Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 14)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 14

Title: Girl's will

[Author's notes: Sakura leads a team to deliver two scrolls.   ]

“Jus’ tell us what we want and no one gets hurt!” A harsh altered voice demanded as Hinata let out a breath of surprise in the cold, dim lit room.

“My, she’s is soft.” The distorted voice laughed as it maliciously molested the blindfolded girl. Hinata whimpered weakly under the stranger’s firm grip as it squeezed her ripening chest.

“Don’t fucking touch her!” TenTen screamed viciously from knees on the cold floor as she struggled wildly in her restraints.

“Calm down TenTen, yelling and screaming is’in going to do us any good.” Sakura assured calmly despite being tied up and blindfolded like the others.

“Don’t worry you’ll get your turn honey.” A 2nd voice chuckled as it kicked TenTen square in the ribs, knocking her over.

“She tastes sweet to.” The first voice moaned as it gripped Hinata’s hair and licked the bitter tears that escaped her blindfold.

“Please stop.” Hinata sobbed feebly as the stranger slid down her chest, under her panty line and prodded around.

“That feel good sweetheart?” The voice pestered on as it inserted a finger inside the constrained girl‘s moistened slit.

“Mmmm nice and wet too, I like that.” The voice smiled as it tongued Hinata’s ear.

“I’ll kill you!” TenTen roared as she got her feet under her and launched herself tied and bound into Hinata’s direction, screaming.

“Shut up you little bitch!” The 2nd voice demanded as it blindsided TenTen across her jaw in mid-air. TenTen hit the ground hard just short of Hinata, groaning in pain.

“I think we’re making progress.” The 1st voice smirked as it pulled out of Hinata and sampled its finger.

“Now tell us how to open the scrolls!” The 2nd snapped as the three girl's remained silent. The 1st voice tsk’ed their bravery as it headed for a door on the other side room without another word.

“We’ll get what we want or else we‘ll strip and search every inch of your bodies, inside and out.” The 2nd voice threatened unnervingly as it slammed the door behind it. After a few moments Hinata started to cry as she called out for TenTen.

“A-are you ok?” Hinata asked as she tried her best to control her sobs.

“I’m fine, the guy kicks like a girl.” TenTen played off the pain in her ribs as she rolled on her back.

“That’s because they are girl’s TenTen.” Sakura assured as Hinata nodded.

“If they were male they would have already raped us.” Sakura added boldly as she was glad for their female captures.

“I could feel the chest of the one… touching me.” Hinata paused, her face flushed red with embarrassment as her comment was irrelevant.

“I just hope Ino got back to the village to warn someone.” Sakura hoped like the rest, she had the best chance to get back. When they had come under attack Sakura had ordered Ino back to the village, while she and the others held off the attackers.

“Some mission this turned out to be.” TenTen grumbled lowly, twisting and turning back onto her knees next to Hinata as they all sighed.

Hours earlier:

“You will deliver these two scrolls to the Rain village by tomorrow morning, pack light, weapons and water only you don’t want anything to slow you down out there.” Anko yelled sternly at the four girls in front of her. Sakura, Ino, TenTen and Hinata stood at attention as Kurenai walked slowly behind them.

“The scrolls are locked with a special seal, we’ve paired you into 2 groups, and all 4 of you will learn one of the two-sided hands seals needed to open the scrolls, any questions?” Kurenai demanded as she came to the front of the line next Anko.

“No!” The girls yelled in unison as they held their faces proudly.

“Good, you are the brightest and sharpest of any female group of any of the ninja villages, your skills are unmatched by even most of the males, so by your abilities you are given difference jobs, TenTen and Ino you will strike and attack group…” TenTen smiled lightly as Ino was the opposite.

“…Hinata you will be support for the others and Sakura you are the leader, understand?” Kurenai finished as she looked at the 4 girls different reactions.

“Yes.” They replied in unison again despite their feelings on there assignments.

“Good, TenTen, Hinata go with Kurenai…” Anko pointed as the two stepped to Kurenai’s side, and then smiled at Ino and Sakura.

“…You two, come with me.” Anko smirked seductively as Kurenai lead the other two to the next room, grinning at the proctor. After only 5 minutes of teaching the hand signals both groups were ready to go. The two high-ranking ninja woman stood before the girls in the bright sunny afternoon, smiling at the quickness and readiness of the young ninja girls.

“Don’t stop; don’t help anyone you are to go straight to the Rain village, deliver the scrolls and come straight back understood?” Kurenai announced again as the girls nodded.

“Kill anyone who tries to take the scrolls, even at the cost of your lives… or others, Sakura.” Anko whispered coldly as her eyes darkened on the leader of the group. Sakura held steadfast as she nodded with the authority of her rank.

“Now, GO!” Anko roared and pointed to the woods as all four turned on a dime and darted into the woods. Anko chuckled mischievously at the fleeting girls as Kurenai looked at her and asked.

