Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 15)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 15

Title: Hyuuga ties: Training

[Author's notes: Hanabi gets into some unseen trouble with her sister and...]

“I’m not going to make it!”

Hanabi though to herself as she raced down the streets of the Leaf village. She had been constantly training all afternoon and now she needed to pee and badly.

“Damn you Ino-sensai!”

The young Hyuuga ran full speed, dodging people in the road as she headed for the Hyuuga estate just in front of her. She moved passed the gate and into the main garden.

“This is bad, I’m going to…”

Hanabi quickly jumped behind some bushes into the thick of the main flowerbed. She thanked herself for wearing a slip today as she squatted down. She didn’t even pull her panties down as she pulled a kunai from her leg holder and cut them at her hip.

Hanabi sighed deeply as a hot stream of urine sprayed the lush flowering between her legs. She had never had to piss so bad in her life, but this was almost godly. Hanabi moaned with a final shudder as she picked up her panties and wiped herself. Suddenly Hanabi’s ninja sense went off as she turned swiftly to her left to see Hinata staring at her eating an apple, calmly.

“H-Hinata-sama!” Hanabi stood up instantly in the orange and yellow flowerbed as her face flushed red.

“It’s not w-what you think.” Hanabi balled up her damp panties behind her back as she jumped back over the bushes.

“You pissed outside in the yard like a dog, that’s what I saw; I really don’t have to think this one out.” Smiled Hinata as she licked a bit of the apple’s juice from her lower lip.

“Y-You won’t say anything, will you?” Hanabi walked nervously to her sister.

“What? That you pissed in mother’s garden?” Hinata sneered, she knew if her mother found out she would ring Hanabi’s neck.

“Please Hinata-sama?” Hanabi begged as she stuffed her underwear into her weapon pouch strapped to her back.
Hinata thought it over as she grinned slyly.

“I guess I could keep my mouth, but then again I could…” Hinata continued to ponder aloud.

“Please I’ll do anything.” Groaned Hanabi as she grabbed her sister’s empty hand.

“I’ll think about it, bite?” Hinata offered as she held out her half eaten apple. Hanabi shook her head as she looked at her sister distressingly.

“Suit yourself, later pee-pee-chan.” Hinata shrugged and walked off.

“But Hinata-sama!” Hanabi yelled after her sister, but Hinata only replied with a raised hand and disappeared around a corner.

“What’s all the yelling about Hanabi-kun?” Hanabi turned around to find her mother Mizuki Hyuuga coming out of her room with a strict face. Her mother was a tall, beautiful woman. Many women of the Leaf envied her looks and lifestyle, but that was only skin-deep she could as be as cruel as her father was, if not worse.

“It’s nothing mother.” Hanabi said quickly as she focused on keeping her posture straight. Their mother prided herself on proper female edict of noble families. She didn’t like the idea of her daughters becoming ninja, it was inappropriate for girls to run around sweating and getting dirty.

“You two shouldn’t fight, it’s not ladylike.” Mizuki fixed her eyes sharply on her youngest daughter as she folded her arms into her robes. She could easily tell if her children were lying, their telltale’s were simple enough. Hinata tapped her index fingers together so childishly it was embarrassing, while Hanabi fidgeted a lot.

“Are you sure? You wouldn’t lie to your own mother would you?” Mizuki raised her eyebrows as Hanabi remained completely still and shook her head.

“Ok, I’m going to water the garden now go get cleaned up and…” Mizuki smiled as Hanabi quickly interrupted her.

“No, I’ll water it for you; I’m still dirty so please allow me to do it.” Hanabi bowed her head as she waited for her mother to reply. Mizuki just looked down at the girl as her thoughts raised an interesting point.

“It’s funny Hanabi dear; you’ve never asked me to water my garden before.” Mizuki tilted her head shortly as her eyes pierced into the top of her daughter’s bowed head.

“I know, but you’re the one always tell us to do more feminine things, so allow me, please?” Hanabi felt like she was going to lose this watering chore to her mother as the woman sighed softly.

“Fine, but be careful and make sure you water the whole garden, understand?” The Hyuuga woman instructed.

“Yes ma’am.” Hanabi’s face rose with a smile as she raced off the enclosed porch to the small gardening shack at the far end of the estate.

“That was close.”

Hanabi breathed out as she opened the door and reached in for the water hose. Mizuki watched Hanabi get busy watering with a seductive grin on her face as she turned and headed back to her room. After three hour of watering the whole garden and the sun slowly setting, Hanabi drug herself to her room. As soon a she closed her door, she dropped to the floor and moaned aloud.

“That took forever.” Hanabi started to undress on the floor as she realized she need to take a shower in the worse way, but then a knock came to the door.

“Who is it?” Hanabi asked lightly as she stood up naked in the middle of her room.

“I-It’s Momoki Hyuuga, I was sent to g-give you a message.” Momoki was part of the third branch of the Hyuuga’s great tree. She was a very shy and meek girl with glasses and Hanabi just loved to tease her verbally and sexually every time they met.

