Story: Utena Muyo, or No Need For Utena (chapter 6)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 6

Utena Muyo! or No need for Utena! Part Six

"Mi... ho... shi!" Shiori growled out through gritted teeth, her fists shaking and a large 'X' throbbing in the veins on her forehead.

Wakaba's eyes got wide and tear-filled as she said, "I'm sorry Kiyone."

They stood there a moment, then the crowd watching them burt into a round of applause. A smiling Nanami stood up to say, "Considering how often you two are going to be doing that, I'm glad you've got it down!"

Shiori blushed slightly as she stammered, "I'd like to thank my acting partner, Wakaba, for all the inspiration!"

Large, throbbing hearts suddenly appeared in Wakaba's eyes, "Shiori- sama!" Glomp! They wobbled a moment, then both of them crashed down to the stage floor.

"Medic!" Keiko called out worriedly.

Juri smirked, before looking around her curiously. Touga was trying to put the noves on Utena again, who was completely ignoring him. 'So where's Anthy?' Juri wondered. She ventured back stage, looking around.

Anthy was looking at some of the sets, pointedly ignoring all of Saionji's attempts to talk to her. Finally she said, "We are no longer engaged, Saionji-san. I'm sorry, I'm with Utena-sama now."

Deciding it was time to take steps, Juri stepped up beside them to look down at him grimly and say, "Buzz off. Now." Saionji saw the grave expression on her face and decided to exercise the better part of valor. He left.

"Thank you, Juri-san," Anthy smiled up at her sweetly.

Juri paused a moment, looking down at the young woman. "No problem," Juri smiled, "there was something I wanted to ask you."

"Yes?" Anthy asked curiously.

"Chu!" Chu-chu popped up.

Juri looked down at the little monkey-mouse and sweatdropped. A soft puff of breath, "I'm sure you've noticed that I've been flirting with Utena." She looked at Anthy curiously, "Why haven't you tried to put a stop to it?"

Anthy looked up at her levelly, and for a moment Juri was reminded of when Anthy stood up on the dueling grounds, the wind blowing around them and her expression kept carefully blank. 'She's not going to answer me,' Juri thought as she looked at that poker face, then Anthy's expression seemed to change.

Anthy looked up at her and simply said, "I am bound to be the Rose Bride, and my desitny is here in Ohtori." With a sad little smile she added, "I think you'd be good for Utena, and that she would be good for you."

Juri met her eyes and realized that Anthy was completely serious. "Thank you," Juri answered her quietly.

Anthy visibly relaxed as she smiled impishly up at Juri, "I'm sure we're both looking forward to dinner tonight."

"Is there anything I can bring?" Juri quietly asked, still trying to fully accept what Anthy had just said to her.

With a sweet little smile Anthy said, "Just bring you and your script. We'll eat dinner and then practice our parts."

"See you then," Juri nodded to her, and then strode off down the hallway.

The sun was just beginning to set behind the school's buildings as Juri walked with a determined step to the East Dorm. The little white building stood there alone, and Juri found herself wondering what it was like to live in there.

With a little smirk Juri thought to herself, 'I could always put in for a transfer, just to see the look on poor Touga's face.' She lay her hand on the front door, then rang the bell. A few moments later and Utena pulled open the door, a beaming Anthy standing behind her.

"Welcome, Juri," Utena smiled at her, her pink hair falling into her blue eyes a bit. Without really thinking about it Juri reached out, gently pushing those bangs back and bringing a pink blush to Utena's cheeks.

"Welcome," Anthy's eyes were twinkling impishly.

"Glad to be here," Juri smiled back at them. She held up a bottle of fine wine, "I hope you don't mind that I brought this."

Anthy took the bottle from her gently, "I'll go chill this." She quickly made her way down to the kitchen and left the two of them alone.

` Utena was clearly flustered, so Juri reached out to gently take Utena's arm. Trying not to smile Juri asked, "Would you mind showing me around?"

"Right," a red cheeked Utena managed.

'This is going to be fun,' Juri thought with a grin as Utena lead her around the dorm. They walked into the dining room to find the table set, glasses glinting under the lights. Oddly, the table was only set for two.

"I'm sorry," Anthy stepped from the kitchen, dressed to go out, "I recieved a urgent request to see my brother. Is it all right if I leave you to have dinner together?"

Utena gulped visibly, but managed to say, "I think we'll be all right."

"I'll walk her to the door," Juri quickly volunteered, and she and Anthy strode to the door together. "Thank you," Juri whispered to her softly.

Anthy smiled up at her sadly, "Take good care of her, Juri."

"I will," Juri vowed to her with a firm nod, watching Anthy stride off into the darkening twilight. She turned and walked back inside to find the plates of food dished up, and Utena standing there somewhat nervously.

"Everything's ready," Utena blurted.

"Let's have some wine," Juri smiled, and strode into the kitchen to retrieve the chilled bottle. She poured them each a glass, and then she raised her's, "A toast?"

Utena nodded, "You first."

Juri thought about it for a moment then she raised her glass high and said, "To friends, and to those who are more than friends."

Utena blushed, but tapped her glass lightly against Juri's before both of therm drank. "I'm glad that we're friends," she smiled at Juri.

'She can be so clueless,' Juri thought, but she was smiling as she added, 'but I guess that's all part of her charm.'

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