Story: Naruto - Deflected Defection (chapter 8)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 8

Title: Not your kind of party

Temari walked into the party smiling as many familiar faces greeted her. Kin just held behind the tall blonde as the Sand kunoichi kept introducing her to everyone. Most just nodded with a smile, while others didn’t care who she was or why she was there, period.

“It’s about goddamn time!!!” Sakura ran up and hugged Temari tightly. Temari smiled over the pink-haired girl’s shoulder, as she knew Sakura very rarely got drunk and let herself go.

“And KIN!!!” Sakura caught Kin off guard as she wrapped her arms around the Sound kunoichi’s neck and pulled her close.

“Sorry about earlier, I’ll have to make it up to you… later.” With these words, Sakura licked Kin’s ear softly. Kin trembled slightly as the pink-haired girl leaned back, smirking.

“Ok, enough pissing around, TenTen come over her!” Temari knew with a smirk of her own, blatantly what Sakura did as she turned to watch the drunken weapon master bummer car her way through the party.

“Hey you, and… you.” TenTen swayed drunkenly in place as she poked Temari in the boob then Kin.

“Hey, where are your manners?\'\' Sakura laughed goofily as she poked TenTen harder in the same spot. Temari chuckled, shaking her head at the two as she knew better then what she was about to do.

“Will you two watch Kin for a minute? I need to find my brothers.” Both girls nodded wordlessly as they grabbed Kin’s hands and dragged her through the party. They passed people laughing, joking, and drinking as someone suddenly yelled out loud, spooking Kin.

“Drink fuckers!!!” Kiba yelled victoriously as the beer cap he threw landed at the bottom of the pointy, blonde haired-ninja’s cup.

“Your cheating ya\' dog breath bastard!” Naruto argued, pointing at Kiba with Akamaru on his head.

“Jus\' drink and stop being a pussy!” Kiba laughed as Naruto just grumbled next to the white-eyed ninja, Neji.

“Naruto’s right, you are cheating, but it’s not Kiba…” Neji paused as he looked to the ninja next to Kiba.

“… It’s Shino.” Neji finished evenly as he lifted and turned the beer cap over to find one of Shino’s bugs. Shino simply smiled as he recalled the beer-soaked bug.

“WHAT!?! I was doing jus’ fine without your help Shino ya‘ shithead!” Kiba barked as he opened another beer.

“You couldn’t make it even if those cups were buckets.”
Shino replied somberly as he lit a cigarette.

“You clever bug bastard.” Naruto smiled as everyone at the table laughed and drank.

“Come on, Kin stop dallying.” Sakura jerked Kin in a different direction. The three came up to a small bar as TenTen started banging on it.

“Three sakes right here!” TenTen announced loudly as a blonde turned around.

“Coming right… up.” Ino’s smile quickly turned to a sneer, as she looked Kin up and down. The two just stared at each other sharply as Sakura started in.

“Can’t we all get along? This is a party right? Soooo why don’t you two just kiss and… makeup?” Sakura and TenTen both leaned on the bar looking at both girls, waiting.

“Thank you for inviting me to your party, you have a lovely home.” Kin bowed slightly as Ino just sneered again.

“First, I didn’t invite you, you piggy-backed here on Temari’s invite and second this is’in my home, this is my uncle’s winter workshop.” Ino toned rudely as she crossed her arms over her chest. Kin kept her head bowed as Sakura and TenTen started arguing with Ino. After a few moments of heated debate Ino finally cracked.

“Fine! Fine, I’m sorry for being rude, here smell my flower.” Ino finally gave in and leaned forward with her chest out. On Ino’s purple kimono was a beautiful white flower that seem to glisten in Kin\'s eyes as both TenTen and Ino smiled and nodded.

“I guess… it’s jus’ a flower after all.”

Kin reasoned in her head as she leaned forward.

“It smells nice.” Kin began to say as Ino wrapped her arms around Kin’s neck and pulled her face right into the flower. The sound ninja felt a sweet taste and smell assault her senses as she jerked back. TenTen and Sakura chuckled as Ino shortly joined them

“Why you…!” Kin balled her fists in anger as both leaf girls quickly grabbed her.