“Yes, come in Momoki.” Hanabi sneered viciously as she knew Momoki was going to freak out when she walked through the door. Momoki opened the door to find Hanabi playing with herself with a lusty glare in her eyes.

“Uhhh, oh god I’m sorry! H-Hanabi-sama I d-didn’t know you were n-naked, I’ll w-wait outside.” Momoki stuttered wildly as she bowed to her knees instantly and tried to back out the door on them. Hanabi swiftly got behind the girl as she pushed the door shut.

“I’m just teasing Momoki.” Hanabi laughed as she jumped on the poor girls back and covered her glasses with her semi-sticky fingers.

“Ewwww Hanabi-sama that’s gross!” Protested Momoki as she took off her glass and cleared them on the bottom of her shirt. Hanabi climbed off the shy girl with a giggle as she stood in front of her and turned her back on her.

“I’m sorry Momoki-chan; here you can put your fingers anywhere in my body you want.” Hanabi leered as she leaned forward and looked back at Momoki between her legs with her mouth open.

“Please Hanabi I jus’ want to deliver this message and go home, so please listen.” Momoki moaned as Hanabi started to shake her ass at her and flick her tongue.

“Fine, fine, let me hear it.” Hanabi pouted as she leaned back up and jumped on to her bed.

“Uhhh, yes, your mother and sister sent me to invite you to tea in the gazebo in an hour.” Momoki reported as she got to her feet.

“Yeah, tell them I’ll be there.” Hanabi groaned.

“Yes Hanabi-sama.” Momoki turned and headed out of the room without a word as Hanabi watched Momoki leave then looked up at her ceiling.

“Tea with mother and sis? How boring.”

Hanabi rolled her eyes then closed them.

Elsewhere the young Momoki sat outside the main Hyuuga’s gazebo on her knees.

“Come in Momoki.” A soft voice requested as the girl opened the door, stepped in and bowed down.

“Hanabi-sama will come, may I leave now?” Momoki asked pettily as she didn‘t look up from the floor. Mizuki smiled at the girl as she looked to Hinata and nodded.

“Not yet.” Hinata sneered as she raised two fingers on her hand, lighting the cross on her forehead, which caused Momoki to scream aloud.

Hanabi whistled to herself as she headed out of her room, fresh and clean to meet her mother and sister.

“God this is going to be lame.”

Hanabi pouted as she crossed the yard and climbed up the gazebo‘s steps.

“I’m here.” Hanabi opened the door to find her mother and Hinata sitting quietly, chatting.

“About time, we figured you’d be too tired to join us after all that watering today.” Hinata grinned menacingly as she looked up at her sporty sister. Hanabi bit back a rude comment, as she knew what Hinata was doing.

“Yes, you did a great job, thank you.” Mizuki smiled with a nod as Hanabi made her way to the two.

“Ahhh, before you sit down will you grab something sweet out of my chest over there?” Mizuki pointed to a footlocker-sized box against the far wall. Hanabi knelt down in front of the box as strange sounds started coming from the box and opened it.

“What the FUCK!?!” Swinging the top open Hanabi fell back, not to the floor but into her sister’s arms.

“What’s wrong Hanabi, didn’t find anything sweet?” Hinata giggled as she forced her sister forward to look into the box.

It was Momoki; she was completely naked and covered in sweat with a blue ball gag snug in her mouth. Her arms and legs bound tightly with leather straps, forcing her into a fetal position. The strange sounds from before were two dildo’s buzzing wildly in her cunt and ass, making her cum repeatedly. Momoki turned her head up slowly, tears falling from behind her glasses as she started mumbling mindlessly.

“Shut up! No talking in the box!” Hinata yelled violently as she slapped the tortured girl in the face a couple of times.

“That’s enough Hinata, take her out.” Mizuki ordered sipping her tea as if nothing was wrong.

“W-Why did you do that to her?” Hanabi asked almost too fearful to find out the answer.

“You shut up too, you’re fucking next.” The older Hyuuga turned and punched Hanabi in the face as the young girl rolled back to where her mother sat. Shaking her head Hanabi looked up to see Mizuki’s hand palm her face and squeezed. Even thought Mizuki was a proper, well-mannered woman, but she was also very powerful and one to be feared. Hanabi screamed as it felt like her mom’s fingers were digging into her skull.

“Now get undress Hanabi dear.” Mizuki whispered as she threw Hanabi back.

“Are you ready to please us?” Hinata lifted Momoki out of the box, undid her straps and ball gag. Momoki squirmed on the floor as she tried to pull the vibrators out.

“Ohhh no you don’t, you take them out and you’ll be punished without mercy, understand?” Hinata pinched Momoki’s nose roughly and lifted her to her knees. Hanabi could do nothing but stare in awe at what they were doing to one of their own.

“You’re fucking next!”

Hinata's words made Hanabi swallow hard as Hinata continued to toy with Momoki. Sex, sweat and spit drip from every inch and orifice of Momoki‘s body as she just trembled and feebly in place.

