Story: Best of Friends (chapter 1)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: One Shot

Best of friends.



Arthur and Baxter were heading down to the local store one day. With a pocketful of their allowances, they were going to get some pops and chips to celebrate the final day gone of the school year... next year it would be grade nine, they both thought of.

As the two lads walked down the street, the met up with Francine Frensky coming from the opposite direction. The athletic girl, now tall with longish brown hair strode with her backpack on her shoulder. Arthur smiled in seeing his friend, noting the tomboy girl seemed to be quite happy.

The lad waved.

" Hi, Francine..." He said. " Where are ya going?"

The girl smiled, as she finally got close to the two.

" Going over to Muffy’s house for a couple of nights..." She said. " My mom had said if I had gotten good grades, I could stay a day or two with Muffy."

" And did you?" Asked Arthur, grinning as he knew that was why she was going.

Francine shook her head at the boys try at being funny. She found the humor to be dry.

" I got a ‘b-‘ average this year..." She said, flatly trying to play the straight man in this.

" I got a C-plus!" Piped in Baxter in his usual jovial tone, almost as if he did not hear the full conversation.

" For you Baxter... that is good." Smirked the girl, waving as she went off.

Arthur chuckled, as his buddy shrugged his shoulders. He obviously was unaware that the girl had been trying to be sarcastic with him. Arthur knew it, but decided to let his buddy figure it out himself. The boys just continued on to the store, as Francine continued on her way to her friend’s place.

Muffy Crosswire’s house was one of the most opulent in Elmwood City. It was one that covered many acres in the more afluant part of town. From it’s tennis courts, to the many garages on the property, it was a grand place to say the least.

Francine hit the intercom that was at the front gate, and the butler let her in, as usual. She smiled, and made the long walk up the driveway to Muffy’s door.

Muffy was waiting in her game room, when Francine came in. She turned and looked at friend, smiling largely.

" Last day of school..." Muffy sighed almost musically, as her friend threw her backpack on a nearby chair. " Now we have two whole months of doing absolutely, positively nothing."

" After those finals we had... It might take three months to untwist my mind." Smirked Francine.

" Did you find them that bad?" Muffy asked.

" My brain hurts just thinking on it." Replied Francine, smirking with her usual sarcasm

The rich girl giggled hard at her friend’s wit. She always liked her no nonsense style of humor.

" Come on then... we will have fun and begin to forget the last few months." She said. " Video games anyone?"

Francine broke out a big smile, that was the best thing she had heard since the final bell to end this last day of school.

" Can we start off with playing Space Hunter 2000?" She asked, excitedly.

" That was what I was going to suggest!" Giggled Muffy. " We’ll get some popcorn and chips brought in too... and we cant forget the chocolate floats either."

" Can’t play games without munchies." Agreed Francine, excited to simply have a relaxing time with her very best friend.

With laughter, they went off to play the games in one corner of the large playroom.

Between playing their games and having the butler serve supper to them, the two girls dove right in relishing the freedom that they had, as the summer would be so very short in their minds. They were both determined that this summer was going to be the best one yet.

It was about nine o’clock in the evening, after playing video games and other games for most of that time. Muffy abruptly left Francine, after a servant had whispered something to her. The girl had just gotten up and went off without even explaining why she was doing so.

Turning on the televison to amuse herself, Francine waited for her friend to return from wherever she had disappeared to With Muffy, you never knew quite where she was going, or when she would be back. That was the girl, but as a best friend, Francine could not have asked for any better than that. She loved Muffy a lot, some said it was a little weird just how close they were. Francine just laughed that off. So what, that was her best friend in the whole entire world.

Muffy came back in to the games room, smiling broadly.

" We have the whole house practically to ourselves tonight." She announced, giggling with glee.

" The whole house to ourselves?" Francine echoed, not quite sure what Muffy meant by that..

The girl nodded, giggling more.

" My mom and dad had to go out of town for the night, the only one here will be Maurice, our head butler." She explained through continuing titters of laughter. " He said if we needed anything, to simply ring his room... we have the whole house to ourselves."

Francine smiled as a wave of giggled washed over her. She felt the same thing as her friend did... freedom.

" Lets get into our pyjamas, and just race around the house for awhile... there are so any rooms, even I don’t know what I might find." Muffy said.

Francine grabbed her backpack and headed into the nearby bathroom to change. This night was going to be a lot of fun, she could not wait to see just what sort of stuff they could get into. It was always interesting, because of the spontaneous nature of Muffy

After changing, they went and explored some of the further reaches of the Crosswire estate house. It was a vast house, one that had many wings that led into uninhabited corners of the mansion.

