Story: Utena Muyo, or No Need For Utena (chapter 3)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 3

Utena Muyo! or No need for Utena! Part Three

Shiori sighed softly, "I can't believe it."

"Can't believe what?" Wakaba asked cutely.

"They were right about you being perfect for this," Shiori grimaced. She looked over at Wakaba. "Try that again."

Wakaba sat in front of the TV, pretending to watch it. The sound cue came on, and she exclaimed, "The emergency signal!"

Wakaba spilled her tea down the front of her costume, pretending to cry out in pain. She got up and took a step, tripping over a cable. She fumbled for a napkin, bringing a pile of books down on top of her. "Owee!"

Shiori laughed, "Perfect."

Nanami whistled cheerfully, heading for the theater to check up on Miki's progress. The young blue haired man was standing alone, directing the efforts of Akio, Touga, Saionji and a few of Touga's girl groupies.

"Do you think the sets will be ready for the first rehearsal?" Nanami asked.

Miki turned to her, and she took an involuntary step backwards. His eyes were bloodshot, and his hair was standing on end. "For Anthy's sake, it will be done!" he declared.

Nanami shuffled away, "Ooo-kaay."

She fled the theater, hearing Miki cry out to his crew, "Get back to work!" Nanami thought she heard a whip crack, but decided she was just hearing things.

'I hope,' she thought with a sigh.

Utena, Juri and Anthy walked by her, apparently in the midst of a heated argument. Juri, strangely, was still dressed in her fencing uniform, and Utena and Anthy were both carrying long towels with them.

"There are nude scenes in this play?" Utena demanded, her voice coming out with a bit of a squeak at the end.

"Of coarse, Utena-sama," Anthy said pleasantly, "there is a scene set in a hot spring. It's not like we could do it in our clothes."

"Probably we'll be wearing body suits, or something, "Juri reassured her with a impish little smile. She paused, "So where do you want to rehearse?"

"The rose garden," Utena said firmly. She sighed softly, adding "At least in there we won't have students walking in on us."

Juri opened the glass door in a gentlemanly fashion, waving the two of them inside. "We might as well start with those scenes," she grinned.

"Oh god," Utena groaned, and Anthy hid a smile.

Juri pretended to be peering over a wall, "This is where you've been! Come over here."

Utena spun around, blushing, "But that's the women's area."

Juri came up just behind her, and in a much more sultry sounding voice she asked, "Did you saw something?" Utena jerked with surprise, pretending that a naked woman had appeared right behind her.

"Well done," Anthy jumped up happily.

Juri smiled at her, picking up her script. "OK, with a bit of struggle on Tenchi's part,. Ryouko gets him up and over into the girl's side," she read.

Utena blushed again, averting her gaze from Juri.

Juri came up from behind her, her voice a throaty purr, "What are you embarrassed about?" A smile, "You've seen me naked before."

Utena blushed even brighter, for a moment actually loosing her voice. 'How does she do that?' Utena wondered.

'If she blushes much harder, she's going to faint,' Juri thought. Teasing Utena was such fun, and the way this play was written gave her plenty of opportunities. Taking pity, she said aloud, "Let's move on to the fight between Ayeka and Ryouko."

"How fun," Anthy clapped her hands.

'What planet is she from?' Utena wondered. She picked up her script with a sigh, "Uhm, Ayeka is almost dragged out to the pools by Ryouko, having been told that Tenchi is waiting there. She finally decides to go in."

Anthy had the towel wrapped around her, looking like she was ready to bathe. She looked over at Utena intensely, focused totally on Utena's gaze. She walks by Juri, who reached out to grab a string attached to the towel. In a step, the towel drops away, and Anthy shrieks, pretending to dive into the water for modesty.

Anthy grabs at the towel, pulling it her around her as she confronts Juri, "I'm not a show off like you!"

Juri smiled as she asked, "You bathe naked, don't you?" She gazed pointedly at Anthy's breasts, "You're not proud of yourself, are you? I guess I can understand." She gaze Anthy a dangerous smile, "If what I said was offensive, show yourself to me."

Anthy brings her hand back, pretending to slap Juri.

Juri slaps her twice in reply.

The two women glare at each other, hostility seeming to shimmer in the air between them.

"Uhm," Utena started, only to receive the glares directed at her, "never mind."

Both Anthy and Ryouko smiled suddenly, Juri saying, "Not bad."

"That was fun," Anthy agreed.

Both women looked at Utena curiously. Juri asked, "You didn't think we were really fighting, did you?"

"I don't know how much longer I can take this," Utena muttered.

Author's Note: Tenchi Dialog for this sequence was taken from the Tenchi Muyo OVA #4

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