Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (all chapters)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Serious Sensai

[Author's notes: Hinata gets a little discipline.]

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you three.” Kurenai groaned hopelessly, looking down at a set of papers in front of her on her desk in the ninja academy. Team 8, which consisted of Shino, Kiba, and Hinata looked dolefully at their Sensai sitting at her desk as they knew exactly what she was talking about.

“The failure of your last 3 missions is almost unbearable, you three and I are the laughing stock of the other three genin groups.” Kurenai looked up at the three as Shino, Kiba and even Akamaru held grim looks at her, only Hinata's eyes tapered off. Kurenai shook her head as she rubbed her face with her right hand and pointed to the door with her left.

“Please just leave.” Kurenai ordered as the three made their way to the door. Kurenai caught the corner of Hinata’s nervous eye as Hinata seem to be moving faster then the other two.

“Hinata, I’d like to talk to you for a minute...” Kurenai looked directly at the Hyuuga girl as the three stopped.

“Alone.” Kurenai made her demand clear as Shino, Kiba and Akamaru looked at Hinata then continued for the door and stepped out. Hinata walked back to the front of the desk as Kurenai got to her feet and walked around to the fidgeting girl.

“I-I’m sorry Sensai.” Hinata stared at the floor as Kurenai circled the white-eyed girl.

“You know why you’re here still and not them.” Kurenai asked as she brushed her hand lightly through Hinata’s dark hair.

“B-because it’s my fault we’ve f-failed those missions...” Hinata stuttered as Kurenai nodded still circling her.

“And I can’t punish Shino and Kiba for your messing up every time, so I’ll have to do something to straighten you out.” Kurenai assured hastily as she gripped the back of Hinata’s neck and forced her over the teacher’s desk. Hinata rolled over the desktop, knocking off its contents and hit the floor on the other side with a hard thud. Kurenai rounded the desk quickly and sat in the rolling chair. Hinata moaned painfully as she got to her hands and knees.

“Get up.” Kurenai ordered as Hinata started sobbing at the floor.

“Get up Hinata!” The red-eyed jonin yelled as she yanked Hinata to her feet. Kurenai shook her head at the pitiful girl, wiping her watery eyes continuously.

“You’re a leaf village ninja and you still cry like a little girl.” Kurenai accused blatantly as Hinata shivered in place.

“If your going to act like a child I guess I’ll have to treat you like one, now pull your pant’s down.” Kurenai insisted sternly as she pointed at Hinata’s tight pants. Hinata slowly lower her pants as Kurenai nodded to her underwear as well. Hinata blushed darkly as her white cotton panties cleared her hips and dropped to her ankles. Kurenai motioned Hinata forward with a finger as Hinata hesitated.

“Don’t screw with me you little cunt!” The master genjutsu user barked as she grabbed Hinata’s coat and pulled her over her lap.

“Kurenai-sensai, please, don’t I.” Hinata moaned feebly as she squirmed around on Kurenai’s firm thighs.

“Shut up and be still!” Ordered Kurenai as her hand came down hard and fast on the Hyuuga girl’s ass.

“Ahhhh Sensai!” Hinata yelped helplessly as Kurenai leathered the young girl’s ass repeatedly. Hinata moaned and groaned with every hit as Kurenai continued to punish her tight butt unmercifully. Kurenai couldn’t help but be a little turned on as she realized what she was doing to one of her own students.

“I’m actually spanking Hinata Hyuuga.”

Kurenai watched Hinata’s white virgin ass turn red right before her eyes as she remembered what Hinata’s father had told her.

“Do what you will with her.”

Hinata’s meager cries brought Kurenai back to reality as Hinata tried to speak between sobs.

“Sensai I-I, have to…” Hinata tried to explain as Kurenai gripped her short hair and jerked back.

“I told you to be quiet.” The long black-haired jonin whispered harshly as Hinata could do nothing but whimper and endure. The heat coming off Hinata’s reddened ass was unbelievable as a strange but familiar scent filled Kurenai’s nose. The red-eyed woman’s curiosity got the better of her as she slid two fingers between Hinata’s crack. Kurenai smirked softly as she found the white-eyed girl’s cunt dripping wet.

“Are you starting to enjoy your punishment, Hinata?” Kurenai asked mildly as she pushed a finger deep into Hinata’s slit. Nodding her head slightly Hinata moaned blissfully as she figured it better not to lie to her Sensai. This brought a smile to Kurenai’s face as she gently pumped her middle finger into Hinata’s leaking gap. The Hyuuga girl wiggled wildly in Kurenai’s lap as she began to rock her hips onto her Sensai’s finger.

“Oh your so tight Hinata.” Kurenai praised attentively as she added another finger to the sticky mess she was making. Hinata’s legs shook uncontrollably as Kurenai knew Hinata was about to explode.

“S-sensai, I’m going to…” Hinata whined tenderly as her whole body tensed. A stream of hot liquid spurted from Hinata’s slit as Kurenai realized what Hinata was trying to say earlier. The torrent of urine and cum arced beautifully as it splashed uncontrollably all over the classroom floor. After almost a minute of her dirty deed, a relieved sigh escaped Hinata’s lips as her body collapsed in the dark haired woman’s lap.

“I’ll try h-harder next t-time Sensai I-I promise.” Hinata panted unreservedly as she slid off her Sensai’s lap and looked up into her red eyes. Before Kurenai could reply a hard knock came at the door.

“Kurenai? you in here?” The door started to open as Kurenai thought fast.

“That will be all Hinata.” Kurenai dismissed the young girl as Hinata nodded her head and walked to the door.

“There you are Kurenai.” It was Anko, smiling whole-hearted as she walked by Hinata and stood by her comrade’s desk.

“You want to get some saki with me?” Anko asked as she tilted her hand to her face.

“Yeah, I’ll meet up with you there, I jus’ got to put these papers away.” Kurenai said gladly as she sat back at her desk and smiled.

“Ok I’ll meet you in the same place, Uhhh what’s that smell?” Anko was walking for the door as she paused and looked over her shoulder in disgust.

“I don’t know, it smelled like that earlier.” Kurenai lied as she shifted her feet under her desk.

“Alright, see you in a little while.” Anko grinned brightly as she walked out of the room and Kurenai’s sight. Kurenai sighed gratefully as she rolled back in her chair and looked under her desk. The real Hinata lay curled in the fetal position, looking right at her with her panties and pants still around her ankles.

“Clean this mess up before you leave…” Kurenai looked to the puddle on the floor and turned to the meek girl, who nodded.

“And remember your promise… because next time I won’t be as lenient.” Hinata closed her eyes and nodded as Kurenai got to her feet and headed for the door.

“Yes, Kurenai-Sensai...”

“…I promise.”

Chapter 2

Title: Whipping prey

[Author's notes:

Temari and Ino get hung up on Tayuya...



“Are you ok Temari-chan?” Ino asked weakly as she sat chained to a cold, metal wall.

“My jaw hurts a little but nothing serious, how about you?” Temari groaned adjusting her jaw painfully as she tried pulling down her arms held above her head. Ino still had her slip robe intact with ripped bandages, while Temari had only her fishnets from their battle with Tayuya.

“I can’t believe I lost to that flute-playing whore” Snorted Ino as she jingled the manacles holding her slim arms in place.

“Me too, damn! it’s freezing in here.” Temari seconded meanly as goosebumps flashed over her naked flesh.

“Then perhaps I can get your blood boiling?” Declared a loud voice from the cell’s doorway. The red-haired woman known as Tayuya walked confidently into the cell, dressed in a black and red, rubber bodysuit with criss-crossing, tie-strings crossing over her cleavage, while a set of stiletto-heeled shoes fit snugly against her small feet.

The redhead carried a black whip in her left hand as she ran black-gloved fingers through her rich, shoulder short crimson tresses, her red eyes regarding the bound blondes with a greedy hunger.

“What’s going on? Why are we being kept here?” Demanded Ino as she jerked on her chains angrily.

“My mistress wants you here, and that’s all the reason you need,” Spat the sound woman while she stood intimately close to Temari and let her gloved hand drift over her bare, shapely ass.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” Temari shouted viciously as she twisted around in place.

“The lovely bitch’s got a backbone, is that it?” The redhead whispered as she slid her right hand up Temari’s bare back.

“I think you need to relax a little.” The rubber-encased woman stepped to the far side of the room, uncoiling her whip along the way as she turned and lashed it quickly across Temari’s ass. The tall blonde girl screamed in pain and fright as the snarling woman whipped her back, ass, and thighs ruthlessly.

Irate welts flawed Temari’s smooth skin as her captor lashed out again and again, marking her with fiery streaks. Temari struggled in her chains, helpless and weak before the sadistic urges of her subjugator as the punishment continued unabated.

“That’s it whore, moan like the slut you are!” Purred the fiery-maned woman as she raised her left hand and snapped the whip again. Hot leather kissed Temari’s tight ass, adding yet another set of welt to her vast collection. The sand ninja’s legs trembled with agony, yet her crotch grew warm and moist in powerless arousal.

“I think the whore likes it, what do you think?” Smirked Tayuya at Ino as she walked up behind Temari and reached around to cup the girl’s right breast.

“I can smell you’re cum trickling out right now.” The red-haired sound woman mocked as she licked the girl’s flesh.

“Please, stop.” Panted Temari as she hung her head low, her blonde hair plastered with sweat.

“But your body doesn’t want me to stop.” Tayuya whispered coldly before she reached down and fingered Temari’s dripping cunt.

“Uhhhh, stop damnit.” Temari protested weakly, her tits heaving with exhaustion as salvia streamed down the sides of her mouth. 

"No." Tayuya ignored the sand Kunoichi’s pleas and instead began licking the bound girl’s neck and shoulders, relishing the taste of Temari’s bitter sweat and sweet flesh. Tayuya moved the whip to her right hand and rubbed the pommel of the instrument across Temari’s trembling slit.

“I’m going to fucking kill you.” Temari groaned roughly, her legs trembled as the woman pressed the pommel between her thighs and into her tight fuck tunnel. Ino watched in awe and excitement as her captor shoved the cum-slick whip pommel deeply into Temari’s vagina, and started going back and forth with obscene pumping motions. Temari’s round ass moved up and down as the thick pole slid into her womb, the cold leather stimulated her sensitive, pink flesh.

“I’d love to see you try bitch.” Tayuya leaned forward, pulling Temari’s head back by the hair and kissed her forcefully on the lips. Temari moaned weakly as the sound woman thrust a wet tongue past her slack lips.

Tayuya’s soft probing tongue caressed and entwined with Temari’s until their mouths were burning with unhesitant lust. Parting with a stream of saliva, Tayuya spun Temari’s nude body to face her, leaning forward and sucked loudly on the girl’s large breasts while she continued to shove the whip handle into the tall blonde’s tight gap.

Temari’s lips and chin dripped with another woman’s saliva as her tits bobbed to the motion of the whip’s penetrations. The mean-spirited captor licked down between Temari’s bouncing breasts, enjoying the delicious, sweat-covered flesh of Temari’s tits and stomach.

“God, I love blondes!” Tayuya latched selfishly onto Temari’s right breast and bit down painfully on the bound girl's hardened, pink nipple. Temari cried out hotly as her tormenter moved to the left tit and sucked loudly on her ripe melon until it was drenched in warm spit.

“Tayuya! quit fucking and get down now!” A voice commanded through the building’s intercom system as Tayuya looked up to the speaker built into the upper corner of the wall.

“I guess are little party’s over... for now.” Tayuya shrugged before she reached up and kissed Temari’s slack mouth.

“I’m going to fuck you black and blue later, that’s a promise.” Tayuya removed a metal choke collar from her belt pouch and carefully fastened it around Temari’s slim neck. Tayuya unlocked Temari’s hands, pulling them behind her back and fastened on a pair of metal handcuffs on them.

“I don’t want my pretty little fucktoy to run off now." Tayuya snapped fiercely before she shoved the naked and exhausted blonde towards the waiting exit.

“Move your ass! and don’t you go anywhere, cause your ass is next.” Tayuya smirked back at Ino as she pointed the dripping whip at the long-haired blonde still chained to the wall and slammed the door behind her.

"Hurry back."

Ino though hotly to herself as her cunt soaked through panties selfishly. 


The End.

[End notes: I like your R&R, maybe and pairing or idea? Let me know.]

Chapter 3

Title: Piercing time

[Author's notes: Sakura gets some body work done.]

Sakura was strapped to a standing, metal examine table in the middle of a white room wearing nothing but a pair of leather crotch-less panties.

"Where I'm I?" Sakura asked mildly as she tried to pull on the straps holding her against the table.

"Your in hell bitch!" Tayuya stepped into the room and shut the door behind her. Tayuya stood proudly in her black and red flash-suit that matched her shoulder length hair.

"So that’s what you look like, your even uglier up close." Sakura laughed weakly as she remarked about the cut she had given the woman earlier. Tayuya moved closer as she let out a little sigh and punched the pink-haired girl hard in the stomach.

"Not so fucking cute, are you bitch." Tayuya asked darkly as Sakura didn't replied still trying to catch her breath.

"But you know what, I'm going to do you a favor, I'm going to put you in touch with your spiritual side, your a clean girl right?" Sakura just stared coldly as Tayuya sampled Sakura's nipples.

"Yep, your clean all right." Tayuya felt up Sakura's slit as Sakura squirmed a bit.

"Nice and tight, I like that." Sakura's body jerked in disgust as a smile cracked across Tayuya’s face.

"You wanted this Tayuya?" Kin walked in brandishing a large red toolbox.

"Thank you Kin, sit it over there." Tayuya smiled gladly at the dark haired sound village girl

"What’ cha going to do to her?" Kin asked as Tayuya flipped open the toolbox.

"I'm going to add a few pieces of metal in some tender part's of her body." Tayuya replied coolly as she pulled out a couple of long needles and a assortment of rings and barbells.

“So can I watch?” Kin asked meekly as Tayuya finished pulling the rest of her gear out.

"No, I like to work alone, plus I owe the slut one." Tayuya's one-second smile turned to despair in the next.

"But Tayuya, come on just a little look?" Kin protest as she crossed her arms.

"Get out Kin or I'm going to strap you down and pierce you up next." Tayuya barked, snapping rubber gloves on as she picked up a long needle and studied it.

"NOW!" Tayuya yelled as Kin made for the door like a jack-rabbit. Tayuya turned her full attention back to Sakura as the door shut behind her.

"Now we can begin, I wouldn't move around a lot." Tayuya smiled devilishly as she gripped Sakura's left tit.

"I hope this hurts... a lot." Tayuya sneered as she pierced the needle through Sakura's soft nipple.

"Uuugghh." Sakura groaned huskily as the sharp needle tore in and out of her hard nipple.

"Good, good, one down." Tayuya reached for the other.

"No, please don't." Sakura moaned loudly as she looked down at the needle in her other tit.

"Now pinky, no begging, I hate beggars." Tayuya's eyes stabbed Sakura coldly as the second needle pierced her other nipple. The sharp pain ached in Sakura's chest as the burn set in her whole body.

"You like that don't you, little whore?" Tayuya stepped back to admire her work as two silver needles stuck out of leaf village girl's nipples.

"So you want chrome or plastic?" Tayuya grinned as she held up to one of each. Sakura tried to pull up the straps as she refused to speak.

"When we stripped you down, found a lot of kunai’s on you so I'm guessing chrome." Tayuya quickly fitted two shiny chrome rings into Sakura's tits as the poor strapped girl just panted weakly.

"Very pretty." Tayuya smirked, licking the girls nipples as Sakura let out long breath and lined up her back with the table.

"The fun's is just starting." Tayuya's fingers danced up Sakura's thighs as Sakura knew what was coming.

"Now here's the tricky part." Tayuya's fingers probed Sakura's cunt, feeling for a soft spot.

"No, not there." Sakura's body and mind boarder-lined on the brink of shock as Tayuya looked up Sakura's paling face.

"You’re not fainting on me yet are you?" Tayuya caringly as she slapped Sakura roughly in the face. Sakura shook her head violently as Tayuya picked a pair of piercing tongs and gripped Sakura's cunt hood, her body shook from the cold tongs as it chilled her clit.

"Now hold very, very, still." Sakura's eye's shot open in total shock as the needle pierced her clit.

"There, not so bad is it?" Tayuya laughed spitefully as Sakura went into shock and slumped in her straps. Sakura felt her warm fluid run down the inner thighs before she fell into complete darkness.

"Weak." Tayuya grinned meanly at Sakura as the pink haired girl continued urinating on herself.

Chapter 4

Title: Not in this life

[Author's notes: Hinata loses her mind and heart.]

“I’ve slept with a lot of girls Hinata, I’m not proud of that fact, I just don’t want to get attached, you have to keep your emotions free of distractions or they could get you killed.” Temari tossed the white-eyed girl her clothes as she glanced over at something unseen in the bushes.

“We could keep it a secret, no one will find out.” Hinata sobbed as she wiped her face. Temari amused the though of Hinata waiting on her hand and foot in a cute little kimono, pouring her tea and looking at the stars together at night as she reached into her kunai holder.

“We’re ninja, we don’t have the luxury of having relationships, we live and die by the blade, we can never be together in this life.” Temari explained sternly as she picked up her fan and set it on her shoulder.

“Loneliness is something that every ninja has to except; I’ve had a lot of lovers but their jus’ temperamental, is’in that right INO!” Temari smiled as she threw a kunai into the brush. A voice cried out as its owner jumped up.

“Jesus Temari, why’d you do that?” Ino stood holding her arm with a demanding glare. Hinata cried out in alarm as she grabbed her clothes and scrambled behind a tree.

“Hello Ino, and I though Hinata was the only peeping tom, nothing but a bunch of perverts in this village.” Temari said sharply as Ino walked up to Temari.

“You still didn’t have to do that.” Ino moaned as she looked at the droplets of blood in her hand from the cut on her arm.

“I knew you we’re there the whole time; I could smell you playing with yourself, like a bitch in heat.” Temari sneered as she lifted a finger under Ino’s chin. Ino blushed darkly as Hinata came from behind the tree fully dress and deeply depressed. Temari and Ino glanced at Hinata as the girl looked up from the ground her face devoid of emotion.

“Want to go round two with me, Hinata?” Ino asked as she licked her lips.

“Not with you.” Hinata mumbled crudely as she summoned her Byakugan and struck Ino in the chest with a charka-filled palm. Blood shot from Ino’s mouth, her ribs cracked instantly and organs flatten inside her chest as she dropped to ground. Gagging on her bodily fluid Ino gripped Hinata’s leg as a slow death fell on her. Temari jumped back in shock as she brought her weapon to attention.

“Why did you do that!” Temari shouted as Hinata looked at her sadistically.

“If I can’t have you, no one can.” Hinata smiled malevolently as she kicked Ino’s dead body.

“You’re making a big mistake Hinata.” Temari snapped as both girls attacked each other.

“Then die with me.” Hinata struck Temari’s heart with her powerful gentle fist as Temari sliced the Hyuuga girls head clean off her shoulders with her fan.

“Not in this life.”

Both girls though as they dropped dead to the ground.

Chapter 5

Title: Hokage's doll

[Author's notes:

I just piece this stuff together, I don't think being vuglar makes me a better writer, but it gets the point across.


Hehehe I jus' made them shorter!




"When are you going to learn to behave yourself?" A dark voice asked a naked hog-tied girl, groaning around her ball-gag, held in place by ropes anchored to the floor with kunai. The girl moaned softly as her eyes slowly flickered open to the dim room, she knew where she was; it was her room, Shizune’s room.

"Oooh Shizune-chan." A woman’s voice sounded earnest enough as its owner came into view. Tsunde stood grinning malevolently down at Shizune's naked body with a strange sense of pity, wearing nothing but white cotton panties and her gamblers coat. Shizune eyes focused on Tsunde's large chest and clear face, as the innocent look was long gone and replace with a menacing glare. Shizune's whole body shuddered as she started to tremble uncontrollably.

"Is that what you were going to do to me?" Tsunde smiled happily as she got to her knees next to Shizune and remove the ball-gag for answers. Shizune flinched back but not far from Tsunde's hand as it closed in on her face. Shizune's plan to drug and control Tsunde had gone completely fucked as she was now under Tsunde's control, but how?

“How did she know about the tea? HOW?”

Tsunde's firm hands worked softly as she unbuckled the ball gag's straps and set it aside.

"Well Shizune? Were you going to drug me, tie me up and have your nasty little way with me?" Tsunde asked again as she ran her fingers through the girl’s short dark hair. Shizune felt a lie work it's way to her tongue but then held it back as Tsunde's eyebrows rose distinctively at Shizune's though. Knowing it was no good she began to nod her head slowly as Tsunde smiled a vulgar little smile.

"That’s good, you should never lie to your friends Shizune or try and drug them, its just not very nice." Tsunde marked unmercifully as her right hand caressed the girl's firm chest. Shizune felt the burn of humiliation and shame flush over her as the well-built blonde was now in complete control.

"I have to tell you, your pretty brave to try taking me on by yourself, I really though you'd have Anko or maybe Kurenai help you, but like a snake in the grass." Tsunde continued as her fingers creped to Shizune's hot crotch. Tsunde could smell Shizune's sweet female fragrant grow as her fingers danced cautiously into the sticky wetness of the black haired girl’s cunt. Shizune moaned breathlessly as Tsunde's fingers carefully found their mark.

"Ohhh Shizune-chan, you’re so wet." Tsunde giggled mesmerized at Shizune's reaction as she began to rub ever so slightly, soaking her fingertips in Shizune's sweet honey hole. Shizune tensed the ropes that held her in place as Tsunde's middle finger slid in and out of her hot cunt.

"Do you like that Shizune-chan, do you want more?" Tsunde whispered comfortingly as she moved in closer to the naked girl’s sweating body.

"Y-yes." Shizune panted harshly as she closed her eyes, trying to hide her lusty enjoyment from Tsunde. Shizune's emotions and feelings reddened her face, as she didn't think for a minute that Tsunde would have her way weather she liked it or not.

“I was wrong.”

"Your a sweet girl, but foolish." Tsunde leaned forward and kissed the moaning girl appreciably on the lips. Shizune did little to refused Tsunde's wet tongue as it split her red lips and slipped into her mouth with the greatest of ease. Shizune groaned desperately as Tsunde's tongue worked wildly in her mouth, submitting her every taste bud to Tsunde's will. Tsunde slowly pulled her tongue out and looked deeply into Shizune's eyes as the strange look reappeared.

"Let's see if you can eat pussy as good as you kiss." Tsunde asked instinctively as she stood up and slid down her panties to her ankles. Shizune stared transfixed at Tsunde's hairless pussy, waiting to be attended to.

"I'm not..." But before Shizune could finish Tsunde backhanded her across the mouth. The anchored kunai’s didn’t give an inch, as Shizune knew with Tsunde’s strength she’d give before the kunai’s ever came out.

"Don't talk back to your master!" Tsunde's eye's and voice flared violently as she quickly gripped Shizune's hair tightly in her hand.

"I'm sorry master, please don't hit again." Shizune squeezed her eye's shut as tears began to form and run down the sides of her cheek, her face burned fiercely from the slap, as the fear creped back into her.

"You'll do it and you'll like it." Tsunde's tone settled as she pulled the girls face into her cunt. Shizune froze, paralyzed as Tsunde slowly rubbed her mouth and nose into her dripping slit. Shizune's nose filled with Tsunde's sweet smell as the taste passed her lips and soaked her mouth. Shizune gave in as she slowly extended her tongue into Tsunde's wet cunt. It was Tsunde's turn to tremble as Shizune gently teased her sensitive clit. Tsunde moaned loudly unable to control her own sexual desire as Shizune teased her willingly.

"You're such a good pet." Tsunde moaned sensuously as both of her hands held Shizune's face and tongue in place until she loaded Shizune’s face and mouth with her sweet honey.

“That’s a good girl.”

Chapter 6

Title: Killer Kunoichi Klub

[Author's notes:

After the fall Konoha, The fifth had most of the young kunoichi put in cryogenic-statis and moved to a new HQ. With most of their memories erased, they have to relearn getting along and obeying their new master or end up back in statis or... worse


"Hinata could you please come to room 131." Hinata looked up silently at the speaker as Tsunde’s voice cut out.

"What does she want?" Hinata though curiously to herself as she headed to the door. Hinata walked quietly by looking through the open doors, TenTen and Sakura yelled at each other over a video game.

"That's bullshit Sakura, you’re cheating." TenTen bitched as she slammed her controller on the floor.

"Piss off TenTen, pick up the controller and lose like a real woman." Sakaru laughed coolly as she sat back in her chair. Hinata continued down the hall passing the monitoring room where Temari and Ino exercised in the combat room.

"Haha you missed me, you missed me." Ino teased mercilessly as she flipped backward from Temari’s fists and feet.

"Hold still you... little... slut." Temari yelled irritably as she tried to keep her cool. Temari tried a double roundhouse but Ino back flipped out of the way and sprung high into the air.

"Now that wouldn't be any fun." Ino giggled wildly as she landed on the corner of a platform. Temari stared menacingly up at the girl as she regained her footing.

"I'll get ya." Temari wiped a bit of sweat from her brow as she continued her assault by springing back at the blonde with a combo of kicks and punches. Hinata smiled sweetly at the two as she turned away from the screen and headed back down the hall. Hinata turned the corner and headed down some stairs. Hinata froze in front of the door as she looked up at the 131 over the door. She slowly creped in through the metal door into a crazy bio examining room with a huge high-tech computer that seem to fill the whole room with a metal table in the middle.

"Hello, Tsunde-sama?" Hinata whispered, trembling wildly as she curiously looked around the greenish dim room.

"Ahhh Hinata, It's about time, now get undressed and lay down on the examine table." Tsunde quickly directed from the darkness, spooking the piss out of Hinata.

"Tsunde-sama, I really don't feel like testing today." Hinata looked sternly at the cold table as her mind was set. Tsunde’s eye's slitted meanly as she came into view, burning them into Hinata's cute white ones.

"Hinata this is very important, I want to check your power limit's." Tsunde asked calmly as she lifted a needle to the green haze of light. Hinata glared miserably as green liquid in the needle shot from the tip.

“I said I don’t want to!” Hinata barked back.

"I don't care, get undressed now!" Tsunde yelled maliciously at the dark-haired girl as she pointed at the table. Tsunde grinned darkly to herself, knowing Hinata was not going to do what she was told like always.

“Stubborn little bitch, always doing things the hard way.”

"Don't tell me what to do." Hinata sneered coldly as she stood her ground and pointed lethally back at Tsunde.

"Just do it!" Tsunde screamed chaotically as she lost her cool. The two stared daringly at each other for a moment.

"No!" Hinata screamed sadistically as she stomped her foot in full protest. Tsunde face contorted insanely as she turned to the computer grinning wildly.

