Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 11)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 11

Title: Winner takes all

[Author's notes:

Some of the girls head for a cabin and some fun.



It was the middle of summer and Hinata, Temari and Ino had decided to stay at Ino’s aunt’s cabin in the woods by the lake outside of the village for a couple of days. They started out a little late from the leaf village and got to the cabin in the late afternoon. With night setting in, and the rest of the day went by uneventfully as the three girls cooked a delicious meal outside, drank too much sake and finally stumbled off to their beds. The next day began in the same summertime manner, hot and shiny with the slightest of cool breezes ever so often. Hinata soon found herself enjoying the lazy mood of summer and the time spent with no guys, right in the middle of the wild with others girls was a change itself. Shino’s dry character and Kiba’s queer nature for him that was always a bit weird for her and beside that she was even getting to like Temari who, despite her aggressive personality and nasty sense of humor.

That evening, thunderstorms moved in, quashing their plans for an evening skinny dip. After dinner, they started a quiet game of cards, talked and drank sake to the sky rumbling and rain pouring down outside. After nearly an hour, boredom began to set in as Temari suggested they play one more game and then call it quits for nights.

"But let’s make this last one interesting, winner takes all the loser has to do whatever the winner says and the loser can’t question the command or refuse it, agreed?” Temari’s eyes dropped down to the cards in her hands as a smile worked her face back up with a gleaming in her eye.

“Like a slave?”

Hinata was taken aback by Temari’s odd suggestion and turned to Ino, hoping she would scoff at the idea too. Instead Ino just giggled, said sure and leveled off her bright, blue eyes back at Hinata.

"What do you say Hinata? If you win, you’re the master over one of us, but if you lose..." Temari’s words enticed Hinata unwillingly as she hesitated and gulped before agreeing to the simple terms.

“Why I’m I doing this, she can’t be serious… is she?”

Her mind went off in ten different directions as Temari dealt the cards one last time. If she won, what would she ask the loser to do? Ino was a good cook; maybe she have her make a nice meal or have Temari sharpen all her kunai, but if she lost, what then?

“Jus’ win and call it a night.”

Hinata told herself repeatedly as Ino joked about a dirty basement that needed cleaning, if she won while Temari only said that this game was for keeps, no excuses. For the next 15 minutes they played, Hinata concentrating hard on getting points. At one point she was down to a single card, but couldn’t seem to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Temari and Ino began to rack up points until finally Hinata gambled and scooped up several cards, in hopes of making more matches. Sadly before her turn came around Temari laid her last card down and smiled.


“Uhhhh, I was so close.”

Hinata had lost and she laughed nervously as she watched Temari clap her hands and rub them together mischievously.

"Okay Hinata-chan, you’re mine tonight." The blonde dictated for she was master and for a moment there was silence. Temari seemed to study the situation and then very swiftly she told Hinata what her task was.

“Give Ino an oil massage.”

"Hey, who’s the winner and who’s the loser here?" Wondered Ino with some delight as she trembled slightly and leaned to her right.

"That’s crazy Temari-chan! Come on, I’ll clean the cabin or make you breakfast, how about something like that?" Hinata was mortified and that only fueled on as she tried to back out on the deal.

"No, I want Ino to take off her clothes and you give her a massage, here’s some oil now get started." Temari handed Hinata’s trembling hand a bottle of scented body oil from a bag under the table as Hinata looked at Ino, hoping she would back her up and refuse to comply, but her friend, giddy from all the sake was’in helping any. Ino got to her feet clumsy and started to remove her clothes, saying she was getting the best end of the deal for no good reason.

In seconds Hinata found herself looking at her friend’s naked body.

“Be gentle.” Ino leered as she laid down on the couch, her soft, curving rear facing up towards Hinata’s white eyes. The Hyuuga girl’s heart beat more rapidly in her chest as her sharp eyes scanned over Ino’s shapely back. Hinata poured some oil on her hands and began to massage Ino’s back and shoulders. For a minute or two, the only voice was Ino’s murmuring how delightful it felt while Hinata felt a little more at ease and moved her hands a bit and rubbed her lower back.

"Okay, that’s enough of the back Hinata-chan, go lower.” Barked Temari as she crossed her legs tightly.

Again, Hinata felt her pulse begin to quicken as her hands shook, sliding them over the round bulging cheeks of Ino’s smooth ass.

"Lower Hinata-chan, let’s see plenty of oil on Ino’s thighs and legs, why not open your legs a bit for Hinata, Ino-chan?" Commanded Temari as her eyes filled with a lusty glimmer for both girls. Hinata began to stroke Ino’s inner thighs and when her fingers brushed accidentally against her labial lips and pubic hair, she felt her friend twitch and quiver.

