Story: Naruto - Deflected Defection (chapter 3)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 3

Title: For pain and pleasure

After eating Kin felt dead tried again as she laid back down.

“That’s weird, I usually feel ready to go after I eat.”

Kin’s eyelids felt heavy as she slowly blinked her eyes shut.

“I’m so tried.”

Kin yawned as she fell asleep. The former sound village girl awoke a couple of hours later to the sun setting.

“What time is it?”

Kin leaned up as she heard Temari greet someone at the door. Footsteps made there way to her room as she quickly laid back down and pretended to be asleep.

“She should be awake.” Temari assured her guest as she opened the door to her room and stepped in. Kin cracked her eye a bit to see something shining in Temari’s hand.

Are you…?” Temari started as the shiny object lifted up.

“I’m up!” Kin came upright in a hurry as she watched Temari drink what looked like juice.

“Ahhhh good, your up.” Temari smiled through the glass as she looked to her guest next to her. Kin just stared at Temari’s knowing smirk as her anger started to simmer.

“Kin-chan this is Hinata-sama.” Temari introduced the white-eyed Hyuuga girl, smiling at her name, Hinata held a medium sized black box in her hands and bowed.

“She’s going to help you get better, now get undressed.” Temari half ordered as she pulled off Kin’s blankets. Kin looked down to see her half naked body, as she didn’t remember stripping down.

“Uhhh, what? No!” Kin protested as she tired to grab the covers sliding off the bed.

“Stop being a baby Kin-chan it’s not like we’ve never seen a girl’s naked body before.” Temari said broadly as she jumped on top of the ex-sound Kunoichi.

“Get off me!” Kin struggled feebly as she felt the ache return to her sides.

“Hinata-sama, will you please relax her?” Temari glanced over her shoulder at the Hyuuga's first born.

"Hai.” Hinata replied brightly as she summoned her byakugan and pressed a finger to Kin’s neck. The air slid from Kin’s lungs as she went instantly light-headed.

“Don’t knock her out, she has to be awake.” Temari reminded boldly as Kin settled back down to the bed, paralyzed.

“What did… you do to me?” Kin paused for air as Temari reached behind the rigid girl’s back and unhooked her bra.

“Jus’ something to help you relax Kin-chan.” Temari comforted as she dropped the girl’s white bra to the floor and shifted down to her cotton panties. Hinata worked quietly next to the two girls as she opened the black case and loosened her robe.

“Don’t worry in a few minutes your going to feel better then you have in your whole life.” Temari leered, rolling the stiff girl on to her stomach as Hinata removed her robe completely.

“Are you ready Hinata-sama?” Temari asked sympathetically, glaring at Hinata’s nude firm as she slowly swung Kin’s panties at the end of the bed.

“Yes Temari-sama, are you going to watch?” Hinata nodded as a shy smile crepted up the side of her face.

“I wouldn’t miss this for anything.” Temari smirked as she watched Hinata scoop a handful of bluish cream from the black box and climbed onto Kin’s bareback.

“You’re going to feel some pain at first.” Hinata warned lightly as Kin moaned with the warmth of the summer heat and cool gel on her naked body.

“Feels good huh? Hinata’s using her charka to separate your muscle fibers to let the ointment soak into them.” Temari reported as Kin started to feel a sight ache in her muscles. Hinata continued to rub the cream into Kin’s back as a weird pain worked its way throughout the sound kunoichi's back and shoulders.

“My back feels strange.” Kin groaned as she pressed her lips firmly together in hopes the discomfort would soon pass.

“Please be strong Kin-chan, Temari will you help me.” Hinata cooed as Temari rolled Kin back onto her back.

“W-What are y-you doing?” Kin grunted slightly as Hinata’s creamed hands massaged her perky chest and tight tummy. Kin’s muscles felt like they were tearing themselves apart as she started struggling around.

“Stop, please, its starting to hurt!” Kin yelled wildly as Temari pressed Kin back down to the bed.

“It will pass Kin-chan.” Hinata said as she leaned down and kissed Kin lovingly on the lips. The pain struck up Kin’s back and front side as she screamed in anguish.

“Shhh, shhh, stay with me Kin.” Temari grinned benevolently, looking into Kin’s watering eyes.

“It hurts, oh god it hurts!” Kin screeched savagely, her heart racing as every muscle in her upper body felt like they were on fire.

“You’re almost done.” This time Temari kissed Kin as Hinata leaned back and started forming hand signs.

“Seal.” Hinata finished her signs as she pressed her hand against Kin’s chest. Kin cried out as her muscles twanged violently and began to come back together.

“It jus' gets better from here on in.” Hinata promised happily as Temari let Kin go.

“Shut up, I don’t believe you! I want to go home!” Kin was hysterical with pain as she almost blacked out again.

“You’ll see.” Temari chuckled meanly as Kin’s eyes widened immediately in shock. A bizarre warmth spread through Kin’s whole body as the pain disappeared entirely.

“What’s going on I feel… good, no great. ”

Kin’s crotch and chest were enthralled the most, as a tenderness she knew only privately began to take over.

“It feels l-like I’m m-masturbating, with no hands.” Kin stuttered blissfully as she closed her eyes and stirred.

“You haven’t felt anything yet.” Temari leered as she stroked Kin’s chest. Kin laughed with pleasure as Hinata’s hands joined Temari’s. Kin was overcome with feelings she only felt by herself, was now at both Temari and Hinata’s sexual mercy.

“Maybe we should stop, its hurting her.” Temari snickered childishly as she took her hands off Kin.

“Please… don’t stop.” Kin whispered with lust in her voice, gripping Temari’s hand as tears streamed down the sides of her face. The sand ninja looked at Hinata and back down at Kin.

“Sure Kin-chan, whatever you want.” Temari beamed with delight as she put her hands back on Kin’s sex stirred body. After a half hour of sensual massaging and kissing between Temari and Hinata, Kin was at her breaking point as she roared in ecstasy. A ear-peircing scream was all Kin could manage as her whole body tensed and collapsed to the bed covered in sweat. Kin's sweet nectar leaked leisurely to the bed as she panted wordlessly.

“She’ll be fine, I got to go and get ready for tonight so I’ll see you two later ok?” Hinata slowly got off Kin a little exhausted herself as she put her robe back on and headed for the door.

“Ok, see you Hinata-sama, what do you say Kin-chan?” Temari stood up too as she looked down at Kin blushing up at her.

“T-Thank y-you Hinata-sama.” Kin looked over to the exiting girl, breathing deeply and smiled. Hinata blushed back as she nodded her head and walked out the door.

“My, didn’t we get all worked up? and we weren't even inside you” Temari leered sharply as she wiped the bit of sweat from her forehead.

“Never in my life have I ever…” Kin began as Temari lifted her hand.

“I know, I know, you’ve been alone for a long time and you’ve never experienced anything like that before in your life, I know I said the same thing after she did it to me.” Kin just stared in disbelief as Temari had hit the nail on the head.

“You’re… right.” Kin said doubtlessly as Temari just smiled at her.

“The ointment will work its way through your body and you’ll be ready to go soon.” Temari turned for the door as well.

“If you feel like moving sooner, you can join me for a bath if you like.” Temari offered kindly as she glimpsed at Kin covering her nude body.

“Uhhh yeah sure, jus’ give me a minute.” Kin said freely as her heart and blood still rushed with pure excitement.

“Sure, I’ll be waiting.” Temari stepped out and closed the door behind her. Kin rolled on to her back and stared at the ceiling with a renewed look on her life.

“I guess there’s better things in this life then being dead.”

To be continued…

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