"Computer, sedate Hinata." Tsunde snapped to the computer as she turned her back on Hinata and walked to the table.

"Affirmative." The computer fired to life at the sound of Tsunde's voice as three robotic arms shot out of the wall and gripped Hinata's waist and wrists.

"Tsunde! No, I don't want to." Hinata struggled madly as the robotic arms lifted her small luscious body off the floor.

"I tried to ask you nicely, but you had to suit yourself, 30 cc of hydrogentic, computer." Tsunde ordered quickly to the computer as she sneered at Hinata.

"Yes, doctor." The computer droned as a needle on one of the robotic arms clicked out with a little green tube that pumped the drug into Hinata's arm.

"Tsunde, nooo..." Hinata's body went limp in the robot's grip as they moved her to the metal slab and laid her down.

"Computer, start the pre-tests for Hinata Hyuuga." Tsunde asked simply as she stuck her needle into Hinata's arm.

"Yes doctor." The computer beeped it’s replied as the arm's started their task's.


"You looked pretty sad in there, you ok?" Ino asked strangely as she and Temari both stepped out of the training room sweating and panting.

"I'm FINE, I don't need you fucking sassing me every time we work out." Temari replied breathlessly as she opened her locker, spite raced through her like most times went she talked to Ino. She is Temari's new teammate, but fuck, anyone can piss you if you give him or her enough time.

"I was just trying to be nice Temari." Ino pleaded comfortingly as she sat down and unlaced her shoes.

"You don't need to be nice, you need to understand nobody cares, and don't call me Temari." Temari spoke vaguely as she pulled off her tight shirt exposing her full D-sized chest.

"I'm sorry Temari, but living in a tube a good half of my life, my emotions are mixed up like who I'm I, what I'm I doing, where I'm I going, I'm so confused I don't know what to do." Ino looked up feebly at Temari's stone face that stared coldly at her.

"Get your shit together you fucking bitch, you fuck around and lose it Tsunde will put your ass so fast back into one of them fucking tubes it will make your head fucking spin." Temari yelled brutally as she slapped Ino effortlessly across the mouth. Ino felt shattered by Temari's hand and bluntness, but it was true if she couldn't cut it as a killer kunoichi, Tsunde would throw her ass back in stasis without a second though. Tsunde's dark playhouse of killer teenage girls, she didn't have the time or patients to put up with the crybaby problems and everyday things in their lives, you kill or be killed that's your choice.

"But why does everyone have to be so cold and heartless, you all look lost sometimes, like you don't know who you are." Ino moaned deliriously, finding it hard to fight back the tears as her face continued to burn.

"When you look into the faces of people you kill and remember that look, it hardens you, your personality, your morals, your god-damned soul and sometimes your fighting for your life. Yeah, we’re a team, but sometime you're like fuck everyone, maybe one of us doesn’t come back, then what? You’re just a name and a face six-feet under, that's if you even get there and not chopped up in some fucking forest." Temari announced miserably as it lowered Ino's self-esteem and want for life.

"You’re too depressed, maybe you need to take Prozac or something." Ino tried to break Temari's discouraging manner. Temari's face lit with hate as she cocked her hand back again. Ino didn't flinch this time as she stared at Temari.

"I'm taking a shower do what you want." Temari played off Ino and headed for the showers.

"Temari, wait I." Ino tried calling out to Temari but to no avail.

{Room 131}

"Where I'm I." Hinata slowly awoke strapped and naked on the cold metal table she refused to get on earlier.

"Your in room 131, don't you remember Hinata?" Tsunde stepped quietly out of the shadows at the end of the table.

"No, I don't." Hinata's head still felt a little fuzzy from the shot as the examine lights burned her eyes.

"You were a little hesitant, so I had to sedate you for your own good." Tsunde grinned slyly, rubbing Hinata's leg softy as Hinata tried focusing on Tsunde's outline, which was moving up from the end of the table.

"This may feel a little funny." Tsunde smiled sweetly as she cupped Hinata's small face roughly. Fear and shock shook Hinata's body from looking into the evil woman's empty eyes.

"Computer, start probing." Tsunde ordered smoothly to the computer as she stepped back into the shadows. Beeps and clicks filled the room as Hinata looked around. The table started to make noises as three long tentacles spawned out of the table. The Hyuuga girl screamed chaotically as the tentacles rubbed her smooth skin in a violating motion.

"Calm down Hinata, it's not as bad as it looks." Tsunde murmured coldly from the darkness as the heat-seeking tentacles inched closer to the girl's small exposed orifices.

"Tsunde-sama please stop!" Hinata begged feebly as she struggled around wildly. The tentacles squirmed like little snakes as they buried into Hinata's tight pussy and clenched anus. A high-pitched moan spat from Hinata's sweet red lips as the tentacles slid deeper inside her, forcing her to the table. Hinata's eye's filled with tears as Tsunde's tools worked in a pumping action, filling her tight holes.

"I-Tsunde-sama no more." Hinata squeaked weakly as her hips bucked unwillingly to the machine, pounding on her holes.

"Shhh Hinata, it's ok." Tsunde whispered, putting her finger to her lips as the third tentacle forced it's way into Hinata's mouth and down her throat, gagging her. Hinata groaned loudly around the smooth metal pole as the others snakes pumped in and out her tight pussy and ass, staring wide eyed to the ceiling as tears soaked her cheeks. The tentacles swirled wildly into the young girl as her little tits swung madly in all directions she could feel her hot cream fill in her stomach as Tsunde watched ravenously at the young girls luscious body being manipulated by her sinister machine. Tsunde felt her own arousal grow within body as she watched the malicious tentacles fuck Hinata faster and harder. Hinata’s body burned in anguish and pain as her masculine body tighten around the metal poles, breaching her small orifices. Tsunde cupped her damp cunt through her tight body suit as Hinata's body glistened with sex and sweat.

"Doctor the patient is reaching max energy level, continue?" The computer finally interrupted 20 hot minutes into Hinata's humiliation.

"Yes, full max." Tsunde replied firmly, grinning at Hinata's body jolting, deliriously from the forced sexual lust. The computer beeped faster as the sensors on the tentacles tracked Hinata's orgasm. Hinata moaned hotly around the metal pole sliding in and out of her tight mouth as her body spazed, her sweet little cunny spewing her teen hood cream onto the table. A small gasp escaped Hinata's red lips as the tentacles retracted back into the table. The humiliation was almost more then the young girl could bear as she sobbed loudly, feeling her hot cum streak out her pussy and down between her ass.

"You're all done." Tsunde purred sweetly as she walked up next to Hinata's head and ran her fingers though her short dark hair. The straps loosen silently around Hinata's arms and legs as she slowly formed herself into a ball. A strange violating sense flushed her whole body from her orgasm and Tsunde's childish way of treating her.

"You’re free to leave." Tsunde mothering tone didn't seem to help much as she turned on her heel and walked off. A few minutes passed until Hinata slid off the table to her shaky feet, her pussy and ass ached from her brutal sexual experience. But before she reached her cloths an overwhelming feeling flooded her belly, dropping her swiftly to the floor as she curled her ass and pissed like a puppy. Tears finally poured from her eyes as she stood up and got dressed, her cunt dripping wet from not wiping. She hurried out the door and up the stairs as she tried wiping her eye’s clear. Hinata sped quickly down the hall as she passed TenTen and Sakura playing video games. TenTen's sharp eyes spotted Hinata's body darting by the door.

"Hey Hinata you want to get in on this?" TenTen asked caringly as she watched and waited, but Hinata only answered her by slamming her door.

"Smell's like Hinata had a little accident." TenTen took a deep breath as she turned to see herself get beat on the game.

"I'm fucking done!" TenTen slammed the controller to the floor as she stood up.

"Hey! I was just getting warmed up." Sakura laughed jokingly as she relaxed back on the couch with the winning controller.

"My eyes feel like there going to fall out." TenTen stressed poorly as she rubbed her eyes.

"What are we going to do now?" Sakura turned off the play-station and TV and stretched.

"You're going to help me clean!" A tall dark voice stormed in with a huge fucking scar cutting down the right side of her face over a fake eye that bobbed crudely in every direction.

"Who the fuck are you?" TenTen looked confusedly at the scary women glaring at her.

"The name's Anko." Anko gripped TenTen's hand tightly, crushing it in her palm.

"Ahhh FUCK!" TenTen howled yanking her hand back in shock as she looked at the woman’s only good eye as the other one twirled madly in its socket.

"Nice grip." Anko said coldly as she focused on Sakura who stood up quickly.

"And what are you going to do pinky?" Anko yelled outrageously as she waited for a fucked answer.

"Hey, fuck you, you ugly Bitch." Sakura stared sternly as Anko's brain toyed with the answer.

"Yeah, name-calling I'm fucking scaried now." Anko replied friendly as her sinister intend shook the room.

"Now you're going to help me, let's go." Anko said hurried as she clicked her fingers.

"Hey, you just can't go around insulting people then expect them to help you I don't think so." TenTen defended herself for the first and last time to Anko.

"I think your going to help me about... Now." Anko punched TenTen swiftly in the stomach, forcing her to slouch over the madwoman's fist. Anko used her left hand as she palmed TenTen’s face with her right, grunting painfully TenTen's hands shot up as she gripped Anko's thick wrist as she slammed her head into the wall.

"Let her go." Kin walked in proudly.

"Ahh more help?" Anko's twisted face turned to Kin the dark-haired sound Kunoichi stepped forward.

"Is’in this cute, all the girls growing backbones now?" Anko looked away from TenTen and turned to face Kin and Sakura.

"Leave her alone." Kin demanded.

"Sure thing." Anko shifted her weight and threw TenTen into Kin as both fell to the floor.

"Hey!" Sakura yelled as she stepped in.

"You want to go pinky?" Anko shoved Sakura around, provoking the young girl into a fight.

"Anko, stop." An evil voice cut through the darkness.

"Who the...Oh Kurenai, I got these pieces of shit in line." Anko laughed sadistically as the black-haired woman floated into the room glaring madly.

"We’re not shit!" Sakura emotions flared as her body grew five times larger and flung Anko at Kurenai knocking them both into a near by wall.

"FOOLS!" Kurenai yelled as she flicked Anko like dirt into the opposite wall, her red eyes flared as she formed signs for her genjustsu.

“Aggghhh!” Sakura yelled painfully as she gripped her head.

"Kill the fucking lot of you!" Kurenai raised her hand at Kin and TenTen as Hinata's door cracked open and her little eyes peeked out at the action.

"That's ENOUGH!!!" Tsunde's voice boomed like a thunderstorm as she pressed a button on a remote. TenTen, Kin, Sakura bodies kicked wildly as the implants in their head shocked them to the floor. Hinata's body jolted forward from her door as she slid to the floor in the middle of the hallway. Temari dropped to her knee as her implant shocked her violently finally dropping her slender body to the wet floor as the shower continued to spray her.

"Are you ok Anko and Kurenai?" Tsunde asked carelessly as Anko stood up. Kurenai slowly walked off without a word as Tsunde watched her quietly.

"Your kidding, I'll be dead when I can't handle your rug-rats, that's why I never let you put anything in my head." Anko tapped her head as she looked at the killer kunoichi’s sprawled out.

"So what happens when they wake up, they're not going to thank you for the early bedtime." Anko cautioned sharply as she cracked her neck.

"It's ok, they won't remember a thing, clean up and tuck the kid's in." Tsunde smiled darkly to herself as Anko dragged Sakura and TenTen by their wrists down the hall. Tsunde slowly strolled over to Hinata and picked her up into her arms and walked her back into her room.

"Good night Hinata." Tsunde leaned down and kissed Hinata sweetly on the mouth and headed out.

Ino stripped down as she stepped into the shower room to find Temari naked and unconscious on the floor with water spraying her with, a stream of blood running from the corner of Temari’s head.

"Temari, oh my god." Ino spirited across the wet floor and got to her knees next to the unconscious girl.

"Temari wake up, come on wake up." Ino cupped Temari smooth face as she slowly awoke.

"What's going on?" Temari glanced around confused as she stopped at Ino. Temari sat up as she stared at Ino's lusty naked figure.

"I found you laying on the floor, but your bleeding, are you ok?" Ino explained as she tried to help Temari.

"Don't touch me, I don't know I can't remember anything." Temari snapped as she pulled away from Ino. Temari slowly got to her shakily feet, holding her head as Ino got up with her.

"Are you sure your ok Temari?" Ino started to ask again.

"What did I tell you about calling me Tema..." Temari froze mid sentence and before she knew what happened, she blacked out again. Ino quickly gripped Temari’s body as it headed for the floor into her wet arms.

"Ohhh Temari." Ino groaned as she pulled Temari's limp body out of the showers. Ino carefully laid Temari’s tall figure on the steel bench as she looked up to a dark shadow in the doorway.

"How did you manage to stay stable?" The voice asked darkly as it moved closer. Ino held steadfast as the body came to light.

"Tsunde-sama..." Ino whispered as she relaxed.

"How do you feel Ino?" Tsunde asked as she strolled up to Ino.

"Fine why...?" Tsunde cut her short as she dug a stun gun into her neck. Ino shuttered violently as the 100,000 volts shocked her body. The blonde’s body fell like a rock as her legs gave out.

"Anko!!!" Tsunde yelled as she turned her back on the stunned girl kicking on the floor.

"Yeah, yeah what do you want now?" Anko muttered as the steel door slide open, reveling Ino's body and Tsunde.

"Take her to stasis!" Tsunde ordered stiffly as she finally understood Ino could become a loose end.

"But you just let the little slut loose." Anko didn't understand Tsunde's plans and didn't need to. She had just let Ino and the others go and now she wanted her back in stasis.

"Just do it!" Tsunde insisted fiercely as she crossed her arms venomously, glaring viciously at Anko.

"Your kids." Anko shrugged as she picked up the cute girl and carried her out.

"I'll have to make an example of her." Tsunde though insanely to herself as she watched the girl's beautiful face disappear around the door.

The next day

"EVERYONE GET UP AND REPORT TO THE MAIN LAB NOW!!!" Tsunde voice blared across the P.A.

"What does that bitch want now? It’s 11:00 in the morning." TenTen groaned as she pulled the covers over her head.

"Just do what you’re told!" Kin barked as she got out her bunk and threw on a shirt. TenTen cursed sourly under her sheet as she threw them off and got up.

"Wakey, wakey kids!" Anko yelled as she walked in banging on a steel pot.

"What's going on Anko?" Kin asked as Anko walked up to her.

"Don't know, but I think Tsunde's got a little surprise for you." Anko sneered as her grin grew from cheek to cheek.

"Now, hurry the fuck up." Anko continued as she began banging out the door.

"Hinata, wake up." Temari slowly rubbed Hinata's shoulder. Hinata's face was all contorted; Temari knew from the look that the girl didn't sleep well.

"Hinata, you need to get up, come on wake." Temari tried again as she waited to see Hinata's white eye's open.

"No Tsunde, please stop!" Hinata yelled in her sleep as she squeezed her eye's shut and tensed her whole body, taking Temari’s arm with her.

"Hinata, Hinata it's me, its Temari wake up." Temari freaked as she tried to shake the young girl awake with her other hand.

"Tsunde..." Hinata breathed harshly as her eye's shot open, scared, confused and wet.

"Ohhh, Hinata shhh, it's ok." Temari wrapped the trembling girls body into her arms. Hinata burst into tears as her arms reached around Temari’s waist.

"Ohhh Temari it was horrible, Tsunde s-s-she did stuff t-t-to me." Hinata stuttered as she soaked Temari’s chest.

"You need to get up, Tsunde wants us to report to the lab." Temari told Hinata smoothly as she looked into Hinata watery eyes. Hinata froze her stare as Temari looked unsurely at her.

"What's wrong now Hinata?" Temari glanced down at the girl as she figured out what was wrong.

"I-I wet my b-bed." Hinata moaned childishly as she pulled her blanket off.

"She must have been scared good, she damn near soaked the whole bed."

Temari thought to herself as she saw the damage. Hinata started crying again as she got to her feet and looked down at her bed.

"I'm a fucking animal!" Hinata forsake as she started to undress her soiled clothes.

"It's ok, stop crying and go take a shower." Temari reassured as she curled Hinata's half naked body up to the bathroom. Temari looked over to Ino’s empty bunk wondering as Anko busted into the room banging her sadistic beat.

"Oh, you’re up good, you and the white-eyed freak get dressed and report to the lab." Anko seconded Tsunde's first requested.

"Where's Ino?" Temari asked as she glared at Anko's crude face as a razorblade smile split her face again.

"Just get dressed." Anko threatened as she walked silently out of the room. A few minutes passed as the group reported to the lab. The group lined up as Tsunde and Anko pulled from the shadows.

"Where's Hinata?" Tsunde ordered as she looked down the line, frowning at her murderous group Kunoichi.

"She'll be here, but she had a little accident." Temari assured steely as she glanced at Tsunde. Tsunde face retorted to a rude snarl as she looked at Anko standing next to her.

"She going to have other little accident if she doesn’t get her ass in here right FUCKIN now!" Tsunde roared as she beamed at Temari fiercely. No sooner did the words leave her mouth the door opened.

Hinata walked in quickly, staring at the floor and stood in line with the rest. Tsunde's face broke into a sinister smile as she stepped in front of the girl.

"Glad you could join us, Hinata." Tsunde grinned as she crossed her arms across her chest in her always-bossy way.

"I-I'm sorry Tsunde-sama, I..." Hinata began as she looked up at Tsunde’s wicked face.

"You what?" Tsunde worded over as she waited impatiently.

"I wet my bed." Hinata's lower lip trembled as she blushed wildly, looking straight into Tsunde's dark eyes. TenTen giggled lightly as Hinata's words floated through the room.

"Shut up TenTen, Anko!" Tsunde demanded madly as she looked down the line of misfits to Anko who nodded. Anko grinned wildly as her buried her fist into TenTen's stomach again. TenTen dropped to her knees holding her stomach, fighting for breath.

"Now listen, I have something to show you, Anko if you please." Anko turned from TenTen and pushed a button on a large control panel. The room shifted quickly and quietly as a tube revealed itself on the opposite wall. The team’s eyes went wide as they focused on the content of the tube.

"It's Ino." Temari gasped silently as Ino was held naked in the empty tube.

"Cough... no way." TenTen caught her breath as she got to a knee, staring at the tube.

"This is a warning to the rest of you, Wake her up." Anko pushed the panel again as a light hazy smoke filled the tube. Ino shook spasmodically as she opened her eyes to the watchful group.

"What's going on?" Ino moaned groggily as she looked out of the tube at the others staring at her.

"You’re going on a little time-out." Tsunde smiled crookedly as she looked at Ino and nodded at Anko again. A thick, clear, green fluid began to fill at Ino's feet, as the group knew what was going to happen.

"Huh T-Tsunde-sama." Ino looked down as the fluid swirled around her ankles and crept up her legs.

"She is the first and I will not fucking hesitate to lock the rest of your asses in stasis with her!" Tsunde roared violently as she watched every eye in line, watching Ino bang on the tube, screaming.

"Tsunde!!!" Ino yelled fanatically as the fluid soaked her hips. The group watched in total awe as the fluid passed her chest. TenTen moaned helplessly as the fluid splashed at Ino's chin. Dread filled the group, as they knew they could do nothing to help Ino.

"You will listen to me and you will do as I command!" Tsunde's murderous voice stabbed the group as Anko chucked darkly from the corner of the room.

"Uhhh, Tsunde-sama plea..." Ino discussed desperately as she started to choke on the green fluid and tried to keep above it. Ino held what little breath she had left as she pressed her hands to the glass in the full tube. Ino eye's beamed fearful at the others, staring from one end of the line to other as she started to lose consciousness from the lack of oxygen. Ino kicked wildly as she started to fill her lungs with the life stasis fluid. Hinata's eye's filled with tears as her teammate finally went limp.

The fluid filled her chest and body shortly after trapping her in a timeless state. Hinata turned to Temari's chest and squeezed her tears in between Temari’s huge tits as she broke down. Ino's body drifted lazily in the tube as the life preserving fluid flowed through her body, setting her in stasis. Tsunde smiled venomously as she watched Ino’s body floated motionlessly in the glass tube.

"And if any of you even think of fucking crossing me, you'll end up like that little bitch or worse." Tsunde pointed to the tube as she watched the group's reaction. Shock, was the only feeling the Kunoichi could feel as one of they’re own floated lifelessly in the greenish fluid.

"Understood?" Tsunde glared heatedly as she walked down the line of her remaining team. The team nodded willingly, knowing that Tsunde had the upper hand.

"But what about Ino." Temari asked darkly as she petted Hinata's head. Tsunde stared violently at Temari as she looked at Anko.

"Dismissed." Tsunde ordered sternly as she turned her back and headed for the door.

"Tsunde!" Temari asked quizzically as she looked down at the rest of the group already heading out the door.

"DISMISSED!!!" Tsunde yelled savagely as she walked to the door with Anko.

"Let her go bitch!" Hinata whispered darkly as she stared at the floor, hands trembling. Tsunde stopped in her tracks as her head slowly turned.

"Hinata don't." Temari looked a little surprised at Hinata as the dark-haired girl geared up for a fight.

"I'll give you 'til the count of one to get out of my sight or you'll join Ino." Tsunde's eyes burned the crude threat into Hinata's face. Temari pulled back Hinata's shoulder, trying to get her to follow.

"One..." Tsunde was already off her heels and heading straight for Hinata.

"Hinata!" Temari leaned in quickly as Tsunde shifted to the left. Hinata swung forward as Tsunde counter and threw Hinata over her back and threw a sharp roundhouse and kicked Temari across the floor.

"You better hope I kill you next time, because if not, you'll never get out of them tubes." Tsunde sneered as she walked off. The door slid shut leaving Hinata and Temari staring at Ino’s slender body floating in the cylinder glass tube. 


[End notes:

More to come, I may do more with this group but who knows.



Chapter 7

Title: Don't fuck with the fifth

[Author's notes:

A violent piece I had laying around.


"No, please DON'T! Arrrrgggg!!!" A young girl screamed as blood spatted from her mouth. Tsunde wiped the bit of blood from her cheek as she slowly dug the blade deeper into the gurlging girl's chest and pulled down. The brown-haired girl's chest fountained with blood as she gagged in her last few breaths before Tsunde ripped into her lungs. The girl's body laxed, her eye's staring in horror as her body continued to leak. Tsunde could smell piss as it strained from her victims body. Behind Tsunde stood Shizune chuckling as Sakura turned around and threw-up.

"What's for dinner, Tsunde?" Shizune grinned sadistically as Sakura continued to vomit. Tsunde igroned her as she reached inside the rapidly cooling girls body and ripped out her heart and threw it infront of her dark-haired assitant.

"One Sound ninja spies heart." Tsunde replied firmly as she licked the blood from her fingers.

"That "Sounds" good to me." Shizune kneed down with a sly smile, picked up the heart and took a bite. Blood streamed down the sides of her mouth as she chewed the warm flesh roughly. Sakura gagged aloud as she looked away from Shizune to Tsunde.

"Why do you make me watch you do this?" Sakura moaned groggily as she wiped her mouth the back of her hand.

"To show you what happens to those who cross me, even you Sakura." Tsunde smiled darkly as she slowly walked to the pink-haired girl and leaned forward.

"Would you beg me to stop too?, would you beg for life? as I reached inside your hot body and ripped your beating heart out." Tsunde purred into Sakura's ear as she tasted the girl's cheek.

"Go to hell!" Sakura sneered as she spit in blonde's face.

"Cheeky little shit is'in she?" Shizune laughed heartily as she took another bite of the bleeding organ.

"You kids these days." Tsunde shook her head and pointed a finger at Sakura's right collar bone. A sharp spike of charka shot from her fingertip into Sakura's shoulder.

"Aaagghhhh." Sakura screamed painfully as her collar bone shattered under pressure of Tsunde's charka spike. Sakura continued howling as she wrapped her small hands around Tsunde's extented arm. The green-eyed girl's body flinched convulsively as Tsunde gripped her cunt in her other and sqeeezed.

"I love the smell of..." Tsunde paused as Sakura pissed herself from the pain and suffering that jolted through every inch her body.



Chapter 8

Title: Playing "House"

[Author's notes: Sakura and Ino roleplay]

"Say it again Sakura or I won't let you." Ino giggled happily as she pushed her tall black heel of her boot into Sakura's puckered asshole and pulled her leash. Sakura moaned longingly as the heel slid deeply inside her as the water in her pussy swirled and ached painfully. Sakura and Ino had loved playing "house" it was their favorite, but not limited to other little sex games. They had started "playing games" with each other as they explored their bodies inside and outside. The two girls also made sure not to let anyone find out about their little sex acts, not even their closest friends knew anything.

"Mommy, I need to go pee pee, my lala hurts." Sakura begged feebly on her hands and knees as she stared at a glass bowl a foot in front of her. She wanted nothing more then to fill it so badly with her piss she could taste it. Ino twisted her heel again and pulled it out as she walked to the bowl and kicked it between her friend's legs.

"Yes, you may." Ino smiled wolfishly as she lifted the girl's leash, forcing Sakura to the ball's of her feet as the short pink-haired curled her ass inward and aimed for the bowl. Sakura sighed immensely as her hot urine started to fill the bowl.

"Good doggy." Ino leaned down and kissed the pissing girl as she ran her fingers through Sakura's short pink hair. Sakura giggled around the blonde's lips as she shuddered the last few drops into the bowl. Both girls leaned back smiling as Sakura knew they were going to switch. Ino's eye's knew very well as she unclipped the leash from Sakura's collar to her own and dropped to her knee's. Sakura's naked form got up as she looked down at Ino's.

"May I drink from your bowl master?" Ino asked tenderly as she bowed her head down. It was Sakura's turn to grin as she moved the bowl in front of Ino.

"Yes you may sweetie." Sakura couldn't help the smile growing on her face as she watched Ino lower her face into the bowl of watered down piss and started to lap it. Ino's hair started to soak up piss as her mouth did the same. Sakura cracked her neck as she watched the blonde continue her sick act. Sakura liked to play keep-up, but sometimes Ino was just well...


"That's enough, I got something sweeter for you." Sakura jerked the chain up, pulling Ino's head out of the bowl forcing her to face her mistress. Ino licked her lips as urine dripped from her hair and mouth.

"Lick my pussy until I tell you to stop." Sakura lead Ino to her wet snatch with the leash in one hand and gripped the slutty blue-eyed girl's hair in the other. Ino wasted no time as she slid her tongue deep into her friend's sopping fuck-hole.

"Oohhhhh, Ino." Sakura's leg twitched spasmodically as she went to the balls of her foot again, her tongue cruised her lips hotly as Ino's did the same. Sakura could feel her cunt burning in hot arousal as her warm teenhood cream started builting inside her. Ino licked and sucked every inch of her friend's slippery cunny until it exploded in her face, drenching her face and mouth with Sakura's sweet juices.

