Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 13)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 13

Title: Hyuuga ties - Playtime

[Author's notes: Hanabi stumbles on to her sister's fun time.]

"Shit! It's Hanabi." The door cracked slowly as the light in the hall shined into the dark room, forcing them to cover their eyes and bodies quickly.

"Hinata-sama?" Hanabi popped her head in as her little white eye's searched the room for her sister.

"Did you need something Hanabi-chan?" Hinata asked curiously as she curled the blanket over her and Temari.

"Not really, why are the lights off it's still early?" Hanabi questioned as she tried looking through the darkness.

"Reasons, why don't you come over here and find out." Hinata motioned slyly as she poked Temari's naked body.

"Uhhh, ok." Hanabi carefully walked in and closed the door.

"So, why are the lights out?" Hanabi asked again from the door as her eyes seem to glow in the darkness.

"Oh the lights, don't worry about it Hanabi-chan." Hinata giggled lightly as Temari's hand brushed across her sensitive body under the blanket.

"But why, what are you doing in here?" Hanabi replied shortly as her white eyes blinked questioningly.

"Hanabi, stop asking stupid questions." Hinata spat venomously as she ran her hands through Temari's hair.

"Sorry." Hanabi said sarcastically as she kicked her foot.

"Don't be just come here." Hanabi crept silently on to the bed next to Hinata's half-naked body.

"Sooo, what are you doing in here and why does it smell funny?" Hanabi asked wonderingly as Temari peeked out of the sheet still in hiding.

"I’m just spending time with Temari-sama." Hinata sneered as Temari grabbed Hanabi from under the blankets. Hanabi gasped at being restrained as she could feel the blonde’s hard nipples press against her.

"Shhh it's just me and Hinata... unless you want to join us?" Temari whispered distractedly into Hanabi's ear as Hinata laid her hands on Hanabi's legs. The cute, dark haired girl felt the rush of confusion as she touched Hinata's body then Temari’s in the dark to find them both naked. Hanabi moaned apprehensively as Hinata slowly moved her hand up to Hanabi's hot core.

"How about now?" Hinata's eye's lit up as she rubbed Hanabi's tiny snatch through her tight pants.

"I-I-I-It's just." Hanabi sat helplessly, her pussy soaking her panties as Temari's hands crept slowly behind Hanabi.

"Come on Han-a-bi-chan, I promise we'll play nice." Temari wrapped her arms around Hanabi's shoulders and softly kissed her neck.

"You know you want to, so why are you being coy?" Temari purred lustful as her fingers found Hanabi's growing nipples.

"But." Before Hanabi could finish Hinata pressed one of her fingers to Hanabi's lips.

"Shhh, Temari and I will take good care of you." Hinata whispered lightly as she clapped the lights to dim. Hanabi smiled a little bit as she saw both Hinata and Temari smiling at her. She relaxed her body under the two girl’s hands as they caressed her tight body.

"There we go, now just relax." Hinata slid her hand down Hanabi's pant's and started teasing her throbbing clit. Hanabi closed her eyes as Temari helped her with her top. The older Hyuuga removed her hand and quickly relieved her sister of her pants. Seconds later the youngest Hyuuga lay calmly in her bra and panties under Temari and Hinata's beaming eyes.

"Like a little firecracker alright." Hinata glared at Hanabi's lusty lips and young teenage tits though her white bra with matching panties that flowed down to her smooth, white legs. Hanabi hide a shy smile as Temari made the first move and kissed Hanabi. Hanabi took kindly to Temari's wet lips and tongue as she pushed them deeply into Hanabi's warm mouth. Hanabi did little to resist Hinata slowly pulling off her panties, exposing her small mound of dark pubic hair. Hinata ran her hands up the short girl's leg's and spread them, leaving her pink little pussy opened wide for the eating. Hinata placed her tongue right in front of Hanabi's pussy and gently started licking her hot cunt petals.

Hanabi slowly squirmed around mesmerized by Hinata's strong tongue as it slaved away at her wet gap. The sand ninja slid her hand under Hanabi's bra to her firm mound as Hinata continued to lick Hanabi's glistening clit with more sexual amusement.

"Ohhhh, mmmm..." Hanabi laid back on the bed moaning as Temari climbed on to her face backward looking at Hinata, placing her own love hole over Hanabi's cute mouth.

“Taste me Hanabi-chan.” The blonde begged as Hanabi's tongue trailed slowly out to Temari's dripping pussy.

"Do you need any help?" Temari leaned down to Hinata.

"Mmmm... Spread these." Hinata whispered obsessively as Temari held Hanabi's la la apart while Hinata continued to lick and suck her sister's swollen hole and burning clit. Hanabi could feel her warm sexual liquids fill in her cunt with each lick her poor little pussy took.

Hinata waited anxiously with open lips as Hanabi suddenly exploded, filling Hinata's mouth with hot teenhood cream. Hinata quickly swallowed the sticky jism as it drained from Hanabi's body.

“Hinata-sama...” Hanabi moaned softly as her body slowly collapsed to the silk sheets. Temari moaned loudly, grinding her cunt into Hanabi's face trying for her own orgasm as she felt Hanabi's tongue disappear. Temari lifted off Hanabi's face as she looked back at the exhaulted girl.

"What's wrong Temari?" Hinata asked seductively as she crept up next to her.

"I didn't get mine." Temari pouted childishly as she crossed her arms over her large chest.

"Don’t worry I've got just the thing." Hinata grinned.

"What?" Temari wondered as Hinata smiled and lit up her hand with her charka.

"Now just spread them lovely legs of yours and try to keep up." Hinata put her hand over Temari's pussy and sparked her.

"Oooh god! that feels great." Temari's body tensed from the shocks as she fell back twitching.

"See? told you so." Hinata remarked slyly as she laid her other charka filled hand on Temari's chest.

"My pussy's on fire!" Temari’s gripped the side of bed with clinched teeth.

"That's good, just relax." Hinata laid next to Temari on the bed and covered her in kisses.

"I-I'm going to..." Hinata was about to let up before she got Temari off, but Temari held her hand in place.

"Don't stop, please! For the love of god!" With a loud scream, Hinata felt Temari's hot cum stream out of her and lifted her hand to her lips. The older Hyuuga admired the sweet cum running down her hand before she licked it up.

"Good night girls." Hinata kissed Temari and Hanabi as she stood up and headed to her bathroom to get cleaned up. Minutes later Hinata stepped into the hall, leaving her naked toys in her room and head outside into the cool evening night.

[End notes: This was going to be a ending for sisterly love, but I scraped it.]

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