They found rooms that seemed to have never been used, or had simply stored books and other things for the time that they might be needed. They found that there were quite a few bathrooms also, some opulent with marble and silver fixture, while some just plain weird in it’s way of being decorated. Other rooms had stacked furniture, clothes and even a room filled with little statues of birds and weird creatures. Even Muffy found these things to be way weird, to Francine... it was beyond weird.

After over ninety minutes of searching, they were becoming a little bored with searching the house. They stood at the juncture of one hallway that led back into the main part of the house.

" Now what?" Asked Francine

" I am not sure..." Hummed Muffy, thinking hard on this little problem.

" More snacks?"

" Nah, I’m not hungry..." Muffy said.

" Lets watch a few movies until we fall asleep then." Suggested Francine, hating not doing anything.

Muffy stood there, fingering her long pink Nightgown as she thought. Francine waited on her friend, hoping that she could come up with something to do. She stood there looking at her own long baseball jersey styled night attire, trying to be patient with the girl. This was as patient as she could get, and it was wearing thin.

Muffy’s face lit up, and she looked at her friend.

" There is something I have wanted to do for a very long time..." She said, her eyes showing twinkles.

" What, what?" Said Francine, perking up.

Muffy grabbed her hand and began to pull her friend off towards another part of the house by way of another hallway. She seemed to be very eager to get to wherever it was she wanted to go.

" I’ll explain when we get there." Muffy said, pulling Francine along almost to the point of tripping her.

The girl was unsure what Muffy was up to, but she sped up her feet to keep up, and to stop herself from falling flat on her own face.

Francine soon found that her friend had taken her into a very large room, located at the back of the house. It was where the Crosswire’s had an indoor pool made. The pool was not a ful sized one, but seemed to be one for simply splashing around in on those cold nights when the outdoor one would be too chilly.

Francine looked at her friend with a curious look.

" Wanted to do something for a long time?" She questioned Muffy, raising her eyebrows as she asked. " You have swam before, heck I have too."

" But have you ever skinny-dipped in a pool before?" Pointed out the girl, with a smile.

Francine was shocked at the girl’s thoughts. She looked at her shorter friend with a open mouth.

" Skinny-dip??" She said. " You mean swim naked?" She gasped. " No bathing suit or nothing?"

" That is how it is done..." Snickered the girl. " Since my parents are gone, and Maurice would not come unless called... this is the perfect time to do that."

Francine was a little take back with her friend’s suggestion. She stood, not really knowing what to say.

"Swimming naked? What is she thinking?" The girl asked herself a few times in a row.

Muffy was not waiting for her friend to make up her mind, already shucking off her nightgown by then. Francine watched in astonishment as her friend was already partially naked, without being a little bit shy in the matter.

Francine stared at the girl, who now stood there in just a pair of little pink panties, her torso bared to the moist air of the pool side. What she saw, made her whole body shake a little bit.

She could see that her friend had small apple sized breasts forming, the nipples were hard as rocks as they hit the air. They were rounding nicely, and seemed to be rather full already even though she was exactly the same age as she was, and they looked great along with the flatness of her stomach.

A strange feeling flooded over Francine, one that she had only a few times before. She had the urge now to touch her friends perky little boobies, wanting to feel their softness in her hands. She found the crotch of her panties were getting very moist, and there was a very prominent tingling inside of herself, one that made her shift as it shot through her. She froze, as she did not know what was happening to her.

Muffy bent over, and pushed down her underwear over her hips and down her legs. Francine noticed how well rounded her ass was, noting how arched yet muscular it was, and her legs were lean and shapely in of themselves too. Her panties were now getting even more wet by then, confusing her even more.

Her friend cast off her panties to land on her nightgown at the pool side and stood straight up. She turned herself, not even a little shy to show herself to Francine. The girl gasped and stared, looking at Muffy.

The girl had a little patch of reddish brown hair that was growing around her young sex. Francine could see that her outer lips were tucked in to itself a little, yet seemed to be a little moist too. It looked so splendid that she had a vision of herself touching Muffy’s young vulva, feeling the softness of the skin and hair between her fingers. That made her feel a weird sort of excitement.

Muffy’s voice broke her out of her trance.

" Well, are we going to do this or what?"

Francine did not have an answer, but found herself stripping off her clothes too. Muffy watched as the girl disrobed, almost staring in the way she did.

Muffy watched as Francine pulled off her baseball jersey nightshirt, exposing quite large but still growing breasts that were under there. Muffy could see that they were full and jutted out into the air, being almost as big as medium sized grapefruits. She smiled, waiting for the last article to come off of her friend.