"You are so good at that." Sakura lifted Ino to her feet as she watched her friend's face glistened like a plastic doll's in the light. A shy smile touched Ino's face as her favorite feeling flushed over her, humiliation. All of a sudden a light knock came at the door.

"Ino, Sakura, are you two in there?" Ino's mom asked tentatively as she tried the doorknob. Locked, thanked the two girls as they watched the doorknob try to open.

"We're jus doing girl stuff, what do you want?" Ino asked carefully as she looked over at Sakura, guiltily.

"Hinata called, she'll be over in a little bit." Ino's mom said as she slowly moved away from the door and back downstairs.

"Well, better get cleaned up." Sakura laughed as she tugged on the leash. Ino grinned as Sakura lead the blonde into to Ino's private bathroom and turned on the shower.

Chapter 9

Title: Tayuya's toys

“Mmmm.” Temari slowly awoke on a bed of silk. She didn't know how long she was out for but that was beside the point.

“Where I'm I?” Temari groaned lightly, rubbing her head as she felt something holding her.

“What the...?!?” Temari blinked to find herself dressed in a purple lace teddy, laying entwined next to Hinata who was dressed in a white teddy. The Hyuuga had wrapped her arms around Temari's waist still asleep.

“Weird.” Temari admired herself as she looked around the fancy looking room.

"What the hell is going on here?"

“Knock knock.” A young sexy girl unlocked the twin doors as she stepped into the room in a tight leather outfit with crotch-less panties.

“You’re awake, good, how did you sleep?” The strange girl inquired conditionally as she opened the blinds to the dark night.

“Excuse me, but who the fuck are you?” Temari asked rudely as she stared darkly at the girl.

“I'm Tayuya, it's nice to meet you to Temari-sama.” Tayuya smiled warmly as she headed for the bed.

“You know my name?” Temari asked confused as she searched Tayuya's cute face for answers.

“I know a lot about you, your little friend Hinata-chan there and all the rest of them too.” Tayuya explained happily as her eyes flashed red with warning.

“So what do you want with us?” Temari barked meanly as she looked down at Hinata's sleeping form.

“No need to worry about that now, you and Hinata-chan will do for now.” Tayuya slowly strolled around the bed, eyeing both girls.

“Hinata-chan, wake up.” Temari slowly shook Hinata as she kept her eyes on the circling girl. Hinata moaned quietly as her eyes flickered open.

“I don't understand, why us?” Temari helped the dark-haired girl up to her knees with locked arms.

“You’re not too clever, are you honey?” Tayuya moved around the bed, focusing intently on the sexy clad girls.

“Who's that?” Hinata's fuzzy eye's glared at the mencing girl's outline as she rubbed her eyes for a better look.

“She’s someone you don't want to know.” Temari worded harshly. Hinata embraced Temari's small waist tightly as Tayuya grinned violently.

“Now that's not nice.” Sneered Tayuya.

“Are you going to hurt us?” Hinata asked as she cuddled into Temari's full chest.

“Of course not...” Tayuya smiled venomously, spooking the two girls.

“Trust... me.” Tayuya's eyes glowed brightly as she waved her hand, trapping Hinata in her trance.

“What did you do to her?” Temari demanded ruthlessly as she looked at Hinata, frozen in a wild stare into space.

“Nothing too bad.” Tayuya looked innocently at Temari as a grin cracked across her face again.

“Hinata-chan, are you ok?” Temari stared into Hinata's dazed white eyes.

“Perfectly fine Temari-sama.” Hinata said softly as she forced her lips to Temari's in one swift motion.

“What are you doing!?!” Temari pulled back instinctively, shocked by Hinata's strange behavior.

“Was it really that bad?” Hinata pouted unashamedly as she stared heatedly at Temari.

“You're making me so horny Temari-sama.” Hinata moaned blissfully, rubbing her crotch as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

“Hinata-chan stop it, she's controlling you, fight her.” Temari protested loudly as she shook Hinata's shoulders

“Let's fuck!” Hinata's eye's opened with a burning lust for Temari as she groaned aloud. To Hinata Temari touch was like fire as it sent heat waves throughout her body.

“What's the problem Temari-chan? Your friend wants you, but you don’t want her?” Tayuya strangely questioned Temari as she tapped her chin.

“Let me free you from the bonds that restrain your inner wishes and fantasies.” Tayuya offered willingly as she waved her hand again.

“No, thank... you.” Temari fell under Tayuya's telekinesis power as she slowly turned to Hinata and grinned with fire in her eyes.

“Hinata-sama, eat my pussy please?” Temari felt herself up as the heat turned to fire in her stomach as well.

“Anything for you Temari-sama.” Hinata grinned sadistically as her hand crept up Temari's legs.

“Doesn't that feel better?” Tayuya wondered from the corner of the bed as she watched the two caress each other.

“Wonderful.” Temari's lusty voice echoed the room as she grabbed Hinata's teddy strings and removed them. Both girls stripped each other down, feeling and groping as they went.

“Good, now come here girls.” Commanded Tayuya as she glared at the two naked girls. Hinata and Temari crawled to Tayuya and started caressing around her legs.

“I want you to finger each other long and hard.” Ordered Tayuya.

“Yes mistress...” Hinata and Temari embraced each other with long sensational kisses as Hinata cracked her mouth to let Temari's tongue explore the warmth, with no hesitation Temari forced her tongue between Hinata's hot red lip's and down her throat. The horny Hyuuga moaned slightly at Temari's tongue spun in her mouth as Hinata slowly pulled away from Temari's mouth.

“Lay back.” Hinata extended her arm gently laying Temari to the bed. Hinata crawled onto Temari and straddled her semi-wet pussy across the sand girl's belly as she looked deeply into the eyes.

“Hurt her a little.” Grinned Tayuya as she watched Hinata violently pulled Temari's hair back exposing her sweet neck and attacked it. Temari strained her body from the harsh motion as Hinata kissed and licked Temari's hot flesh of her neck and in-between her pert teen tits. Temari howled hotly under Hinata's smooth lips, as they tasted every inch of her chest.

“You're on fire.” Hinata moaned maliciously, feeling the heat radiating off the blonde's luscious body as she worked her hands up Temari's inner thighs. Temari trembled violently as Hinata's fingertips danced on her flesh.

“I want you inside me, Hinata-sama.” Temari pulled back her knees, spreading her legs for Hinata. The white-eyed girl slowly pressed two fingers deep into Temari's vagina and circled inside the clench tunnel, stimulating Temari's tender, slick cunt. Tayuya giggled quietly as she watched her two new toy's finger fuck at her command and without question.

“Time to have some fun girls.” Tayuya stepped onto the end of the bed finally and preformed a special set of hand signs. Hinata and Temari both stared lustfully at Tayuya as a 7” inch penis grew out of her crotch.

“Here girls.” Tayuya stood demandingly on the bed with her hands on her hips as they followed every word willingly. Both girls snaked to Tayuya with a burning in their eyes as Tayuya grinned happily at the two entranced girls as they caressed her firm milky-white body, waiting.

“Now we're going to have some real fun.” Tayuya smiled cruelly as she let Hinata out of her trance.

“What's... going on?” Hinata's head buzzed strangely as she looked up at Tayuya.

“What the?” Hinata groaned groggily as a stiff cock swung in her face.

“Put it in your mouth slut.” Demanded Tayuya as she grabbed a hand full of Hinata's short dark hair. It became very clear and quick to Hinata, this was no game.

“No, no please don't make me.” Hinata started begging as she stared weakly into Tayuya's unforgiving eyes.

“Shut up you little bitch.” Tayuya yelled murderously as she forced the cock passed Hinata's tight tantalizing lips. Hinata's eyes shot wide open in shock as the firm member pumped her sweet young face. Temari smiled excitedly at Hinata's humiliation as Tayuya violated her taut mouth repeatedly. Hinata gagged chaotically, trying to breathe as she closed her tear-filled eyes.

“That's right Lady Hyuuga, take it all in.” Tayuya pulled Hinata's hair faster and faster over her love toy as tears fell from Hinata's eyes. Hinata’s cunt quivered unwillingly with sexual sensation that her body wanted more with every thrust.

“You’re a dirty little whore aren't you, I like that.” Tayuya's own pussy began to drip as she watched Hinata raucously take down every inch of her pole over and over. Tayuya found it strange that she really didn't have to force Hinata after the first couple of yanks.
“I think that's enough for now.” Tayuya remarked darkly, removing the saliva-soaked pole from Hinata's mouth and wiped it across her cute, wet face. Hinata leaned forward with her head down trying to catch her breath as the humiliation was almost more then she could bear. Temari grinned blankly at Hinata and then to Tayuya as she waited for her turn.

“I'm going to fuck you senseless, but first.” Tayuya violently pushed the raven-haired girl to the bed as she gripped Hinata's hair again and she looked down at her.

“Lick her, so I can fuck her good and hard.” Tayuya ordered coldly as her grip tightened in Hinata's hair

“But... I-I can't.” Hinata replied feebly as she wiped the dry tears from her bloodshot eyes. Tayuya wasted no time slapping Hinata across her mouth as she rag-dolled her face into Temari's sweet cunt. A small whimper escaped the Hyuuga girl’s lips as she drenched them with the overpowering taste of Temari's pussy.

“Now!” Tayuya yelled brutally as she pushed Hinata's face deeper into Temari's sweet hole. Hinata showed her obedience quickly as she extended her tongue into Temari's glistening fuck hole.

“Oh my sweet little Hinata-sama.” Purred Temari as she caressed the back of Hinata's head with her small fingers. Tayuya fondled Hinata's ass, fingering the outline of her wet slit as she worked her way behind Hinata. Before Hinata could react, Tayuya pumped her erect member into her tiny cunt.

“Ohhhh look? I’m all the way in.” Tayauya laughed coldly as Hinata moaned painfully into Temari's dripping wet clit and squeezed out a couple more tears. Tayuya started pumping the pecker in and out of Hinata's tight gap like a full-running piston. The shorthaired girl worked her hips willingly as the tears poured down her face. Hinata groaned lustfully into Temari's clit as the cock worked its way deep into her warm belly.

“You’re tight enough to be a virgin” Tayuya gripped Hinata's hip and right shoulder as she rammed harder into Hinata’s breach. Hinata screamed meekly as she felt something rip inside in cunt.

“It hurts! Oh please stop!” Hinata's pre-cum and virgin blood stained Tayuya's inner thigh as the main event was about to come.

“Shut up, now cum for me!” Tayuya started slapping Hinata's ass as she took a few final thrusts setting Hinata's little pussy off. The mixture of fluids drained down the inside of her legs to the silk sheet. Purring softly, Hinata pulled her tongue out Temari's candy hole and fell motionless on top of her.

“You’re so good Hinata-sama.” Smiled Temari as she lifted Hinata's face and planted her lips to Hinata's. Temari could taste her own juices all over Hinata's lips as her forceful kiss caused a stream of saliva and cum to trickle down both sides of their mouths.

“Now it's your turn.” Tayuya grinned venomously at Temari as she pushed Hinata's sex-drained body out of the way. Temari smiled deviously at Tayuya as she spread her legs, waiting for Tayuya to slide inside of her.

“You want to be my little tramp, don't you?” Tayuya smirked revealingly as she leaned forward pinning Temari's arms to the bed.
“Yes mistress, I like it when you make me your whore.” Temari spat ruthlessly as she forced her chest out.

“I'm going to fuck you 'til you scream.” Temari's hips bucked up as Tayuya slammed the penis into her pussy. Temari forced a long moan as the rubber tool rubbed her inner walls. The dark girl picked up the pace quickly as Temari's juice added to the already slick rod. The sand girl whimpered like a teased schoolgirl as she wrapped her hands around Tayuya's upper arms.

“You moan like a slut.” Tayuya teased spitefully as she picked up the blonde’s panties from her outfit and stuffed them into her mouth.

“Come on bitch, scream for me!” Yelled Tayuya, as she fucked Temari non stop, stretching her tight pussy. Temari tried to scream, but the panties only muffled it as her cunt exploded soaking Tayuya's tool and lap. Temari fought rapidly for breath around the panties as her body fell limp to the bed next to Hinata's. Tayuya rubbed her sticky member and licked off Temari and Hinata's sweet honey.

“I think I'm going to enjoy my new play things.” Tayuya laughed coldly as she pulled the panties out of Temari's mouth and cleaned herself off with them. The two naked girl's quickly cuddled up with each other, and found fast slumbers as Tayuya slid off her bed and headed for the door.

“Good night my little kunoichi.” Tayuya grinned slyly as she closed the doors behind her and locked them.

Chapter 10

Title: Shinobi death I

[Author's notes: A real hardship of being a ninja...]

"Ino, I'm coming."

My hands twitch as my leg holsters pop open; I draw my weapons silently and gracefully into both hands. My fingers caress the metal grips of my kunai as I grit my teeth. The ninja on the other side of this tree have no idea there about to be dead. With a swift turn the ninja jump, I fire twice both go down before even making full height or drawing their weapons. I press myself to the far edge of the dead ninja and peer around the corner, empty woods.


I pick the right side and spring with stealth and speed up through the trees to an open area; the ninja guarding Ino is dead in a heartbeat as my kunai guts his throat. On her knees with her hands behind her head, Ino turns up to me, her blue-eyes meet my green ones and a smile crosses her face. I drop from the tree lightly and open my arm's to welcome her as she is already running to me; I let myself smile as I wait for her sweet embrace that I always welcome, but then blood blossoms from her mouth like opening roses. My heart sinks into my stomach, the look of shock in Ino's eyes is more then I can bear as I drop to my knees and catch her deadfall.

Without thinking my hand works a kunai quickly and, the hidden ninja falls to the ground with a loud crunch, then silence again. Warm fluid drips on my shoulder, I hope for tears, but blood fills my nostrils.

"S-sakura, I think I-I'm used up..." Ino groans into my ear as she takes a shallow breathes. I'm frozen, I want to tell her she ok, but can't, I think she already knows. Her back is a mess

"I-I-I'm sorry..." Ino shudders breathlessly as her arms grip my body tightly. I feel the blonde's blood soak through my shirt; her limbs start to loosen around my body, her warmth slowly draining from her as she trembles. A hand tightens around my heart, as I know what I need to do. I start pulling kunai out of her back, she’s screaming as I lay her on her side carefully.

"S-sakura, p-please..." Her light blue-eyes shine cheerfully as dark crimson liquid slices down the sides of her mouth.

"K-kiss m-me." She asks in a soft whisper, I look her over silently; her color is slowly paling as I close my eyes.

“To think of all the times I could of kissed her.”

"I'm going to get you out of here." I tell her as I try to cradle her in my arms, she screams in excruciating pain as her insides rub and touch in ways they shouldn't. Panic and fear is slowly spreading through me, but…

“I have to fight it; I know more ninja are coming.”

I'm grinding my teeth now, the killer in me wants to clean house, kill them all for what they did to Ino.

“I can't fail her, not now.”

The hate and anger boils inside, every muscle in my body tightens, as the woods open up from all sides.

“Now Konaha will go to war…”

I don't even look up, my hands empty my holders in every direction in seconds, and I count six different yells and bodies hit the floor.

"Sakura jus’ leave m-me, get out of here." Ino murmurs as she coughs more blood on herself.

“I can't and I won’t, I will get her out of here!”

"Sakura, Ino? Come in, where are you?" Hinata’s meek voice cuts through on my commlink. I stare at it unsure what to say as I hear more feet heading towards us from the north.

"I'm here, Ino's hurt bad, and I need a quick exit put a couple mortar fire bombs, northeast, bearing 0069 on my position, fire for effect!" I'm yelling now, Hinata hasn't done anything wrong but I'm yelling at her, but orders must be followed now. I feel the desperation bearing on me like a heavy blanket, I have to move and fast. I wait for my exit to come, and like Hinata right on target

“Thank you Hinata.”

I cover Ino with my body as the tags explode. The woods shake violently as trees and branches smash every direction.

"Ino, we have to go." I tell her as I rip a part of my red tunic off and wrap Ino’s back and hold the up the ends.

"This is going hurt so bite down on these, are you ready?" She nods slowly as I lift her up and over my right shoulder. She yells painfully into the makeshift gag as I head north.

“Please be ready.”

I'm met with kunai and shirken; I throw blindly in every direction as a rain of metal death dances around me. Ino's tightens around me so I can use both hands to kill, I empty my holsters, and grab for Ino’s weapons waiting patiently in her holders, begging for action. I move behind some trees as a mortar lands, killing more ninja.

“S-stop S-Sakura, it hurts.” Ino moans shallowly, she's losing more blood the more I move. I check the corner; I see the exit, 20 feet a flat run across the open.

“I need to try...”

“No, I need to do this...”

“For Ino…”

I inhale deeply, exhale and…


I run, I run harder and faster in my life for that opening. I hear the yells of the ninja behind me as they start to track me with fire. My muscles are burning from the fires and carrying my injured friend, I’m tense, I keep count 5, 10, 15, and then it happens…

“I'm hit.”

My left arm goes down by a well aimed kunai, I death grip the kunai in my right hand and turn to block two incoming shirkens, turning back to the opening I see two figures in full sprint for me.

“Wind scythe Jutsu!” Temari demanded proudly with her trademark smirk on her face as she waved her huge metal fan with a vengeance at the oncoming ninja while TenTen came up on the her left weapons drawn and ready to spill enemy blood as the ninja poured on. I don't stop as I run by them for the transport parked across the way. Hinata’s waiting by the open door of the truck as I race up into the back.

“We can’t get a hold of anyone, Kiba and Chouji’s groups are dead and the attack is heading south we haven’t got any word from the village, but all groups are in full retreat from Anko-sama, Defend the village at all costs.” Hinata reports as she helps lay Ino down.

“It was only a matter of time, war will come from the five nations and the Leaf village will have to fight.”

I sigh, as I look Ino over.

“The others…” Hinata began as I lift my hand.

“I don’t want to hear about the others, because I know some are dead, but I know Naruto is ok and that’s all we need.” Hinata just stares as she looked at Temari and TenTen fighting off wave after wave of ninja.

“HINATA!!! How about that new jutus you were talking about, any help would be nice right now.” Temari yelled viciously as she continued to wave her massive fan at the attacking ninja.

“Yes.” Hinata slowly turned and unlocked her cuffs on her coat, stepping out of the TPV as she lifted her arms. ''About damn time.'' Temari smiled as she reached in to her pouch and threw a stack of explosive notes in the air. Hinata formed her hand signs at a blinding speed as her charka threads grew from her hands as she twisted and folded her hands rapidly. The threads shot and tagged the fire notes and sent them snaking around trees to the groups of massing ninja.

“Firebomb thread jutus!” Hinata gripped her fists and punched them together. Suddenly a random barrage of firebombs went off in the short distant as Temari and TenTen hit the deck.

“Hinata! We’re right here!” Temari roared as she covered her head. Hinata finally stopped as a huge wall of fire burned around them.

“You couldn’t see the ninja massing up for a full-on attack, I did.” Hinata said sharply as she clipped her cuffs together.

“Let’s go! Ino needs help.” I yell as the weapon master and Sand kunoichi got up and brushed themselves off. TenTen was right behind Temari as a hidden ninja jumped from around the side of the truck.

“TenTen!” Temari snapped as she lifted her forearm took the kunai into her forearm. TenTen reacted instantly and killed the black-cloaked ninja as Temari stumbled back.

"Come on!" I'm screaming now as Hinata helped Temari in, and shut the door. TenTen darted for the wheel of the short-tracked vehicle and in milliseconds was racing down the road. I turn to Hinata, I see it in her eyes as she looks at Ino then to Temari pulling the blade from her arm. I head for the front with Temari. I look around and all I see is…

“Blood, and a lot of it.”

I feel my calm come back for some reason, but Ino is even paler as I check her pulse, its weak. I can hear TenTen screaming into a CB up from the front as Hinata grabbed the first-aid box; I lose myself for a second.

"Help me Sakura, or we're going to lose her." Hinata orders, ripping open Ino's shirt and rolling her over. I holstered Ino’s last kunai from my death grip and help her. We patch Ino’s back in a one swift motion as Hinata taps her with a bloodline. Ino’s eyes slowly open as she tries speaking again. I hush her softly as I lean down and kiss her blood-soaked lips. A smile works across the cute blonde's face as her eyes blinked ever so slowly.

“Ino, don’t, please don’t…”

I'm afraid for her, I look to Hinata, the nervous look in her eye is’ in helping.

"Is she going to be ok?" I'm scared by my own desperate voice as the white-eyed girl latched, and coupled Ino's body with a lifeline, and hose.

"She's sable, but I don't know how long, she needs full E.R. attention." Hinata figures as she checks and double checks everything. I stand up, I feel...



                                      "... and Sorry."

I leave Ino's side for the first time and sit in the empty space between the front and back. I pull my knees in and cross my arms over them, bury my face, and for the first time in a long time...

                                        "I cry..."

                 “Fight, Ino, fight for me... Like I fought for you.”

My tears fall to the floor...

...then it happens.

To be continued…

[End notes: Little deep.]

Chapter 11

Title: Winner takes all

[Author's notes:

Some of the girls head for a cabin and some fun.



It was the middle of summer and Hinata, Temari and Ino had decided to stay at Ino’s aunt’s cabin in the woods by the lake outside of the village for a couple of days. They started out a little late from the leaf village and got to the cabin in the late afternoon. With night setting in, and the rest of the day went by uneventfully as the three girls cooked a delicious meal outside, drank too much sake and finally stumbled off to their beds. The next day began in the same summertime manner, hot and shiny with the slightest of cool breezes ever so often. Hinata soon found herself enjoying the lazy mood of summer and the time spent with no guys, right in the middle of the wild with others girls was a change itself. Shino’s dry character and Kiba’s queer nature for him that was always a bit weird for her and beside that she was even getting to like Temari who, despite her aggressive personality and nasty sense of humor.

That evening, thunderstorms moved in, quashing their plans for an evening skinny dip. After dinner, they started a quiet game of cards, talked and drank sake to the sky rumbling and rain pouring down outside. After nearly an hour, boredom began to set in as Temari suggested they play one more game and then call it quits for nights.

"But let’s make this last one interesting, winner takes all the loser has to do whatever the winner says and the loser can’t question the command or refuse it, agreed?” Temari’s eyes dropped down to the cards in her hands as a smile worked her face back up with a gleaming in her eye.

“Like a slave?”

Hinata was taken aback by Temari’s odd suggestion and turned to Ino, hoping she would scoff at the idea too. Instead Ino just giggled, said sure and leveled off her bright, blue eyes back at Hinata.

"What do you say Hinata? If you win, you’re the master over one of us, but if you lose..." Temari’s words enticed Hinata unwillingly as she hesitated and gulped before agreeing to the simple terms.

“Why I’m I doing this, she can’t be serious… is she?”

Her mind went off in ten different directions as Temari dealt the cards one last time. If she won, what would she ask the loser to do? Ino was a good cook; maybe she have her make a nice meal or have Temari sharpen all her kunai, but if she lost, what then?

“Jus’ win and call it a night.”

Hinata told herself repeatedly as Ino joked about a dirty basement that needed cleaning, if she won while Temari only said that this game was for keeps, no excuses. For the next 15 minutes they played, Hinata concentrating hard on getting points. At one point she was down to a single card, but couldn’t seem to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Temari and Ino began to rack up points until finally Hinata gambled and scooped up several cards, in hopes of making more matches. Sadly before her turn came around Temari laid her last card down and smiled.


“Uhhhh, I was so close.”

Hinata had lost and she laughed nervously as she watched Temari clap her hands and rub them together mischievously.

"Okay Hinata-chan, you’re mine tonight." The blonde dictated for she was master and for a moment there was silence. Temari seemed to study the situation and then very swiftly she told Hinata what her task was.

“Give Ino an oil massage.”

"Hey, who’s the winner and who’s the loser here?" Wondered Ino with some delight as she trembled slightly and leaned to her right.

"That’s crazy Temari-chan! Come on, I’ll clean the cabin or make you breakfast, how about something like that?" Hinata was mortified and that only fueled on as she tried to back out on the deal.

"No, I want Ino to take off her clothes and you give her a massage, here’s some oil now get started." Temari handed Hinata’s trembling hand a bottle of scented body oil from a bag under the table as Hinata looked at Ino, hoping she would back her up and refuse to comply, but her friend, giddy from all the sake was’in helping any. Ino got to her feet clumsy and started to remove her clothes, saying she was getting the best end of the deal for no good reason.

In seconds Hinata found herself looking at her friend’s naked body.

“Be gentle.” Ino leered as she laid down on the couch, her soft, curving rear facing up towards Hinata’s white eyes. The Hyuuga girl’s heart beat more rapidly in her chest as her sharp eyes scanned over Ino’s shapely back. Hinata poured some oil on her hands and began to massage Ino’s back and shoulders. For a minute or two, the only voice was Ino’s murmuring how delightful it felt while Hinata felt a little more at ease and moved her hands a bit and rubbed her lower back.

"Okay, that’s enough of the back Hinata-chan, go lower.” Barked Temari as she crossed her legs tightly.

Again, Hinata felt her pulse begin to quicken as her hands shook, sliding them over the round bulging cheeks of Ino’s smooth ass.

"Lower Hinata-chan, let’s see plenty of oil on Ino’s thighs and legs, why not open your legs a bit for Hinata, Ino-chan?" Commanded Temari as her eyes filled with a lusty glimmer for both girls. Hinata began to stroke Ino’s inner thighs and when her fingers brushed accidentally against her labial lips and pubic hair, she felt her friend twitch and quiver.

“That's right Hinata-chan, more oil there.” Hinata poured some oil down the crack of Ino’s ass and began to rub gently. Hinata felt herself blush deeper, but knowing it was no use protesting she did as she was told. Ino, almost instinctively, separated her legs even more, unable to help letting out a small moan as Hinata’s fingers passed over her anus and then slid down to her sex. When they got there, Hinata could feel the hot wetness from the sexual sensation she was blatantly inflicting on her friend’s body.

“I’m getting her… off.”

As disgusted as she was with Temari’s naughty game, Hinata felt, for the first time a strange sensation when she realized that Ino was quite turned on by what was happening wither she knew it or not. The sensation was hard to grasp, but clearly it held for Hinata at lease, an element of excitement and a growing sense of stimulation in herself.

"Okay, Ino turnover, Hinata’s going to massage your front side now." Temari spoke up as master and commander once again as the blonde leaf girl turned over, Ha, there was no mistaking the look in Ino’s eyes. They were filled with desire and excitement that she directed wantonly at Hinata.

“Uh… yes.” A light murmur from Ino’s lips was followed by a rushing desire which filled Hinata as she began to touch Ino’s warm, yielding body again.

