Story: Naruto - Deflected Defection (all chapters)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Not one of us

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“Stop Temari-chan, someone might see us.” A black haired girl moaned drunkenly as she gripped the blonde sand village girl’s hair tightly. The two girls were half hidden down an alley as a huge celebration was taking place in the streets of the village hidden in the Leafs. Temari paid little attention to sound village girl's feeble protest as she continued down the drunken girl’s front side.

“How did this happen?”


Kin, the newest Leaf kunoichi from the sound village walked down the streets by herself as she stared at the ground with the noon sun above her.

“Alone again… Damn you Zaku and Dosu!"

After the failed attack against Konoha, Zaku had disappeared and even before that Dosu getting killed by Gaara of the desert had left her this way and it pissed her off even more.

“The fool got what was coming to him and Zaku, you chicken shit.”

Kin gritted her teeth ferociously as her memories of the chunin exams in the forest of death flashed to mind. They had almost killed her without a second thought after she had been possessed by Ino’s mind-transfer jutsu.

“Hope you’re both are sucking dicks in hell right now.”

Kin chuckled to herself at this as she looked up to the blue sky and continued down the busy streets.

“At lease I’m free from all that bullshit now; I can live the life I want.”

After the battle for Konoha, Kin and some others were offered to change sides and forgiven for their part in the attempted takeover, but not everything was peaches and cream after her deflection.

Most of the Leaf kunoichi hated and distrusted her for what she had done, especially Ino. Kin and her teammates if you can call them that, had attacked Ino’s group in the forest of death and then again fought in the pre-lims.

“But I’m so miserable, sometimes I wish I’d been killed in the failed takeover, anything is better then being alone.”

Kin felt her sad emotions twist her normally cold heart as she rounded a corner and headed down a vacant alley.

“I wish I was de...”

Kin froze instantly as a kunai stuck into the ground in front of her.

“Where do you think your going Kin-Kin?” A mocking voice asked as a figure appeared on a nearby fence. Kin snarled her face as she recognized the tall blonde smirking at her.


“What the hell do you want pig?” Kin tried to keep the malice out of her voice with no such luck, turning Ino's smirk turned to frown

“You don’t belong here; you attacked our village and killed our people you should have been killed on the spot for what you did.” Another voice articulated as it stepped out from a walkway in the alley and stared at her.

“Maybe I should have.”

Kin though dryly to herself as a tight pain spiked her chest again. She turned her attention to the other voice that belonged to the pink-haired ninja girl, Sakura.

“I’ve been cleared of any wrong doing in what happened, so why don’t you fucking leave me alone.” Kin defended herself aggressively as Ino dropped down off the fence and stood next Sakura.

“I don’t think you understand!” A third voice snapped as it kicked Kin square in the back, sending her skidding across the ground.

“We all lost someone in that god forsaken battle that the Sound and Sand started, revenge is all most of us can still think of.” TenTen brought her foot down as Kin struggled to her knees.

“I was jus’ a pawn in a much bigger game you have to believe me.” Kin was surprised at herself; she had such a ruthless and mean demeanor before everything had happen. She had a quick tongue for saying the most spiteful shit she could think of and she was now apologizing for what she had done only a few months ago.

“You knew the whole time Kin, so don’t play stupid with us bitch!” Sakura barked nastily as she pointed Kin out.

“I guess we’ll jus’ have to beat some sense into her, huh girls?” Ino chuckled wickedly as she cracked her knuckles.

“So revenge is what you want? Ok, but I’m not going down without a fight.” Kin’s hatred and anger fueled her adrenaline as she prepared herself for a fight.

“You'll never be one of us, now defend yourself Kin of the sound!” Ino yelled viciously as she and the other girls launched themselves at the dark haired girl.

"Come on!" Kin gripped a full hand of senbon needles from her holder and unloaded them at Ino and Sakura coming straight for her. Ino and Sakura deflected the senbons with precise kunai motions and returned fire with shurikens. Kin sidestepped the shuriken assault as TenTen’s roundhouse kicked her into a fence from behind again. Bouncing off the fence she was met with a barrage of fists and feet.

It was impossible for her to block every hit as they started landing all over her body. Blood spat from Kin’s nose and mouth as the hits continued to rain down on her.

“I can't fight these three at the same time, I need to get away.”