“Here Momoki.” Mizuki motioned with a curling finger as she opened the bottom of her robe, unveiling her clean-shaven pussy. Momoki tried to get to her feet as Hinata kicked the back of her legs out.

“On all four! Like the dirty little bitch-dog you are!” Hinata yelled wickedly as she kicked Momoki’s ass dildo deeper inside her, forcing her to crash forward. Momoki yelp harshly, her arms failed to hold her weight as she dove face first into Mizuki‘s crotch.

“Ready to please? Hinata help your sister. I don‘t think she heard what I said earlier.” Mizuki purred and ordered as Momoki wasted no time on what to do between the woman’s long, creamy, legs. Hinata quickly turned her attention to her sister with a lusty leer.

“Now it’s your turn, sis.”

Hinata darted straight for Hanabi with her charka focused at her fingertips. Catching Hanabi a little off guard Hinata ripped through Hanabi's shirt as she rolled out of the way.

“What’s going on here?” Panic started to grip Hanabi as Hinata stared maliciously at her.

“Just do what you’re told, and get undress and maybe I won’t hurt you… too much.” Hinata sneered devilishly as she attacked her sister again.

“She’s too fast!”

Hinata swiftly paralyzed Hanabi’s arms and legs in a flash of a second and pinned her to the floor.

“Poor Hanabi-kun.” Hinata pulled off the rest of her sister’s cloths and awed at her naked body.

“So cute.” Hinata licked up the side of Hanabi's face.

“Hinata dear, stop messing around.” Mizuki moaned, holding Momoki’s head in place. With a quick nod, Hinata got off Hanabi and walked to a tall wardrobe. After gathering a few things, she returned to Hanabi’s side.

“What is that stuff for?” Hanabi asked meekly as Hinata laid out an assortment of items. Hinata didn’t answer as she wrapped a black collar around Hanabi’s neck and opened a jar of clear white fluid.

“Training, you’re a dog when you wear this and nothing else. You will act and behave like one until mother decides otherwise…” Hinata explained as Hanabi cut her off.

“You can’t fucking do this. Let me GO!!!” Hanabi roared and flailed with her limp limbs.

“Dogs can’t talk, so I guess we’ll go straight for the intense training.” Hinata sighed as she scooped her hand in the jar and started wiping it over Hanabi’s naked firm body.

“Ohhhh you’re going to love this, this is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs on the market, it will make your body burn with lust in seconds and you’ll go crazy for release.” Hinata smirked as she rubbed the cream thickly between Hanabi’s legs as the naked girl twisted and turned on the floor.

“No, stop, I don't want…” Hanabi suddenly felt dizzy as Hinata rubbed the aphrodisiac into her sister‘s neck.

“See? It’s already working.” Hinata groaned hotly as she crept her sticky fingers into Hanabi’s mouth and started pumping them in and out.

“Hinata dear, I’ll take over from here, go entertain yourself with Momoki for awhile.” Mizuki stood imposingly over her daughters.

“Yes ma’am.” Hinata nodded somberly and got up.

“Does it feel good, doggie?” Mizuki got to her knees and leaned over Hanabi.

“Mom, stop.” Hanabi moaned as Mizuki shook her head.

“Woof is yes, bark is no, you’re a dog now, remember!” Mizuki picked up an anal plug with a tail on it and rammed it into Hanabi’s taut asshole.

“NOOO!!!” Hanabi hollered as the dildo went all the way in.

“Still don’t want to behave?” Mizuki grinned as she picked up a white vibrator and turned it on. Hanabi shrieked and came in the same instant as the stiff member stabbed deeply into her womb. As much as Hanabi fought the drug, it was useless, her body was giving in by the second and her mind reeled in lust and confusion.

“Please… don’t.” Hanabi moaned lightly as Mizuki looked at Hinata standing over Momoki, who had her face planted deeply in Hinata’s crotch.

“Stubborn is’ in she? Maybe some time in the box will break her spirit’s a little.” Mizuki said hotly as Hinata pushed Momoki back and stepped towards her mother. Hanabi began to lose coherent though as she started barking and cumming to and on herself.

“I’m not listening to that.” Hinata said sharply as she picked up Momoki’s ball gag and stuffed it in Hanabi’s mouth. Mizuki lifted Hanabi into the box as the young Hyuuga looked up at the pair.

“That reminds me; I never properly thanked you for watering my garden earlier.” Mizuki smirked with Hinata as they both uncovered themselves and spread their perfectly shaped cunts at Hanabi.

“Y-You told h-her?” Hanabi whimpered as she looked at her sister. Hinata shook her head as Mizuki aimed her opened pussy at Hanabi’s face.

“My eyes see everything!” Mizuki said sternly as she and Hinata began to piss on Hanabi’s encased body. Hanabi just let the hot streams soak her skin, as her body was already covered in her own sex and sweat, like Momoki before her. She just closed her eyes as they locked her in the box with nothing but the sweet humming between her legs.

The End

[End notes:

Momoki and Mizuki are made I don't really know who Hinata's mom or if they have a cousin named that.

 I seriously haven't done anything over the holiday's. I'm sorry I'll get some more posted ASAP.



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