Story: Naruto - Deflected Defection (chapter 7)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 7

Title: Hidden Haterd

[Author's notes:

Some of the villagers show there true colors.


The two girls walked causally though the crowed streets of the leaf village as Kin just stared in awe. The sights, sounds, and smells enthralled the young girl as Temari caught her gawking.

“Uhhh sorry, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Kin blushed as she turned her head to the side.

“It’s fine, come on enjoy yourself.” Temari smiled as she lead Kin to one of the many booths lining the streets. The two played games, ate food, and watched little shows. Kin was on top of the world as she kept stealing glances at the taller sand kunoichi. Kin’s stomach wobbled with a strange feeling she had never felt before.

“Why do I feel this way, I hardly know this girl but she’s treating me like we’ve known each other our whole lives…”

“Hey, you ready to head to the party?” Temari interrupted Kin’s thoughts as the dark haired girl snapped out of it.

“Yeah, I I’m.” Kin smiled as Temari lead her again.

“You’ll have a lot of fun here; jus’ remember what I told you.” Temari assured sternly as she cut through more people.

“Yeah, I will.” Kin reassured as she followed the blonde willingly. The two continued walking when suddenly someone bumped in Kin.

“Hey! Watch where your fucking going!” A drunken man yelled as he turned around with a group of his friends to face the two girls.

“I’m sorry.” Bowed Kin politely as the drunk man realized who he just bumped into.

“Hey, your that sound slut that changed sides aren\'t you?” Barked another man as people turned to see what all the fuss was about.

“She said she sorry now go about your business.” Temari said sharply as she shooshed the drunken group away with her hand.

“And your that girl from the Suna! You can’t fucking talk to us like that, we live here, this is our goddamn village!” The first drunk hollered as he pointed threateningly at the two kunoichi. Murmurs started throughout the crowd when a bottle came out of nowhere and headed straight for Kin’s head. Kin could only close her eyes, cringe and wait for the bottle to smash her head in. Milliseconds passed as Kin slowly opened her eyes to find a large fan blocking her. Kin looked over at Temari staring furiously at the group of men at the other side of her massive fan.

“Why are you bastards harassing us? We didn’t do anything to you!” Temari demanded as she closed her fan with a loud clank.

“Yeah, accept attack our village, get them!” Yelled the man as he raced forward. Temari stood in front of the sound kunoichi as she armed herself. A large hole formed around the two girls quickly as Kin scanned the crowd not knowing who would attack them.

“Shit, I don’t have any weapons.”

Kin, being dressed as she wasn’t armed as she didn’t know what to do. The man, not being a ninja Temari dodged him easily as she spun around him and cracked her heavy metal fan on the back of his neck, dropping him instantly. Two more jumped from the crowd as Temari swung her fan and caught one on the side of his chin as she round-housed the other. They both hit the ground hard as a man crept behind Kin and reached out to grab her.

“Kin! Duck!” Temari yelled as she caught the man out of the corner of her eye. Kin ducked swiftly as Temari’s fan just cleared her hair and jabbed the man in the throat.

“You fucking bitches, DIE!” The first man yelled as he pulled a kunai and headed for Kin.

“Why don’t you fuckers jus’ stay down!” Temari leaped high in the air in the direction of the man, ready to crack open his skull as something caught Temari’s fan.

“Who the…” Temari landed on her feet between the man and stranger.

“Temari!” A strong voice answered as Temari knew the voice’s owner.

“Anko-sama.” Temari said shortly as the man stepped back.

“That’s enough! You two go on, I’ll deal this.” Anko smirked as Temari could easily tell the proctor had been drinking, heavily.

“Come on Kin.” Temari grabbed Kin’s hand as they disappeared into the gawking crowd without any resistance. Anko turned to the scared men as she cracked her knuckles.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to hit a woman?” The men disappeared quicker then Temari and Kin as they knew Anko was a lot more dangerous then a couple of genin kunoichi.

“That’s what I though.” Anko sneered, watching Temari and Kin flee as the people started to move freely though the streets again not giving much though to what had just happened.

After getting far enough away the two kunoichi slowed down as Temari let go of Kin’s hand.

“Those bastards have no respect.” Temari cursed aloud as she looked back over her shoulder. Kin just marveled at the sand ninja as her heart fluttered. Temari seemed like her knight in shining armor, so strong, so brave. She had defended her without giving a second thought or to the danger.

“You were amazing… and all I did was get in your way.” Kin’s eyes started to water as her lower lip quivered.

“Ahhhhh, don’t cry Kin-Kin-chan your makeup will run.” Temari said softly, pulling a tissue from her pocket and wiped Kin’s wet eyes. Kin could smell Temari’s sweet female scent on the tissue as the blonde tilted her chin up and looked her in the eyes.

“There, that’s better.” Temari smiled, kissing the dark-haired girl on the nose. Kin’s body felt heavy as her knees when rubbery, wanting more then a simple kiss on the nose. Kin was sure of one thing, Temari was the biggest tease in the world.

“Hey there you guys are, we’ve been waiting!” Hollered TenTen waving wildly, as Hinata waved shyly next to her.

“Come on the party’s already started.” Temari smiled brightly as Kin blushed deeply.

“Thanks, again.”

To be continued…


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