Kin minded knowingly as she punched TenTen and kicked Ino back, she made her move.

“Not so fast!” Kin's head jerked back as Sakura grabbed a handful her hair and kicked out the back of her leg, forcing the beaten girl to her knees.

“You remember doing this to me in the woods? Well, paybacks a bitch.” Sakura snapped as she yanked on the sound kunoichi’s hair. Kin only grunted venomously as she tasted her blood dripping from her nose and mouth. The pink haired girl held Kin in place as Ino stood in front of the wounded girl.

“You must think we're really fucking stupid to think we’d ever believe you.” Ino yelled as she slapped the sound kunoichi in the face.

“You make me sick.” Ino slapped Kin again as Sakura let her fall forward. Ino wiped her blood-covered hand on Kin’s shoulder as TenTen and Sakura lifted her again by her arm’s. Kin’s head slumped forward as she coughed up more blood.

“What do you think of that, hurts don't it? Fucking bitch!” Ino questioned hurtfully, leaning in as Kin started giggling callously with blood pouring from her face.

“I guess that makes two of us.” Kin lifted her head swiftly and spit warm blood in Ino’s face. The blonde jerked her head back speedily, wiping her face as Kin continued her twisted laughter.

“You rotten cunt!” Ino balled her fist and reached back for the final blow.

“Hey don’t you think she’s had enough?” A harsh but sweet voice asked from behind Ino as it gripped Ino’s fist.

“Mind your're own business Temari, this has nothing to do with you.” Sakura announced as she still held Kin in place.

“It doesn’t? My village attacked yours too but no ones said or done a single thing to me.” Temari wondered courteously, as she looked the three leaf girls over.

“Not even you TenTen-chan and I really beat the piss out of you in the pre-lims.” Temari smiled sadistically as TenTen looked away.

“Your different Temari you were forced, she was’ in.” TenTen retorted as she finally met the sand kunoichi's threatening eyes.

“So a three against one? that doesn’t seem like the Konoha’s way of doing things.” Temari’s comment brought serious looks to all the girl’s faces as they all knew better.

“Jus’ be glad we like you Temari.” Ino criticized ungratefully as she stood up to the taller blonde.

“Is that a threat?” Temari grinned menacingly as she gripped her fan on her back.

“Jus’ watch your back Temari; let her go.” Ino ordered as she stepped back. Both girls flung Kin forward, causing Kin to hit the ground face first.

“She’s all yours princess.” Ino chuckled spitfully as TenTen and Sakura followed in her wake. Temari waited a moment for the others to get out of sight as she stared at Kin on the ground.

“Are you ok? Temari smirked as she rolled Kin on her back with her foot. With eyes closed and blood streaming down the sides of Kin’s face, the girl remained silent and motionless.

“She blacked out, damn it." Temari sighed dreadfully as she scooped the unconscious girl into her arms and headed back down the alley.

"Is'in this jus' fucking great."

To be continued…

Chapter 2

Title: Beaten, but not broken

“Wake up.” Was the abrupt announcement as a rush of water followed. Kin jerked to her feet instantly as she started swing wildly in the air.

“Your fine!” Temari yelled as she seized Kin by her wrists.

“Why the fuck did you do that!?” Kin screamed viciously as she blinked uncontrollably, shaking her face of water.

“I wanted to see if you were hungry, now calm down.” The blonde smirked sweetly as she let go of Kin’s wrists.

“You bitch!” Kin screeched insanely as she swung at Temari anyway. Pain struck both sides of her chest as she quickly regretted taking a swing of the sand kunoichi.

“Ahhhh! What did you do to me?!?” Confusion and pain made her see stars as she dropped back on to the bed, gripping her throbbing sides and howling in agony.

“They bruised the hell out of your ribs and body, you won’t be defending yourself anytime soon.” Temari smiled slyly as she tried to lay the girl back out on the bed.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” Kin snapped painfully as she thrashed out at Temari again.

“Didn’t you hear what I jus’ said! You have bruised ribs and moving around like that is just going to make it that much more painful.” Temari said calmly as she looked down on the dark-haired girl biting down hard on knuckle with tears in her eyes. With a simple nod from the sand’s strategist’s head, Kin relaxed back onto the thick bedding and moaned.

“There, is’ in that better?” Temari grinned as some of the pain came off Kin’s face.