Nothing more was said as Hinata poured more oil on her hands and after a brief massage of the flower girls neck and shoulders, she began to rub Ino’s soft round breasts. Temari watch intently as Hinata rolled Ino’s bosom in her slick hands. Ino’s nipples began to stand at attention as her breathing became deeper; her shoulders and neck turning a crimson red.

"Lower, Hinata-chan, massage her lower." Temari said in an almost raucous voice as the sexy show was catching fire in her own loins as well. Hinata’s hands moved down across Ino’s abdomen and thighs with the care and tenderness that only Hinata’s hands had.

“Inside too, Ino hold your legs apart for Hin-a-t-a-kun.” Temari directed playfully and as Ino did the two girls could see the thickening reddish lips of the leaf girl’s soaking sex, now glistening with secreted juices and body oil. Her clitoris protruded from under its tiny, pink hood, throbbing for attention.

"Well Hinata-chan, it looks like you’ve put are little Ino-chan in a quite a state." Temari remarked hotly as Ino’s legs started to quiver.

"I think she need’s to be relieved, right Ino-chan?" Ino just smiled and nodded as from the same bag that Temari had pulled out the body oil, she now reached in and rummage around, then pulled out a red vibrator.

"Let’s see you use this on poor Ino’s little la-la." Temari was getting a too big a kick out of this simple little game as Hinata’s reason to quit the bet dawned on her again.

"No, I-I can’t do that, please, Ino’s…" Pleaded Hinata as she looked from one girl to the other.

"Rules are rules." Temari responded curtly as she reached over, turned the vibrator on and placed it Hinata’s hands. Hinata glanced up at Ino’s cute face, still holding her legs apart, and once again she saw the look of yearning on her friend’s face.

“I know she wants me to but…”

Seduced or suckered by Ino desire-filled face, she slowly placed the buzzing toy on the naked girls wet cunt lips, causing Ino to let out a low blissful moan. Hinata began to move it around, touching and stroking Ino’s cunt before bringing it to the top of the girls slit and nudging it gently against her pulsing clit.

“Mmmmm, so gooooood.” Ino groaned louder and she pressed her pelvis down on the buzzing vibrator. Hinata’s bobbing motion accidentally pushed the vibrator inside Ino’s vagina causing Ino to yelp meekly. Hinata was mesmerized by what just happened, but almost instinctively as if knowing she began to move it slowly in and out of Ino’s watering slit.

“Ohhhh Hinata-chan!” Ino’s cried out joyfully as she began to move spasmodically, her body convulsing against her will. At the same time, Temari grabbed Hinata’s hand and pushed her wet, oily fingers inside Ino. With Temari holding Hinata’s hand tightly to Ino’s sex, she could feel her friend’s muscles contracting and squeezing her fingers inside her tight love box. Ino grunted and moaned as her orgasm peaked and played itself out lazily. Hinata didn’t move, she was so transfixed by the sight of Ino in such a state of ecstasy, that she just stared at the girl’s leaking gap.

"Okay Hinata, let’s give Ino-chan some real pleasure.” Temari whispered as her eyes were glowing with lust now. She handed Hinata a large dildo and ordered her to insert it into Ino’s ass.

"It’s too big…" Hinata exclaimed. "…I’m going to hurt her."

"Not if you do it how I tell you to." Temari countered as she was’in going to be refused. Ino’s eyes grew big looking at the size of the dildo, but she made no attempt to stop Temari’s plans. She continued to hold her legs wide open, showing a long stream of juice oozing from her pussy down to her tight, little asshole.

“Oil it up good.” Temari ordered as Hinata rubbed oil all over the head of the dildo and Ino’s anus, which seemed tightly shut. After some prodding words from Temari, Hinata finally pressed her finger against the tight orifice, sliding it in fairly easily.

"That’s it, now Ino just relax and you’ll feel nothing but pleasure," Temari sneered as she turned to Hinata.

"And Hinata-chan, steady as she goes." The white-eyed girl did what she was told and felt her body go weak as she watched the head of the large dildo began to slide in what was once just the tiniest little hole.

“Are you ok?” Hinata looked up at Ino, who groaned loudly and rolled her eyes back.

"Jesus, that’s incredible." Ino called out, almost crying as her ass stretched open for the thick rubber member.

When it was halfway in, Temari told Hinata to stop and give Ino a minute to get used to it. Hinata glanced over at Temari at this point and saw the button and zipper on her shorts were undone and her hand was deep inside as her other hand drank greedily from the sake bottle. Like Ino she had a flushed look on her face as her fingers moved around between her legs.

"Okay, move the dildo back and forth, gently." Temari panted as she licked her lips.

Hinata began like she wss told as Ino’s body started to move and shake. She couldn’t believe that Ino was able to take the entire dildo in the ass. Never before had she seen anything like this, she was absolutely mad with desire, and lust as Ino’s body and sex flared up violently.

"Oh my god, that is so intense!" Ino screamed. "Oh my god, oh, oh, god, I love it!"

Ino was heading towards another orgasm quickly as Hinata began to rub Ino’s clit with her fingers while holding the dildo with the other. Ino’s body shudder once again and this time a stream of nectar, almost like urine, shot forth from Ino’s crotch as she shook with aftershock. At the same time, the dildo moved back and forth on its own as Ino’s ecstatic anal contractions suck the toy into her rectum and then push it out. On seeing Ino’s second massive orgasm, Temari groaned and collapsed back in her chair, panting wildly.

Meanwhile, Hinata remained kneeling in front of Ino’s exhausted body as she felt her body shake from the excitement and intensity of bringing her friend to such a height of passion. Ino slowly opened her eyes as the spasms of pleasure began to die down and she saw Hinata clearly, looking at her with such longing that it was passed desire or lust. She sat up the dildo still protruding from her rear and embraced her, pressing Hinata against her oily breasts and kissing her softly.

Hinata didn’t resist.

"My god Hinata-sama that was fabulous." Ino breathed as she continued to hold her close.

"Now it’s your turn," Ino murmured and began to pull off Hinata’s shirt. Suddenly Hinata felt Temari’s hands on her as well, and without resisting, let the two horny girls disrobe her. Ino pulled Hinata back, so that she was nestled in her arms, while Temari knelt in front of Hinata and spread her legs apart. Ino kissed and nuzzled Hinata’s creamy neck, stroking her breasts with her hands as Temari began making love with her fingers and tongue like a pro.

Any inhibition and reserve that Hinata may have had, had long since disappeared as she succumbed to Temari and Ino’s artful lovemaking. Temari’s tongue was soon licking and teasing Hinata’s clit into bouts of excitement she had never felt before. Like Ino minutes before, her body began to shake and shudder from the pleasure. She moaned out repeatedly and when the approaching orgasm began to grip her, she reached forward and held Temari’s head in her hands, making sure her tongue stayed rooted on her inflamed clit.

“How can this feel this good?”

Hinata looked up at the ceiling and the world seemed to spin in place. She had never felt such pleasure in all her life. She glanced back at Ino, still holding her in her arms and smiled. Then she saw Ino’s eyes grow wide and she turned to see Temari strapping on what appeared to be an enormous cock.

"Oh please, not that." Hinata exclaimed cautiously as she tried to evade weakly.

"Don’t worry honey, I won’t hurt you…" Temari replied firmly as she tightened the straps. "…you’re going to love every second of this."

The funny part was she did, Hinata was beside herself from the full feeling as Temari penetrated her with the massive strap-on dildo.

“Ohhhh Temari-sama fill me up more.” Hinata yelled as Temari made love to Hinata slowly, deliberately and patiently. The head of the dildo plunging in and out of Hinata’s moist vagina as Ino held her friend in place, loving and touching.

Outside, the rain continued to pour down and in the woods around the cabin and all that could be heard was the rifling cries of Hinata’s voice as the night’s entertainment went on and on to the early morning.

Chapter 12

Title: Shinobi death II

[Author's notes: The second part.]

I hear TenTen scream for Temari to get down as the front window smashes in. I really can’t see what’s happening as Temari lands on me, but I can still hear. Kunai and shirkens slice and stick into TenTen as she continues screaming. Temari tenses against me as kunai hit her back and legs. I feel the truck speeding up as Temari and I scramble for the back to Hinata and Ino. TenTen is already dead but that doesn’t slow the onslaught of kunai and shirkens pouring into the front of the truck. I see a sharp turn ahead.

We’re not going to make it.

"Hold on to something!!!" I scream as the truck sails off the road into a deep valley. Time and space seem to slow down, I see TenTen’s blood floating in the air, gravity all nonsense now as the truck starts to fall. The armored TPV slams on the hard stone with a bone crushing effect as we all hit the floor. I hear someone cry out in pain but I don’t have time to think who, we need to get to the wheel and try to slow down.

Luckily we’re still going straight and upright down the side of the valley, but that's too true to last long. The truck suddenly strikes a boulder with brutal force on the driver side, sending the truck sideways. We’re going to fast to slide as the vehicle starts to roll. More screams as the truck continues to roll out of control. I try to look around me, and we’re all screaming and being thrown around like rag dolls. Hinata and Ino are completely unconscious or dead now as Temari is trying to hold them both with complete disregard for her own safety. I’m filled with dread as I can only watch helplessly. My head smashes the side of the truck as stars fill my vision. I feel myself blacking out as the gravity and spinning are too much for my body to take...

And just as it started, it was over. The truck is completely stopped on its side now as the dust and debris settle. I don’t hear anything and that scares me more then anything. I feel something warm dripping on my face as I slowly open my eyes. Its TenTen’s blood dripping on me, I look up at her dead body staring down at me like some sick puppet show. She’s still strapped in and more or less pinned to the driver's seat, her eyes are empty and soulless...

I have to look away. 

I roll to my side and scream. It feels like I’ve broken half my ribs, the pain is unbearable, but that nothing compared to what I see before me.


Temari is cradling Hinata’s head and their both crying softly. I crawl slow and careful to them, fighting the pain for every inch.

"Are you two ok?" It’s a stupid question, who the hell would be after something like that? Temari slowly shakes her head as tears fall from her eyes.

"Hinata’s neck is broken and my back and legs are wasted, plus I think there was poison on the kunai I got stuck with back there." I’m saddened beyond despair.

Bleeding and bruised, they both are in bad shape worst then me, you couldn’t even move Hinata now without killing her outright and by the look of Temari, the poison must be fast-acting, she doesn’t have much time either.

"Hold on, I’ll get help." At this I hear a harsh chuckle from the back corner of the truck, it’s Ino.

"Y-You’d t-think with a billboard brow l-like yours, y-you’d be smarter S-sakura." Ino words blandly.

"She's still alive!"

I can’t help but smile a little as I crawl back to her.

"If we hadn’t started fighting a few hours ago, we wouldn’t be in this situation."

Ino had been my first real friend; she had helped me over come my self-conciseness of my big forehead that the others use to tease me about. We spent all our time together growing up, playing in the woods until nightfall, helping each other with our chores... everything. Now look at us, half broken and almost dead.

"You’re one to talk, Ino-pig." I say lightly as I move next to her.

"I-I don’t think I’ll m-make it S-Sakura." Ino’s voice makes my blood run cold, I know she’s right but I keep trying to tell myself otherwise.

"Blow up the t-truck and get back to the v-village." My heart stops as I look back at Temari and Hinata their faces tell me the same thing.

"We're already dead."

"I can't just leave you here." I'm crying now.

"Sakura, Ino's right the enemy will try to steal our ninja jutus, you have to do it." Temari spoke up as she coughed up more blood. I shake my head.

"No, I have to do something I could call someone or..." I protest as Ino grabs me.

"The v-village is a-at war, it will j-jus' get more people killed." Ino reasoned as she grits her teeth in pain.

"We'll be dead before anyone got here anyway." Sighed Temari as she looks down at Hinata.

"Do it." The Hyuuga girl whispered as she smiled up Temari. Temari sobbed loudly as she squeezed her eyes shut and twisted Hinata's head roughly. Hinata's neck cracking makes my body tense and my anger rise.

"You, you didn't have to do that!" I yelled at Temari as she looks at me with blood running from her mouth. I don't know why but Hinata looks so peaceful in Temari's lap as the blonde continued to cough up blood.

"I know. I don't have to do this either." She sighs, tilting her head back and stabbed herself in the throat with a kunai. I look away as she drags it across her neck spilling blood all over herself and Hinata. I catch the last look of life in her eyes as she slouched back dead against the truck.


I scream silently as I started to thrash around, kicking and punching everything in my way. I'm causing more pain to myself then anything as Ino kicks me and screams.

"Sakura! Get a hold of yourself, we are ninja! This is a true shinobi's death! We live and die by the blade! Or did you forget that?" I'm beside myself as I just stare at my trembling hands.

"You said it yourself, fight for me like I fought for you." She's using my own words against me, it hurts but it's true.

"But you need to keep fighting for us... for all of us and you sure as shit can't do that if you die here." Ino pauses and roars in pain as all her wounds seemed to open all at once.

"I will never forgive you if you stay and die! NOW GO!!!" I nod my head as tears stream down. I look at the seriousness in her face as I lean in and kiss her one last time. She's mad but doesn't reject me as we kiss each other deeply. When I lean back she’s just staring at me blankly.

She’s dead.

It feels like a graveyard as I look around. I ball my fists tightly; I know what needs to be done. I get to my feet and open a side locker and pull a couple of explosive tags out. I start at the front.
I close TenTen’s eyes and put two tags across her body.

"Going out to eat will never be the same without TenTen..." 


“If theses noodles weren’t so hot I’d eat them bare-handed.” TenTen declared greedily as she pulled aparted her chop stick and dug in.


Next is Hinata and Temari, blood is everywhere but they look so happy together. I always had a feeling they’d die in each others arms.


“I have to go on a dangerous mission and I don’t know if I’ll be coming back.” Temari said tenderly as she ran her fingers through Hinata’s damp hair.

“I’ll wait for you no matter what.” Hinata smiled as she snuggled closer to Temari.

“You need to get back before everyone starts to worry about you.” Temari changed the subject as Hinata purred solicitously at Temari’s rough but tender touch.

“I want to stay with you.” Hinata groaned in refusal as she tightened her grip on the sand village ninja. Temari chuckled softly at Hinata’s determination as she pried Hinata off her and got up.

“I’ll always be with you.”


Again, I tag bodies and move to the back of the truck. This is the hardest one to do. Ino is still with her head slightly to the left. I suddenly remember the fight we had when she said she cared for me more then a friend.


“You still don’t understand, I never wanted Sasuke…” Ino blushed as she applied medicine and covered my wound.

“…I wanted you, Sakura.” My anger and pain vanished in an instant at Ino’s confession.

“Do y-you mean that?” I asked weakly as I watched Ino patch up my leg with a concerned look on her face. Ino remained silent as she focused intently on my deep slash.

“Ino?” I asked again as I put a hand on Ino’s blood covered hand. Ino looked up at my face with tears growing in her eyes as her emotions erupted.

“Yes Sakura I do! I know I act like a bitch, it’s because I’m jealous, not of you, I’m jealous of Sasuke, I thought it was a little crush for you so I provoked you, but when you fell for him, I was hurt…” Ino wrapped my wound tighter as it bled through with total disregard to Ino’s efforts.

“It just when from bad to worst from there and I was just too proud to tell you how I felt and now you’re hurt because of me!” Ino confessed as she broke down.

“Don’t cry Ino, you look silly.” I moaned dreamily as she eyes rolled around in her head.


I take one last look around at all the girls I ever cared about and step out of the truck. I walk away from my friends, lovers, and most of all in the true ninja way, family. I don’t even turn back as I throw a explosive kunai at the truck and with a thunderous explosion...


“...My life changes forever.”


                                                                                 The End.

[End notes: Kinda sad huh...?]

Chapter 13

Title: Hyuuga ties - Playtime

[Author's notes: Hanabi stumbles on to her sister's fun time.]

"Shit! It's Hanabi." The door cracked slowly as the light in the hall shined into the dark room, forcing them to cover their eyes and bodies quickly.

"Hinata-sama?" Hanabi popped her head in as her little white eye's searched the room for her sister.

"Did you need something Hanabi-chan?" Hinata asked curiously as she curled the blanket over her and Temari.

"Not really, why are the lights off it's still early?" Hanabi questioned as she tried looking through the darkness.

"Reasons, why don't you come over here and find out." Hinata motioned slyly as she poked Temari's naked body.

"Uhhh, ok." Hanabi carefully walked in and closed the door.

"So, why are the lights out?" Hanabi asked again from the door as her eyes seem to glow in the darkness.

"Oh the lights, don't worry about it Hanabi-chan." Hinata giggled lightly as Temari's hand brushed across her sensitive body under the blanket.

"But why, what are you doing in here?" Hanabi replied shortly as her white eyes blinked questioningly.

"Hanabi, stop asking stupid questions." Hinata spat venomously as she ran her hands through Temari's hair.

"Sorry." Hanabi said sarcastically as she kicked her foot.

"Don't be just come here." Hanabi crept silently on to the bed next to Hinata's half-naked body.

"Sooo, what are you doing in here and why does it smell funny?" Hanabi asked wonderingly as Temari peeked out of the sheet still in hiding.

"I’m just spending time with Temari-sama." Hinata sneered as Temari grabbed Hanabi from under the blankets. Hanabi gasped at being restrained as she could feel the blonde’s hard nipples press against her.

"Shhh it's just me and Hinata... unless you want to join us?" Temari whispered distractedly into Hanabi's ear as Hinata laid her hands on Hanabi's legs. The cute, dark haired girl felt the rush of confusion as she touched Hinata's body then Temari’s in the dark to find them both naked. Hanabi moaned apprehensively as Hinata slowly moved her hand up to Hanabi's hot core.

"How about now?" Hinata's eye's lit up as she rubbed Hanabi's tiny snatch through her tight pants.

"I-I-I-It's just." Hanabi sat helplessly, her pussy soaking her panties as Temari's hands crept slowly behind Hanabi.

"Come on Han-a-bi-chan, I promise we'll play nice." Temari wrapped her arms around Hanabi's shoulders and softly kissed her neck.

"You know you want to, so why are you being coy?" Temari purred lustful as her fingers found Hanabi's growing nipples.

"But." Before Hanabi could finish Hinata pressed one of her fingers to Hanabi's lips.

"Shhh, Temari and I will take good care of you." Hinata whispered lightly as she clapped the lights to dim. Hanabi smiled a little bit as she saw both Hinata and Temari smiling at her. She relaxed her body under the two girl’s hands as they caressed her tight body.

"There we go, now just relax." Hinata slid her hand down Hanabi's pant's and started teasing her throbbing clit. Hanabi closed her eyes as Temari helped her with her top. The older Hyuuga removed her hand and quickly relieved her sister of her pants. Seconds later the youngest Hyuuga lay calmly in her bra and panties under Temari and Hinata's beaming eyes.

"Like a little firecracker alright." Hinata glared at Hanabi's lusty lips and young teenage tits though her white bra with matching panties that flowed down to her smooth, white legs. Hanabi hide a shy smile as Temari made the first move and kissed Hanabi. Hanabi took kindly to Temari's wet lips and tongue as she pushed them deeply into Hanabi's warm mouth. Hanabi did little to resist Hinata slowly pulling off her panties, exposing her small mound of dark pubic hair. Hinata ran her hands up the short girl's leg's and spread them, leaving her pink little pussy opened wide for the eating. Hinata placed her tongue right in front of Hanabi's pussy and gently started licking her hot cunt petals.

Hanabi slowly squirmed around mesmerized by Hinata's strong tongue as it slaved away at her wet gap. The sand ninja slid her hand under Hanabi's bra to her firm mound as Hinata continued to lick Hanabi's glistening clit with more sexual amusement.

"Ohhhh, mmmm..." Hanabi laid back on the bed moaning as Temari climbed on to her face backward looking at Hinata, placing her own love hole over Hanabi's cute mouth.

“Taste me Hanabi-chan.” The blonde begged as Hanabi's tongue trailed slowly out to Temari's dripping pussy.

"Do you need any help?" Temari leaned down to Hinata.

"Mmmm... Spread these." Hinata whispered obsessively as Temari held Hanabi's la la apart while Hinata continued to lick and suck her sister's swollen hole and burning clit. Hanabi could feel her warm sexual liquids fill in her cunt with each lick her poor little pussy took.

Hinata waited anxiously with open lips as Hanabi suddenly exploded, filling Hinata's mouth with hot teenhood cream. Hinata quickly swallowed the sticky jism as it drained from Hanabi's body.

“Hinata-sama...” Hanabi moaned softly as her body slowly collapsed to the silk sheets. Temari moaned loudly, grinding her cunt into Hanabi's face trying for her own orgasm as she felt Hanabi's tongue disappear. Temari lifted off Hanabi's face as she looked back at the exhaulted girl.

"What's wrong Temari?" Hinata asked seductively as she crept up next to her.

"I didn't get mine." Temari pouted childishly as she crossed her arms over her large chest.

"Don’t worry I've got just the thing." Hinata grinned.

"What?" Temari wondered as Hinata smiled and lit up her hand with her charka.

"Now just spread them lovely legs of yours and try to keep up." Hinata put her hand over Temari's pussy and sparked her.

"Oooh god! that feels great." Temari's body tensed from the shocks as she fell back twitching.

"See? told you so." Hinata remarked slyly as she laid her other charka filled hand on Temari's chest.

"My pussy's on fire!" Temari’s gripped the side of bed with clinched teeth.

"That's good, just relax." Hinata laid next to Temari on the bed and covered her in kisses.

"I-I'm going to..." Hinata was about to let up before she got Temari off, but Temari held her hand in place.

"Don't stop, please! For the love of god!" With a loud scream, Hinata felt Temari's hot cum stream out of her and lifted her hand to her lips. The older Hyuuga admired the sweet cum running down her hand before she licked it up.

"Good night girls." Hinata kissed Temari and Hanabi as she stood up and headed to her bathroom to get cleaned up. Minutes later Hinata stepped into the hall, leaving her naked toys in her room and head outside into the cool evening night.

[End notes: This was going to be a ending for sisterly love, but I scraped it.]

Chapter 14

Title: Girl's will

[Author's notes: Sakura leads a team to deliver two scrolls.   ]

“Jus’ tell us what we want and no one gets hurt!” A harsh altered voice demanded as Hinata let out a breath of surprise in the cold, dim lit room.

“My, she’s is soft.” The distorted voice laughed as it maliciously molested the blindfolded girl. Hinata whimpered weakly under the stranger’s firm grip as it squeezed her ripening chest.

“Don’t fucking touch her!” TenTen screamed viciously from knees on the cold floor as she struggled wildly in her restraints.

“Calm down TenTen, yelling and screaming is’in going to do us any good.” Sakura assured calmly despite being tied up and blindfolded like the others.

“Don’t worry you’ll get your turn honey.” A 2nd voice chuckled as it kicked TenTen square in the ribs, knocking her over.

“She tastes sweet to.” The first voice moaned as it gripped Hinata’s hair and licked the bitter tears that escaped her blindfold.

“Please stop.” Hinata sobbed feebly as the stranger slid down her chest, under her panty line and prodded around.

“That feel good sweetheart?” The voice pestered on as it inserted a finger inside the constrained girl‘s moistened slit.

“Mmmm nice and wet too, I like that.” The voice smiled as it tongued Hinata’s ear.

“I’ll kill you!” TenTen roared as she got her feet under her and launched herself tied and bound into Hinata’s direction, screaming.

“Shut up you little bitch!” The 2nd voice demanded as it blindsided TenTen across her jaw in mid-air. TenTen hit the ground hard just short of Hinata, groaning in pain.

“I think we’re making progress.” The 1st voice smirked as it pulled out of Hinata and sampled its finger.

“Now tell us how to open the scrolls!” The 2nd snapped as the three girl's remained silent. The 1st voice tsk’ed their bravery as it headed for a door on the other side room without another word.

“We’ll get what we want or else we‘ll strip and search every inch of your bodies, inside and out.” The 2nd voice threatened unnervingly as it slammed the door behind it. After a few moments Hinata started to cry as she called out for TenTen.

“A-are you ok?” Hinata asked as she tried her best to control her sobs.

“I’m fine, the guy kicks like a girl.” TenTen played off the pain in her ribs as she rolled on her back.

“That’s because they are girl’s TenTen.” Sakura assured as Hinata nodded.

“If they were male they would have already raped us.” Sakura added boldly as she was glad for their female captures.

“I could feel the chest of the one… touching me.” Hinata paused, her face flushed red with embarrassment as her comment was irrelevant.

“I just hope Ino got back to the village to warn someone.” Sakura hoped like the rest, she had the best chance to get back. When they had come under attack Sakura had ordered Ino back to the village, while she and the others held off the attackers.

“Some mission this turned out to be.” TenTen grumbled lowly, twisting and turning back onto her knees next to Hinata as they all sighed.

Hours earlier:

“You will deliver these two scrolls to the Rain village by tomorrow morning, pack light, weapons and water only you don’t want anything to slow you down out there.” Anko yelled sternly at the four girls in front of her. Sakura, Ino, TenTen and Hinata stood at attention as Kurenai walked slowly behind them.

“The scrolls are locked with a special seal, we’ve paired you into 2 groups, and all 4 of you will learn one of the two-sided hands seals needed to open the scrolls, any questions?” Kurenai demanded as she came to the front of the line next Anko.

“No!” The girls yelled in unison as they held their faces proudly.

“Good, you are the brightest and sharpest of any female group of any of the ninja villages, your skills are unmatched by even most of the males, so by your abilities you are given difference jobs, TenTen and Ino you will strike and attack group…” TenTen smiled lightly as Ino was the opposite.

“…Hinata you will be support for the others and Sakura you are the leader, understand?” Kurenai finished as she looked at the 4 girls different reactions.

“Yes.” They replied in unison again despite their feelings on there assignments.

“Good, TenTen, Hinata go with Kurenai…” Anko pointed as the two stepped to Kurenai’s side, and then smiled at Ino and Sakura.

“…You two, come with me.” Anko smirked seductively as Kurenai lead the other two to the next room, grinning at the proctor. After only 5 minutes of teaching the hand signals both groups were ready to go. The two high-ranking ninja woman stood before the girls in the bright sunny afternoon, smiling at the quickness and readiness of the young ninja girls.

“Don’t stop; don’t help anyone you are to go straight to the Rain village, deliver the scrolls and come straight back understood?” Kurenai announced again as the girls nodded.

“Kill anyone who tries to take the scrolls, even at the cost of your lives… or others, Sakura.” Anko whispered coldly as her eyes darkened on the leader of the group. Sakura held steadfast as she nodded with the authority of her rank.

“Now, GO!” Anko roared and pointed to the woods as all four turned on a dime and darted into the woods. Anko chuckled mischievously at the fleeting girls as Kurenai looked at her and asked.