“That's right Hinata-chan, more oil there.” Hinata poured some oil down the crack of Ino’s ass and began to rub gently. Hinata felt herself blush deeper, but knowing it was no use protesting she did as she was told. Ino, almost instinctively, separated her legs even more, unable to help letting out a small moan as Hinata’s fingers passed over her anus and then slid down to her sex. When they got there, Hinata could feel the hot wetness from the sexual sensation she was blatantly inflicting on her friend’s body.

“I’m getting her… off.”

As disgusted as she was with Temari’s naughty game, Hinata felt, for the first time a strange sensation when she realized that Ino was quite turned on by what was happening wither she knew it or not. The sensation was hard to grasp, but clearly it held for Hinata at lease, an element of excitement and a growing sense of stimulation in herself.

"Okay, Ino turnover, Hinata’s going to massage your front side now." Temari spoke up as master and commander once again as the blonde leaf girl turned over, Ha, there was no mistaking the look in Ino’s eyes. They were filled with desire and excitement that she directed wantonly at Hinata.

“Uh… yes.” A light murmur from Ino’s lips was followed by a rushing desire which filled Hinata as she began to touch Ino’s warm, yielding body again.

Nothing more was said as Hinata poured more oil on her hands and after a brief massage of the flower girls neck and shoulders, she began to rub Ino’s soft round breasts. Temari watch intently as Hinata rolled Ino’s bosom in her slick hands. Ino’s nipples began to stand at attention as her breathing became deeper; her shoulders and neck turning a crimson red.

"Lower, Hinata-chan, massage her lower." Temari said in an almost raucous voice as the sexy show was catching fire in her own loins as well. Hinata’s hands moved down across Ino’s abdomen and thighs with the care and tenderness that only Hinata’s hands had.

“Inside too, Ino hold your legs apart for Hin-a-t-a-kun.” Temari directed playfully and as Ino did the two girls could see the thickening reddish lips of the leaf girl’s soaking sex, now glistening with secreted juices and body oil. Her clitoris protruded from under its tiny, pink hood, throbbing for attention.

"Well Hinata-chan, it looks like you’ve put are little Ino-chan in a quite a state." Temari remarked hotly as Ino’s legs started to quiver.

"I think she need’s to be relieved, right Ino-chan?" Ino just smiled and nodded as from the same bag that Temari had pulled out the body oil, she now reached in and rummage around, then pulled out a red vibrator.

"Let’s see you use this on poor Ino’s little la-la." Temari was getting a too big a kick out of this simple little game as Hinata’s reason to quit the bet dawned on her again.

"No, I-I can’t do that, please, Ino’s…" Pleaded Hinata as she looked from one girl to the other.

"Rules are rules." Temari responded curtly as she reached over, turned the vibrator on and placed it Hinata’s hands. Hinata glanced up at Ino’s cute face, still holding her legs apart, and once again she saw the look of yearning on her friend’s face.

“I know she wants me to but…”

Seduced or suckered by Ino desire-filled face, she slowly placed the buzzing toy on the naked girls wet cunt lips, causing Ino to let out a low blissful moan. Hinata began to move it around, touching and stroking Ino’s cunt before bringing it to the top of the girls slit and nudging it gently against her pulsing clit.

“Mmmmm, so gooooood.” Ino groaned louder and she pressed her pelvis down on the buzzing vibrator. Hinata’s bobbing motion accidentally pushed the vibrator inside Ino’s vagina causing Ino to yelp meekly. Hinata was mesmerized by what just happened, but almost instinctively as if knowing she began to move it slowly in and out of Ino’s watering slit.

“Ohhhh Hinata-chan!” Ino’s cried out joyfully as she began to move spasmodically, her body convulsing against her will. At the same time, Temari grabbed Hinata’s hand and pushed her wet, oily fingers inside Ino. With Temari holding Hinata’s hand tightly to Ino’s sex, she could feel her friend’s muscles contracting and squeezing her fingers inside her tight love box. Ino grunted and moaned as her orgasm peaked and played itself out lazily. Hinata didn’t move, she was so transfixed by the sight of Ino in such a state of ecstasy, that she just stared at the girl’s leaking gap.

"Okay Hinata, let’s give Ino-chan some real pleasure.” Temari whispered as her eyes were glowing with lust now. She handed Hinata a large dildo and ordered her to insert it into Ino’s ass.

"It’s too big…" Hinata exclaimed. "…I’m going to hurt her."