“Why did you splash me went you knew I was hurt?” Kin groaned miserably, as she looked away from Temari standing next to the bed.

“I wanted to see how hurt you were.” Temari reported sternly as she tossed a towel to Kin

“Is there something wrong with your head, you can see the bruises can’t you?” Kin turned back to the muti-ponytailed blonde and opened her shirt. Temari only raised her eyebrows and the corners of her lips in silence.

“What’s the towel for and why are you smiling at me like that?” Kin frowned as she lifted the towel and covered her chest.

“It’s nothing, you got something on your face.” Temari pointed out as she wiped her own face a little bit. Kin wiped her face and was surprised to see blood.

“You didn’t even clean me up?” Kin was completely shocked as Temari shook her head like nothing was wrong.

“I’m not your mother, plus I felt a little bad for not doing anything earlier, you should be thanking me I could of left you bleeding and unconscious in that alley.” Temari said softly as she turned to the bowl of beef and rice she had brought in with her.

“What do you mean, not doing anything earlier?” Kin wondered as she lifted her eyes off the food to Temari’s face.

“When you were getting your ass kicked, I was just watching from a nearby tree, eating a apple.” Temari said carelessly as she held out the bowl of food in front of her. The anger erupted throughout Kin’s beaten body again as she tried to slap the food out of Temari’s hand. Temari elevated the bowl effortlessly, as Kin slapped nothing but air.

“You could have knocked that bowl out of my hand but your too hungry to do something that stupid right Kin-chan?” Temari leered as she set the bowl on the bed and turned for the door.

“Temari..., I thank you.” Kin bowed her head forward over the bowl of food.

“Jus’ eat and get some rest, the celebration is tonight.” Temari stopped in her tracks as she smiled at the door.

“I can barely move.” Kin moaned as she gripped her side.

“I have someone coming over to help you recover a little quicker so you’ll be ready for tonight, plus it’s very relaxing.” Temari assured as she leered over her shoulder back at the sound ninja girl,. looking right at her.

"She has someone coming over for me? Why?"

“You want me to go to the party tonight with you?” Kin interrupted her thoughts as she sounded even more meek then she had said anything in her whole life.

“Uhhhh duh, it’d jus’ be boring if I went by myself.” Temari huffed gladly as continued to the door and out it without another word.



To be continued... 

Chapter 3

Title: For pain and pleasure

After eating Kin felt dead tried again as she laid back down.

“That’s weird, I usually feel ready to go after I eat.”

Kin’s eyelids felt heavy as she slowly blinked her eyes shut.

“I’m so tried.”

Kin yawned as she fell asleep. The former sound village girl awoke a couple of hours later to the sun setting.

“What time is it?”

Kin leaned up as she heard Temari greet someone at the door. Footsteps made there way to her room as she quickly laid back down and pretended to be asleep.

“She should be awake.” Temari assured her guest as she opened the door to her room and stepped in. Kin cracked her eye a bit to see something shining in Temari’s hand.

Are you…?” Temari started as the shiny object lifted up.

“I’m up!” Kin came upright in a hurry as she watched Temari drink what looked like juice.

“Ahhhh good, your up.” Temari smiled through the glass as she looked to her guest next to her. Kin just stared at Temari’s knowing smirk as her anger started to simmer.

“Kin-chan this is Hinata-sama.” Temari introduced the white-eyed Hyuuga girl, smiling at her name, Hinata held a medium sized black box in her hands and bowed.

“She’s going to help you get better, now get undressed.” Temari half ordered as she pulled off Kin’s blankets. Kin looked down to see her half naked body, as she didn’t remember stripping down.

“Uhhh, what? No!” Kin protested as she tired to grab the covers sliding off the bed.

“Stop being a baby Kin-chan it’s not like we’ve never seen a girl’s naked body before.” Temari said broadly as she jumped on top of the ex-sound Kunoichi.

“Get off me!” Kin struggled feebly as she felt the ache return to her sides.

“Hinata-sama, will you please relax her?” Temari glanced over her shoulder at the Hyuuga's first born.

"Hai.” Hinata replied brightly as she summoned her byakugan and pressed a finger to Kin’s neck. The air slid from Kin’s lungs as she went instantly light-headed.

“Don’t knock her out, she has to be awake.” Temari reminded boldly as Kin settled back down to the bed, paralyzed.

