Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Serious Sensai

[Author's notes: Hinata gets a little discipline.]

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you three.” Kurenai groaned hopelessly, looking down at a set of papers in front of her on her desk in the ninja academy. Team 8, which consisted of Shino, Kiba, and Hinata looked dolefully at their Sensai sitting at her desk as they knew exactly what she was talking about.

“The failure of your last 3 missions is almost unbearable, you three and I are the laughing stock of the other three genin groups.” Kurenai looked up at the three as Shino, Kiba and even Akamaru held grim looks at her, only Hinata's eyes tapered off. Kurenai shook her head as she rubbed her face with her right hand and pointed to the door with her left.

“Please just leave.” Kurenai ordered as the three made their way to the door. Kurenai caught the corner of Hinata’s nervous eye as Hinata seem to be moving faster then the other two.

“Hinata, I’d like to talk to you for a minute...” Kurenai looked directly at the Hyuuga girl as the three stopped.

“Alone.” Kurenai made her demand clear as Shino, Kiba and Akamaru looked at Hinata then continued for the door and stepped out. Hinata walked back to the front of the desk as Kurenai got to her feet and walked around to the fidgeting girl.

“I-I’m sorry Sensai.” Hinata stared at the floor as Kurenai circled the white-eyed girl.

“You know why you’re here still and not them.” Kurenai asked as she brushed her hand lightly through Hinata’s dark hair.

“B-because it’s my fault we’ve f-failed those missions...” Hinata stuttered as Kurenai nodded still circling her.

“And I can’t punish Shino and Kiba for your messing up every time, so I’ll have to do something to straighten you out.” Kurenai assured hastily as she gripped the back of Hinata’s neck and forced her over the teacher’s desk. Hinata rolled over the desktop, knocking off its contents and hit the floor on the other side with a hard thud. Kurenai rounded the desk quickly and sat in the rolling chair. Hinata moaned painfully as she got to her hands and knees.

“Get up.” Kurenai ordered as Hinata started sobbing at the floor.

“Get up Hinata!” The red-eyed jonin yelled as she yanked Hinata to her feet. Kurenai shook her head at the pitiful girl, wiping her watery eyes continuously.

“You’re a leaf village ninja and you still cry like a little girl.” Kurenai accused blatantly as Hinata shivered in place.

“If your going to act like a child I guess I’ll have to treat you like one, now pull your pant’s down.” Kurenai insisted sternly as she pointed at Hinata’s tight pants. Hinata slowly lower her pants as Kurenai nodded to her underwear as well. Hinata blushed darkly as her white cotton panties cleared her hips and dropped to her ankles. Kurenai motioned Hinata forward with a finger as Hinata hesitated.

“Don’t screw with me you little cunt!” The master genjutsu user barked as she grabbed Hinata’s coat and pulled her over her lap.

“Kurenai-sensai, please, don’t I.” Hinata moaned feebly as she squirmed around on Kurenai’s firm thighs.

“Shut up and be still!” Ordered Kurenai as her hand came down hard and fast on the Hyuuga girl’s ass.

“Ahhhh Sensai!” Hinata yelped helplessly as Kurenai leathered the young girl’s ass repeatedly. Hinata moaned and groaned with every hit as Kurenai continued to punish her tight butt unmercifully. Kurenai couldn’t help but be a little turned on as she realized what she was doing to one of her own students.

“I’m actually spanking Hinata Hyuuga.”

Kurenai watched Hinata’s white virgin ass turn red right before her eyes as she remembered what Hinata’s father had told her.

“Do what you will with her.”

Hinata’s meager cries brought Kurenai back to reality as Hinata tried to speak between sobs.

“Sensai I-I, have to…” Hinata tried to explain as Kurenai gripped her short hair and jerked back.

“I told you to be quiet.” The long black-haired jonin whispered harshly as Hinata could do nothing but whimper and endure. The heat coming off Hinata’s reddened ass was unbelievable as a strange but familiar scent filled Kurenai’s nose. The red-eyed woman’s curiosity got the better of her as she slid two fingers between Hinata’s crack. Kurenai smirked softly as she found the white-eyed girl’s cunt dripping wet.

“Are you starting to enjoy your punishment, Hinata?” Kurenai asked mildly as she pushed a finger deep into Hinata’s slit. Nodding her head slightly Hinata moaned blissfully as she figured it better not to lie to her Sensai. This brought a smile to Kurenai’s face as she gently pumped her middle finger into Hinata’s leaking gap. The Hyuuga girl wiggled wildly in Kurenai’s lap as she began to rock her hips onto her Sensai’s finger.

“Oh your so tight Hinata.” Kurenai praised attentively as she added another finger to the sticky mess she was making. Hinata’s legs shook uncontrollably as Kurenai knew Hinata was about to explode.

“S-sensai, I’m going to…” Hinata whined tenderly as her whole body tensed. A stream of hot liquid spurted from Hinata’s slit as Kurenai realized what Hinata was trying to say earlier. The torrent of urine and cum arced beautifully as it splashed uncontrollably all over the classroom floor. After almost a minute of her dirty deed, a relieved sigh escaped Hinata’s lips as her body collapsed in the dark haired woman’s lap.

“I’ll try h-harder next t-time Sensai I-I promise.” Hinata panted unreservedly as she slid off her Sensai’s lap and looked up into her red eyes. Before Kurenai could reply a hard knock came at the door.

“Kurenai? you in here?” The door started to open as Kurenai thought fast.

“That will be all Hinata.” Kurenai dismissed the young girl as Hinata nodded her head and walked to the door.

“There you are Kurenai.” It was Anko, smiling whole-hearted as she walked by Hinata and stood by her comrade’s desk.

“You want to get some saki with me?” Anko asked as she tilted her hand to her face.

“Yeah, I’ll meet up with you there, I jus’ got to put these papers away.” Kurenai said gladly as she sat back at her desk and smiled.

“Ok I’ll meet you in the same place, Uhhh what’s that smell?” Anko was walking for the door as she paused and looked over her shoulder in disgust.

“I don’t know, it smelled like that earlier.” Kurenai lied as she shifted her feet under her desk.

“Alright, see you in a little while.” Anko grinned brightly as she walked out of the room and Kurenai’s sight. Kurenai sighed gratefully as she rolled back in her chair and looked under her desk. The real Hinata lay curled in the fetal position, looking right at her with her panties and pants still around her ankles.

“Clean this mess up before you leave…” Kurenai looked to the puddle on the floor and turned to the meek girl, who nodded.

“And remember your promise… because next time I won’t be as lenient.” Hinata closed her eyes and nodded as Kurenai got to her feet and headed for the door.

“Yes, Kurenai-Sensai...”

“…I promise.”

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