Story: Utena Muyo, or No Need For Utena (chapter 8)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 8

Title: Omake


Utena Muyo! Or, No Need for Utena!


Touga Kiryuu, current victor of the duels, looked up to meet his dueling partner with a charming smile... only to blink in surprise when a unfamiliar figure entered the dueling arena. “Who are you,” the redhead asked, “and where’s Utena?”

“Name’s Ryoko,” the blue haired woman dressed in a red and black body suit said casually, “I’m filling in.”

“Filling in?” Touga asked dryly.

“Seems Utena had some of Anthy’s curry again...”

“Ouch,” Touga winced. Anthy’s exploding cooking was legendary around the academy, to be eaten at your own risk.

“Anyway,” Ryoko said, “seems my mom owes Utena’s aunt a favor or some such, so she called me in to repay the debt.”

“Well,” Touga murmured. He maintained a calm appearance but inside he felt more than a bit of discomfort. His whole strategy on facing Utena had been based as much on psychological factors as dueling skill, and having this newcomer fight in her place meant his careful preperation had been for nothing.

“We doing this soon?” Ryoko looked around crossly.

“I’m sorry,” Anthy hurried across the dueling arena, “I didn’t mean to be late.”

“What kept you?” Touga frowned disapprovingly.

Anthy reached up to adjust her glasses as she said apologetically, “Well, Utena was having her stomach pumped and...”

“Thank you,” Ryoko quickly cut her off before she could go into any kind of detail, “could we start please?”

“Thanks,” Touga sighed, also not wanting to hear any more details.

“The duel ends if you lose your rose,” Anthy cautioned as she put a almost icy blue flower at the breast of Ryoko’s costume.

“Seems simple enough,” Ryoko agreed, “let’s get on with it.”

Anthy walked to Touga’s side as she declared, “O Roses of the noble castle, O Power of Dios that slumbers within me, harken unto thy master and reveal to us...” She fell back into his arms as a light shone forth from her chest.

Drawing the Sword of Dios from her chest Touga finished dramatically, “...the power to revolutionize the world!”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

“Very snazzy,” Ryoko conceded, “I can’t top that.” She gestured and a blade composed of pure red energy appeared, “But I think this’ll do.”

‘Obviously this is not a normal duelist,’ Touga blinked, feeling his confidence waver. He shook himself and said politely, “Ladies first.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Ryoko dived forward, swinging her blade wildly.

Touga ducked and swung, but with a grace that a cat would envy Ryoko twisted aside. ‘She’s good,’ he realized as her return strike nearly took off his head. Back and forth they fought, Touga doding the unknown weapon of the mystery woman even as he searched for a opening.

“Y’know,” Ryoko said conversationally, “playing like this is fun but I’m getting kinda bored. Time to finish this.”

This time there was no dodging the strike so Touga desperately parried with the Sword of Dios... only to see the Sword sheared in half by the energy blade. A second strike turned his rose to garbage, sending charred petals spiraling to the ground.


“Well that was unexpected,” Akio Ohtori blinked, his stylish purple hair falling into his eyes, his shirt half open.

“Not really,” Washu said cheerfully, the red headed woman offering a container as she asked, “more sake?”

“Please,” Akio held out his cup.

“The duels are both a physical and psychic phenomenon,” Washu took on a lecturing tone, “where to people’s wills battle as much or more so than the clash of swords.”

“So your Ryoko had a stronger will?” Akio looked thoughtful.

“Partially,” Washu drank her own sake, “and there’s another factor involved.”

Akio drank gracefully, “Oh?”

“The blade Ryoko uses is a manifestation of pure psionic force,” Washu shrugged, “in the arena it’s a ace against almost anyone.”

“That’ll make the dueling game we’re arranged rather one sided,” Akio frowned.

“Not if I provide blades to your duelists,” Washu gave a evil grin, “not to mention bringing in a few ringers of my own.”

“That’s annoy your little Ryoko,” Akio smiled slyly.

“She could use a little annoyance,” Washu shrugged casually. “More sake?”

“This could be very entertaining,” Akio held out his cup with a smile.

“To the power to revolutionize the world,” Washu toasted.

“To the power,” Akio agreed.


Ryoko walked out of the dueling arena casually, her long blue hair flowing down her back as she passed the street lamps. “What are you doing here?” Ryoko asked as she saw Anthy waiting by the enterance way.

“I am the Rose Bride,” Anthy smiled respectfully, “and I belong to you.”

“Hey, I was just there subbing for Utena.” Ryoko quickly protested as Anthy and she walked off together.

“You won the duel,” Anthy was gentle but firm, “you are now my betrothed.”

‘What the hell,” Ryoko said after a moment, “I’ve had worse situations in my life.” Silently she added, ‘All 5000 years of it.’

“What would you like to do now?” Anthy asked after a moment.

Ryoko slapped Anthy on the shoulder, “Let’s go get a drink.”

“But I’m not old enough...” Anthy started.

Ryoko shook her head as she commented, “Don’t kid a kidder. We both know you’re way older than you seem.”

“Well,” Anthy hesitated, clearly thrown by this bold woman.

“First, I’ll introduce you to sake,” Ryoko grinned impishly, “then we’ll see what else we can round up.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Anthy said faintly.

“Chu,” Chu-chu watched disaprovingly.

“Myah?” Ryo-Ohki surprised it, sending the mouse scurrying away.

“Chu!” Chu-chu raced erratically.

“Myah!” Ryo-Ohki exclaimed, chasing her new toy with glee.


Notes: A ‘serious’ crossover between Tenchi Muyo and Utena’d be a pretty one sided fic, so I decided to go at it in a humorous way. The idea that the duels are both physical as well as mental came from reading the Big Eyes Small Mouth RPG guides to Utena, but I liked it so I worked it into this fic.

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