Story: Utena Muyo, or No Need For Utena (chapter 2)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 2

Utena Muyo! or No need for Utena! Part Two

Miki looked down at the script wide eyed. "Look, I know I volunteered to help build the sets," he whimpered softly, "but building a set for Tsunami?" He slapped the script on to the table, "And Ryo-Ohki? What's a Ryo-Ohki?"

"But Miki-kun," Nanami batted her eyes at him as she looked up at him and said sweetly, "Anthy will be there."

A pause, and Miki gulped before saying, "Anthy?"

Keiko nodded cheerfully, "Yes, she's be playing Ayeka." She smiled, "And I'm sure she'd be very impressed with you if you do this."

Miki looked down at the script with a sigh, picked it up, and wandered off muttering softly, "I'll get to it then."

Once he was gone Nanami said under her breath, "He is so whipped." Her three cronies solemnly nodded their agreement.

There was a soft knock on the door, and Shiori came in, pulling a sniffling Wakaba behind her. "I can't work with her," she ranted, "she's such a klutz!"

"That's why she's perfect for Mihoshi," Keiko beamed.

"See? I'm perfect," Wakaba boasted, making poor Shiori sweatdrop.

Juri lay back on the stone bench, pretending that she was laying on a bed. She smiled seductively up at Utena, "Welcome home, Tenchi."

Utena gulped visibly, clapped her hands together, and mimed praying.

"Well done, Utena-sama!" Anthy exclaimed.

Utena winced visibly, "That again."

"Chu!" Chu-chu exclaimed.

"No," Anthy knelt down to the little mouse, "you need to go, Myah!"

"Myah?" Chu-chu managed in his Ryo-Ohki costume.

Juri smoothly got up, "I guess that's enough for now." Juri looked over at the blushing Utena, 'She's kind of cute that way.'

Anthy smiled and bowed, "I enjoyed out scene together."

Utena sweatdropped as she squeaked out, "What, where Ayeka's torturing Ryouko and she ends up enjoying it?"

"Hai," Anthy beamed.

Juri chuckled softly, and in a singsong sort of voice quoted Ryouko's line, "Actually, I'm more of a sadist."

Utena blushed furiously. Under her breath she muttered, "Who on Earth picked out this to be a school play, anyway?"

Nanami, strangely, sneezed for no reason.

"Bless you," Touga remarked absentmindedly.

"Big brother," Nanami sighed, large throbbing hearts appearing in her eyes.

Touga sighed, and left the lunch table.

"I'm the greatest scientific genius in the universe," Nanami practiced her line while on her way back to classes, startling random passerby. "Hmm, not quite mad enough," she muttered to herself softly.

"Mad angry?" the voice asked.

"No, mad insane," she muttered softly, then suddenly stopped. 'Who said that?' she looked all around her, but saw nothing but two shadows against a wall. She sweatdropped, shook her head, and walked off.

Once she was gone, Shadowplay girl A-ko muttered, "I want to be in the play!"

Shadowplay girl B-ko patted her on the shoulder, "But there's no way."
Miki looked in shock at his set building crew. "How did they talk you all into doing this?" he asked, wide eyed.

Touga glared at him as if it was all his fault, "My darling sister Nanami said she's tell my next date I have an STD."

"Keiko has taken the precious exchange diary I share with my darling Anthy," Saionji muttered, "and will not return it unless I help you." He stood up straight and pointed to the sky as he loudly declared, "Anthy, I love you!"

"You keep an exchange diary?" Miki sweatdropped.

"My reasons for being here are my own," Akio sniffed.

"Anthy quivered her chin and cried at you, didn't she?" Touga asked.

"Well, yes," Akio admitted.

"Well, lets get to work," Miki sighed.

"Work?!" all three men exclaimed, and Miki sweatdropped visibly.

Author's Note: Yes, everybody's out of character. So? ^_^; I'll add on additional chapters when I'm feeling properly insane, so don't hold your breath waiting for the next one.

A tip of the hat to Dreiser, who's wacky fics are a constant source of inspiration.

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