“What so funny Anko?” Kurenai smiled herself as she thought the same thing.

“Let’s see what there made of.”

In the woods:

“5 feet apart, Ino, TenTen into the trees, Hinata right on me.” Sakura ordered as the girls flew into formation quickly as they all though over the mission.

“Ha, there's nothing like a little target practice.” TenTen laughed.

“I’ll do my best Kurenai-Sensei.” Hinata blushed.

“Sakura, leader! Uh, stupid billboard brow.” Ino sneered.

“Leader? Ha, that’ll put that pig in her place.” Sakura grinned.

The group carried on for what seem like hours as Sakura called a halt for a breather next to a quick flowing stream.

“Is everyone doing ok?” Sakura asked as she looked at the others and lifted her canteen to her lips. TenTen and Hinata answered with affirmative nods as Ino bit her lower lip in disgust. Sakura knew the look as she reset her canteen to her side.

“Something wrong Ino?” Sakura asked hardily and with just enough spite not to sound like a bitch.

“Oh benevolent leader, everything is wonderful I’m hungry, my feet hurt and I have to piss, but if our great messiah doesn’t need rest why should the rest of us?” Ino praised sarcastically as her hands turned to the sky. Hinata and TenTen both looked at Ino then to Sakura silently as they waited for the fireworks. Sakura’s harden face slowly turned soft as she fired back smartly.

“That don’t sound like too bad of an idea, I really got to go anyway.” Sakura said smoothly as she looked over at Ino, smiling mockingly.

“Me too, come on Hinata I’ll hold your hand.” TenTen sprung into action as she grabbed Hinata’s hand and raced into the near by bushes leaving Ino and Sakura staring intently at each other.

“You ready?” Sakura grinned as she tilted her head to the opposing bushes.

“I’m not holding your hand!” Ino snapped cruelly as she stormed pass Sakura into the brush.

“Stop messing around TenTen!” Sakura couldn’t control the smirk working up her face from Hinata’s surprised voice as she turned into Ino’s wake. The two girls found spots behind opposing trees as Sakura lower her panties and asked Ino.

“If I knew you weren’t going to hack it out here Ino I would have asked for a replacement.” Sakura hounded as she relaxed against her tree and relieved herself.

“I guess it could be worse.” Sakura sighed as she pulled her knickers up and stepped around to find Ino staring at her.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Ino grunted as she put her hands on her hips.

“Nothing, let’s go.” Sakura didn’t bother to argue as she headed back to the road. Ino sulked behind as both looked to Hinata followed by TenTen coming out the other side of the road.

“Oh that felt great, I almost pissed all over myself back there.” TenTen laughed as she nudged Hinata in the arm.

“Whatever, let’s get going.” Ino ordered as Sakura grabbed Ino’s arm and looked at TenTen.

“What the hell’s your problem Sakura?” Ino demanded as she pulled her arm away from Sakura’s grip.

“That’s not TenTen.” Sakura said quickly as she drew a kunai from her leg holder.

“Are you kidding me Sakura?” TenTen asked shortly as she tilted her head. Ino looked the weapon master over carefully as Hinata did the same.

“Ino, Hinata come on, it’s me.” TenTen said as she showed them her palms.

“Hinata, you should know TenTen better then that, this one nudged you in the arm what do you think the real TenTen would of done after saying something like that?” Sakura asked smartly as Hinata armed herself.

“She’d have slapped my ass or something preverted.” Hinata caught on as the fake TenTen smiled.

“Where’s are friend?” Sakura requested darkly as the phony TenTen smiled dreamingly at them.

“I should have grabbed the quiet one.” TenTen suggested looking at Hinata as she sprung at Sakura and Ino with weapons drawn. The three girls jumped apart as they all stared at the fake TenTen.

“Jus’ give me the scrolls and I won’t kill you all.” The replica chuckled as she licked a bit of blood from her blade. It was so quick Ino didn’t even realize she’d been cut. Sakura glanced over at the wounded girl as she knew she had to do something, she was the leader.

“Ino with me, Hinata find TenTen!” Sakura directed the others and attacked the false TenTen with Ino as Hinata focused her Byakugan into the trees.

“But I'm the real TenTen.” The fake said childishly as she blocked Sakura’s kunai and kicked Ino back.

“I’ve found her!” Hinata yelled as she raced into the brush to get her.

“Be careful Hinata we don’t know if there’s anymore of them!” Sakura hollered as Hinata disappeared from sight.

“Stop babysitting her and help me damnit!” Ino yelled jumping back as “TenTen” tried to slice her open. About 20 feet later Hinata found the real TenTen bound and struggling on the ground.

“I’ll cut you loose.” Hinata said hastily as she used a kunai to cut her friend free.

“Damn, how the hell did I get caught so easily? Hey!” TenTen bitched as she got to her feet and brushed herself off.

“I don’t… Get down!” Hinata’s eyes widened suddenly as she pushed TenTen back to the ground.

“What’s the deal Hinata?” TenTen bellowed miserably as she got to her hands and knees and turned to find a bunch of needles stuck in the ground where they had just been standing

“You should be thanking bright eyes there; it would have been boring if I’d killed you with my first attack, now hand over the scrolls before I paint the woods with your blood.” A strange metallic voice allured and threatened from a nearby tree. Both girls looked up to find a tall, masked, and cloaked figure standing on a tree branch as it twirled a kunai on it's finger.

“Over my dead body!” TenTen spun and threw two handful shurikens at the figure as Hinata threw a second barrage. The ninja stars hit dead on as the figure fell from the tree.

“Got ya.” TenTen smiled at Hinata as the two watched the body fall. TenTen smile quickly faded as the body transformed into a log and hit the ground.

“That was pathetic, now it’s my turn.” The figure ridiculed as it raced from the bushes and attacked both girls.

“God damnit Sakura this is'in good.” Ino panted next to Sakura.

“What’s wrong, you leaf sluts getting tried already?” The fake asked provocatively as her eyes darted between the two girls.

"Shut your mouth bitch!" Enraged, the two attacked again. Ino threw a combo of punches as Sakura tried to out flank her. The girl laughed as she kick Ino across the face and turned to counter Sakura.

"It won't work." The fake smiled and punched Sakura in the face. Sakura's form exploded as the fake was taken by surprise.

"A clone?!?" The girl turned again to the real Sakura right on top of her, her fist bearing down on her. The punch was right and true as it sent the fake TenTen flying. Ino was on her feet instantly as she jumped back to Sakura's side

“Hinata and TenTen must have gotten into trouble too; you head back to the village for backup while I hold her off for you.” Sakura ordered as she cracked her neck, glaring at the enemy.

“What!? No way, you go back for backup and I'll take this bitch out!” Ino snapped as she poked the pink-haired ninja in the chest.

“I'm in charge here, so do what you’re fucking told Ino!” Sakura slapped Ino in the mouth roughly as she stared darkly at her old child hood friend. Ino held her cheek in contempt as she turned and ran back the way they had come.

“Damn you Sakura!”

Ino's mind yelled as she fought the tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Ino.” Sakura moaned as she looked at her hand.

“Hehehe, you act like children.” The figure laughed slowly, waiting patiently. Sakura spun around to see TenTen turn into a short, blonde girl.

"I can't believe you actually got me with a shitty little jutsu." The girl’s mismatched green and blue eyes focused threateningly on Sakura as she spit some blood on the ground.

“You shouldn’t have sent her off, because now you fuckin’ DIE!!!” The girl screamed inhumanly as she sprinted at Sakura with her fist at the ready.

Elsewhere Hinata sighed weakly, her knees buckling under her. She fell on hard on top on of an unconscious TenTen as they both moaned lowly.

“What a disappointment.” The masked figure removed her mask and shook back her long black hair.

“Better luck next sweetie.” The woman fluttered her red eyes as she pulled the Hyuuga girl's hair back and kissed her cheek.

“Get up whore!” The blonde girl shrieked aggressively as she kicked Sakura’s limp body repeatedly.

“That’s enough, come on let’s head back.” The masked woman announced as she came out of the brush and with Hinata over her shoulder and dragging TenTen by her collar.

“I’m going to make this bitch pay for what she did!” The girl snapped as she spit blood in Sakura's face and kicked her again.

Back in their prison cell the girls awoke suddenly as the door flung open.

“Wake up you leaf cunt bitches!!!” The voice screamed brutally as it stormed into the room. Sakura and TenTen rolled on to their knees quickly as Hinata had some trouble.

“Hey, which one was it again?” The voice yelled back into the hall as a shadow filled the doorway. Sakura knew from the voice in the cell it was the girl she had fought with earlier.

“The dark-haired one with the pretty white eyes.” Chuckled the 2nd voice as Hinata whimpered.

“On your feet bitch and don’t try anything funny or I break ya’ arm, got me?” The 1st voice snapped as she yanked Hinata to her feet, twisting her arm painfully.

“You’re coming with us honey, that blonde is getting kinda lonely.” The 2nd voice chuckled again as Sakura yelled.

“You better not hurt my friends! Or I swear to god I’ll see you both dead before night.” Sakura threatened, body trembling and teeth snarling.

“Ohhhh don’t worry we’re not going to hurt you friends. we’re just getting them ready for a little show tonight.” The 1st girl laughed as she licked up the side of Hinata’s face and pushed her to the door.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourselves, now get some rest you got a ass load of explaining about them scrolls.” The 2nd leered as she grabbed Hinata tightly and sucked on her ear.

"S-Sakura, T-TenT..." Hinata whined meekly as the two girl shut the door and headed down the hall.

To be continued... 


Chapter 15

Title: Hyuuga ties: Training

[Author's notes: Hanabi gets into some unseen trouble with her sister and...]

“I’m not going to make it!”

Hanabi though to herself as she raced down the streets of the Leaf village. She had been constantly training all afternoon and now she needed to pee and badly.

“Damn you Ino-sensai!”

The young Hyuuga ran full speed, dodging people in the road as she headed for the Hyuuga estate just in front of her. She moved passed the gate and into the main garden.

“This is bad, I’m going to…”

Hanabi quickly jumped behind some bushes into the thick of the main flowerbed. She thanked herself for wearing a slip today as she squatted down. She didn’t even pull her panties down as she pulled a kunai from her leg holder and cut them at her hip.

Hanabi sighed deeply as a hot stream of urine sprayed the lush flowering between her legs. She had never had to piss so bad in her life, but this was almost godly. Hanabi moaned with a final shudder as she picked up her panties and wiped herself. Suddenly Hanabi’s ninja sense went off as she turned swiftly to her left to see Hinata staring at her eating an apple, calmly.

“H-Hinata-sama!” Hanabi stood up instantly in the orange and yellow flowerbed as her face flushed red.

“It’s not w-what you think.” Hanabi balled up her damp panties behind her back as she jumped back over the bushes.

“You pissed outside in the yard like a dog, that’s what I saw; I really don’t have to think this one out.” Smiled Hinata as she licked a bit of the apple’s juice from her lower lip.

“Y-You won’t say anything, will you?” Hanabi walked nervously to her sister.

“What? That you pissed in mother’s garden?” Hinata sneered, she knew if her mother found out she would ring Hanabi’s neck.

“Please Hinata-sama?” Hanabi begged as she stuffed her underwear into her weapon pouch strapped to her back.
Hinata thought it over as she grinned slyly.

“I guess I could keep my mouth, but then again I could…” Hinata continued to ponder aloud.

“Please I’ll do anything.” Groaned Hanabi as she grabbed her sister’s empty hand.

“I’ll think about it, bite?” Hinata offered as she held out her half eaten apple. Hanabi shook her head as she looked at her sister distressingly.

“Suit yourself, later pee-pee-chan.” Hinata shrugged and walked off.

“But Hinata-sama!” Hanabi yelled after her sister, but Hinata only replied with a raised hand and disappeared around a corner.

“What’s all the yelling about Hanabi-kun?” Hanabi turned around to find her mother Mizuki Hyuuga coming out of her room with a strict face. Her mother was a tall, beautiful woman. Many women of the Leaf envied her looks and lifestyle, but that was only skin-deep she could as be as cruel as her father was, if not worse.

“It’s nothing mother.” Hanabi said quickly as she focused on keeping her posture straight. Their mother prided herself on proper female edict of noble families. She didn’t like the idea of her daughters becoming ninja, it was inappropriate for girls to run around sweating and getting dirty.

“You two shouldn’t fight, it’s not ladylike.” Mizuki fixed her eyes sharply on her youngest daughter as she folded her arms into her robes. She could easily tell if her children were lying, their telltale’s were simple enough. Hinata tapped her index fingers together so childishly it was embarrassing, while Hanabi fidgeted a lot.

“Are you sure? You wouldn’t lie to your own mother would you?” Mizuki raised her eyebrows as Hanabi remained completely still and shook her head.

“Ok, I’m going to water the garden now go get cleaned up and…” Mizuki smiled as Hanabi quickly interrupted her.

“No, I’ll water it for you; I’m still dirty so please allow me to do it.” Hanabi bowed her head as she waited for her mother to reply. Mizuki just looked down at the girl as her thoughts raised an interesting point.

“It’s funny Hanabi dear; you’ve never asked me to water my garden before.” Mizuki tilted her head shortly as her eyes pierced into the top of her daughter’s bowed head.

“I know, but you’re the one always tell us to do more feminine things, so allow me, please?” Hanabi felt like she was going to lose this watering chore to her mother as the woman sighed softly.

“Fine, but be careful and make sure you water the whole garden, understand?” The Hyuuga woman instructed.

“Yes ma’am.” Hanabi’s face rose with a smile as she raced off the enclosed porch to the small gardening shack at the far end of the estate.

“That was close.”

Hanabi breathed out as she opened the door and reached in for the water hose. Mizuki watched Hanabi get busy watering with a seductive grin on her face as she turned and headed back to her room. After three hour of watering the whole garden and the sun slowly setting, Hanabi drug herself to her room. As soon a she closed her door, she dropped to the floor and moaned aloud.

“That took forever.” Hanabi started to undress on the floor as she realized she need to take a shower in the worse way, but then a knock came to the door.

“Who is it?” Hanabi asked lightly as she stood up naked in the middle of her room.

“I-It’s Momoki Hyuuga, I was sent to g-give you a message.” Momoki was part of the third branch of the Hyuuga’s great tree. She was a very shy and meek girl with glasses and Hanabi just loved to tease her verbally and sexually every time they met.

“Yes, come in Momoki.” Hanabi sneered viciously as she knew Momoki was going to freak out when she walked through the door. Momoki opened the door to find Hanabi playing with herself with a lusty glare in her eyes.

“Uhhh, oh god I’m sorry! H-Hanabi-sama I d-didn’t know you were n-naked, I’ll w-wait outside.” Momoki stuttered wildly as she bowed to her knees instantly and tried to back out the door on them. Hanabi swiftly got behind the girl as she pushed the door shut.

“I’m just teasing Momoki.” Hanabi laughed as she jumped on the poor girls back and covered her glasses with her semi-sticky fingers.

“Ewwww Hanabi-sama that’s gross!” Protested Momoki as she took off her glass and cleared them on the bottom of her shirt. Hanabi climbed off the shy girl with a giggle as she stood in front of her and turned her back on her.

“I’m sorry Momoki-chan; here you can put your fingers anywhere in my body you want.” Hanabi leered as she leaned forward and looked back at Momoki between her legs with her mouth open.

“Please Hanabi I jus’ want to deliver this message and go home, so please listen.” Momoki moaned as Hanabi started to shake her ass at her and flick her tongue.

“Fine, fine, let me hear it.” Hanabi pouted as she leaned back up and jumped on to her bed.

“Uhhh, yes, your mother and sister sent me to invite you to tea in the gazebo in an hour.” Momoki reported as she got to her feet.

“Yeah, tell them I’ll be there.” Hanabi groaned.

“Yes Hanabi-sama.” Momoki turned and headed out of the room without a word as Hanabi watched Momoki leave then looked up at her ceiling.

“Tea with mother and sis? How boring.”

Hanabi rolled her eyes then closed them.

Elsewhere the young Momoki sat outside the main Hyuuga’s gazebo on her knees.

“Come in Momoki.” A soft voice requested as the girl opened the door, stepped in and bowed down.

“Hanabi-sama will come, may I leave now?” Momoki asked pettily as she didn‘t look up from the floor. Mizuki smiled at the girl as she looked to Hinata and nodded.

“Not yet.” Hinata sneered as she raised two fingers on her hand, lighting the cross on her forehead, which caused Momoki to scream aloud.

Hanabi whistled to herself as she headed out of her room, fresh and clean to meet her mother and sister.

“God this is going to be lame.”

Hanabi pouted as she crossed the yard and climbed up the gazebo‘s steps.

“I’m here.” Hanabi opened the door to find her mother and Hinata sitting quietly, chatting.

“About time, we figured you’d be too tired to join us after all that watering today.” Hinata grinned menacingly as she looked up at her sporty sister. Hanabi bit back a rude comment, as she knew what Hinata was doing.

“Yes, you did a great job, thank you.” Mizuki smiled with a nod as Hanabi made her way to the two.

“Ahhh, before you sit down will you grab something sweet out of my chest over there?” Mizuki pointed to a footlocker-sized box against the far wall. Hanabi knelt down in front of the box as strange sounds started coming from the box and opened it.

“What the FUCK!?!” Swinging the top open Hanabi fell back, not to the floor but into her sister’s arms.

“What’s wrong Hanabi, didn’t find anything sweet?” Hinata giggled as she forced her sister forward to look into the box.

It was Momoki; she was completely naked and covered in sweat with a blue ball gag snug in her mouth. Her arms and legs bound tightly with leather straps, forcing her into a fetal position. The strange sounds from before were two dildo’s buzzing wildly in her cunt and ass, making her cum repeatedly. Momoki turned her head up slowly, tears falling from behind her glasses as she started mumbling mindlessly.

“Shut up! No talking in the box!” Hinata yelled violently as she slapped the tortured girl in the face a couple of times.

“That’s enough Hinata, take her out.” Mizuki ordered sipping her tea as if nothing was wrong.

“W-Why did you do that to her?” Hanabi asked almost too fearful to find out the answer.

“You shut up too, you’re fucking next.” The older Hyuuga turned and punched Hanabi in the face as the young girl rolled back to where her mother sat. Shaking her head Hanabi looked up to see Mizuki’s hand palm her face and squeezed. Even thought Mizuki was a proper, well-mannered woman, but she was also very powerful and one to be feared. Hanabi screamed as it felt like her mom’s fingers were digging into her skull.

“Now get undress Hanabi dear.” Mizuki whispered as she threw Hanabi back.

“Are you ready to please us?” Hinata lifted Momoki out of the box, undid her straps and ball gag. Momoki squirmed on the floor as she tried to pull the vibrators out.

“Ohhh no you don’t, you take them out and you’ll be punished without mercy, understand?” Hinata pinched Momoki’s nose roughly and lifted her to her knees. Hanabi could do nothing but stare in awe at what they were doing to one of their own.

“You’re fucking next!”

Hinata's words made Hanabi swallow hard as Hinata continued to toy with Momoki. Sex, sweat and spit drip from every inch and orifice of Momoki‘s body as she just trembled and feebly in place.

“Here Momoki.” Mizuki motioned with a curling finger as she opened the bottom of her robe, unveiling her clean-shaven pussy. Momoki tried to get to her feet as Hinata kicked the back of her legs out.

“On all four! Like the dirty little bitch-dog you are!” Hinata yelled wickedly as she kicked Momoki’s ass dildo deeper inside her, forcing her to crash forward. Momoki yelp harshly, her arms failed to hold her weight as she dove face first into Mizuki‘s crotch.

“Ready to please? Hinata help your sister. I don‘t think she heard what I said earlier.” Mizuki purred and ordered as Momoki wasted no time on what to do between the woman’s long, creamy, legs. Hinata quickly turned her attention to her sister with a lusty leer.

“Now it’s your turn, sis.”

Hinata darted straight for Hanabi with her charka focused at her fingertips. Catching Hanabi a little off guard Hinata ripped through Hanabi's shirt as she rolled out of the way.

“What’s going on here?” Panic started to grip Hanabi as Hinata stared maliciously at her.

“Just do what you’re told, and get undress and maybe I won’t hurt you… too much.” Hinata sneered devilishly as she attacked her sister again.

“She’s too fast!”

Hinata swiftly paralyzed Hanabi’s arms and legs in a flash of a second and pinned her to the floor.

“Poor Hanabi-kun.” Hinata pulled off the rest of her sister’s cloths and awed at her naked body.

“So cute.” Hinata licked up the side of Hanabi's face.

“Hinata dear, stop messing around.” Mizuki moaned, holding Momoki’s head in place. With a quick nod, Hinata got off Hanabi and walked to a tall wardrobe. After gathering a few things, she returned to Hanabi’s side.

“What is that stuff for?” Hanabi asked meekly as Hinata laid out an assortment of items. Hinata didn’t answer as she wrapped a black collar around Hanabi’s neck and opened a jar of clear white fluid.

“Training, you’re a dog when you wear this and nothing else. You will act and behave like one until mother decides otherwise…” Hinata explained as Hanabi cut her off.

“You can’t fucking do this. Let me GO!!!” Hanabi roared and flailed with her limp limbs.

“Dogs can’t talk, so I guess we’ll go straight for the intense training.” Hinata sighed as she scooped her hand in the jar and started wiping it over Hanabi’s naked firm body.

“Ohhhh you’re going to love this, this is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs on the market, it will make your body burn with lust in seconds and you’ll go crazy for release.” Hinata smirked as she rubbed the cream thickly between Hanabi’s legs as the naked girl twisted and turned on the floor.

“No, stop, I don't want…” Hanabi suddenly felt dizzy as Hinata rubbed the aphrodisiac into her sister‘s neck.

“See? It’s already working.” Hinata groaned hotly as she crept her sticky fingers into Hanabi’s mouth and started pumping them in and out.

“Hinata dear, I’ll take over from here, go entertain yourself with Momoki for awhile.” Mizuki stood imposingly over her daughters.

“Yes ma’am.” Hinata nodded somberly and got up.

“Does it feel good, doggie?” Mizuki got to her knees and leaned over Hanabi.

“Mom, stop.” Hanabi moaned as Mizuki shook her head.

“Woof is yes, bark is no, you’re a dog now, remember!” Mizuki picked up an anal plug with a tail on it and rammed it into Hanabi’s taut asshole.

“NOOO!!!” Hanabi hollered as the dildo went all the way in.

“Still don’t want to behave?” Mizuki grinned as she picked up a white vibrator and turned it on. Hanabi shrieked and came in the same instant as the stiff member stabbed deeply into her womb. As much as Hanabi fought the drug, it was useless, her body was giving in by the second and her mind reeled in lust and confusion.

“Please… don’t.” Hanabi moaned lightly as Mizuki looked at Hinata standing over Momoki, who had her face planted deeply in Hinata’s crotch.

“Stubborn is’ in she? Maybe some time in the box will break her spirit’s a little.” Mizuki said hotly as Hinata pushed Momoki back and stepped towards her mother. Hanabi began to lose coherent though as she started barking and cumming to and on herself.

“I’m not listening to that.” Hinata said sharply as she picked up Momoki’s ball gag and stuffed it in Hanabi’s mouth. Mizuki lifted Hanabi into the box as the young Hyuuga looked up at the pair.

“That reminds me; I never properly thanked you for watering my garden earlier.” Mizuki smirked with Hinata as they both uncovered themselves and spread their perfectly shaped cunts at Hanabi.

“Y-You told h-her?” Hanabi whimpered as she looked at her sister. Hinata shook her head as Mizuki aimed her opened pussy at Hanabi’s face.

“My eyes see everything!” Mizuki said sternly as she and Hinata began to piss on Hanabi’s encased body. Hanabi just let the hot streams soak her skin, as her body was already covered in her own sex and sweat, like Momoki before her. She just closed her eyes as they locked her in the box with nothing but the sweet humming between her legs.

The End

[End notes:

Momoki and Mizuki are made I don't really know who Hinata's mom or if they have a cousin named that.

 I seriously haven't done anything over the holiday's. I'm sorry I'll get some more posted ASAP.



Chapter 16

Title: Girl's Will II

[Author's notes: Ohhhhhhhhhh jus' read me!]

“What are we going to do Sakura? They got Ino too, this is bad.” TenTen looked over a Sakura as the pink haired girl sighed and looked to the ceiling.

“I don’t know, I jus’ hope someone noticed we didn’t show up or something.” Sakura struggled around as her body started to cramp.

“That’s shit Sakura, we need to come up with a plan like jumping those bitches and getting the hell out of here.” TenTen growled as she spit of the ground.

“We don’t know where we are or how tough them two are, we jus’ have to wait.” Sakura rolled her shoulders as TenTen kicked her.

“Wait?!? Fucking waiting is going to get us killed, we need to get out of here and fuck delivering them scrolls.” TenTen barked as she rolled around swearing. Suddenly the door swung open as the two figures filled the doorway.

“Everything is ready, I hope you girls enjoy the show.” The 1st menacing voice giggled as they lifted both girls to their feet.

“Fuck you!” TenTen yelled as she twisted wildly in her restraints.

“I’m getting sick and fucking tired of telling you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” The voice punched the brown haired girl in the face. TenTen grunted roughly as she stumbled forward and hit the ground.

“Jus’ do what your told, or my friend here is going to make your lives a living hell.” The 2nd voice suggested as the 1st kicked and stomped TenTen without restrain.

“On your feet whore!” The 1st voice demanded as she lifted TenTen back to her feet. Sakura remained silent as the 4 girls continued down the hall. A strange feeling flushed over Sakura as she knew something was wrong.

“Here we are.” The 2nd announced as she opened a heavy door and pushed the two leaf ninja in. The two fell to the ground as their capturers took off their blindfolds. The white and bright room hurt their eyes from been held in the dark for so long. As their eyes adjust the two girls analyzed the room, it was spotless, with strange tracks on the ceiling with a set of swinging door to the far end. TenTen and Sakura snarled at the two deviant women as they stood demandingly over the two.

The first was the girl Sakura had fought, her miss matched eyes glared ruthlessly at her as the other one was still cloaked with a wicked grinning mask that seem to be laughing at them.

“Now, its time for the show to begin.” The masked one walked into the swing door as the other kicked TenTen again for no reason.

“We’re going to find how to open them scrolls and your going to tell us.” The dark girl laughed as something moaned from behind the swinging door.

“I’m not tell you shi…” TenTen began as the swinging door reveled something unreal.

“No.” Sakura gasped as the masked woman pulled Hinata and Ino hanging naked, chained to a hook to the track on the ceiling.

Ino was in terrible shape, she looked like she had been beaten within an inch of her life. She had bruises all over her body, her nose was broke, her left eye was swollen shut, and she had a deep gash in her left arm.

