Story: Naruto - Deflected Defection (chapter 5)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 5

Title: Getting fitted

[Author's notes:

I got a lot of freetime coming up, so I will be updating.


Talking / Thinking 




The two girl’s giggled and joked about personally habits and vices as they finished washing themselves. They got out and headed to Temari’s room as a hard knock came at the door.

“She’s early.”

Temari smirked behind Kin as she brushed by her.

“I wonder who that could be?” Temari said carelessly as she headed for the front door and opened it.

“TenTen-sama? What bring you to my home at such a hour?” Temari’s tone didn’t fool TenTen as she walked right by her with her left arm over her back, holding a large, but flat bag to her back.

“Is she still…” The tanned girl paused as the dark but now shorter-haired girl nodded sternly still wrapped in her towel.


“I bought them, but I don’t know which one will fit her.” TenTen twisted the bag and held it in front of her as both girl’s looked to Kin with glaring eyes.

“If what will fit me…” Kin replied softly as she carefully stepped back from the grinning girls.

“Get the towel!” Temari snapped as TenTen laid the bag down quickly and dashed for the dark eyed girl. Kin spun swiftly into Temari’s room as she heard TenTen cursing as she slid down the hall.

“I knew it, Temari was jus’ fucking with me!!!”

Kin's thought on this caused her rage to swell in her chest as she pieced the crazy situation instantly.

“The towel!”

Temari and TenTen were in the doorway in a second as Kin stood up proudly and gripped her towel.

“So this is how she does it.”

Smirking, both intending girl’s launched themselves into the room as Kin grinning back.

“I’m ready.” Kin smiled as she pulled her towel away, exposing her nude body.

“Damnit, she’s smarter then I though.”

Temari paused as TenTen slowed down and looked back at the blonde with confusion.

“Get the bag TenTen, I'll tape her.” Temari spoke clearly as TenTen nodded and walked back into the hall.

“I see your little game Temari-sama but you can’t fool me twice."

“Clever girl, But can you stay still without getting aroused?” Temari smirked this time as TenTen walked back in, sneering as she slapped the measuring tape in the sand ninja’s hand.


“Grab her.” Temari barely whispered as TenTen sprinted in a heartbeat and snatched Kin up from behind.

“What are you doing! Let me go!” Kin struggled weakly from her earlier injuries as Temari hushed her.

“You have to still be fitted for…” Temari continued at the same tone as Kin screamed at her.

“WHAT?!? What the fuck are you going to make me wear! Damn you both!” Temari made a hurt face as TenTen made a silly noise.

“Your kimono? What did you think?” Temari pouted caringly and extended the measuring tape.

“Kimono? I don’t have one?” Kin started as TenTen swiftly clamped the girl’s complaining mouth. Temari lowered her face and shook her head.

“Do you really like fighting us, or do you like being alone that much?” Temari words struck deep again as Kin’s insides squirmed.

“What is she going on about?”

Kin’s eyes started to water unknowingly as she truly saw what was going on. Temari wasn’t screwing with her, she was really was trying to help her and she had talked the Leaf ninja girls into helping even after what had happened.

“I‘m…” Kin closed her eyes as she could fight her emotion from exploding forward.

“Sorry! Please, I won’t fight anymore.” Kin cried out as she loosed herself into TenTen’s arms with tears falling from her eyes. TenTen looked at Temari strictly as she let go of the crying girl.

“I told you already Kunny-chan, I was going to make you the prettiest Kunoichi in the Leaf village, didn't you believe me?” Temari reminded as she moved closer to the sobbing girl. TenTen couldn’t help but laugh at Temari's comment as Kin joined her cautiously.

“Didn’t I?” Temari questioned sharply as Kin nodded wildly.

“Good, now, put your arms up and let’s get you into something a little more suitable for the party tonight.” The tall blonde wiped a tear from Kin’s eye as TenTen helped the teary eyed girl to raise her arm's above her head.

“Thank you Temari-sama…”

Kin finally smiled again as Temari wrapped the numbered tape around her without a flinch or fight.

“… again.”

To be continued…

[End notes:

I jus' love this story!

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