Story: Naruto - Deflected Defection (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Not one of us

[Author's notes:




“Stop Temari-chan, someone might see us.” A black haired girl moaned drunkenly as she gripped the blonde sand village girl’s hair tightly. The two girls were half hidden down an alley as a huge celebration was taking place in the streets of the village hidden in the Leafs. Temari paid little attention to sound village girl's feeble protest as she continued down the drunken girl’s front side.

“How did this happen?”


Kin, the newest Leaf kunoichi from the sound village walked down the streets by herself as she stared at the ground with the noon sun above her.

“Alone again… Damn you Zaku and Dosu!"

After the failed attack against Konoha, Zaku had disappeared and even before that Dosu getting killed by Gaara of the desert had left her this way and it pissed her off even more.

“The fool got what was coming to him and Zaku, you chicken shit.”

Kin gritted her teeth ferociously as her memories of the chunin exams in the forest of death flashed to mind. They had almost killed her without a second thought after she had been possessed by Ino’s mind-transfer jutsu.

“Hope you’re both are sucking dicks in hell right now.”

Kin chuckled to herself at this as she looked up to the blue sky and continued down the busy streets.

“At lease I’m free from all that bullshit now; I can live the life I want.”

After the battle for Konoha, Kin and some others were offered to change sides and forgiven for their part in the attempted takeover, but not everything was peaches and cream after her deflection.

Most of the Leaf kunoichi hated and distrusted her for what she had done, especially Ino. Kin and her teammates if you can call them that, had attacked Ino’s group in the forest of death and then again fought in the pre-lims.

“But I’m so miserable, sometimes I wish I’d been killed in the failed takeover, anything is better then being alone.”

Kin felt her sad emotions twist her normally cold heart as she rounded a corner and headed down a vacant alley.

“I wish I was de...”

Kin froze instantly as a kunai stuck into the ground in front of her.

“Where do you think your going Kin-Kin?” A mocking voice asked as a figure appeared on a nearby fence. Kin snarled her face as she recognized the tall blonde smirking at her.


“What the hell do you want pig?” Kin tried to keep the malice out of her voice with no such luck, turning Ino's smirk turned to frown

“You don’t belong here; you attacked our village and killed our people you should have been killed on the spot for what you did.” Another voice articulated as it stepped out from a walkway in the alley and stared at her.

“Maybe I should have.”

Kin though dryly to herself as a tight pain spiked her chest again. She turned her attention to the other voice that belonged to the pink-haired ninja girl, Sakura.

“I’ve been cleared of any wrong doing in what happened, so why don’t you fucking leave me alone.” Kin defended herself aggressively as Ino dropped down off the fence and stood next Sakura.

“I don’t think you understand!” A third voice snapped as it kicked Kin square in the back, sending her skidding across the ground.

“We all lost someone in that god forsaken battle that the Sound and Sand started, revenge is all most of us can still think of.” TenTen brought her foot down as Kin struggled to her knees.

“I was jus’ a pawn in a much bigger game you have to believe me.” Kin was surprised at herself; she had such a ruthless and mean demeanor before everything had happen. She had a quick tongue for saying the most spiteful shit she could think of and she was now apologizing for what she had done only a few months ago.

“You knew the whole time Kin, so don’t play stupid with us bitch!” Sakura barked nastily as she pointed Kin out.

“I guess we’ll jus’ have to beat some sense into her, huh girls?” Ino chuckled wickedly as she cracked her knuckles.

“So revenge is what you want? Ok, but I’m not going down without a fight.” Kin’s hatred and anger fueled her adrenaline as she prepared herself for a fight.

“You'll never be one of us, now defend yourself Kin of the sound!” Ino yelled viciously as she and the other girls launched themselves at the dark haired girl.

"Come on!" Kin gripped a full hand of senbon needles from her holder and unloaded them at Ino and Sakura coming straight for her. Ino and Sakura deflected the senbons with precise kunai motions and returned fire with shurikens. Kin sidestepped the shuriken assault as TenTen’s roundhouse kicked her into a fence from behind again. Bouncing off the fence she was met with a barrage of fists and feet.

It was impossible for her to block every hit as they started landing all over her body. Blood spat from Kin’s nose and mouth as the hits continued to rain down on her.

“I can't fight these three at the same time, I need to get away.”

Kin minded knowingly as she punched TenTen and kicked Ino back, she made her move.

“Not so fast!” Kin's head jerked back as Sakura grabbed a handful her hair and kicked out the back of her leg, forcing the beaten girl to her knees.

“You remember doing this to me in the woods? Well, paybacks a bitch.” Sakura snapped as she yanked on the sound kunoichi’s hair. Kin only grunted venomously as she tasted her blood dripping from her nose and mouth. The pink haired girl held Kin in place as Ino stood in front of the wounded girl.

“You must think we're really fucking stupid to think we’d ever believe you.” Ino yelled as she slapped the sound kunoichi in the face.

“You make me sick.” Ino slapped Kin again as Sakura let her fall forward. Ino wiped her blood-covered hand on Kin’s shoulder as TenTen and Sakura lifted her again by her arm’s. Kin’s head slumped forward as she coughed up more blood.

“What do you think of that, hurts don't it? Fucking bitch!” Ino questioned hurtfully, leaning in as Kin started giggling callously with blood pouring from her face.

“I guess that makes two of us.” Kin lifted her head swiftly and spit warm blood in Ino’s face. The blonde jerked her head back speedily, wiping her face as Kin continued her twisted laughter.

“You rotten cunt!” Ino balled her fist and reached back for the final blow.

“Hey don’t you think she’s had enough?” A harsh but sweet voice asked from behind Ino as it gripped Ino’s fist.

“Mind your're own business Temari, this has nothing to do with you.” Sakura announced as she still held Kin in place.

“It doesn’t? My village attacked yours too but no ones said or done a single thing to me.” Temari wondered courteously, as she looked the three leaf girls over.

“Not even you TenTen-chan and I really beat the piss out of you in the pre-lims.” Temari smiled sadistically as TenTen looked away.

“Your different Temari you were forced, she was’ in.” TenTen retorted as she finally met the sand kunoichi's threatening eyes.

“So a three against one? that doesn’t seem like the Konoha’s way of doing things.” Temari’s comment brought serious looks to all the girl’s faces as they all knew better.

“Jus’ be glad we like you Temari.” Ino criticized ungratefully as she stood up to the taller blonde.

“Is that a threat?” Temari grinned menacingly as she gripped her fan on her back.

“Jus’ watch your back Temari; let her go.” Ino ordered as she stepped back. Both girls flung Kin forward, causing Kin to hit the ground face first.

“She’s all yours princess.” Ino chuckled spitfully as TenTen and Sakura followed in her wake. Temari waited a moment for the others to get out of sight as she stared at Kin on the ground.

“Are you ok? Temari smirked as she rolled Kin on her back with her foot. With eyes closed and blood streaming down the sides of Kin’s face, the girl remained silent and motionless.

“She blacked out, damn it." Temari sighed dreadfully as she scooped the unconscious girl into her arms and headed back down the alley.

"Is'in this jus' fucking great."

To be continued…

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