Story: Naruto - Deflected Defection (chapter 6)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 6

Title: Smoking and joking

[Author's notes:

Warning: This chapter has drug usage it not under the normal warnings so I'm jus' giving you the heads up.


Darkness soon fell over Konoha village but it was quickly re-lit with streetlights, party lamps and string lights, hanging from what seem like everywhere. The streets buzzed with people, music, and fireworks as Kin felt like she was 5, looking off Temari\'s balcony to the river of people below.

"So many people, this is amazing."

Kin leaned on the metal railing, taking in the smell and sounds as a warm breezed flowed though her now short black hair.

"Hey, Kin come here we\'re jus\' about ready to go." Temari yelled from inside as Kin took one last look and stepped back inside. She was excited, more so then in her whole life. She\'d never been to a festival before.

"We jus\' got one thing to do before we leave." Temari was sitting cross-legged on the floor with TenTen and Hinata who had just showed up. The three girls were dressed in their best kimono\'s and prettied up to princess standards even Kin looked drop-dead gorgeous.

"Wow Kin, you look great." Hinata smiled brightly as Kin couldn\'t fight the blush in her face.

"Thanks, you too." Hinata blushed back as she nodded her head.

"OK, it\'s time to get this party started, did you bring your stuff Hinata?" Temari asked as she reached into her robe sleeve and pulled out a small pipe. Hinata nodded again as she reach up her sleeve and unsnapped something.

"I\'ve rolled it already too." Hinata smiled as she tossed the sand ninja a small bag of rollies.

"What\'s that?" Kin asked shyly as she leaned closer to Temari.

"Konoha\'s finest smoking weed, they\'re not called the village hidden in the leaf\'s for nothing you know." Hinata and TenTen laughed cheerfully as Temari opened the bag and pulled two joints out and tossed one to Hinata.

"Weed? What\'s that like, cigarettes?" Kin questioned insecurely as the other three giggled.

"You\'ll see." Temari smiled as she lit the joint and inhaled deeply. After the joints burned down and out Kin felt strangely good as the others were all acting weird. TenTen was making funny faces and noises with her fingers as Hinata and Temari laughed uncontrollably.

"How about this?" Temari started making face as Kin found herself laughing this time.

"Does anyone else feel strange?" Kin asked between tears of joy as her voice sounded odd in her own ears. The others couldn\'t even answer as they rolled around laughing all out at Temari.

"Oh jus\' enjoy it Kin-Kin, we haven\'t even started drinking yet." TenTen was wiping her eyes free of tears as Temari leaned up.

"Ahhh, good call TenTen." Temari got to her feet carefully and danced out of the room.

"Hahaha, Hinata where did you get that stuff?" TenTen asked as she rocked in place.

"Hehehe, It\'s mine." Hinata replied happily as she tilted her head and smiled a goofy smile at the brown-haired girl. Kin just stared at the two in amazement like she\'d never seen them before.

"Who are you two again?" Kin asked the two girls as they looked back at her with raised eyebrows.

"Your kidding, right?" TenTen made a noise of surprise as she looked at Hinata.

"Huh? what did I say?" Confused, Kin looked like she was in a different world.

"Ohhh, my god!!!" TenTen and Hinata both burst into laughter and began thrashing around in fits of disbelieve.

"Hahaha stop it! Jus\' stop Kin please, before I piss myself!" TenTen curled her body, holding her sides as Hinata fell back giggling at the ceiling. Temari stepped back into the room, looking at Hinata and TenTen with a grin, then to Kin who was staring at her.

"What did you do?" Temari chuckled as she set a bottle of sake on the table with four shot glasses.

"I-I don\'t know." Kin shrugged as she made smacking noises with her mouth.

"Cotton mouth got you a little thirsty?" Temari grinned as she started pouring out sake for everyone. The laughter died down as TenTen and Hinata finally got ahold of themselves.

"This girl is priceless!" TenTen yelled as she leaned back up with Hinata next to her.

"Come on girls let\'s down a couple and get going the others will be waiting for us." Temari cleared her throat as Kin quickly grabbed a glass and down it. Kin pursed her face as the alcohol burned her mouth and throat. The sake tasted terrible but it helped her come down off the awful "high" she was on.

"Ohhh, another please." Kin held out her glass as Temari glanced unsure at it, then her.

"This stuff is pretty strong, I wouldn\'t over do it if I was you." Temari warned as she poured Kin another.

"Come on Kin, cheers with us at lease once before you get completely wasted." TenTen asked as she and the others all lifted their glasses.

"Yeah, sorry, anything to bring me down some." Kin lifted her glass with the others who were still giggling. Kin blushed deeply as she necked her second drink. Kin started to feel better as she managed to get the weed under control but now the alcohol was kicking in. After a few shots, 10 to be fair the girls all stood up.

"Well the time has come." Temari helped Kin to her feet as they made there way downstairs. TenTen and Hinata led the way as Temari and Kin followed. The group stopped at the doorway as Hinata and TenTen continued joking.

"Hey, Hinata and I gotta pick up some more sake, you two jus\' want to meet us at Ino\'s?" TenTen asked brightly as she looked over the two girls behind her with a dizzy look.

"Yeah, sure." Temari nodded as she looked at Kin to her right. Kin\'s face twisted a bit at the mention of Ino\'s name as Hinata and TenTen jumped into the river of bodies.


Kin was ready for the party, but not sure about seeing Ino as she got ready to step or really stumbled into the crowd of people heading up and down the street.

"Wait Kin, I\'m going to tell you abit about the other girls so you don\'t get blindsided by them later tonight, so listen good." Temari gripped Kin\'s shoulder as Kin turned back to the sandy-haired blonde.

"Blindsided?" Kin asked carefully as she steadied herself.

"Yeah, so you know what your getting into, they don\'t show it, but these leaf kunoichi are a hungry bunch of girls, and as much as I can tell about this village, the ninja boys bunk with ninja boys and the ninja girls... well you get the picture, call it "a word to the wise" some are harmless and some aren\'t." Temari grinned viciously as she wrapped her arm around Kin\'s neck and dragged her into the street.

"IT\'S PARTY TIME!!!" Screamed Temari as a dozen fireworks went off at the same time.

To be continue...

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