Hinata was the complete opposite, her creamy white skin was flawless, her face still cute and intact. Hinata looked fearfully at TenTen and Sakura as Ino looked like she didn’t even know where she was.

“What are you going to do to us now?” Sakura ordered out of place as the masked girl turned to her.

“Torture sweet heart, and you get to watch front row seat. Don’t worry, I‘m good at making people feeling good, but…” The mask woman turned back to Hinata as a set of senbon fell from her sleeve into her hand and swiftly jabbed them in Hinata’s chest.

“Sorry, my Acupuncture is a little off.” The mask girl chuckled as Hinata wormed wildly as the pins danced wildly on her chest.

“Leave, her, ALONE!!!” Sakura snapped as she rose to feet and glaring at her capturer.

“Take me! Leave to the other alone!” Sakura yelled as she slid her chained hands down her pants and panties.

“You dirty little whore.”

To be continued…

[End notes:

You love or hate it!!!




Chapter 17

Title: I love to hate you

It was a hot summer day as Sakura sat against the outside of one of the storage sheds on the outskirts of the village, next to TenTen who was stuffing her face with her lunch. The pink-haired girl looked to the bright blue sky as her thoughts flowed in and out.

“Why did we throw are friendship away over a boy?”

Sakura had asked herself the same question over and over. Ino had been her first real friend; she had helped Sakura over come her self-conciseness of her big forehead that the others use to tease her about. They spend all their time together playing in the woods until nightfall, helping each other with their chores, everything!

Until one day Sakura learned that Ino was in love with the same boy as her, Sasuke. After that the two had became bitter enemies and fought every chance they had to win his affection, even drawing blood to prove it.

“What’ca thinking about Sakura?” TenTen asked, slurping up her noodles as she looked over at the green-eyed ninja girl.

“Nothing.” Sakura lied as she was’ in really thinking about something, it was actually someone.

“But why do I still care about you, Ino?”

“Hey, are you going to eat that?” TenTen interrupted Sakura’s thoughts again as she pointed her chopsticks to Sakura’s untouched bowl of noodles.

“I will.” Sakura lied again; she was’ in really that hungry. She hadn’t been eating good or sleeping well for the last few days. She told everyone it was from the Chuunin exams coming up, but really it was because she couldn’t stop thinking about Ino.

“Hey Sakura, I think we’re being watched.” TenTen whispered tenderly as she nodded her head to the corner of the shed. Sakura nodded as she reached into her leg holder swiftly and flung a kunai into the corner of the wooden shed.

“Please stop, its jus’ me!” A feebly voice cried out as it's owner came into view.

“Hinata?" Why the hell are you spying on us?” Sakura asked consolingly as she had almost put a kunai in the young girl's face.

“Not spying, I-I-I was jus’ wondering…” Hinata blushed shyly as her white eyes looked round for something else besides the two girls. “…If I could join you?”

“Of course you can Hinata.” Sakura smiled brightly as she put Ino in the back of her mind.

“Thank you.” Hinata exhaled deeply like she had just finished a hard test or intense training. TenTen snickered at Hinata as the white-eyed girl sat closely in front of Sakura on her knees like a servant girl. Hinata smiled at both girls as her eyesight wondered down to Sakura’s bowl. Hinata’s mouth started to water as she stared hungrily at Sakura’s untouched food. Sakura looked down at the bowl then to the hopeful Hinata and sighed.

“You can have it if you like.” Sakura smiled cheerfully as she lifted her bowl to the hungry girl.

“No, I couldn’t.” Hinata shook her head in protest as her stomach growled loudly.

“Jus’ eat it, I’m not hungry.” Sakura assured quickly as she pushed the bowl at Hinata. Hinata’s hands came up slowly and cupped the warm bowl. The delicious smell rose and filled Hinata’s nose as a small moan slipped from her lips.

“Thank you, Sakura-chan.” Hinata thanked meekly as her strange eyes started to water.

“Please jus’ eat, your starving.” Sakura pointed out belatedly as she waited for Hinata to stop thanking her and eat. Hinata nodded silently and began eating like a savage.

“I though you said you were going to eat that?” TenTen pouted childishly as she watched Hinata scarf down TenTen's 2nd helping.

“I lied…” Sakura shot the brown-eyed girl a menacing look. “… And you still haven’t finished your own.” Sakura could still see food in TenTen’s bowl as she turned her attention back to Hinata. Sakura grinned in appreciation of the Hyuuga’s appetite as a strange question arose, fading the smile from her face.

“Hinata, where’s your lunch?” Sakura asked worriedly as she never seen Hinata without her small white and black lunchbox before. Hinata tilted the bowl over her face hastily and almost choked on her food as she started to eat her lunch like she was eating her last. Sakura glanced over at TenTen who shrugged back.

“Hinata, please answer me.” Sakura pressed Hinata a little harder for info, as she knew the bowl was empty. Hinata slowly lowered her bowl as Sakura and TenTen stared at her.

“I forgot it.” Hinata mumbled uncomfortably as she knew the two girls weren’t going to buying it.

“That’s not likely, your not one to forget Hinata.” TenTen reminded Hinata accurately as she set her empty bowl down.

“Someone must have taken it she can’t even look at me and she’s fidgeting.”

“Who are you trying to protect?” TenTen asked carefully as she scooted closer to Hinata.

“I-I-I can’t say.” Hinata whimpered faintly as her hands covered her face.

“Yes you can, tell us now.” Sakura began to lose her patients with Hinata’s coyness.

“She said she’d beat me up if I told anyone.” Hinata’s body trembled cagily as she uncovered her face. Tears streamed down Hinata’s face as her lower lip quivered.

“She? Ino!” Sakura and TenTen yelled in unison as they jumped to their feet.

“No, please, don’t, I don’t want to make trouble, jus’ let it go.” Hinata begged mercifully as she grabbed a handful of each girl’s clothes.

“She can’t just take things that don’t belong to her, come on!” Sakura announced brashly as she grabbed Hinata’s hand and yanked her to her feet. The three moved swiftly along the tree line, Sakura in the lead, towing the reluctant Hinata with TenTen picking her teeth behind them.

“Same spot, anytime.”

Sakura walked confidently as she knew exactly where to find Ino. Ino and Sakura had a special spot they always met at when they were younger, a large tree at the edge of the village with craved lines entwining down the middle of it. Sakura wondered if after their falling out if Ino ever went out there anymore. The tree came into view as Sakura’s heart sank at not seeing Ino.

“Where are we going anyway?” TenTen yawned noisily as she scratched her belly out of boredom.

“Don’t worry about it…” Sakura snapped back and spotted what she was looking for.


Sakura raced to the front of the tree, staring at a pair of legs sticking out around the side of the tree.

“Same spot, anytime.” A voice mocked from around the tree as Sakura worked her way around to the voice.

“Ino! Why did you do it?” Sakura demanded, as she looked down at Ino leaning back lazily against the tree, tossing an green apple repeatedly into the air. The blonde grinned up at Sakura with cool blue eyes as she gripped the apple tightly.

“You look mad, did a little birdie tell you something terrible?” Ino asked wolfishly as TenTen and Hinata came up behind Sakura.

“I heard, but why?” Sakura demanded again as Ino got to her feet.

“No reason really, jus’ to prove that I’m the best genin kunoichi in the leaf village.” Ino smirked arrogantly as she tossed back her long blonde hair.

“That reminds me; I wonder if that little birdie remembers what I said I’d do if she squawked?” Ino’s eyes shifted darkly as she whipped the apple at Hinata who gripped TenTen tightly. Sakura’s cat like reflexes tensed instantly as she sliced the apple in two with her kunai.

“Leave her alone, you have no right to bully others Ino, now give back Hinata’s lunchbox.” Sakura ordered firmly as she reloaded her dagger.

“Your right Sakura, here Hinata.” Ino smiled in contempt at the apple slices spinning on the ground as she picked up the lunchbox. Hinata let go of TenTen and walked over to Ino carefully.

“I’m sorry...” Ino’s apology was dull as a blunt sword as she held out the lunchbox in front of her, looking down at Hinata. Just before Hinata could grip it Ino dropped it and kicked it to pieces.

“…That you’re such a poor excuse for a ninja.” Ino barked as she unloaded a stunning roundhouse, which caught the side of Hinata’s face that sent her crashing to the ground.

“Hinata!” TenTen lurched forward at Ino in a blind rage with fists at the ready.

“No TenTen!” Sakura warned as Ino unleashed two handfuls of deadly needles. TenTen’s mid-air attack came to a standstill as she covered her face and throat from the ruthless onslaught. Needles stuck into TenTen’s arms, legs, and chest as she hit the ground next Hinata.

“TenTen! Get Hinata out of here!” Sakura yelled fiercely as lifted her dagger filled fists at Ino. TenTen grunted painfully, holding her arm and nodded.

“Be careful Sakura.” TenTen declared as she scooped up the unconscious girl and hit the ground running.

“And then there was one.” Ino grinned emulously as two kunai appeared in her hands. Sakura couldn’t believe that Ino had just disabled Hinata and TenTen so quickly. But Sakura couldn’t just let Ino get away with what she did.

“She has to pay!”

“I’ll make you pay for what you did to the others!” Sakura yelled rushing at Ino with her kunai at the ready.

“Be my guest!” Ino yelled as she raced at her ex-friend, her blades leading the forefront. Both screamed viciously as their blades clinked. Sakura’s green eyes glared meanly in Ino’s blues as they leered back. The two attacked each other like wild wind currents as their arms, legs, hands, and feet missed and connected at different parts of their bodies.


Sakura knew she had found an opening in Ino’s defense as Ino found the same one and struck. Both girls’ fists crashed into each other’s jaws, sending them both spiraling to the ground. Sakura rolled over slowly as she looked over to Ino getting up.

“Is this worth it Ino? Are you happy?” Sakura yelled as she staggered to her feet. Ino spit blood on the ground as she only made it to her hands and knees.

“Yes it is whatever it takes to make you mine.” Ino smiled as she looked up at Sakura and threw a kunai.

The shock of Ino’s words was quick, but the pain was slow and agonizing as it spread from her leg to her brain. Sakura looked down at the blade sticking out her thigh and fell back. Sakura could hear Ino’s laughter rise as it moved closer to her.

“Oh Sakura, you might know everything about being a good ninja, but you’ll never be a great ninja.” Ino smirked as she stood over Sakura and yanked out her kunai. Sakura grunted excruciatingly as Ino’s blade left a bloody hole.

“That doesn’t matter; you’ll never take Sasuke from me!” Sakura screamed as she gripped her bleeding leg. Sakura’s love hate relationship for Ino became a jumble of emotions; she wanted to scream at the top of lungs.

“You don’t get it do Sakura? I never really wanted Sasuke I just said that to tease you.” Ino smiled sweetly as she pulled a first aid kit from her belt and knelt down next to Sakura. Sakura watched in surprise as Ino unwrapped a bandage for her.

“Your lying, and don’t touch me.” Sakura jerked away from Ino as the blonde frowned. Ino started to realize she had cut Sakura deeply as blood streamed down the pink haired girl’s leg.

“With her angry and thrashing about like that, she’ll lose more blood by the second.”

“Let me help Sakura, you’re bleeding badly.” Ino cold external sentiment melted away as a softer internal emotion grew in its place.

“I don’t need your help you two-faced bitch!” Sakura roared as she snarled her teeth at Ino. Sakura felt dizzy, as stars appeared in her vision.

“Maybe Ino’s right, maybe I am losing a lot of blood.”

“You still don’t understand, I never wanted Sasuke…” Ino blushed as she applied medicine and covered Sakura’s wound. “…I wanted you, Sakura.” Sakura’s anger and pain vanished in an instant at Ino’s confession.

“Do y-you mean that?” Sakura asked weakly as she watched Ino patch up her leg with a concerned look on her face. Ino remained silent as she focused intently on Sakura’s wound.

“Ino?” Sakura asked again as she put her hand on Ino’s blood covered hand. Ino looked up at the injured girls face with tears growing in her eyes as her emotions erupted.

“Yes Sakura I do! I know I act like a bitch its because I’m jealous, I’m jealous of Sasuke, I thought it was a little crush for you so I provoked you, but when you fell for him, I was crushed…” Ino wrapped Sakura’s wound tighter as it bled through with disregard to Ino’s efforts.

“It just when from bad to worst from there and I was just too proud to tell you how I felt and now you’re hurt because of me!” Ino confessed as she broke down.

“Don’t cry Ino, you look silly.” Sakura moaned dreamily as she eyes rolled around in her head.

“She’s delirious.”

“R-really?” Ino sobbed loudly as she wiped her tears with the back of her forearms.

“Yeah it does, I wished I was’ in so tired I really like to talk to you...” Sakura explained shortly as her green eyes swelled up.

“You’ve lost a lot of blood, you need medical help so jus’ stay with me ok.” Ino sniffled, as she needed to get Sakura serious help.

“Ok, I’m jus’ going to close my eyes for awhile.” Sakura blinked slowly until they stayed close.

“Sakura! Wake up! Please open your eyes!” Ino’s desperation gripped her as she shook Sakura. Sakura’s head slumped without response.


“Where I’m I?” Sakura’s eyes blinked open as she looked up around at the white curtain walls that surrounded her.

“The medical dojo.” A familiar voice answered as Sakura looked over and smiled. TenTen and Hinata stood in the corner of whiteness as they both smiled back.

“I’m glad you’re ok.” Sakura breathed as she leaned up. A slow throbbing announced itself as she came upright. Sakura thought about the pain as she looked at the damaged Ino had left on the others. Hinata left cheek was bruised as TenTen’s arms and legs were wrapped in bandages, with patches under her shirt.

“So are we, I’m glad you both didn’t get killed by that gang of ninja.” TenTen blinked in amazement.

“Gang of ninja?” Sakura asked as she waited to hear more.

“Yeah, the nurse said you and Ino were attacked by a gang of ninja after we left.” Hinata continued as she gripped her new lunchbox, blushing.

“Ino? Where is she?” Sakura questioned as she shifted in place.

“Across from you.” TenTen pointed across the room.

“Is she ok?” Concerned, Sakura touched her leg as she remembered she hadn’t hurt Ino.

“She’s got the same wound as you.” TenTen set her chin on Hinata’s shoulder as she looked down.

“Are you going to eat that?” TenTen beamed down at the lunchbox in the white-eyed ninja hands as Hinata shrugged off TenTen and she stepped forward.

“I made this for you, it’s hot.” Hinata smiled bashfully as she set the box in front of Sakura. Sakura’s face redden as she open the container.

“Thank you Hinata.” Sakura grinned as she smelled her favorite, Chicken-a-dobo with white rice.

“I hope you like it.” Hinata blushed deeply, stepping back to TenTen as a voice rose up behind them.

“Visiting time is over; you can come back and see her tomorrow.” The nurse ordered as she held part of Sakura’s white curtain wall for the girls.

“Ok, Bye Sakura.” Both girls nodded and walked out as the nurse moved next to the bed and tucked Sakura in.

“Your chakra is amazing, you healed pretty fast; now just get a little more rest.” The nurse smiled as she leaned up and headed out.

“Gang of ninja? Same wound?”

Sakura’s thoughts consumed her as she sat in silence. Sakura laid back as she closed her eyes for more rest.

“Where I’m I?” Ino eyes blinked open as she looked up around at the darkness that surrounded her.

“The medical dojo.” A familiar voice answered as Ino felt something bounce at the end of her bed. Ino looked hard into the shadows as a face filled into the single beam of moonlight across her bed.

“Sakura?” Startled, Ino panicked as she thought Sakura would blind-side her for what she did.

“Hehehe yeah, are you ok?” Sakura wondered as she scooted farer up to the head of the bed.

“Yeah the ninja…” Ino started as Sakura cut her off.

“No ninja, how did you get hurt?” Sakura demanded softly as she pulled Ino’s blanket, exposing bandaged leg.

“I did it to myself, happy?” Ino turned her nose up and away from Sakura as she hid her blushing face.

“Another thing…” Ino turned back to continue her tongue lashing as Sakura leaned forward and kissed Ino’s complaining lips. Ino paused with astonishment as Sakura twisted her lips to hers, moaning. Sakura leaned back smiling at Ino's dumbfounded look as she didn’t know what to think or do.

“Thanks for saving me from the “gang of ninja” Ino.” Sakura mocked sweetly as she stood up and walked back to her bed.

“I love to hate you.”

Both girls smirked hysterically, as Ino flopped back onto her bed as Sakura jumped into hers.

[End notes: It's not the most craziest piece I have, but it's a homeless one shot that needed a home.]

Chapter 18

Title: The "Deflowering"

The noon sun shone brightly on the tower of fire, as heavy moaning echoed from the fifth hokage’s office.

“Lady Tsunde?” A short, dark-haired woman knocked at her sensei’s door and gripped the doorknob. The moaning got louder as Shizune slowly opened the door and stepped in.

“What is it?” Demanded the fifth Hokage as she stopped thrusting her hips into a lovely blonde girl’s ass.

“I have the reports from the last mission and…” Shizune reported softly, closing the door as Tsunde cut her off.

“Can’t you see I’m fucking busy?” Lady Tsunde continued thrusting her hips as a large strap-on dildo penetrated the young flower girl bent over her desk. Ino Yamanaka panted hotly with her hands tied behind her back as the leader of the village hidden in the leafs continued to shag her pink little pussy relentlessly.

“I know, but it’s very important.” Shizune explained sternly as she looked down at Ino drooling on the desk, then back to her sensai. Ino lifted her head and cried out with pleasure as spit ran down the sides of her grinning mouth.

“Shut up slut!” Tsunde ordered as she slammed Ino’s face into her desk violently, breaking her nose. Blood ran down Ino’s nose as she still moaned obsessively, taking the plastic pecker to the hilt over and over.

“Fine, make it quick.” Tsunde smiled devilish and looked back up at her assistant. Tsunde listened as she rammed her strap-on deeper into the young genin’s dripping slit. Shizune got halfway through the report when Ino started getting noisy again.

“Silly little bitch, this will keep you quiet.” Tsunde picked up Ino’s wet panties and stuffed them into the flower girl’s mouth as she forced her fake member into her womb. The moans were muffled instantly as Ino's white, cotton undergarments began to soak up the blood and saliva dripping from her broken nose and mouth.

“Hehehe, too cute.” The older blonde sensed Ino’s orgasm coming fast as she gripped the blonde’s hair and pulled it back roughly.

"Oh GOD!!!" Ino screamed with pure sexual gratification and jism all over. Smirking, Tsunde felt Ino’s hot juice flooded her lap as Ino collapsed onto desk, trying to catch her breath. Shizune finished her report as she waited for her master’s orders.

“Fine, send an ANBU squad and Asuma to investigate, and report back.” Tsunde ordered as she sat back into her chair and watched Ino’s teen hood fluids ran down the inside of her bandaged thighs.

“Get dressed and get out.” Tsunde slapped Ino’s ass as she wiped a bit of sweat from her brow.

“Y-Yes, Lady H-Hokage.” Ino’s words tremble like her legs as she slid into her slip and fix her shirt in place. The blonde’s breathing was still ragged as she reached for the door as it opened by itself.

“Ohhh, I’m sorry.” A meek voice replied as Ino smiled vehemently at Hinata Hyuuga, standing in the doorway. The Hyuuga girl’s eye’s fell to the floor as her nose pick up a strange but familiar smell.

“Not yet you aren't.” Ino whispered slyly as Hinata saw fluid running down Ino’s shaky legs. The two genin’s eyes locked for a second as a twisted smirk split Ino’s mouth. Hinata quickly looked away as she turned to Tsunde sitting patiently at her desk.

“Ah, Come in Hinata, we’ve been waiting for.” Tsunde grinned as her desk and she stroked her dildo lightly under it.

Chapter 19

Title: New pet

[Author's notes: Sex, sex and more sex]

“So are you going to tell us about Orichimaru?” Anko tightened her gloved fist as she circled a bandaged up, pink-haired girl slumped on a metal chair.

“The silent treatment huh…?” Anko moved closer to the girl and blasted her in the stomach. The girl groaned as she leaned sharply over the woman’s forearm.

“Why don’t you just save yourself from all the pain and suffering?” The dark haired proctor lifted the girl’s chin. The girl’s face and body had been badly burned from a barrage of fire jutsu, paper bombs and her large teammate igniting her charka suit. Only the cold and snow saved her from burning alive unlike her teammate who wasn’t so lucky.

“Not much is known about you Karenbana, your village, age jus’ that pretty face or what’s left of it.” Anko roughly pulled her hand up from the petite girl’s chin, snapping her head back.

“I-I don’t rem-ember.” The painkillers made Karenbana’s speech and movement slow and stupid as Anko just giggled.

“At least you’re trying.” Anko grinned as she gripped the girl’s burnt breast harshly. Karenbana’s screams filled the small room as Anko could feel the bandages biting into the girl’s tender new flesh.

“That’s so cute.” Anko licked the tears from the pink haired girl’s only eye.

“Why a-re y-you doing t-this?” Begged Karenbana as she tried to straighten her posture only to cause herself more agony.

“Because you are the enemy and if you don’t tell me what I want to hear, I’m going make sure you rot in prison for the rest of your life.” Anko said sternly as she slapped the girl’s burnt thigh, forcing another scream of pain. Tears continued to pour from Karenbana’s left eye as excruciating pain riddled her body.

“I wouldn’t worry about getting raped either; I mean who’d want an ugly burnt freak like you?” Anko chuckled as the girl started to cry.

“Alone for the rest of life doesn’t sound very fun, but I have idea.” Anko rounded the girl’s back and cupped her face from behind.

“I have a thing for freaks, so if you pass my little test maybe I’ll keep you… as a pet.” Anko offered as the girl trembled, scared of what the woman’s test might be.

“I like dogs, so if you’re a good dog I might keep you.” The dark haired proctor moaned as she sucked the girl’s ear.

“B-But I uhhh!” Karenbana was cut off as Anko back-handed the burnt side of her face and stepped in front of her.

“Dogs don’t talk, they bark.” Anko ordered as she forced the girl to her feet.

“Now strip bitch.” Karenbana shook her head violently as Anko punched her, causing her nose to explode with blood.

“I’m not asking you, I’m fucking telling you!” Anko punched her again. Karenbana’s knees buckled as Anko held her upright in her right fist and ripped the clothes from her body with her left.

“Please d-don’t.” Karenbana covered her bandaged body in shame as blood seeped from her nose.

“You’re not doing very good with my test, maybe you want to rot in prison, is that it?” Anko threatened as she backed away from the naked girl. Karenbana shook her head again too afraid to speak.

“Then answer my question the right way, bark once for yes, bark twice for no.” Anko’s devilish smirk returned.

“Bark.” Karenbana replied feebly as Anko drew a kunai from her leg holder.

“Now, let’s get a good look at you.” Anko swiftly sliced off the bandages. The girl shook uncontrollable as Anko finished off by unrevealing the girl’s disfigured face.

“Does it feel good to let your wound breath?” Anko blew lightly on Karenbana’s ruined skin.

“B-Bark.” The pink haired girl whimpered as Anko licked her chest, causing her to shutter with pleasure.

“I see you’re not totally numb from your wounds, did you like that?” Anko continued licking as Karenbana bit her lip and barked once.

“What about down here?” Anko gripped the girl’s cunt tightly as Karenbana’s juices literally poured out of her. Nodding her approval Anko inserted her fingers into Karenbana’s love hole as she continued to molest the young girl ruthlessly. After a few minutes of fingering Anko removed her digits and rubbed her fingertips together.

“On your knees doggy.” Anko gripped the girl’s collarbone tightly, dropping Karenbana instantly to her knees.

“Now use that pretty mouth to pleasure me.” Anko stuck her sticky fingers into Karenbana’s mouth and shirred them around, disregarding any protest. Karenbana just moaned hotly around the proctor’s fingers as her taste buds absorbed her creamy fluids reluctantly.

“Like a bitch in heat.” Pulling her fingers, Anko reached under her skirt and lowered her fishnets in the same motion as Karenbana stared at the hard woman’s clean shaven gap.

“I’m sure I don’t have to explain what your going to do next.” Anko gripped the girl’s short hair and lead her mouth to her dripping love flower. Resisting seemed futile as the burnt girl extended her tongue and tasted a woman for the first time.

“Good girl.” Anko groaned with blissful indulgence as she rubbed Karenbana’s face roughly into her crotch.

“Mmmmm, you’re pretty good at this.” Anko proclaimed as Karenbana started making loud sucking on her twat. The white eyed girl barked lightly into Anko’s wet hole, soaking her mouth and face as she stroked her nose on the jonin's hard clit. Anko grunted sharply to the ceiling as she sent a hot stream of cum right down the girl’s throat. Karenbana choked harshly on the hot delicacy invading her esophagus as she tried pulling away from her master’s squirting cunt.

“Swallow it all.” Anko ordered as she kept the pink-haired planted into sopping snatch. After a long murmur Anko let the girl go. Karenbana dropped to the floor as Anko glared at her on her hands and knees, coughing up her sweet solution on to the floor.

“What a waste.” Anko walked to a small table in the corner of the room and opened a black leather case. Karenbana finished coughing as she looked up at the proctor, removing a variety of items from her bag. The dark haired woman turned and headed back with a smirk with the strange items in her hands. Karenbana saw what the woman had in her hands as she trembled and pissed herself.

“You just keeping getting cuter little Bana-chan....” Anko paused at the name she had just given her pet.

“Bana, I like that.” Anko smiled as she held the items out in front of her. Karenbana looked at the ball-gag, dog ears, blindfold, and dildo tail with fear.

“You can dress yourself…” Anko grinned evilly. “…or I can.”

Karenbana quickly scooped up the items as her eye started to tear again. Anko made herself comfortable on the metal chair and watched her pet with delight. Karenbana put the ball-gag into her mouth and locked it into place. Then the dog ears, lifting the blindfold up next Anko stopped her.

“No, put your tail on next.” Karenbana blushed darkly as she lifted the dildo and looked to her nodding master. The girl moved the large plastic member with deep ridges between her legs as she began to push it into her dripping slit went Anko stopped her again.

“The other hole.” Anko said sternly as Karenbana sobbed loudly and complied. She forced her anus to relax as she pushed her “tail” in. Every ridge made her moan with discomfort as she reached the end and sighed. Her hands shook violently from the pain and humiliation as she picked up the blindfold and covered her eyes. Anko reached into her pocket and pulled a small black collar out with a silver bell.

“Wag your tail little Bana-chan.” Anko suggested meanly as she knew it would hurt the girl, but like an obedient dog she did.

“Aren’t you the cutest thing ever?” Anko fixed the collar around the girl’s neck as the jingle of the bell rang with disgrace in Karenbana’s ears.

“Come, I want to show you off.” Anko turned for the door as she grabbed a lease from the bag and waited. Karenbana started to get to her feet as Anko threw the bag at her. The bag struck Karenbana in the face as she dropped to her knees and covered her face.

