Story: Utena Muyo, or No Need For Utena (chapter 4)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 4

Utena Muyo! or No need for Utena! Part Four

Utena, Anthy and Juri walked along the hall, talking together softly. They had been seen with each other more and more often lately, even when they weren't rehearsing. They were an odd trio, the remote duelist and the two romantic young women, but somehow it seemed to work.

"Utena-sama!" the all heard the high pitched yell, and Utena was glomped. She staggered a bit, and Juri reached over to steady her.

Shiori walked up, looking over at Utena with an impish smile, "Does she do that often?"

"Yes," Utena sighed.

"You have my sympathies," Juri smirked.

"Utena-sama! Utena-sama!" Wakaba was hugging Utena fiercely before declaring, "You're the only one for me."

Utena noticed the odd looks Juri and Shiori were giving them, "She doesn't mean, I mean she does, but not..." Utena trailed off with a sigh, sweatdropping. Anthy didn't seem very bothered, just smiling sweetly.

"Chu!" Chu-chu added cheerfully.

Wakaba bounced down from Utena's back, waving cheerfully at Anthy, Juri and Shiori, "Let's go practice, Shiori."

The two walked off, and Utena sighed again.

Suddenly there was another high pitched yell, "Juri-sama!" Shiori took a running start and glomped Juri. Sadly, both she and the fencer crumpled in a heap to the ground.

"Are you all right?" Shiori asked her worriedly, sitting on Juri's back.

"Who knew Wakaba could be a bad influence?" Utena said softly to Anthy, who just shrugged eloquently.

Not long afterward Shiori and Wakaba took turns running from alcove to alcove along the hallway, miming pointing cannons at invisible enemies. "So that's how the attack on Kagato's ship will go," Shiori panted softly.

The two girl's walked off together, talking softly. "I thought that Kiyone was killed off in the OVAs?" Wakaba asked curiously.

"Dramatic license," Shiori shrugged. "I understand Nanami's take some liberties with the story," she added.

"But Kiyone," Wakaba said in a near perfect imitation of Mihoshi.

Shiori chuckled, smiling at the other girl. 'She really is kind of cute, in a genki sort of way,' she thought, 'I guess Juri was right.'
"There's only one thing left we can do," Nanami paused dramatically. She suddenly whipped out a pair of fans, yelling, "Go Ryouko! Go! GO!"

"Nicely done, Miss Nanami!" Keiko beamed.

"Thank you," Nanami smirked. "It was nothing," she shrugged.

Miki, Touga, Saionji and Akio run by, carrying a large piece of scenery. "Hup two three four!" Miki hollered, setting the pace.

"When I get my hands on Nanami," Touga growled.

"Just be glad Keiko doesn't have your exchange diary," Saionji muttered.

"You keep an exchange diary?" a random student smirked.

POW! The random student hit the floor with a thump.

Saionji smoothly put his wooden practice sword away. "Any other comments?" he asked them dangerously.

Keiko and Nanami watched them move on, sweatdropping. "So when do we have our first full rehearsals?" Keiko asked nervously.

"Tomorrow," Nanami said, reading over her script.

"Tomorrow?" Keiko squeaked.

"Tomorrow?!" Miki suddenly popped up to demand. His hair looked like it was filled with static electricity, and his eyes were wild.

"EEP!" Nanami and Keiko hopped away nervously.

"The sets still aren't done yet!" Miki exclaimed. He clenched his fists, and suddenly flames explode around him, "But for Anthy's sake, they will be finished!" A pause while he noticed the flames, "Nice pyrotechnics."

Nanami and Keiko backed away from him, very slowly.

"Is it me, or is he getting scary?" Keiko asked Nanami quietly.

"It's not you," Nanami whispered back.
Juri shook the hand of the school nurse, "Thank you very much for the cold pack."

"You're welcome," she waved cheerfully. Another girl came up, carrying a dark haired girl with her. "Excel, Hyatt, not again," the nurse complained, ushering them inside.

"I'm really sorry," Utena sighed.

"Not your fault," Juri shrugged. She looked at Utena with a new respect, "How do you stand having Wakaba do that to you all the time?"

"Practice," Utena sighed softly.

"Chu," Chu-chu added.

The Tenchi bits are from Tenchi Muyo OVA #6

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