“What did… you do to me?” Kin paused for air as Temari reached behind the rigid girl’s back and unhooked her bra.

“Jus’ something to help you relax Kin-chan.” Temari comforted as she dropped the girl’s white bra to the floor and shifted down to her cotton panties. Hinata worked quietly next to the two girls as she opened the black case and loosened her robe.

“Don’t worry in a few minutes your going to feel better then you have in your whole life.” Temari leered, rolling the stiff girl on to her stomach as Hinata removed her robe completely.

“Are you ready Hinata-sama?” Temari asked sympathetically, glaring at Hinata’s nude firm as she slowly swung Kin’s panties at the end of the bed.

“Yes Temari-sama, are you going to watch?” Hinata nodded as a shy smile crepted up the side of her face.

“I wouldn’t miss this for anything.” Temari smirked as she watched Hinata scoop a handful of bluish cream from the black box and climbed onto Kin’s bareback.

“You’re going to feel some pain at first.” Hinata warned lightly as Kin moaned with the warmth of the summer heat and cool gel on her naked body.

“Feels good huh? Hinata’s using her charka to separate your muscle fibers to let the ointment soak into them.” Temari reported as Kin started to feel a sight ache in her muscles. Hinata continued to rub the cream into Kin’s back as a weird pain worked its way throughout the sound kunoichi's back and shoulders.

“My back feels strange.” Kin groaned as she pressed her lips firmly together in hopes the discomfort would soon pass.

“Please be strong Kin-chan, Temari will you help me.” Hinata cooed as Temari rolled Kin back onto her back.

“W-What are y-you doing?” Kin grunted slightly as Hinata’s creamed hands massaged her perky chest and tight tummy. Kin’s muscles felt like they were tearing themselves apart as she started struggling around.

“Stop, please, its starting to hurt!” Kin yelled wildly as Temari pressed Kin back down to the bed.

“It will pass Kin-chan.” Hinata said as she leaned down and kissed Kin lovingly on the lips. The pain struck up Kin’s back and front side as she screamed in anguish.

“Shhh, shhh, stay with me Kin.” Temari grinned benevolently, looking into Kin’s watering eyes.

“It hurts, oh god it hurts!” Kin screeched savagely, her heart racing as every muscle in her upper body felt like they were on fire.

“You’re almost done.” This time Temari kissed Kin as Hinata leaned back and started forming hand signs.

“Seal.” Hinata finished her signs as she pressed her hand against Kin’s chest. Kin cried out as her muscles twanged violently and began to come back together.

“It jus' gets better from here on in.” Hinata promised happily as Temari let Kin go.

“Shut up, I don’t believe you! I want to go home!” Kin was hysterical with pain as she almost blacked out again.

“You’ll see.” Temari chuckled meanly as Kin’s eyes widened immediately in shock. A bizarre warmth spread through Kin’s whole body as the pain disappeared entirely.

“What’s going on I feel… good, no great. ”

Kin’s crotch and chest were enthralled the most, as a tenderness she knew only privately began to take over.

“It feels l-like I’m m-masturbating, with no hands.” Kin stuttered blissfully as she closed her eyes and stirred.

“You haven’t felt anything yet.” Temari leered as she stroked Kin’s chest. Kin laughed with pleasure as Hinata’s hands joined Temari’s. Kin was overcome with feelings she only felt by herself, was now at both Temari and Hinata’s sexual mercy.

“Maybe we should stop, its hurting her.” Temari snickered childishly as she took her hands off Kin.

“Please… don’t stop.” Kin whispered with lust in her voice, gripping Temari’s hand as tears streamed down the sides of her face. The sand ninja looked at Hinata and back down at Kin.

“Sure Kin-chan, whatever you want.” Temari beamed with delight as she put her hands back on Kin’s sex stirred body. After a half hour of sensual massaging and kissing between Temari and Hinata, Kin was at her breaking point as she roared in ecstasy. A ear-peircing scream was all Kin could manage as her whole body tensed and collapsed to the bed covered in sweat. Kin's sweet nectar leaked leisurely to the bed as she panted wordlessly.

“She’ll be fine, I got to go and get ready for tonight so I’ll see you two later ok?” Hinata slowly got off Kin a little exhausted herself as she put her robe back on and headed for the door.

“Ok, see you Hinata-sama, what do you say Kin-chan?” Temari stood up too as she looked down at Kin blushing up at her.