“Bad dog! On your hands and knees, understand?” Anko tilted her head and waited for her to answer.

“Bark.” Replied Karenbana meekly as she crawled to her awaiting master.

“You’ll learn one way…” Anko clipped the leash on and opened the door. “…or another.”

The End

[End notes: I don't know if Karenbana is from the battle in the land of snow or a filler.]

Chapter 20

Title: Hyuuga Handmaid

[Author's notes: Careful, this fic has some bloodplay. You've been warned.


“Hinata? Hinata get down here now!” Ordered Hiashi as he waited downstairs for his daughter to appear.

“Yes father.” Hinata raced down the stairs, dressed in a white robe as she noticed a young girl standing next to her father. The girl was dressed in common cloths; her dark hair made her hazel eyes look memerizing as she waited with her hands folded in her lap.

“This is your new hand-maid, show her around.” Hiashi said sternly, looking down at his oldest child with slight disgust as she refused to look him in the eye.

“Yes father.” Hinata took the girl’s hand and lead her away quickly. Hiashi just watched the two girls hurry off as he turned to Neji standing behind him.

“Are you ready?” Hishi asked, his voice never wavering.

“Yes uncle.” Replied Neji. Back in the mansion the two girls walked down the hall.

“Here is my sister Hanabi’s room, this is my room and my father is at the end, any questions?” Hinata turned as the girl looked to the floor and shook her head.

“Is your father always that stern?” The girl asked the floor as Hinata turned in a flash and slapped the girl in the face.

“Don’t ever speak about my father in front of me, understand?” Hinata snapped as the girl held her posture.

“I’m sorry my lady, I did not mean to speak ill of your family.” The girl apologized formally as Hinata just stared firmly at her new slave.

“You know formal address?” Hinata asked as she lifted the girl’s chin. The girl nodded wildly as she met her new master’s eyes for the first time.

“Lady Hinata, or Hinata-sama will do for now, only speak went spoken to and only listen to my orders, if my sister or father ask you for something ignore them, if they beat you, they answer to me, understand?” Hinata’s tone changed instantly as the girl nodded again.

“What is your name girl?” The Hyuuga girl asked with a sneer.

“Uhhhh, Momochi.” The girl replied as she looked away from her master. Hinata though it over as she shook her head.

“Your name is Momo now, understand?” Hinata leaned closely into the young girl’s face.

“Y-Yes lady Hinata.” Momo stuttered as her eyes found the floor again.

“Good, now come.” Hinata just smiled at the top of the girl’s head and turned around. The two girls walked into Hinata’s room as Momo looked around with awe. Hinata pointed to the floor as Momo quickly went to her knees by the door.

“You have a beautiful room Hinata-sama.” Hinata cleared her throat rudely as she didn’t remember speaking to the girl. Momo shut up instantly as Hinata moved to her window and ran her fingers up a vase to the flowers sticking out the top.

“So where are you from?” Hinata asked lightly as she fingered through the white and red flowers basking in the sunlight.

“I’m from…” Before the girl could answer Hinata knocked the vase over and let it smash on the floor.

“That’s nice, now clean this up.” Hinata’s voice remained the same as she removed her robe and sat on her bed. To Momo’s surprise the Hyuuga girl sat completely naked, without a care in the world.

“I said, now.” Hinata glared meanly at the servant girl as Momo blushed at getting caught, staring. Momo hastily moved to the broken vase and began to pick up glass. Hinata watched the girl work quietly next to her bed as her hands started to cruise over her nude body. Momo remained focused on the job at hand as Hinata moaned aloud.

“Come here Momo.” Afraid to look up, Momo crawled to her master’s feet with her head down.

“Yes my lady?” Momo whispered to the floorboards as she smelt the copper hint of blood.

“I have another mess for you to clean up first.” Hinata lifted the girl’s chin with a set of bloody fingers. Momo looked up as her eyes fixed right on Hinata’s bleeding vagina.

“Hinata-sama you’re…” Momo swallowed hard as Hinata just smiled and pressed a bloody finger to the girl’s lips.

“I know, I’m not stupid, now get to work.” Hinata continued to play with herself as Momo moved to get to her feet when Hinata grabbed her wrist.

“What are you doing?” Hinata asked, frowning her brows at the young girl.

t “I’m getting a towel to clean you up.” Hinata sneered as she shook her head.

“No towel, use your mouth.” Hinata tightened her grip on Momo as she lowered her back to the floor.

“But you’re bleeding… Uhhh!” Still holding the girl’s wrist, Hinata punched Momo square in the nose. The girl’s nose exploded with blood as Hinata chuckled.

“And now you’re bleeding too, anymore excuses?” Hinata gripped her fist tightly in Momo’s face.

“N-No my lady.” Momo looked up meekly as blood ran down both of her nostrils. Hinata continued smiling as she leaned down and smeared her mouth on Momo’s upper lip.

“Oh, and don’t worry, it’s fresh.” Hinata licked the warm blood from her lips as she lead Momo’s wet orifice to her bleeding one.

“Good girl.” Hinata hissed wickedly as Momo touched her bleeding gap with her wet member. Momo felt embarrassed as she began licking her mistress’s seeping hole. She had done some perverted things, with toys, food, different holes, but never blood. The young girl’s gag-reflexes slowly subsided as she opened her throat and let the sweet copperish fluid flow down. Fire started burning in Momo’s body as she worked her tongue faster and harder into Hinata’s slit.

“Blood is an aphrodisiac, and it looks like your drunk on it.” Hinata smirked, lifting Momo’s blood covered face as the girl’s eyes hazed over with lust.

“I got something extra for you, but you need to work for it.” Hinata assured as Momo nodded, licking her lips

“Use your fingers this time.” Hinata pushed the girl's head back to work as Momo inserted two fingers into Hinata's core. Shortly after the young Hyuuga screamed with bliss as she came long and hard into her servant’s mouth. Momo swallowed the hot juices as the blood left a funny after taste in her mouth. Hinata swiftly got to her shaky feet as the blue/green eyed girl fell back to the floor.

“Clean this room up and get my dinner ready, understand?” Hinata’s mean demeanor flowed forward again as she looked to the puddle of blood on her bed then to Momo's crimson face. The girl quickly folded her knees under her as blood and cum dripped from her mouth.

“Yes, Hinata-sama.” Momo replied instantly as she stared at the floor and puddle she was making.

“Good, get started… and clean yourself up too.” Hinata ordered as she put her robe back on and headed for the door.

“And Momo, same time next month understand?” Hinata raised her eyebrows as Momo looked up as a little smile crossed her face.

“Yes, Mistress.” Momo looked back to the floor as Hinata smiled back and walked out, leaving the girl to her duties.

The End

Chapter 21

Title: The Yamanka house

[Author's notes: This may go somewhere, maybe...]

In the great Yamanaka house:

“Lady Ino, your sister is here to see you.” The cute hand-maid bowed as a tall, sharp-looking blonde girl stormed through the doorway, dressed more like a prince then princess. The girl pushed the hand-maid roughly out of her way as she came to the middle of the Ino’s room, tightening her gloved hands.

“You’re going to be late for you’re studies.” The blonde girl sneered as she brushed blindly at something unseen on her forearms.

“Temari-sama, nice of you to visit sister.” Ino turned from her mirrored dresser, combing her very long blonde hair.

“I have no time to waste on babysitting you, them damn Hyuuga’s have began moving in on our territory, and since you spend all your time studying and looking good, I have to take those bastards on at every turn.” Temari explained meanly as she stared down at her petite sister.

“Are you looking for my sympathy or praise?” Ino replied carelessly as she turned back to her mirror, not missing a beat with her comb.

“You disobedient little pig!” Temari snarled as she gripped her hilt of her sword and began drawing it.

“If we must prince-charming.” Ino stood up as a dagger dropped from her sleeve and into her hand.
Light footsteps tapped swiftly into the room as a soft hand forced the sword back into the older Yamanaka’s sheath.

“What have I told you two about fighting under my roof?” The figure asked lightly as she looked darkly at both of her daughters

“Family bickering is not fit for princesses.” Both girls said in unison.

“Good, now kiss and make up.” Tsunde looked at both girls sternly.

“Now?” Both girls look to their mother then back to each other.

“I didn’t stutter.” Tsunde smirked as she pulled the sisters closer to one other. Face to face Temari’s “Make it quick” snarl appeared. Ino leaned up lightly, pecking her sister on the lips. Suddenly, using one hand Tsunde slapped both unknowing girls in their pretty faces.

“Mother!” Temari turned her stern demeanor on her mother and was slapped again.

“Saucy child, your friends and staff may shudder at that tone, but I’m your birth-mother!” The older blonde stuck her nose right into Temari’s burning cheek. Temari stepped back slowly as Ino giggled into the back of her hand. Tsunde quickly grabbed the younger girls hand and pushed it hard into her face. Ino dropped back faster then her proud sister as a tear dropped from both eyes.

“And you, you’re too soft.” Tsunde grabbed Ino’s collar roughly.

“Your sister is the leader of our Yamanaka forces, both army and intelligence, you school all day and try clothes on, you have failed to prove yourself worthy of our name.” Ino moaned harshly as she had to look away from her mother.

“Do it again and so help me god.” Disgusted Tsunde turned and yanked her daughters back together again.

“Now mean it.” Tsunde whispered crudely as she licked her lips. The tears in Ino’s eyes made Temari’s heart swell with love and hate as they battled chaotic in her chest.

“Kiss me, if you love me…”

Both girls’ minds whispered as their lips and tongues connected.

“Good, now get ready, both of you.” Tsunde turned for the door and began walking for it. At the door the pretty hand-maiden bowed her head.

“Will there be anything else mistress?” The girl asked as Tsunde stopped. A grin worked up her face as she punched the girl as hard as she could in the stomach. Spittle shot from the girl’s mouth as she pissed herself in the same instant.

“Yes, clean that up.” Tsunde chuckled as she disappeared from sight.

“That woman is mad.” Temari stormed out the room as Ino watched the girl cry in a puddle of her own piss.

“That she is.”

To be continued... maybe 

[End notes:

I'll do a Hyuuga version soon.


Chapter 22

Title: Nursing Ino

In the hospital an angry nurse stormed to the front desk covered with some kind of liquid.

“Arrgg, that Yamanaka girl is impossible to deal with; do you believe she threw her bed pan full of piss at me?” The nurse complained, holding out her shirt for the girl behind the desk to see.

“She’s been a handful for the other nurses too.” The girl reported as Sakura Haruno walked up to the front desk, hearing what had just happened to the distressed woman.

“I mean every little thing the girl bitches about, the heat, the lighting, she hasn’t taken a bath in four days! Says she didn’t want my old hag hands on her spring young body or something. I’m 25!” The nurse continued to explain harshly as the girl at the desk giggled. Sakura listened quietly next to the urine-soaked nurse as the light-haired girl caught her out the corner of her eye and spoke.

“Sakura, that Ino girl is your age is’in she? Could you try and talk some sense into her please?” The nurse asked winningly, not wanting to see Ino for the time being or ever for that matter.

“Sure, but I don’t know how much good it’ll do. Ino and I really don’t see eye-to-eye.” Sakura warned airly as her mind flashed about a hundred times with different arguments and fights the two had been in.

“Please? She’s on the second floor, room B-4.” Sakura nodded as she turned and headed down the hall. The pink-haired the girl stood outside B-4 and sighed. As soon as Sakura opened the door a wicked stench filled her nose, forcing her to cover her it and her mouth just to be safe.

“Guess her name really suits her now.”

Sakura smiled at the though as she walked into the foul smelling room.

“Ino?” Sakura asked out loud as a stern voice replied.

“What’d you want?” Ino leaned up from her bed with a sneer, covered in bandages from the neck down. Sakura was never surprised to hear Ino’s slyness as she picked up Ino’s clipboard at the end of the bed and frowned.

“If I knew you were coming I would have saved my bed pan trick for you.” Ino grinned mischievously at what she had done to the other nurse as Sakura looked intently at the clipboard.

“She shouldn’t even be moving around with all these injuries.”

Sakura felt a bit bad as she looked Ino over, spotting the large gashes that had been stitched up on the cute blonde’s body.

“What are you staring at?” Ino snapped as she pulled her blanket up to her chin. Sakura just stared at the girl as she learned to blank her out.

“Hey! Answer me damnit!” Ino begged toughly as her eyes fluttered meanly.

“Sorry, I was jus’ thinking.” Sakura set the clipboard down and came up to the side of the bed.

“About what? Sasuke?” Ino asked as the blanket came down. Sakura felt like she was in a haze as the smell brought her back to reality.

“What do you care?” Sakura snipped back as her arms crossed over her chest.

“Well? Were you?” Ino asked again.

“That’s none of your business, come on and get undressed, you stink.” Sakura changed the subject quickly as Ino pointed her finger rudely, shifting her body roughly.

“I didn’t let that hag touch me, what makes you think I’ll let you Ahhhh!” Ino grimaced as pain shot throughout her body. Her finger fell as she gripped her side.

“Come on Ino, female hygiene is very important, especially down there.” Sakura reasoned with a blush as Ino hid under her blanket again.

“I don’t trust you, you might not do it right.” Ino held on tightly to the blanket as Sakura tried to pull it free.

“Don’t be stupid Ino, I’m a girl too, besides you’re really hurt!” Sakura let go of the blanket, staring ruthlessly at the bandaged blonde.

“Prove it.” Ino smirked smartly as Sakura’s hands met her hips.

“What do you mean prove it?” Sakura was losing her patients with the injured girl, even though her face was red. Ino nodded her head at Sakura’s crotch as the green-eyed girl blushed even deeper.

“You’re kidding right?” Sakura was sure her childhood friend was being frivolous, but the look in her eyes wasn’t. Ino replied with a nodding head as her face split with a simper. Simoned, Sakura knew Ino was very stubborn, but maybe if she did this Ino wouldn’t continue resisting… or at lease not that much.

“Fine, and then you take bath?” Sakura stated the deal as Ino nodded. Sakura turned her face away, embarrassed as she gripped the bottom of her skirt. Ino’s eyes fixed madly at her archrival’s mid-section, ever waiting.

“Can you not stare so much?” Sakura whined, her hands trying to give-up.

“Nahhh, the point is to stare at you.” Sakura’s eyebrows raised at Ino’s reply. Sakura looped her fingers into the sides of her panties and slowly lower them to the middle of her thighs. Ino tilted her head impatiently as Sakura lifted her skirt and exposed herself.

“So the drapes DO match the carpet.” Ino chuckled at Sakura’s pubic hair as the pink-haired girl’s face flushed a new shade of red.

“There, now jus’ Aggrr!” Sakura’s body rocked wildly as something lodged inside her tight gap and pressed against her G-spot. Looking down Sakura followed the blond girl’s arm extended to her crotch as she didn’t have to guess where her fingers were.

“I-Ino…?” Sakura slumped a little as Ino made her fingers dance inside her.

“What’s wrong Sakura-chan, pig got your pussy?” Ino leaned up as Sakura’s hands fell on her shoulders weakly. Sakura tried to push herself away from Ino as the flower girl wouldn’t let her off that easy. With her fingers where they were Ino knew she had control of Sakura.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Ino tightened her ring finger and thumb on Sakura’s stiffening nub. “…You know being a girl and all.” Ino forced her fingers upward as Sakura came up to her toes. Sakura felt her cunt getting wetter as she stood completely still.

“I can’t believe I’m getting turned on by this.”

“You’re a smart one.” Ino teased as she loosened her fingers a bit, letting Sakura down to her feet.

“Ino, p-please stop, you don’t Ahhmmm!” Sakura started to protest as Ino didn’t even think of letting her finish. Ino just smiled at Sakura as she made the nurse squirm in place and sighed.

“I guess I’ve had enough fun for now.” Ino removed her sticky fingers as Sakura staggered back. Ino rubbed her fingers together and lifted them to her nose.

“You do smell good Sakura-chan.” Ino laughed, watching Sakura try and compose herself.

“Y-You!” Sakura grunted as her body trembled.

“What’s wrong pervert, was that a bit too much for you?” Ino pestered, lifting her blanket again.

“You’re taking a bath now!” Sakura stuffed her aroused thoughts as Ino threw the blanket up at her.

“Whatever you say.” Ino’s carefree voice insisted as Sakura grabbed the blanket and yanked it off Ino. As soon as Sakura turned around she froze.

“Mind transfer jutus.” Ino whispered through the rectangle, made with her fingers. Sakura watched Ino’s body fall back on the bed, smiling.


Sakura felt Ino take over as a wicked grin split the pink-haired girl's face.

“What are you going to do now?” Ino’s voice poured out of Sakura’s mouth as Ino and Sakura’s looked at each others mental forms.

“Ino, get out of me now!” Sakura struggled to force Ino out as the blonde laughed at her.

“Working all those double shifts, you’re using a lot of charka to keep yourself going…” Ino’s mental form grew and grabbed Sakura in both hands. “…and I’ve been lying in this bed, now who do you think is stronger?”

“How do you like them apples?” Ino chuckled as she started squeezing. Sakura’s breath was forced from her lungs as Ino threw her down. The pink haired girl landed in something sticky as it quickly wrapped her hands and feet.

“Ino… I’m fucking serious now, GET OUT!” Sakura started to grow out of the ooze as Ino kicked her back into the sticky creep, submerging the girl.

“Not this time billboard brow, your fighting sprit is’in so strong today is it?” Ino shrunk back down as Sakura's head protruded from the sludge. As soon as the slime cleared Sakura’s mouth it began screaming.

“Ino you bitch! Get out!” Ino smiled as she made a small arc with her finger as the mire slowly sealed her mouth shut.

“I’ve had about enough of that.” Ino floated up over Sakura as the pink haired girl glared draggers at her.

“Now, where to begin?” Ino shifted back to her body, lying peaceful on the bed. Ino took a deep breath as she turned Sakura’s nose up.

“Wow, I do smell bad.” Ino smiled as she crawled onto the bed and on top of herself.

“You know, I’ve seen this in your thoughts Sakura.” Ino said guiltily as she looked back at Sakura struggling in slime.

“You feel it don’t you?” Ino lower Sakura down and kissed her soft lips.

“That last time I was here during the chunin exams; I scanned through your mind.” Ino pushed Sakura’s tongue into her mouth. “Found a dream about you doing all kinds of perverted things with my sleeping body.”

Sakura found Ino’s soft breast under her hands as she lowered her mouth down her stomach. Even with Ino in control Sakura could still feel what Ino was making her do. Seeing this, Ino uncovered her mouth.

“Something you’d like to say?” Ino’s blue eyes stared wantonly as Sakura's greens fired back.

“You went through my memories!?!” Sakura tried to keep her voice light, but darkness seeped out.

“Not all of them, jus’ here and there like how much you cried when you first got your period, or how you touch yourself wanting Sasuke and Naruto to screw you at the same time.” Ino licked her lips as she came down to her own crotch.

“Hehehe they’re all in here, Hinata, Temari, Lee, TenTen…Garaa, you’re a class-S pervert.” Ino strolled through random images in Sakura minds.

“Stop looking at those Ino, I swear I’ll kill if you don’t stop.” Sakura jerked her body wildly as Ino continued strolling with her finger.

“Yeah, I guess I have other things to deal with.” Ino rolled her eyes back to herself lying in bed as she floated away.
Sakura had to think fast or she’d be munching on a dirty blond carpet.

“Ino wait…, I’m sorry.” Sakura watched Ino slowly turn with a grin. “I should have been honest with you from the beginning.”

“Go on.” Ino started circling Sakura upside down.

“I jus’ have urges sometimes and I let my mind go.” Sakura explained as Ino looked at her with bored look.

“I got better things to do with your body you know.” Ino pointed her thumb over her shoulder.

“Ok then, will you at lease kiss me first?” Sakura reasoned as the blond drifted down in front of her face.

“Nah, if you touch me you’ll…hey!” Sakura’s hand blasted from the slime as Ino tried to pull back. Sakura grinned as she gripped Ino’s ankle.

“Noooo! Don’t look!” Ino screamed as Sakura looked into her mind. Images flashed around Sakura as her friend was just as perverted as her. A bright light blinded her as covered her eyes.

“Ino.” Sakura gasped as she saw herself in Ino’s arms kissing her lovingly. The images of both girls flooded Sakura’s eyes as she came to one simply conclusion.

“You’re… in love with me.” Sakura looked at Ino crying.

“No, it’s just I-I.” Ino was off guard as she started losing control. Sakura pulled Ino in the goo as the blonde had her eyes covered.

“How come you never said anything?” Sakura asked softly as Ino continued crying.

“Y-You know me, I’m as stubborn as a pig.” Ino kind of laughed a little at calling herself a stubborn pig as she opened her eyes and gazed at Sakura.

“Well, I would have listened.” Sakura assured as she hugged her friend. Sakura felt Ino’s hands wrap around wrist and squeezed.

“Shhhh, come on Ino, get back in your body and let’s get you cleaned up.” Sakura slowly rose out of the creep with Ino in her arms.

“I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t make y-you do something you don’t w-want to do.” Ino wiped her nose as Sakura smiled sympathetically at the girl’s fainting form. Ino opened her eyes, looking up from the bed then to Sakura standing next to her still smiling.

“You not mad?” Ino leaned on despite the pain.

“Why would I be mad? You’re jus’ a girl after all.” Sakura leaned over and kissed Ino affectionately. The flower girl began to lift her hands up to her Sakura’s face as the nurse pulled back.

“Not until you take a bath.” Sakura shook her as Ino frowned.

“Fine, then…” Ino pouted as Sakura sighed aloud.

“We’ll see.” Sakura walked to the wall and grabbed a wheelchair as Ino looked at her childishly.

“I’ll be sure you wash you very carefully.” Sakura whispered as the smile returned to Ino’s face. Ino slipped into the wheelchair as she looked back at Sakura.

“Well I am a dirty little piggy.” Both girls giggled as they head for the bathroom.

Chapter 23

Title: Wind and Weapon

[Author's notes: An Temari P.O.V.]

It’s the middle of the night, but I don’t care. Konoha is very peaceful at night unlike the Suna where it’s always windy and gritty. The streets are pretty much empty I have no problem with this, besides I’m a Sand kunoichi, I fear no one. Inside, I really hope someone tries to rob me, just for a laugh.

“A village full of weak villagers toiling away at there dull lives, a means to a sad end.”

I don’t really believe that though, their ninja are some of the best in the entire 5 land nations. The land of fire didn’t get big from puny farmers and peddlers, but the ninja. Listen to me going on about the Leaf, I need to get focused, the reason I’m out here this late.

"The weapon master of the Leaf..."


I walk along, the dim lights buzzing into the evening sky as my mind wonders. The tanned-skinned weapon master, I shutter a bit. I think back to our fight in the prelims.

“Come on girl, show me what you got.”

She may of even won if she hadn’t of faced me, but that’s life for you… unfair as always.

I’m getting closer and wetter with each step. She’s waiting for me, waiting for me to put her in her place again. It’s cool out, but I’m sweating under my black robe, and my red sash feels tight. What’s wrong with me, I feel so drawn to this girl? But why?

Her frame suddenly appears in my head, smooth skin, piercing brown eyes, her hair curled into two tight buns, ohhh and that ass. My mind fills in TenTen perfectly, I giggled at her chest, so flat and unsexy.

With the right haircut she could pass for a boy any day and I always make that point clear to her. She’ll blush and smile and then I attack. No warning, no hesitation, just the pure lust that both our bodies are begging for. I shudder again I need to hurry, I’m going crazy.

I came to the front of the weapon shop and headed around back; she lives in the flat over the shop, which she runs by herself. So independent, another chuckle. I head up the 22 steps to her door and stand there. I grip my shaky hands; I want to slap myself for being so human with these crazy emotions.

I swallow hard and reach for the doorknob. The door swings open as TenTen is standing there with a large red robe worn hap-hazardously, not even tied. The thin opening stretches from her tanned neck, between her tiny little breasts, to her bushy core. I do like them hairy, I grin, knowing I haven’t shaved in a couple weeks myself. More wetness, she smiles, I squeeze my thighs, and I’m dripping now.

“I’m sorry, are you TenTen’s brother?” I tease, here it comes…

The blush, I’m green lighting this whole fucking thing, Gods be damned. I’m on top of her in the doorway, lips and tongues connected. I kick the door shut with a quick boot, her fingers are yanking on my sash and digging into my robe, I moan. Her robe falls to the floor with mine as she leads me into the small living-room. Candles are lit, incents is burning, and even a bit of light music coming from her room. I’m surprised by the girl’s effort to seduce me, and it’s kind of working. We both sat naked on the couch as she motioned to the white bottle in front of us.

“Sake?” She asks knowingly, I’m thirsty from the walk, but my hunger for this girl is insatiable. We throw a couple back silently, she stares but says nothing. I look back to the dish in my hand as I start growing dizzy.

“TenTen w-what kind of sake is this?” I stutter for a second and look back up. TenTen’s grinning but remains silent. I’m getting angry, I start to stand but fall back down. Her hands cruise my body, I groan lowly, I’m dizzy but in a good.

“You’ll be fine in a few moments.” She assures me and she’s right. My body tingles, I’m panting.

“Y-You drugged me?” I shake some sense back into myself as her hands feel like fire now on my skin. She giggles as her right hand finds my cunt soaking wet. I arch my back as her fingers have found my weakness.

“All wet I see Temari-san?” At this her mouth swallows my round, right breast. I’m frozen with lust as my pride slowly drains away. TenTen fingers work me over slowly, teasing my most sensitive of spot. I groan in protest as her fingers suddenly disappear. Thought my half-lidded eyes I see her fingers moving to my face.

“Here, taste yourself.” TenTen offers, but her fingers are already in my mouth. I tremble at the taste of my own sex but I’m far from done. I notice TenTen acting a little strange now too, after all we both drank from the same bottle.

“Feed me.” She says hotly into my ear as her hand guilds my hand to her fiery core. It’s there, her wet and slippery juices pouring from her tight sex flower. She arches this time and my fingers invade. She whimpers in the cutest way as she sucks on my collarbone. I dig her hole like a drill, pumping that tangy sweetness from deep inside her out. Finally satisfied, I lifted my cum-covered hand to the weapon girl’s mouth. I don’t even have to ask, she already tonguing my sultry fingers.

“Clean them off good.” I purr as I gradually propel my fingers in and out of her mouth. A deep grunt rumbles from TenTen’s throat as she’s ready to go, as I’m I. We quickly get into position, our legs sissored and again we are connected. I feel her little clit poking my much large one as she cries out my name. Smirking, I’ve gotten the upper hand and process to grind her even harder. Mashing her clit relentlessly I show her no quarter, I want to feel that monstrous orgasm of hers spray into me, I want her writhing in my arms whispering my name.

