding leg. Sakura’s love hate relationship for Ino became a jumble of emotions; she wanted to scream at the top of lungs.

“You don’t get it do Sakura? I never really wanted Sasuke I just said that to tease you.” Ino smiled sweetly as she pulled a first aid kit from her belt and knelt down next to Sakura. Sakura watched in surprise as Ino unwrapped a bandage for her.

“Your lying, and don’t touch me.” Sakura jerked away from Ino as the blonde frowned. Ino started to realize she had cut Sakura deeply as blood streamed down the pink haired girl’s leg.

“With her angry and thrashing about like that, she’ll lose more blood by the second.”

“Let me help Sakura, you’re bleeding badly.” Ino cold external sentiment melted away as a softer internal emotion grew in its place.

“I don’t need your help you two-faced bitch!” Sakura roared as she snarled her teeth at Ino. Sakura felt dizzy, as stars appeared in her vision.

“Maybe Ino’s right, maybe I am losing a lot of blood.”

“You still don’t understand, I never wanted Sasuke…” Ino blushed as she applied medicine and covered Sakura’s wound. “…I wanted you, Sakura.” Sakura’s anger and pain vanished in an instant at Ino’s confession.

“Do y-you mean that?” Sakura asked weakly as she watched Ino patch up her leg with a concerned look on her face. Ino remained silent as she focused intently on Sakura’s wound.

“Ino?” Sakura asked again as she put her hand on Ino’s blood covered hand. Ino looked up at the injured girls face with tears growing in her eyes as her emotions erupted.

“Yes Sakura I do! I know I act like a bitch its because I’m jealous, I’m jealous of Sasuke, I thought it was a little crush for you so I provoked you, but when you fell for him, I was crushed…” Ino wrapped Sakura’s wound tighter as it bled through with disregard to Ino’s efforts.

“It just when from bad to worst from there and I was just too proud to tell you how I felt and now you’re hurt because of me!” Ino confessed as she broke down.

“Don’t cry Ino, you look silly.” Sakura moaned dreamily as she eyes rolled around in her head.

“She’s delirious.”

“R-really?” Ino sobbed loudly as she wiped her tears with the back of her forearms.

“Yeah it does, I wished I was’ in so tired I really like to talk to you...” Sakura explained shortly as her green eyes swelled up.

“You’ve lost a lot of blood, you need medical help so jus’ stay with me ok.” Ino sniffled, as she needed to get Sakura serious help.

“Ok, I’m jus’ going to close my eyes for awhile.” Sakura blinked slowly until they stayed close.

“Sakura! Wake up! Please open your eyes!” Ino’s desperation gripped her as she shook Sakura. Sakura’s head slumped without response.


“Where I’m I?” Sakura’s eyes blinked open as she looked up around at the white curtain walls that surrounded her.

“The medical dojo.” A familiar voice answered as Sakura looked over and smiled. TenTen and Hinata stood in the corner of whiteness as they both smiled back.

“I’m glad you’re ok.” Sakura breathed as she leaned up. A slow throbbing announced itself as she came upright. Sakura thought about the pain as she looked at the damaged Ino had left on the others. Hinata left cheek was bruised as TenTen’s arms and legs were wrapped in bandages, with patches under her shirt.

“So are we, I’m glad you both didn’t get killed by that gang of ninja.” TenTen blinked in amazement.

“Gang of ninja?” Sakura asked as she waited to hear more.

“Yeah, the nurse said you and Ino were attacked by a gang of ninja after we left.” Hinata continued as she gripped her new lunchbox, blushing.

“Ino? Where is she?” Sakura questioned as she shifted in place.

“Across from you.” TenTen pointed across the room.

“Is she ok?” Concerned, Sakura touched her leg as she remembered she hadn’t hurt Ino.

“She’s got the same wound as you.” TenTen set her chin on Hinata’s shoulder as she looked down.

“Are you going to eat that?” TenTen beamed down at the lunchbox in the white-eyed ninja hands as Hinata shrugged off TenTen and she stepped forward.

“I made this for you, it’s hot.” Hinata smiled bashfully as she set the box in front of Sakura. Sakura’s face redden as she open the container.

“Thank you Hinata.” Sakura grinned as she smelled her favorite, Chicken-a-dobo with white rice.

“I hope you like it.” Hinata blushed deeply, stepping back to TenTen as a voice rose up behind them.

“Visiting time is over; you can come back and see her tomorrow.” The nurse ordered as she held part of Sakura’s white curtain wall for the girls.

“Ok, Bye Sakura.” Both girls nodded and walked out as the nurse moved next to the bed and tucked Sakura in.

“Your chakra is amazing, you healed pretty fast; now just get a little more rest.” The nurse smiled as she leaned up and headed out.

“Gang of ninja? Same wound?”

Sakura’s thoughts consumed her as she sat in silence. Sakura laid back as she closed her eyes for more rest.

“Where I’m I?” Ino eyes blinked open as she looked up around at the darkness that surrounded her.

“The medical dojo.” A familiar voice answered as Ino felt something bounce at the end of her bed. Ino looked hard into the shadows as a face filled into the single beam of moonlight across her bed.

“Sakura?” Startled, Ino panicked as she thought Sakura would blind-side her for what she did.

“Hehehe yeah, are you ok?” Sakura wondered as she scooted farer up to the head of the bed.

“Yeah the ninja…” Ino started as Sakura cut her off.

“No ninja, how did you get hurt?” Sakura demanded softly as she pulled Ino’s blanket, exposing bandaged leg.

“I did it to myself, happy?” Ino turned her nose up and away from Sakura as she hid her blushing face.

“Another thing…” Ino turned back to continue her tongue lashing as Sakura leaned forward and kissed Ino’s complaining lips. Ino paused with astonishment as Sakura twisted her lips to hers, moaning. Sakura leaned back smiling at Ino's dumbfounded look as she didn’t know what to think or do.

“Thanks for saving me from the “gang of ninja” Ino.” Sakura mocked sweetly as she stood up and walked back to her bed.

“I love to hate you.”

Both girls smirked hysterically, as Ino flopped back onto her bed as Sakura jumped into hers.

[End notes: It's not the most craziest piece I have, but it's a homeless one shot that needed a home.]

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