"Not if you do it how I tell you to." Temari countered as she was’in going to be refused. Ino’s eyes grew big looking at the size of the dildo, but she made no attempt to stop Temari’s plans. She continued to hold her legs wide open, showing a long stream of juice oozing from her pussy down to her tight, little asshole.

“Oil it up good.” Temari ordered as Hinata rubbed oil all over the head of the dildo and Ino’s anus, which seemed tightly shut. After some prodding words from Temari, Hinata finally pressed her finger against the tight orifice, sliding it in fairly easily.

"That’s it, now Ino just relax and you’ll feel nothing but pleasure," Temari sneered as she turned to Hinata.

"And Hinata-chan, steady as she goes." The white-eyed girl did what she was told and felt her body go weak as she watched the head of the large dildo began to slide in what was once just the tiniest little hole.

“Are you ok?” Hinata looked up at Ino, who groaned loudly and rolled her eyes back.

"Jesus, that’s incredible." Ino called out, almost crying as her ass stretched open for the thick rubber member.

When it was halfway in, Temari told Hinata to stop and give Ino a minute to get used to it. Hinata glanced over at Temari at this point and saw the button and zipper on her shorts were undone and her hand was deep inside as her other hand drank greedily from the sake bottle. Like Ino she had a flushed look on her face as her fingers moved around between her legs.

"Okay, move the dildo back and forth, gently." Temari panted as she licked her lips.

Hinata began like she wss told as Ino’s body started to move and shake. She couldn’t believe that Ino was able to take the entire dildo in the ass. Never before had she seen anything like this, she was absolutely mad with desire, and lust as Ino’s body and sex flared up violently.

"Oh my god, that is so intense!" Ino screamed. "Oh my god, oh, oh, god, I love it!"

Ino was heading towards another orgasm quickly as Hinata began to rub Ino’s clit with her fingers while holding the dildo with the other. Ino’s body shudder once again and this time a stream of nectar, almost like urine, shot forth from Ino’s crotch as she shook with aftershock. At the same time, the dildo moved back and forth on its own as Ino’s ecstatic anal contractions suck the toy into her rectum and then push it out. On seeing Ino’s second massive orgasm, Temari groaned and collapsed back in her chair, panting wildly.

Meanwhile, Hinata remained kneeling in front of Ino’s exhausted body as she felt her body shake from the excitement and intensity of bringing her friend to such a height of passion. Ino slowly opened her eyes as the spasms of pleasure began to die down and she saw Hinata clearly, looking at her with such longing that it was passed desire or lust. She sat up the dildo still protruding from her rear and embraced her, pressing Hinata against her oily breasts and kissing her softly.

Hinata didn’t resist.

"My god Hinata-sama that was fabulous." Ino breathed as she continued to hold her close.

"Now it’s your turn," Ino murmured and began to pull off Hinata’s shirt. Suddenly Hinata felt Temari’s hands on her as well, and without resisting, let the two horny girls disrobe her. Ino pulled Hinata back, so that she was nestled in her arms, while Temari knelt in front of Hinata and spread her legs apart. Ino kissed and nuzzled Hinata’s creamy neck, stroking her breasts with her hands as Temari began making love with her fingers and tongue like a pro.

Any inhibition and reserve that Hinata may have had, had long since disappeared as she succumbed to Temari and Ino’s artful lovemaking. Temari’s tongue was soon licking and teasing Hinata’s clit into bouts of excitement she had never felt before. Like Ino minutes before, her body began to shake and shudder from the pleasure. She moaned out repeatedly and when the approaching orgasm began to grip her, she reached forward and held Temari’s head in her hands, making sure her tongue stayed rooted on her inflamed clit.

“How can this feel this good?”

Hinata looked up at the ceiling and the world seemed to spin in place. She had never felt such pleasure in all her life. She glanced back at Ino, still holding her in her arms and smiled. Then she saw Ino’s eyes grow wide and she turned to see Temari strapping on what appeared to be an enormous cock.

"Oh please, not that." Hinata exclaimed cautiously as she tried to evade weakly.

"Don’t worry honey, I won’t hurt you…" Temari replied firmly as she tightened the straps. "…you’re going to love every second of this."

The funny part was she did, Hinata was beside herself from the full feeling as Temari penetrated her with the massive strap-on dildo.

“Ohhhh Temari-sama fill me up more.” Hinata yelled as Temari made love to Hinata slowly, deliberately and patiently. The head of the dildo plunging in and out of Hinata’s moist vagina as Ino held her friend in place, loving and touching.

Outside, the rain continued to pour down and in the woods around the cabin and all that could be heard was the rifling cries of Hinata’s voice as the night’s entertainment went on and on to the early morning.

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