“What so funny Anko?” Kurenai smiled herself as she thought the same thing.

“Let’s see what there made of.”

In the woods:

“5 feet apart, Ino, TenTen into the trees, Hinata right on me.” Sakura ordered as the girls flew into formation quickly as they all though over the mission.

“Ha, there's nothing like a little target practice.” TenTen laughed.

“I’ll do my best Kurenai-Sensei.” Hinata blushed.

“Sakura, leader! Uh, stupid billboard brow.” Ino sneered.

“Leader? Ha, that’ll put that pig in her place.” Sakura grinned.

The group carried on for what seem like hours as Sakura called a halt for a breather next to a quick flowing stream.

“Is everyone doing ok?” Sakura asked as she looked at the others and lifted her canteen to her lips. TenTen and Hinata answered with affirmative nods as Ino bit her lower lip in disgust. Sakura knew the look as she reset her canteen to her side.

“Something wrong Ino?” Sakura asked hardily and with just enough spite not to sound like a bitch.

“Oh benevolent leader, everything is wonderful I’m hungry, my feet hurt and I have to piss, but if our great messiah doesn’t need rest why should the rest of us?” Ino praised sarcastically as her hands turned to the sky. Hinata and TenTen both looked at Ino then to Sakura silently as they waited for the fireworks. Sakura’s harden face slowly turned soft as she fired back smartly.

“That don’t sound like too bad of an idea, I really got to go anyway.” Sakura said smoothly as she looked over at Ino, smiling mockingly.

“Me too, come on Hinata I’ll hold your hand.” TenTen sprung into action as she grabbed Hinata’s hand and raced into the near by bushes leaving Ino and Sakura staring intently at each other.

“You ready?” Sakura grinned as she tilted her head to the opposing bushes.

“I’m not holding your hand!” Ino snapped cruelly as she stormed pass Sakura into the brush.

“Stop messing around TenTen!” Sakura couldn’t control the smirk working up her face from Hinata’s surprised voice as she turned into Ino’s wake. The two girls found spots behind opposing trees as Sakura lower her panties and asked Ino.

“If I knew you weren’t going to hack it out here Ino I would have asked for a replacement.” Sakura hounded as she relaxed against her tree and relieved herself.

“I guess it could be worse.” Sakura sighed as she pulled her knickers up and stepped around to find Ino staring at her.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Ino grunted as she put her hands on her hips.

“Nothing, let’s go.” Sakura didn’t bother to argue as she headed back to the road. Ino sulked behind as both looked to Hinata followed by TenTen coming out the other side of the road.

“Oh that felt great, I almost pissed all over myself back there.” TenTen laughed as she nudged Hinata in the arm.

“Whatever, let’s get going.” Ino ordered as Sakura grabbed Ino’s arm and looked at TenTen.

“What the hell’s your problem Sakura?” Ino demanded as she pulled her arm away from Sakura’s grip.

“That’s not TenTen.” Sakura said quickly as she drew a kunai from her leg holder.

“Are you kidding me Sakura?” TenTen asked shortly as she tilted her head. Ino looked the weapon master over carefully as Hinata did the same.

“Ino, Hinata come on, it’s me.” TenTen said as she showed them her palms.

“Hinata, you should know TenTen better then that, this one nudged you in the arm what do you think the real TenTen would of done after saying something like that?” Sakura asked smartly as Hinata armed herself.

“She’d have slapped my ass or something preverted.” Hinata caught on as the fake TenTen smiled.

“Where’s are friend?” Sakura requested darkly as the phony TenTen smiled dreamingly at them.

“I should have grabbed the quiet one.” TenTen suggested looking at Hinata as she sprung at Sakura and Ino with weapons drawn. The three girls jumped apart as they all stared at the fake TenTen.

“Jus’ give me the scrolls and I won’t kill you all.” The replica chuckled as she licked a bit of blood from her blade. It was so quick Ino didn’t even realize she’d been cut. Sakura glanced over at the wounded girl as she knew she had to do something, she was the leader.

“Ino with me, Hinata find TenTen!” Sakura directed the others and attacked the false TenTen with Ino as Hinata focused her Byakugan into the trees.

“But I'm the real TenTen.” The fake said childishly as she blocked Sakura’s kunai and kicked Ino back.

“I’ve found her!” Hinata yelled as she raced into the brush to get her.

“Be careful Hinata we don’t know if there’s anymore of them!” Sakura hollered as Hinata disappeared from sight.

“Stop babysitting her and help me damnit!” Ino yelled jumping back as “TenTen” tried to slice her open. About 20 feet later Hinata found the real TenTen bound and struggling on the ground.

“I’ll cut you loose.” Hinata said hastily as she used a kunai to cut her friend free.

“Damn, how the hell did I get caught so easily? Hey!” TenTen bitched as she got to her feet and brushed herself off.