“You better hurry, he’s about to start.” Ino said offhandedly as she picked up a shot glass and downed it.

“That’s right! Come on!” Sakura hurried the others to drink as they followed her to the back of the building.

“Who’s starting?” Kin asked as she moved with TenTen, pushing her by her shoulders from behind out the backdoor.

“Shikamaru.” Sakura answered as she stopped outside a large plastic structure.

“Who’s that?” Kin questioned again as she watched the two girls take off their shoes.

“Do you remember the guy you fought in the pre-lims?” Kin remembered the slacker punk with the shadow throwing ability.

“Yeah.” Grunted Kin as she looked away remember the headache she had from smashing her head on the wall which knocked her out cold.

“He jus’ got luck… what are you doing?” Kin looked back to see TenTen slicing down the sides of Sakura’s dress from the waist.

“Making room.” TenTen replied as she handed Sakura the small blade.

“Room for what?” Kin asked as Sakura cut TenTen’s dress.

“To dance of course.” Sakura shifted to Kin and grabbed her dress.

“What the hell this is’in even my DRESS!!!” Sakura paid little attention to Kin’s moaning as she cut it anyway.

“You’ll thank me later.” Sakura tossed the blade back to TenTen as TenTen opened a small flap of plastic for the others.

“These girls are insane!”

Kin’s thoughts swirled in her head as the three stepped into the plastic building. On top of the first building three sets of eyes watched the girls walk into the structure.

“You think it’s a good idea to leave her with those girls?” The puppet master, Kankuro suggested libelously as he drank deeply from a white jug of sake and handed it to his sister.

“I can’t protect her every second of the day, she has to at lease learn to get along with the others or...” Temari took the jug and drank as Gaara cleared his throat.

“…Become "friends" with them.” Gaara said shortly from his own experience with leaf ninja. Both Temari and Kankuro looked at their somber brother as Temari just sighed heavily.

“That might be easy for you guys, jus‘ beating the crap out of each other is what you call friendship, with girls it’s a little more…" Temari sighed as she looked back down at the flap the girls just entered.


“Like how?” Gaara asked, staring at his sister.

“What part of complicated didn’t you understand?” Temari laid back of the roof, silently.

“Enough said, let’s go Gaara, we got the next game of caps.” Kankuro assured Gaara as they both got up and walked off, leaving their sister to her thoughts and the night sky.

“So complicated I sometimes don’t get it myself.”

“What’s this building for anyway?” Kin looked around a the copper pipe skeleton that formed the building frame.

“It’s a greenhouse for the colder seasons but they use it for other things too.” Sakura announced as a surprisingly large crowd talked and waited.

“Ahhhh! DJ Shadowcaster ROCKS!” TenTen yelled lively as she threw her hands in the air. To the front of the crowd as a figure moved lazily behind a massive sound system. Kin started to feel a strange warmth spread through her body as her heartbeat began to speed up too.

“I feel weird.” Kin whispered to Sakura as the pink-haired girl turned back with a lustful leer.

“It’s probably Ino’s flower, the drug usually takes a few minutes to kick in.” Sakura explained carelessly as Kin made a face of horror.

“S-She poisoned me!” Kin started to touch her body and face wildly like she was about to die.

“Poison? Hehehe, why would she do that?” Sakura laughed as she tapped TenTen for her attention.

“What’s wrong with her?” TenTen looked at Kin’s reaction as the girl continued to panic.

“She thinks Ino “poisoned” her.” At this TenTen laughed too as she shook her head.

“It’s not like everyone is out to get you Kin, for fuck sakes jus’ relax and get that hot little bod of yours MOVING!!!” TenTen grabbed Kin and kissed her deeply as a voice cleared its voice loudly over the speakers.

“What a drag.” 

Without another word the DJ kicked the music on loud and fast as everyone started dancing and yelling to the beat.

To be continued…

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