Story: Naruto - Deflected Defection (chapter 9)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 9

Title: The Misleading

[Author's notes: I'm shocked, I've been internetless for a week. Here goes 9.]

The three girls danced fervently to the music as they’re bodies bounced and grinded together.

“This is fuckin’ great!” TenTen screamed as she threw her hands into the air again, and twisted her body.

“Tell me about it!” Sakura yelled back as Kin stepped back to dance on her own. The drug she had contacted earlier began to take hold as her body seemed to move on its own.

“I know I shouldn’t, but I-I jus’ can’t control myself.”

The dark haired girl pondered as she started to feel a little ill. She blinked slowly as she saw TenTen and Sakura kiss each other in the flashing lights, and then looked at her, smiling.

“I need some air.” Kin hollered over the music as she stumbled to the back of the plastic building. Outside the girl dropped to her hands and knees as the drinking and smoking finally caught up to her. Her frame shook as she watched the puke pool in front of her.

“Are you ok?” A soft voice asked from behind her.

“I’m fine; I jus’ needed some air.” Kin wiped her mouth as she got to her feet. She turned to find Hinata Hyuuga, smiling shyly in the pale moon light. Kin found her self gawking at the Hyuuga as she pretended to clear her throat. Hinata giggled, forcing Kin to look away, blushing.

“I’m sorry for staring.” Kin apologized as Hinata continued to giggle.

“It’s fine, in fact…” Hinata moved swiftly as she pressed her body to Kin’s. “…I really like it.” Hinata purred into Kin’s ear warmly as her tongue snuck out and tasted the sound girl’s lobe.

“You smell delicious.” Hinata moaned inhaling the girl’s feminine scent with a hint of vomit as Kin quivered anxiously, waiting for it to end or... not.

“You’re on fire Kin.” Hinata began to loosen Kin’s kimono as she slid her hands around the sound girl’s blistering body.

“Ohhh, your pussy is probably all wet and sticky too.” Hinata grinned wolfishly as her fingers dipped to Kin’s underwear.

“P-Please, you m-must stop...” Kin grunted hotly as her she fell victim to Hinata’s soft, but forceful contact.

“Are you sure you want me to stop? You’re body is responding so well.” Hinata teased with rightful glee as her fingers hovered through Kin’s heavy patch of pubic hair, which made Hinata groan aloud.

“I love hairy pussies, especially hot, sticky ones.” Hinata purred again as she planted her lips between Kin’s lovely firm breasts. Kin shook in place as her mind went into overdrive.

“Hinata, p-please someone might s-see us.” Kin begged weakly as Hinata’s tongue started to trail down Kin’s front side.

“Afraid?” Hinata said shortly as Kin’s kimono opened up, revealing more of the sound girl’s shapely body.

“It’s j-just Temari told me…” Hinata paused for a moment as she looked back up to Kin’s eyes swelling up.

“What did she say, huh? How easy I am…?” Hinata laced her fingers into the sides of Kin’s white panties as she pestered on with her trailing tongue. “…Or how Sakura and TenTen always run together?” Hinata explained as Kin remained motionless.

“N-No, its, not…Ahhhh.” Hinata grew tired of Kin’s explanation as she rammed two fingers deep into Kin’s wet snatch.

“That’s better; now let me have a taste of what you got.” Hinata pulled Kin’s panties to her knees and attacked the girl’s dripped slit. Kin was paralyzed by her own sexual angst, her resistance all but stopped as Hinata laid siege to the sound girl’s cunt, its syrupy fluid blemished her mouth.

“Mmmm so sweet.” Hinata moaned into the randy girl’s pussy, her tongue swirling around like a slimy eel. Totally embarrassed Kin covered her face as her hips started to rock slowly.

“I can’t stop myself…”

Kin rose to the balls of her feet as Hinata’s tongue and fingers pushed deeper into her dribbling gash.

“You’re such a slut kinny-chan, are you ready to cum on my pretty face?” The Hyuuga’s words sent Kin over the edge as she came abruptly. Kin’s clear cream splattered Hinata’s face and mouth as the kneeling girl swallowed the fruits of her labor. Suddenly a voice rang out from behind them.

“Are you about done, Ino?” Kin froze in place as she looked down at Hinata then to the voice. Hinata turned to find Temari holding Ino’s limp body.