With a flick of her wrist, Francine pulled off her panties and stood up with just a small pause. She stood there, letting Muffy see her in all of her bared glory too, wondering if the girl was thinking the things she was, and smiled hopefully. Her pussy was twitching as she saw the girl was looking her over.

Muffy saw that Francine’s little pussy had clearly been shaved. The pinkness of the skin accented the dusty rose color of her young nether-lips, showing the sleek lines of the wonderful treasure that made it’s home in the apex of her thighs.

" You shave?" She asked suddenly, then blushed when she realized that she had said it out loud.

" Yeah... I do..." She said, thinking fast but answering weakly. " Feels cleaner after playing basketball."

Muffy nodded, and turned to the pool. With a giant leap, she went in with a big time splash. Francine got her mind to calm down a little, and followed the girl into the water with here own big time cannonball dive, screaming out as she did.

" Cowabunga!!!"

The water was not too cool, and felt so nice on Francine’s bare body. She swam a little ways underwater, and came up from her dive, reveling in the freedom she felt. She smiled, as she found that she really liked the feeling of diving in to a pool with nothing on but a smile. It was very enjoyable, almost the most enjoyable she had ever experienced.

She pushed the wet hair from her eyes and wiped the water from her eyes. Muffy was standing there in the water in front of her, smiling broadly at her. It was clear that the girl was enjoying it as much as she was.

" This feels so great." Commented the girl, but a odd look was gleaming in her eyes.

" It is great..." Said Francine back, not knowing quite what else to say to her.

Francine looked at the reddish hair that cascaded down Muffy’s head, to lay so nicely on her shoulder. She looked so pretty standing there in the water, with the pool lights illuminating her bare body. She found her eyes had locked on to the girl’s very perky breasts, and she felt the feeling of wanting to touch them flow through her again, this time it was almost to hard for her to ignore.

Muffy looked at Francine, a small slash of red coming in to her cheeks. Francine stopped looking at her friend’s boobs, and looked up with a startled look, her eyes contacting with the brownish haired girl.

"Had she seen her looking at her breasts?" Thought Francine, not even understanding herself why she was doing it.

Muffy was the one to speak first, being direct, as she usually was.

" Your looking at my breasts, aren’t you?" She asked directly.

" Uh..." Stuttered Francine, not knowing what to say. " I... uh.."

Muffy smiled sweetly and moved to close the gap between herself and Francine. She stared directly into Francine’s face, but did not move much more.

" You were..." She said. " Just say it..."

" Yes... I was..." Admitted the girl, feeling embarrassed that she actually was looking at Muffy’s perky tits, all wet and gleaming from the water. " I don’t know why I was looking..."

Muffy stopped Francine’s words.

" I was doing the same thing..." She said bluntly.

" You... you were?" Asked Francine, shocked that her friend had been doing the exact same thing.

" Yes... and your boobs are beautiful." Said the girl, with a smile.

Muffy reached out and brought her hand up to cup her friend’s left breast. She felt Francine gasp, then moan as her skin touched hers. She squeezed it ever so lightly, feeling the firmness under her fingers, flicking the nipple slightly with a thumb. Francine did the same, reaching out to cup her perky tits. Both girls gave a sigh, as they now touched one another, but now there was no hesitation, just exhilaration.

Francine leaned over, and placed a tentative kiss on Muffy’s lips. To her surprise, the girl was quickly kissing back very fervently. Muffy melted into her arms, and wrapped a large embrace on her. They began to kiss with their rising excitement, their tongues now playing together as they wet bodies were held together.

Moving her hands down Muffy’s back, she felt her own tingling in her sex becoming stronger. Francine cupped one of the girl’s butt cheeks, and found that it was as firm as it had looked. She pulled her closer, and felt her pussy was now up against hers, and that sent even more electricity though her body. Muffy responded by humping her pussy against hers, her tongue playing with her even more passionately.

Francine could feel the girl’s pussy lips contacting hers under the water. Sparks of pure pleasure flowed over her. She mashed her own vulva against Muffy’s, the friction making her feel like she was going to out of her mind with how good it was feeling. She felt the girl shiver, and mash even harder still against her.

Muffy’s hand snaked in between them, and finger started to caress Francine’s now so excited nether-lips. They traced the outer area with a light touch, the movement of the water making the sensations even more pronounced for Francine.

She moaned deep in her throat, as Muffy’s finger then slid into her, causing her to shutter in ecstacy, her legs opening wider on their own. The girl had noticed, and continued to slide it in even more.