“I don’t… Get down!” Hinata’s eyes widened suddenly as she pushed TenTen back to the ground.

“What’s the deal Hinata?” TenTen bellowed miserably as she got to her hands and knees and turned to find a bunch of needles stuck in the ground where they had just been standing

“You should be thanking bright eyes there; it would have been boring if I’d killed you with my first attack, now hand over the scrolls before I paint the woods with your blood.” A strange metallic voice allured and threatened from a nearby tree. Both girls looked up to find a tall, masked, and cloaked figure standing on a tree branch as it twirled a kunai on it's finger.

“Over my dead body!” TenTen spun and threw two handful shurikens at the figure as Hinata threw a second barrage. The ninja stars hit dead on as the figure fell from the tree.

“Got ya.” TenTen smiled at Hinata as the two watched the body fall. TenTen smile quickly faded as the body transformed into a log and hit the ground.

“That was pathetic, now it’s my turn.” The figure ridiculed as it raced from the bushes and attacked both girls.

“God damnit Sakura this is'in good.” Ino panted next to Sakura.

“What’s wrong, you leaf sluts getting tried already?” The fake asked provocatively as her eyes darted between the two girls.

"Shut your mouth bitch!" Enraged, the two attacked again. Ino threw a combo of punches as Sakura tried to out flank her. The girl laughed as she kick Ino across the face and turned to counter Sakura.

"It won't work." The fake smiled and punched Sakura in the face. Sakura's form exploded as the fake was taken by surprise.

"A clone?!?" The girl turned again to the real Sakura right on top of her, her fist bearing down on her. The punch was right and true as it sent the fake TenTen flying. Ino was on her feet instantly as she jumped back to Sakura's side

“Hinata and TenTen must have gotten into trouble too; you head back to the village for backup while I hold her off for you.” Sakura ordered as she cracked her neck, glaring at the enemy.

“What!? No way, you go back for backup and I'll take this bitch out!” Ino snapped as she poked the pink-haired ninja in the chest.

“I'm in charge here, so do what you’re fucking told Ino!” Sakura slapped Ino in the mouth roughly as she stared darkly at her old child hood friend. Ino held her cheek in contempt as she turned and ran back the way they had come.

“Damn you Sakura!”

Ino's mind yelled as she fought the tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Ino.” Sakura moaned as she looked at her hand.

“Hehehe, you act like children.” The figure laughed slowly, waiting patiently. Sakura spun around to see TenTen turn into a short, blonde girl.

"I can't believe you actually got me with a shitty little jutsu." The girl’s mismatched green and blue eyes focused threateningly on Sakura as she spit some blood on the ground.

“You shouldn’t have sent her off, because now you fuckin’ DIE!!!” The girl screamed inhumanly as she sprinted at Sakura with her fist at the ready.

Elsewhere Hinata sighed weakly, her knees buckling under her. She fell on hard on top on of an unconscious TenTen as they both moaned lowly.

“What a disappointment.” The masked figure removed her mask and shook back her long black hair.

“Better luck next sweetie.” The woman fluttered her red eyes as she pulled the Hyuuga girl's hair back and kissed her cheek.

“Get up whore!” The blonde girl shrieked aggressively as she kicked Sakura’s limp body repeatedly.

“That’s enough, come on let’s head back.” The masked woman announced as she came out of the brush and with Hinata over her shoulder and dragging TenTen by her collar.

“I’m going to make this bitch pay for what she did!” The girl snapped as she spit blood in Sakura's face and kicked her again.

Back in their prison cell the girls awoke suddenly as the door flung open.

“Wake up you leaf cunt bitches!!!” The voice screamed brutally as it stormed into the room. Sakura and TenTen rolled on to their knees quickly as Hinata had some trouble.

“Hey, which one was it again?” The voice yelled back into the hall as a shadow filled the doorway. Sakura knew from the voice in the cell it was the girl she had fought with earlier.

“The dark-haired one with the pretty white eyes.” Chuckled the 2nd voice as Hinata whimpered.

“On your feet bitch and don’t try anything funny or I break ya’ arm, got me?” The 1st voice snapped as she yanked Hinata to her feet, twisting her arm painfully.

“You’re coming with us honey, that blonde is getting kinda lonely.” The 2nd voice chuckled again as Sakura yelled.

“You better not hurt my friends! Or I swear to god I’ll see you both dead before night.” Sakura threatened, body trembling and teeth snarling.

“Ohhhh don’t worry we’re not going to hurt you friends. we’re just getting them ready for a little show tonight.” The 1st girl laughed as she licked up the side of Hinata’s face and pushed her to the door.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourselves, now get some rest you got a ass load of explaining about them scrolls.” The 2nd leered as she grabbed Hinata tightly and sucked on her ear.

"S-Sakura, T-TenT..." Hinata whined meekly as the two girl shut the door and headed down the hall.

To be continued... 


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