Story: Utena Muyo, or No Need For Utena (chapter 7)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 7

Utena Muyo! or No need for Utena! Part Seven

Juri and Utena gazed at each other over the dining table, drinking a bit of their wine as they finished off their meals. "Should we start to rehearse?" Utena asked Juri softly.

Juri smiled slightly, "It'll be fun."

They took their scripts up to Utena and Anthy's dorm room, and Juri looked admiringly around the neat, almost spotless room. "So where do you want to start?" Utena asked.

Juri picked up her script, "Let's do the hot springs." They took up their positions and Juri came up from behind her, her voice coming out as a throaty purr, "What are you embarrassed about?" A smile, "You've seen me naked before."

"You were only a mummy then," Utena stammered out, blushing.

"I'm not a mummy now," Juri's breath gently brushed across Utena's ear.

Utena looked up at Juri in surprise, a flush to her cheeks. Before she could say anything, Juri's lips gently brushed hers, then they lingered for a moment. "Was that in the play?" Utena asked her breathlessly.

Juri drew back, carefully giving her a bit of space. "No," she smiled down at Utena gently, "I hope you didn't mind."

"I liked it," Utena managed to get out, "but what about Anthy?"

Juri gently stroked Utena's long pink hair back from her face as she said softly, "I don't think Anthy would mind."

Utena looked down shyly, "I've never..." she started, then trailed off.

Juri blinked at her with an expression of honest surprise. She had thought that Utena, with her dressing in a boy's school uniform and her close relationship with her friend Wakaba would have already... but it didn't really matter.

"It's all right," Juri smiled at her, trying to be as comforting as possible.

"But I want to," Utena finished. She took Juri's hand in her warm ones, gently drawing her back towards her neatly made bed. Utena sat down on the side of the bed, tugging on Juri's hands to try to draw her down beside her.

Juri carefully kept her feet, her breath coming just a little bit faster. She put her hands on Utena's shoulders, "Are you sure?" Juri took a deep breath before admitting, "I don't think I could stand it, if you did change your mind."

"I'm very sure," Utena put special emphasis on those words. While keeping a firm grip on Juri's hands Utena let herself fall back on the mattress, pulling Juri down on top of her.

Juri laughed, enjoying the feel of their still clothed bodies on top of each other. "Welcome home Tenchi," Juri quoted the play with a impish grin.

"Welcome home," Utena agreed, wrapping her arms gently around Juri's neck to pull her down into a fierce kiss.

The rest, as they say, was history.

The Ohtori girl's Drama Club performance of Tenchi Muyo! was a huge hit, of course. They sold out the first night's tickets and every other night of the show, ever receiving a few requests to play outside of the school's theater. The set designs even won a few awards, of which the exhausted Miki only heard of a few.

The actresses all did a fine job, Nanami getting special mention for her portrayal of the mad scientist Washu. Shiori and Wakaba were the comic pair of the show, and did a humorous face-plant as an encore to the first performance.

But the performers everyone were talking about were Utena, Juri and Anthy. Utena didn't play Tenchi, many thought, she actually became him, the shy young man who grew up to take on a hero's mantle. Juri's saucy, flirting Ryouko and Anthy's regal, yet almost sorrowful Ayeka balanced Utena out perfectly, creating a play to remember. Each night they would step on the stage, and they would crackle with electricity just like the very first show.

The play only received one real criticism.

Despite Ayeka, Mihoshi, and others still officially being in the running for Utena's affections, the impression left was that Ryouko and Tenchi were a couple. The chemistry that Utena and Juri had on stage was incredible, and despite the writing of the play, when the two stood together on stage it was clear. They obviously belonged together.

It shouldn't have surprised anyone what happened next.

Juri and Anthy finished up the term before quietly transferring away from Ohtori academy. Utena never lost a Duel throughout that time, leaving the way that she had arrived: a champion. The only one who seemed unsurprised by their leaving was Anthy.

Simply, without fanfare, they moved in together in Tokyo, continuing their education. Utena introduced her lover Juri to her Aunt, and was in turn introduced to Juri's parents. Thankfully, none of the elders were all that surprised at how their young people had turned out.

It was a few month's later that a smiling Utena answered the door, "Yes?"

Wakaba beamed at her happily, "Utena-sama!" The smaller girl threw her arms around Utena's neck tightly, releasing her only after a few moments.

"You found the place all right?" Utena asked, leading Wakaba inside the apartment. The place was stylishly decorated, showing a great deal of taste.

"You give great directions," Wakaba smiled. She liked the dark pants and white shirt Utena was wearing, so similar to a boy's uniform. She looked around curiously before asking, "Are you living with someone?"

"My lover, Arisugawa Juri," Utena answered simply. She paused a moment to let Wakaba soak that in before asking, "Are you all right with that?"

Wakaba blushed, "Yes." She looked down shyly before admitting, "I've sort of become involved with a woman myself."

Utena leaned forward in curiosity, "Do you mind if I ask who?"

"Shiori," Wakaba beamed happily.

Utena blinked, trying to get her mind around that pairing...

The End.

Author's Final Note:

For a fic. that started out as only a goofy little idea on my hard drive, this has developed into a fair sized series! Even stranger, I was stumped for months on part one, and only after putting it up and receiving so many requests to continue it could I come up with part two. I'm choosing to bring it to an end at this point because I'm getting pretty close to the place where I'll run out of good jokes to do. And to be honest I'm getting a bit bored...

I always intended this to be a Juri/Utena fic., in part because I've never written one before. Lots of Utena/Anthy, yes, but no Utena/Juri, so I thought it was about time. Pairing up the Utena characters with Tenchi 'counterparts' was almost scarily easy. Utena HAD to be Tenchi, and Anthy made a good Ayeka. I could easily see Juri as Ryouko, she's got that impish sort of dark side to her.

Thank you, everyone who left a review! This fic. wouldn't have continued at all without your encouragement.

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