" Oh God..." Francine gasped, feeling the finger go in deeper. " I...I.."

" Shhh..." Whispered Muffy, putting her finger in even more deeper into Francine’s body. " Just enjoy it."

Deftly, the girl pumped her finger in and out of Francine, going in to the top knuckle of the hand. She could feel her friend’s insides vibrating wildly, clenching around her digit with a softness yet strength. She smiled sweetly and kissed the girl more, while continuing to pump her hand as she had been doing.

Francine could only moan and kiss back, making Muffy speed up just a little bit more to illicit more reactions from the girl..

With a gasp, Muffy felt Francine now inserting a finger into her. She whimpered in pleasure, as she felt awash with tingles. She shuttered, as the fingers slid in deep, the side of the hand contacting some very sensitive areas with great outcomes. Francine mirrored her hand, matching beat for beat. They were now locked in the surging tides of their own passions as they stood in the water.

The two girls stood there in the water, kissing and fingering one another with full and utter abandon. Sharp gasps and moans echoed in the pool area, which were becoming more tumultuous and pronounced as their hands and tongues appeared to be performing magic on the both of them

Francine soon felt the building of something inside her. It had been growing steadily, building to a crescendo. Muffy’s finger was going in and out of her like mad, probing deeply into her. She could only keep her own hand busy, but her mind was now focused on the building pressure within her.

She suddenly felt the thumb rubbing a little place on the very top of her cunt, and she felt like she was simply going to explode. It made rings around the little bump, sending her even higher into this building process. Every muscle in her body now twitched, there was a need for some sort of release as she moaned with it all. She humped the hand, trying to find a way to ignite whatever it was into action

Muffy was also feeling herself building, the girl’s finger was deeply being jammed inside of her now twitching pussy. She could barely keep her mind on her own hand, but some how kept going in time with Francine. She whimpered and cooed uncontrollably, as the inner surging was now almost too much to bare, and she felt that some sort of thing was going to happen very soon.

As one, the suddenly found themselves gasping and clutching one another with their free hand. Hips humping the other’s hand like mad, making sure that every inch of the fingers were firmly pushed as far as they could have gone.

Muffy screamed a little, as her pussy shimmed and vibrated around the finger inside of her. Francine too, was now crying out while her pussy clamped down on her friend’s digit. They locked on to one another eyes, and as one, pumped their hands as fast as they both could have gone.

With one stereo scream, the both came at once, bodies vibrating as they orgasm rocked them with such power. They kissed one another, as the shockwaves flooded their very beings, their hips slamming the other’s hand as they milked every ounce of the climatic power out of themselves. Rapture was such a subtle term for what they were both having.

Gasping, as their bodies finally began subsiding from their culminations, they looked at one another. Their eyes held a new feelings for one another, one that seemed to be very much mutual.

Muffy smiled.

" I have been wanting to do that with you for ever..." She said.

" Really?" Francine asked, her hand now rubbing Muffy’s back.

" I have.." She replied. " Only you!"

They kissed for awhile, arms holding one another closely as the did a little dance in the water. They only knew of the world they were in, the pool was simply there to make it all real enough.

Francine looked deeply into Muffy’s eyes.

" You know this changes our friendship?" She said.

" We are always going to be best friends.." Began the girl, smiling. " It is just a little more now."

" Guess your right." Agreed the girl, looking at her.

" I always am!" She came back, with a smirk. " You always knew that."

They both giggled at that, then stopped the mirth by beginning to kiss each other once again, hands roving over wet skin as they became more aware of their mutual feelings that had finely came out.

After a while longer, they got out of the pool and simply scooped up their clothes. They made a mad dash up to Muffy’s bedroom, making sure that the butler never saw the two streaking through the house like they were. They giggled as they raced through the halls, their bare feet making slapping noises as the did

Once in the bedroom, they simply threw their clothes into a corner and locked the door. Climbing into bed, the layed there together and let their hands explore one another once more, sending them to start back into the heights of what they were feeling towards one another..

As Muffy began to crawl in between Francine’s legs, she smiled with wide eyes expression of excitement.

" I think I have found something wonderful here." She said.

Francine was going to play along, but when she felt her friend’s tongue was hitting that little nub of her pussy, she could only gasp out. She shuttered and spread her legs, inviting the Muffy to keep going.

With a sigh of pleasure, Muffy continued to lap the sweet tasting labia, and enjoying it. She knew after she was done down here, it was going to be her turn. She licked a little faster, knowing that it would be simply her turn.

Friends always took turns, she told herself excitedly.

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