“Not really, I was starting to enjoy making Kin act like the slut she is.” Hinata’s voice darkened as she got to her feet, sucking on her fingers.

“She’s n-not Hinata?” Kin spoke up weakly as she quickly fixed her kimono over her soaked body.

“No, she’s using Hinata’s body, Hinata is’in that bold to take you one-on-one.” Temari grunted as she dropped Ino on the ground roughly.

“Hey that’s my fucking body you’re screwing with!” Hinata yelled meanly as Ino’s voice began to come out of Hyuuga’s mouth.

“Oh I’m sorry; I’m a little clumsy sometimes.” Temari smirked as she kicked Ino’s lifeless body.

“You bitch!” Ino/Hinata roared as Temari put her foot on Ino’s neck.

“Now, now Ino, I can be really clumsy sometimes.” Temari threatened as she put pressure on Ino’s neck. Hinata sneered as Ino knew better then to provoke the ruthless sand kunoichi. Hinata’s fingers interlock as Ino let her go. Ino’s spirit flew back into her body as Hinata staggered. Kin grabbed Hinata as the Hyuuga shook her head of confusion.

“What’s going on, what happen?” Hinata asked as she looked over at Kin then to Temari, holding Ino down by her neck.

“Yeah Ino, tell her what you did.” Temari smiled brightly down at Ino under her foot. Hinata got her feet under her as she felt something on her face and wiped it off.

“What is this…?” Hinata rubbed the clear fluid between her fingers as it quickly dawn on her.

“Uhhh, that’s me.” Kin said sheepishly. Hinata’s face tightened as she realized what had happened.

“Ino!” Hinata’s eyes flashed black as she rushed over to Ino. Temari picked the blonde up and held her arms up behind her.

“Is it true you used my body to seduce Kin?” Hinata asked menacingly as Ino struggled around.

“It’s not what you think, I was jus’ having a little…” Before Ino could finish, Hinata struck Ino randomly over her body with two fingers. The air was forced from Ino’s lungs as she knew what was going to happen next.

“No, Hinata stop please not in front of Kin.” Ino pleaded as her legs started to shake violently.

“You should have thought about that before using my body without asking.” Hinata smiled this time as she slowly back away. Temari chuckled mockingly as she pushed Ino to the ground.

“Nooooo!” Ino cried as she pissed herself.

“Hey, what’s going on out here?” Sakura asked, coming out of the plastic building as TenTen slapped her ass.

“Nothing, Ino’s jus’ acting up a little.” Temari smirked with the others as they watched Ino finish pissing herself, crying.

“Y-You rotten b-bitches! Taking that fucking slut’s side, she n-not even one of u-us.” Ino sobbed as she looked around.

“She’s just another d-dirty whore, what makes her better then me!” Ino got to her feet, looking at the huge wet spot in front of her dress.

“She’s ruining everything! My dress, my party… my friends! I fucking hate you KIN!!!” Ino screamed insanely as Temari back-handed her.

“Shut up Ino!” Temari snapped as she raised her hand for a second twat. Kin saw the hurt in Ino’s eyes as she started crying again

“S-She’s right, I-I should of never come here tonight, I should of never became a leaf kunoichi, I wish I was DEAD!” Kin ran off crying into the dark of the night as everyone but Ino felt bad for the girl.

“I’ll be back.” Temari raced after Kin as the girls all looked at each other.

“What now? I’m still horny.” TenTen licked her lips as she groped her breast.

“I don’t know TenTen, any ideas… Hinata?” Sakura tapped her chin as Hinata’s devilish smile split her face.

“I think Ino’s needs an attitude adjustment.” Sakura reported sternly as the horny kunoichi surrounded Ino.

“You got 30 minutes Ino, don’t strain yourself.” TenTen laughed with the others as she grabbed Ino’s hair and slammed her face to the floor. The three jumped on top of her as Ino tried to throw them off.

“So unlucky Ino-Pig...” Whispered Hinata as Temari looked back, then to the black figure darting away.

“Kin!” Temari cupped her mouth as the sound girl paused and looked up.

“No, they're lairs and cheats! Bitches… all of them!”

Kin screamed in her mind as she halted again, and stared confusedly at Temari. Temari's heart seared as she could see the tears in the girl’s eyes.

“What have I done?” Temari looked back to Ino getting playful raped as she couldn't look back at Kin.

"You won't be honest with me."


To be continued...



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