Story: Naruto - Deflected Defection (chapter 2)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 2

Title: Beaten, but not broken

“Wake up.” Was the abrupt announcement as a rush of water followed. Kin jerked to her feet instantly as she started swing wildly in the air.

“Your fine!” Temari yelled as she seized Kin by her wrists.

“Why the fuck did you do that!?” Kin screamed viciously as she blinked uncontrollably, shaking her face of water.

“I wanted to see if you were hungry, now calm down.” The blonde smirked sweetly as she let go of Kin’s wrists.

“You bitch!” Kin screeched insanely as she swung at Temari anyway. Pain struck both sides of her chest as she quickly regretted taking a swing of the sand kunoichi.

“Ahhhh! What did you do to me?!?” Confusion and pain made her see stars as she dropped back on to the bed, gripping her throbbing sides and howling in agony.

“They bruised the hell out of your ribs and body, you won’t be defending yourself anytime soon.” Temari smiled slyly as she tried to lay the girl back out on the bed.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” Kin snapped painfully as she thrashed out at Temari again.

“Didn’t you hear what I jus’ said! You have bruised ribs and moving around like that is just going to make it that much more painful.” Temari said calmly as she looked down on the dark-haired girl biting down hard on knuckle with tears in her eyes. With a simple nod from the sand’s strategist’s head, Kin relaxed back onto the thick bedding and moaned.

“There, is’ in that better?” Temari grinned as some of the pain came off Kin’s face.

“Why did you splash me went you knew I was hurt?” Kin groaned miserably, as she looked away from Temari standing next to the bed.

“I wanted to see how hurt you were.” Temari reported sternly as she tossed a towel to Kin

“Is there something wrong with your head, you can see the bruises can’t you?” Kin turned back to the muti-ponytailed blonde and opened her shirt. Temari only raised her eyebrows and the corners of her lips in silence.

“What’s the towel for and why are you smiling at me like that?” Kin frowned as she lifted the towel and covered her chest.

“It’s nothing, you got something on your face.” Temari pointed out as she wiped her own face a little bit. Kin wiped her face and was surprised to see blood.

“You didn’t even clean me up?” Kin was completely shocked as Temari shook her head like nothing was wrong.

“I’m not your mother, plus I felt a little bad for not doing anything earlier, you should be thanking me I could of left you bleeding and unconscious in that alley.” Temari said softly as she turned to the bowl of beef and rice she had brought in with her.

“What do you mean, not doing anything earlier?” Kin wondered as she lifted her eyes off the food to Temari’s face.

“When you were getting your ass kicked, I was just watching from a nearby tree, eating a apple.” Temari said carelessly as she held out the bowl of food in front of her. The anger erupted throughout Kin’s beaten body again as she tried to slap the food out of Temari’s hand. Temari elevated the bowl effortlessly, as Kin slapped nothing but air.

“You could have knocked that bowl out of my hand but your too hungry to do something that stupid right Kin-chan?” Temari leered as she set the bowl on the bed and turned for the door.

“Temari..., I thank you.” Kin bowed her head forward over the bowl of food.

“Jus’ eat and get some rest, the celebration is tonight.” Temari stopped in her tracks as she smiled at the door.

“I can barely move.” Kin moaned as she gripped her side.

“I have someone coming over to help you recover a little quicker so you’ll be ready for tonight, plus it’s very relaxing.” Temari assured as she leered over her shoulder back at the sound ninja girl,. looking right at her.

"She has someone coming over for me? Why?"

“You want me to go to the party tonight with you?” Kin interrupted her thoughts as she sounded even more meek then she had said anything in her whole life.

“Uhhhh duh, it’d jus’ be boring if I went by myself.” Temari huffed gladly as continued to the door and out it without another word.



To be continued... 

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