Now it’s my turn, her name is spat from my lips as I’m dealing with a double-bladed situation. The harder I grind, the faster my own orgasm manufactures itself. I lighten my thrusting for a moment, but TenTen is’in having it. She digs her nails into my thighs as a painful hiss passes my teeth. The battle has begun; the only question is who will cum first. I try clearing my mind to buy myself more time, its useless I’m ready and by the sound of it so is she.

Our breathing is matched and building, twisting hips and grinding slits, it hits us both. We both scream the others name fiercely as our sticky fluid glues us together for an instant. She falls back staring at the ceiling as I look at the mess between our legs. My pubic hair is matted with her cum, hers is too with mine. The couch is soaked, as I tried to get to my feet again with no should luck.

“The drug is pretty strong; it’ll take a couple hours to completely wear off.” TenTen smirks as I join her.

“So what do we do until then?” I ask a question I already know the answer to.

“I’m sure I can think of a few things.” TenTen’s smile grew as she reached under the couch and pulled out a large two-way dildo.

“I bet you can.” I smile and kiss my sweet, little tomboy lover passionately as she starts to work one end of the dildo between our dripping pussies, lubing it up for round two. My body’s on fire again as I grin at TenTen.

“Show me what you got, pretty-boy.”

She blushes…

…and it starts all over again.

Chapter 24

Title: A House Full

[Author's notes: Some random remix of another story,]

"Bang, bang, bang!"

"Hinata, Ino, TenTen, someone let me in damnit!" Sakura yelled viciously from the non-answered door. Hinata slowly rolled out of bed and to her feet as she yawned longingly.

"Ok, ok I'm coming." Hinata groaned sluggishly as she dragged her feet to the banging door. The door rocked with another set of knocks.

"Ok, hold the fuck on." Hinata snapped coldly as she pulled open the door.

"About time." Bitched Sakura as she pushed by the short dark-haired, arms loaded with grocery bags. Hinata wondered dumbfounded at the idea of buying groceries at 2:00 in the afternoon as she closed the door.

"Is’ in it a little early for shopping Sakura?" Hinata's cheeky lip never failed to surprise Sakura as she knew perfectly well the little slut had been sleeping all afternoon like the rest of whores.

"Not if you want to go hungry?" Sakura said irritably as she sat the bags on the table. Sakura caught Hinata's lips forming into words as she knew what Hinata was going to ask before even saying it.

"Ok Hinata, just watch TV. I'll make you something to eat." Sakura tossed the remote to Hinata as she smiled childishly and jumped on the couch. Down the hall Temari's door cracked opened as her footsteps followed the sound of TV.

"Anything for me in your baggie’s for me Sakura?" Temari stepped into the living room wearing a short white shirt and blue panties.

"Some orange juice to clear your throat?" Mocked Sakura know the blonde probably tasted everyone of her roommates and their guests last night as she pulled out a 1/2 gallon of orange juice in front of her.

"Don't mind if I do." Temari replied quickly as she snatched the bottle, popping the top and started drinking right from the carton. Sakura pulled the food from the bags as she pre-heated the oven.

"Is anyone else awake?" Sakura remarked softly to Hinata as she set the stove.

"No, I think." Hinata murmured as she flipped through the channels.

"Anything for you Temari?" Sakura asked patiently as she set a pan on the stove.

"Nah, I'm good." Temari stood up and stretched.

"Cartoons, movie, cartoons, movie!" Hinata argued as she switch the channel's back and fore.

"I'll take that." TenTen sneered slyly as she came out of nowhere and snatched the remote from Hinata.

"Hey, that’s not fair." Hinata said feebly as she tried reaching for the remote now in TenTen's control.

"You can't decide, so I'll decide for you." TenTen grinned chaotically as she flipped through the channels, staring at the white eyed girl.

"Give it BACK!" Hinata's soft voice turned dark as she jumped on TenTen, and seized her wrists.

"Uhhh Hinata." TenTen replied with surprise as Hinata grappled her to the couch. The two girls wrestled madly on the crouch trying to gain control of the remote as Temari watched ravenously. Sakura's eyes looked up and out at the two girls, then Temari.

"Do something Temari." Sakura's voices threaten as her eyes went back to the grocery bags.

"Nah, I like it went they fight." Temari smiled malevolently at the two girls, yelling savagely at each other.

"Damn it Temari." Sakura slammed down a box of pancake mix and stormed into the living room.

"Children?" Sakura asked calmly as she picked up both girls whose arms continued to flail at each other.

"Let go of me!" TenTen yelled furiously as the pink haired girl tossed her to the recliner.

"Ouch." TenTen bounced back up, rubbing her ass as Sakura dropped Hinata back on the couch.

"Play nice now, don't make me put you on time out." Sakura snarled hotly as she headed back into the kitchen.

"What's with all the noise?" Ino moaned groggily as she dragged ass into the living room.

"Good morning to you to Ino." Sakura sighed half-heartedly as she put more pans on the stove.

"Something to eat?" Sakura cracked eggs as she buttered another pan.

"No, I'm fine, could go with some of that juice." Ino grabbed the carton from Temari and started drinking.

"Hey there's other people here, get a glass." Sakura bitched raucously as she waved her knife at the beautiful blonde girl.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies." Kin yelled spitefully as the guest door opened up suddenly. All the girls eye's fixed to Kin as she strolled into the living room half-naked.

"Anyone in the bathroom, I need to wash up." Kin asked off-handedly as she rubbed her forearm across her mouth, breaking loose the dry encrusted cum on her lips and face, her eyes floating over to Ino.

"Next time try and aim for the sheets Ino, they absorb better then my face." Kin said slyly as she licked the tip of her finger.

"If you go through all the trouble of sneaking into my room and bed, playing with me, you think you'd swallow the fruits of your labor?" Ino grinned back lethally as she looked over at Temari, who was smiling wildly at Kin as the light skinned girl headed silently for the bathroom.

"Where's Anko at?" Sakura asked Kin coolly as the sound girl reached the bathroom.

"Still sleeping, I think?" TenTen said smoothly as she looked back at Sakura.

"Jesus, Anko get up and get something to eat!" Yelled Sakura as she went to work on the stove with eggs, bacon, and all the rest.

"When do I get some fucking food?!" Muttered TenTen darkly as Sakura walked by.

"Pancakes." Sakura offered only, but TenTen didn't complain as she looked back over at Hinata and stuck her tongue out.

"Fuck you." Hinata's lips worked venomously as her voice remained silent. A few minutes passed and Sakura started handing out food. Ino and Temari made quick work of their food that they didn’t want as Sakura walked in and handed TenTen her plate of pancakes.

"Where’s my syrup sexy?" TenTen spat meanly as she slapped Sakura's tight ass. Sakura stared furiously at the girl as she marched into the kitchen, grabbed the bottle and whipped it at TenTen's head. TenTen ducked quickly as it bounced off the back of the chair then her lap.

"Thanks." TenTen grinned as she popped the lid and poured it on thickly.

"Don't you two ever go home?" Sakura said finally breaking the ice.

"We will, ok Sakura chill out, I'm going to eat and Kin's taking a shower." TenTen looked for sympathetic hearts from Temari and Ino, unlike Hinata who stared menacingly at her. TenTen went silent as she stuffed her mouth.

"They’re going to leave Sakura, don't have a fucking hizzy." Anko's voice shook through the room as the vemon beauty came into view, wearing tight black panties.

"Anko why can't you wear something went you come out!" Sakura angrily crossing her arms over her melon-sized tits.

"I pay a good part of the rent bitch, I‘ll wear what I want." Anko laughed mischievously as she pulled on the sides of her black panties. Her pink, little nipples staring at all the girls. Hinata giggled softly, covering her eyes as Anko walked next to the couch.

"What are you giggling at bright eyes?" Anko said playfully as she grabbed Hinata's foot and started playing with it.

"Nothing, Anko." Hinata sang gleefully as she tried returning her limb from Anko’s grip. Anko grinned anxiously as she let go and headed into the kitchen.

"Something smell's great." Anko purred into Sakura's ear over the pink-haired girl's shoulder.

"Yours is on the table." Sakura frowned mildly as she continued to cook.

"What's up girls?" Anko mentioned as she sat with Ino and Temari.

"Nothing, might go shopping later, you want to go?" Ino offered as she stood up.

"Nah, I'm going to mess around here." A sinister smile cracked across Anko’s face as her eyes fixed to Temari then drifted over to Hinata.

"Fine, I'm going." Ino turned swiftly and walked off to her room. Anko and Temari stared seductively at each other as there food got colder.

"I envy your body Temari, your build like a goddess." Loathed Anko as she eyed the sand queen’s luscious outline.

"You can have it anytime you want sweetheart." Temari winked as Anko got up and walked back to her room plate in hand.

“Maybe after breakfast.”

"Ok I'm done, I'm going back to bed do not wake me up ok, and Anko stay out of my room." Sakura warned harshly as her door slammed behind her.

"You know she wants me to tax that ass." Anko smiled as she licked her finger and closed her door.

"Ahhh, That's better." Kin stepped out of the steaming bathroom and sat on the couch next to Hinata, combing her long black hair.

"You smell good." Hinata moaned happily as she twiddled her toes.

"Thanks Hinata, I take it that little red bottle was yours?" Kin looked back softly as the comb went the length of her hair.

"Yeah it is." Hinata giggled like a little schoolgirl as she took another deep breath of the fragrant rolling off Kin‘s wet body.

"Your so sweet." Kin leaned over and kissed Hinata sweetly on her full red lips as she pinned the short girls arms to the couch the comb dropping freely from her hand. Hinata moaned blissfully as Kin pushed her tongue into her small, warm mouth as the comb hit the floor.

"Fun's already starting." Temari grinned as she got up, stretched and wandered in to the living room to TenTen's side who was done eating and watching her friend seduce the young sound girl. Kin quickly relieved Hinata of her long shirt and panties as the white eyed girl laid on the couch starch naked but her red tipped socks. Hinata's body trembled in the AC cooled room as her inside's burned in sexual anguish.

Her cunt became soaked instantly as Kin caressed every inch of her luscious little body. Hinata purred softly as she closed her eyes and rubbed her inner thighs breathlessly together. Kin's face lit up as she cocked her head and smiled sensuously at Temari and TenTen's watchful glares. Kin carefully pushed one of her long fingers into Hinata's glistening pussy, forcing a sluttish moan from Hinata's innocent red lip's. Temari could felt the intense heat coming off of TenTen's hot body, she also felt her own heat desperately escaping from in between her legs as they watched Kin’s mouth make it‘s way south.

Temari felt a hand rub her leg, she knew TenTen was hot, wet, and ready for the taking. The short brown eyed girl looked into Temari’s desire-filled eyes as she leeched on to her hard nipple.

"Why don't you get a little more comfortable?" Temari offered as she lifted TenTen up and in between her long smooth legs, Temari's hands quickly engulfed the young girl’s body as her fingers on one hand found the girl's right nipple and other tracked down to TenTen's panties. Hinata gripped the couch tightly as Kin’s tongue worked her soaking slit.

"I'm c-cuming." Hinata murmured loudly as her tight girlhood squirted her teen cream into Kin's hungry mouth. Hinata's wet pussy entranced Kin to lick the hyuuga’s draining slit clean, her throat contracted anxiously swallowing Hinata’s hot jism as she got to her feet.

"So sweet indeed." Kin leaned over and kissed Hinata softly on her mouth as the girl's small body slowly twitched on the couch. Kin turned on her heel and walked over to Temari and TenTen.

"Are you ready to go?" Kin asked, wiping the extra secretion from her mouth as she looked down at TenTen who was in complete submission to Temari's will.

"Aren't you going to play with me?" TenTen asked lustfully as she turned her head up and looked at the long brown haired goddess.

"Hmmm maybe later." Temari retracted her fingers quickly from TenTen's body as she leaned up, putting the weapon master to her feet.

"That's not fair." TenTen pouted as she looked over at Hinata's glistening naked body.

"Laters." Kin smiled slyly as she pushed TenTen to the door.

"You'll all come back now ya hear." Temari joked happily as she closed the door behind the two leaving girls.

"Ahhh peace and quiet." Temari smiled slyly as she turned and glared back at Hinata sliding on her panties. Temari's tongue worked her lips as Hinata blushed darkly, pulling her panties in to there proper place.

I wouldn’t do that jus’ yet…”

Chapter 25

Title: A Monster's Pet

[Author's notes: Kin submits to...]

Kin Tsuchi of the Sound stood in the middle of a cave-like dwelling, only candles around the little room lit the girl’s face and outline. Her long black hair braided all the way down in two huge ponytails, her rough face powdered white with black painted around her mouth and eyes. The effort to look good was half-assed at best, never practicing or even doing it the right way, left misses here and there. It was strange for the girl to wear make-up, and her clothes didn’t help either. She felt so cheap, black fishnet covered her bra-less chest and firm mid-section with matching snug-fit shorts, forming her ass, hips, and crotch into something suitable to look.

“I feel so goddamn stupid.”

Grunted Kin in her mind as she heard footsteps moving to the door in front of her, grimacing she stood at attention. The doorknob turned and the door creaked open as a red-head woman grinned in the door frame. Kin feel the rush of fresh air with the woman’s musky, forbearing fragrant.

“Tayuya of the Sound…”

The strong scent filled the room and the black haired girl’s nose as the sporty, dark-eyed girl moaned with a shutter. Kin was granted quarters in the Sound Nin’s dojo and a forced subordinate to Tayuya. The other 3 sound Nin cared little about her, like her late teammates, they though the same thing about her, just a weak, unsexy, kunoichi.

“I’ve never been called pretty or powerful…”

Little did she know that the wicked girl never bunked with men and being the only other girl, she had very vicious attitude towards her own sex. She treated Kin as a slave with all the discipline that came with it times ten. Tayuya had a ruthless love for her, always taking, and never giving, bending and twisting her.

“She is the Alpha, I am the Beta.”

Kin quickly forget her position and pride as goose-bumps grew from the though.

“You didn’t have to get all dolled up for me.” Tayuya flew forward as she gripped one of the ponytails and yanked it roughly. A small yelp squeaked from Kin’s mouth as she shivered in place, doing nothing about her situation.

“B-because y-you l-like I-it.” Kin’s eyes filled with tears as the red head snatched the other braid with the same hand and yanked twice as hard. Kin’s back bowed agonizingly as her bit her lower lip painfully.

“Wasn’t a question, stupid bitch, now take this shit off!” Tayuya smeared Kin’s make-up as the girl’s pouring tear made it easy to spread the make-up around. Poor Kin tried holding back the tears, but she knew humiliation was Tayuya’s forte and she wouldn’t show the girl any mercy, even more Kin had begun to like it.

“Do you think your fooling anyone with that bullshit on your face? You’re still fucking ugly.” Tayuya stung deeply as Kin squeezed her thighs together, dampening her panties.

“I-I’m sorry.” Kin whimpered as Tayuya smiled violently at the girl’s apology and slapped hard in the face.

“Shut the fuck up, your not sorry…” Kin trembled feebly at the fierce red head’s threat as her face burned. She wanted to sooth her smoldering cheek with her cool hand but remained still; doing so would have only earned her another open palm slap or worse, a punch.

“Not yet anyway.” Tayuya stepped back admiring the sobbing girl as she felt her own wetness swirl between her legs. She loved seeing Kin cry all puny and frail-like, it made her inside come ablaze with lust and perversion, funny thing was she was only warming up. Being on mission for the last week had made the red-eyed girl cranky and aggressive and Kin was about to take the brunt of these emotions physically, emotionally and sexually.

“Strip down, slowly, like I like it.” Tayuya ordered as her right hand disappeared into her panties. Kin sobbed loudly as she gripped the bottom of the fishnet and lifted it up over her head, exposing her hardened nipples. Looking away, Kin closed her eyes shamefully as her hands drifted to her pants.

“All the way, you slutty little whore.” Tayuya purred with consent and bliss as the dark-haired girl unbuttoned her shorts and dropped her them to her ankles. Tayuya leaned back as she glared at her cruel handwork. Scars lined Kin’s firm body as she forced herself to look back at Tayuya with a gracious smile. If she was lucky her tormentor wouldn’t cut her up too bad or break anything important.

“I have a job for you.” Tayuya’s right hand reappeared as she rubbed her sticky fluid between her fingers. Kin held back a gag as the smell whiffed her way. The mean woman giggled at her raunchy smell as she had came straight here without washing up. Tayuya was pleased with her female liquid’s texture and odor as Kin gagged riotously at the smell again.

“Open your mouth.” The red head pointed with her soiled fingers as Kin pursed her lips and eyes shut with mild refusal.

“Open your mouth now or you start swallowing your fucking teeth one by fucking one.” Tayuya’s curse mark glowed in sexual rage as she snatched the feeble girl up by her little button nose and wrenched it upward. Kin peaked her tippy-toes as her mouth unhitched and dropped open with a sudden gasp. As air filled the girl so did the insane red head’s dirty, stinky fingers. Kin’s gag reflexes switched on instantly as her throat opened up.

“What’s this?!? My juice’s not good enough for you? Repulsive little shit!” Tayuya held her fingers in place as the dark-haired girl continued to vomit on the floor. Kin didn’t mind the puking though, Kabuto had warned the girl that the 4 Gates of Sound would return early today. She ate light, and drank a lot of water to make it easier on herself. If only she had been smarter about this kind of stuff earlier, she’d been a lot better off.

“We still got a fuck load of work with your sorry ass Kin-kunny.” Tayuya’s smile grew with the horns on her head as Kin sniveled in fear. A light stream of urine ran down Kin’s left thigh as she braced herself.

“At lease I remembered to use the bathroom too.”

Kin sighed weakly in her mind as Tayuya’s wicked hands gripped her.

“I’m a monster’s pet…”

Chapter 26

Title: Round two

[Author's notes: TenTen and Temari have another go...]

Area 72, Rapid woods training grounds.

The dark skinned weapon girl stood in the middle of a hundred targets that surrounded her every degree. With a deep breathe she pulled the large scroll from her back and slid it open. She bit her thumb and skated a streak of blood across it as random puffs of smoke erupted from the scroll. Weapons appeared as she threw deadly metal in different directions. She finished seconds’ later on one knee with her arms out spread to her sides. Looking up she watched the last kunai head for the last target 20 feet away, hanging on a tree. A smile crossed her face as she waited for it to hit dead center, when at the last moment the dagger missed and struck the tree’s trunk. The smile slowly worked into a frown as she got to her feet in disbelief.

“I missed?!?”

TenTen started walking to the missed target, wondering how she missed when a dark chuckle rang out.

“Oops, you missed one.” TenTen recognized the voice as its owner dropped from the trees.

“Temari, what do you want?” Spite shot throughout TenTen’s body and voice as the first thing she remembered was the Suna Kunoichi beating her senseless in the preliminary rounds.

“Is that anyway to speak to an ally of the leaf?” Temari’s smirking face did little but piss off TenTen even more as the brown haired girls hands balled into fists.

“Her and that fucking wind, Miss I’m-so-fucking cool.”

Grinding her teeth, TenTen held back from attacking the blonde with everything she had. She had humiliated her once and TenTen would be damned if she was going to let her do it again. The sand girl stood mockingly, just staring at TenTen, gesturing mixed emotions and twisted intent.

“You don’t have to say anything; if you feel froggy girl you go ahead and jump.” Temari licked her lips seductively as she put a hand on her fan. TenTen knew it would be stupid to attack her with her weapon jutus; she’d just blow them away.

“Think TenTen, think damnit!”

TenTen strained her thoughts as she suddenly smiled. Temari tightened up as she waited for the girl to strike.

“No weapons.” TenTen grinned this time as she tossed her large back-scroll and weapon pouches to the side.

“Pretty smart for a leaf kunoichi, but I don’t see what good it will do you.” The older blonde sighed as she whipped her fan, which struck halfway into tree to her right. What Temari didn’t really know was that the tai-jutus master Rock lee was insanely insistant he train her himself just in case.

“Weapons merely get in the way when completely crushing your opponent.”

“I’d say the same, but that’s not for me to worry about.” TenTen placed one hand behind her back as she raised the other in front of herself, her palm facing in.

“I’ve seen that stance before.”

Before Temari could think of where, TenTen attacked. The blonde dodged her head from side to side, missing jabs as TenTen continued with a flying roundhouse. Temari feet sunk into the ground a little as she blocked the strong kick with both forearms, when it hit her. Darting back a few steps Temari returned to her stance as she smiled.

“Did the guy with the funny eyebrows teach you that? I guess I should apologize for calling you garbage and stuff.” Temari hissed as she forearm started to tingle.

“What do you think?” TenTen sneered she started her second assault with twice the vitality. Temari continued to block and dodge as she found herself moving backwards at an annoying pace. TenTen smiled slyly as Temari blocked a low kick, leaving her face wide open.

“Leaf Hurricane!” A rapid speed kick blasted Temari backwards tumbling violently, just like her brother.

“Bitch!” Temari gritted her teeth as she dug her now charaka filled hand in the ground and arced her back like a cat. Temari’s eyes turned into a felines, her teeth growing sharper as she hissed like one too. TenTen stumbled a bit from the powerful move as she watched Temari slowly change.

“What’s wrong girl? scared?” Temari launched back at the weapon master as she went on the offensive. Punches and kicks started to land all over TenTen's body as blocking stopped only a small portion of them. Temari smiled as TenTen obstructed a high punch and crouched down. The brown eyed girl saw stars as Temari hit her with an upwards flash-kick. The ground felt the same as hitting Temari’s fan the first time, beaten.

“D-Damn you… Temari!” TenTen barked from the ground as managed to control her breathe enough to yell.

“Your beaten, just take your punishment like a woman.” Temari smirked darkly as she bit her thumb. With a quick set of hand signs, she pressed her thumb to the floor.

“Summoning jutus.” With a puff her smoke a figure slowly formed.

“Can’t a girl take a bath without being summoned?” A feline voice demanded as she licked the length of her leg high above her head.

“Ohhhh it’s you, what do you…Mmmmm.” The catwoman stood as she sniffed the air with a purr. TenTen just stared at white furred girl with Temari as the blonde spoke.

“Mushi-sama, I have a gift for you.” The green-eyed girl grinned at the brown-eyed one as TenTen slowly drew strength.

“A human girl? Temari-sama you are too kind.” Mushi smirked wildly; her crystal blue eyes freezing TenTen in place. The weapon girl had heard enough as she launched herself off the ground at the cat named Mushi. Summons were just like ninja, injured they’d disappear and could be killed.

“Silly girl playing ninja?” Mushi laughed malevolently as she slapped TenTen brutally into a tree and held her up by her neck in the same motion. TenTen started to tremble as she suddenly gasped. Fear and excitement flashed before eyes as she was starting to get turned on and didn’t know why, being held by this strange catwoman… that liked girls!

“She’s kind of old; use your jutus to…” Mushi pouted and glanced to Temari with a loop of her finger.

“You’re loud Mushi.” Temari’s voice made Mushi’s ears twitch as she looked away from her master.

“I’m sorry; it’s just been so long.” Mushi licked TenTen’s face as she squashed her pawed hand against TenTen’s moistening crotch. The brown eyed girl moaned aloud as Mushi squeezed her even harder.

“I’m going to lick you dry human.” Mushi’s tongue cruised across TenTen’s face then slammed into her mouth. TenTen’s tensed her body for a moment then loosen in Mushi’s grip as her pussy began to melt. Mushi’s eyes soften a bit as she snarled sweetly.

“I like my prey young and full of fight.” TenTen just undid her shirt in silence as Mushi fixed a claw just barely in the bottom her TenTen’s panties. Temari smiled viciously as she walked up next to TenTen. Her hands formed more hand signs as she built yellow chakra into her right hand.

“Age-reduction jutus.” The sand girl pressed her hand on TenTen’s chest as the leaf girl cried out, a golden light covering her. TenTen felt her clothes get baggy on her as her frame got smaller.

“W-What did you do to me?” TenTen high voice asked as she looked at her free hand.

“My body, NO!!!” TenTen screamed as Mushi cover her mouth quickly and planted her to the ground.

“None of that sweetie.” Mushi grinned as she sliced off the girl’s hair buns in two slashes. TenTen screamed into the catwoman’s hand and bit her.

“Little shit!” Laughed Mushi as she let off the girl. TenTen slid back, scrambling to her feet, her pants gone, her pink slip-coat huge on her, and panties being grasped in both hands. With the haircut to top it off, she looked like a proper tomboy.

“You bitch! Why’d you do this to me, do you really hate me that much?” TenTen looked fearfully at the blonde as she slowly backed up. Mushi looked to Temari instantly as the sand girl just grinned, turning more and more feline.

“You didn’t tell her yet?” Mushi leaned back onto two feet and turned to the suna girl.

“She had her chance, she didn’t beat me.” Temari chiding voice made Mushi shutter with hate, while TenTen just stared at the two of them turning on one another.

“I don’t get it? I had to beat you?” TenTen asked as Mushi’s cold eyes fell on her.

“You didn’t think she was going to apologize to you for all that shit she did, if she beat you again did you?” Mushi chuckled into her new direction, changing again like flowing wind, always moving. TenTen had to do something but what? Two on one, half my size, no weapons, there’s no way! Still backing up TenTen felt brush and bushes behind.

“You got to beat it out of her, I mean really gotta’ beat it outta her.” Mushi and Temari crept towards their prey as TenTen made up her mind. Temari sensed TenTen urge to run as she sniffed the air.

“Water? No, TenTen don’t!”

TenTen turned into the bushes smirking as she sudden was looking down at the steep valley she had just stepped into. Her feet skipped two steps as she lost control and whirled down the vertical drop. Temari pounced into the opening, her eyes focused solely on TenTen tumbling. Mushi was right behind her as she followed Temari’s lead. Their paws hit and slid with the sharp level as Temari saw the wide canyon coming up fast.

“Mushi! Just keep back I think I know what to do.” They were in a Jonin level train area, dangerous and unpredictable, but many had fail-safes in place. TenTen caught a short glimpse of Temari heading for her. Sudden her head smashed off a rock as the feline blonde saw blood splash into the air. No more jokes or teasing, shit was serious now.


Almost at the edge, Temari launched herself just in front of the drop, as TenTen hit her like a fastball. The two slowly fell back in each others arms as a single tear dropped from Temari’s eye.

“I’m sorry…”

The two began to fall faster as Temari now put her plan into action. Kunai anchors, mounted into the sides of the crevasse. Temari had been smart to read into the different training grounds as she knew TenTen trained out here a lot, so it was two birds, one stone kind of thing.

“There!” Temari suddenly ripped the skin around TenTen’s wrist as she found very fine ninja wire wrapped around it. She had others fooled, but Temari knew this girl was a walking weapon; all you had to do was look. Quickly unwrapping the wire Temari…

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