Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 16)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 16

Title: Girl's Will II

[Author's notes: Ohhhhhhhhhh jus' read me!]

“What are we going to do Sakura? They got Ino too, this is bad.” TenTen looked over a Sakura as the pink haired girl sighed and looked to the ceiling.

“I don’t know, I jus’ hope someone noticed we didn’t show up or something.” Sakura struggled around as her body started to cramp.

“That’s shit Sakura, we need to come up with a plan like jumping those bitches and getting the hell out of here.” TenTen growled as she spit of the ground.

“We don’t know where we are or how tough them two are, we jus’ have to wait.” Sakura rolled her shoulders as TenTen kicked her.

“Wait?!? Fucking waiting is going to get us killed, we need to get out of here and fuck delivering them scrolls.” TenTen barked as she rolled around swearing. Suddenly the door swung open as the two figures filled the doorway.

“Everything is ready, I hope you girls enjoy the show.” The 1st menacing voice giggled as they lifted both girls to their feet.

“Fuck you!” TenTen yelled as she twisted wildly in her restraints.

“I’m getting sick and fucking tired of telling you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” The voice punched the brown haired girl in the face. TenTen grunted roughly as she stumbled forward and hit the ground.

“Jus’ do what your told, or my friend here is going to make your lives a living hell.” The 2nd voice suggested as the 1st kicked and stomped TenTen without restrain.

“On your feet whore!” The 1st voice demanded as she lifted TenTen back to her feet. Sakura remained silent as the 4 girls continued down the hall. A strange feeling flushed over Sakura as she knew something was wrong.

“Here we are.” The 2nd announced as she opened a heavy door and pushed the two leaf ninja in. The two fell to the ground as their capturers took off their blindfolds. The white and bright room hurt their eyes from been held in the dark for so long. As their eyes adjust the two girls analyzed the room, it was spotless, with strange tracks on the ceiling with a set of swinging door to the far end. TenTen and Sakura snarled at the two deviant women as they stood demandingly over the two.

The first was the girl Sakura had fought, her miss matched eyes glared ruthlessly at her as the other one was still cloaked with a wicked grinning mask that seem to be laughing at them.

“Now, its time for the show to begin.” The masked one walked into the swing door as the other kicked TenTen again for no reason.

“We’re going to find how to open them scrolls and your going to tell us.” The dark girl laughed as something moaned from behind the swinging door.

“I’m not tell you shi…” TenTen began as the swinging door reveled something unreal.

“No.” Sakura gasped as the masked woman pulled Hinata and Ino hanging naked, chained to a hook to the track on the ceiling.

Ino was in terrible shape, she looked like she had been beaten within an inch of her life. She had bruises all over her body, her nose was broke, her left eye was swollen shut, and she had a deep gash in her left arm.

Hinata was the complete opposite, her creamy white skin was flawless, her face still cute and intact. Hinata looked fearfully at TenTen and Sakura as Ino looked like she didn’t even know where she was.

“What are you going to do to us now?” Sakura ordered out of place as the masked girl turned to her.

“Torture sweet heart, and you get to watch front row seat. Don’t worry, I‘m good at making people feeling good, but…” The mask woman turned back to Hinata as a set of senbon fell from her sleeve into her hand and swiftly jabbed them in Hinata’s chest.

“Sorry, my Acupuncture is a little off.” The mask girl chuckled as Hinata wormed wildly as the pins danced wildly on her chest.

“Leave, her, ALONE!!!” Sakura snapped as she rose to feet and glaring at her capturer.

“Take me! Leave to the other alone!” Sakura yelled as she slid her chained hands down her pants and panties.

“You dirty little whore.”

To be continued…

[End notes:

You love or hate it!!!




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