“T-Thank y-you Hinata-sama.” Kin looked over to the exiting girl, breathing deeply and smiled. Hinata blushed back as she nodded her head and walked out the door.

“My, didn’t we get all worked up? and we weren't even inside you” Temari leered sharply as she wiped the bit of sweat from her forehead.

“Never in my life have I ever…” Kin began as Temari lifted her hand.

“I know, I know, you’ve been alone for a long time and you’ve never experienced anything like that before in your life, I know I said the same thing after she did it to me.” Kin just stared in disbelief as Temari had hit the nail on the head.

“You’re… right.” Kin said doubtlessly as Temari just smiled at her.

“The ointment will work its way through your body and you’ll be ready to go soon.” Temari turned for the door as well.

“If you feel like moving sooner, you can join me for a bath if you like.” Temari offered kindly as she glimpsed at Kin covering her nude body.

“Uhhh yeah sure, jus’ give me a minute.” Kin said freely as her heart and blood still rushed with pure excitement.

“Sure, I’ll be waiting.” Temari stepped out and closed the door behind her. Kin rolled on to her back and stared at the ceiling with a renewed look on her life.

“I guess there’s better things in this life then being dead.”

To be continued…

Chapter 4

Title: Clean cut

Kin stood in front of the bathroom door as she just stared at it unsure of what to do next.

“Should I…?”

“Come in Kin-chan.” Temari's sudden outburst scared Kin as the sound village girl flinched back from the door. Slowly, Kin reached for the sliding door, cracked it and peeked in.

“Temari?” Kin asked gently as a hand grabbed her from behind the door and pulled her in.

“Stop messing around Kin-Kin.” Temari smirked menacingly as she pulled Kin close to her wet, naked body. Kin’s jaw dropped as she looked the nude, sand village kunoichi up and down repeatedly.

“Didn’t your mother tell you it’s rude to stare?” Temari smiled impulsively as she leaned in closer to Kin’s cute face. Kin closed her eyes lazily as she wondered if Temari was going to kiss her again.

“Well did she?” Temari’s voice was mesmerizing in Kin’s ear as she grew dizzy from just the strongly built, ninja girl’s very presents.

“I, she.” Kin stuttered foolishly as she felt the blonde’s warm breath on her face.

“Hey! Snap out of it.” Temari yelled abruptly and started chuckling as Kin stepped back on a puddle of water and slipped. Kin prepped to hit the floor as Temari quickly wrapped her arms around her and dropped to her knees. Kin marveled into Temari’s green/blue eyes as Temari leered again, cradling her caringly.

“You stink, come on get undressed and I’ll wash your back for you.” Temari offered lightly as she let Kin get her feet under her. Kin wanted to scream at Temari, she didn’t understand why this girl acted the way she did, she could be nice one minute and a borderline psychopath the next.

“Is she sick? Or does she really get off acting like this?”

“Why?” Kin needed to find out why as she watched Temari get in the tub of steaming hot water.

“Why what?” Temari countered curiously as she carefully lowered her butt into the hot water.

“It’s… nothing.” Kin didn’t bother to push the issue as she sighed and got undressed. Kin poked at random bubbles in the water as Temari washed her back.

“So… you and Hinata, are you two together?” Kin spoke softly as she slowly rocked to Temari’s massaging hands.

“Hehehe, what makes you say that?” Temari chuckled calculatingly as she rubbed Kin’s back harder.

“Ahhh nothing, I just thought… Hey!” Kin grunted painfully as the blonde caressed Kin’s skin even harder.

“Stop crying, it don’t hurt that much.” Temari teased outright as she lightened her hands. Silence passed over the two as Kin asked another question.

“Why do you like it here?” Kin’s questions didn’t bother Temari, but the hazel-eyed girl knew Kin was beating around the bush.

“Do you mean why do the girls like me here?” Temari moaned hotly as her hands wrapped under Kin’s arms to the girl’s chest and squeezed her breasts from behind. Kin muttered mindlessly as she leaned back into Temari’s body.

“I don’t know, maybe it's my bad girl attitude and stunning good looks.” Temari whispered provocatively as she continued to caress Kin’s front side. Kin remained wordlessly as Temari’s limbs engulfed her body entirely.

“I’ve fooled around with a few of them, Hinata and Ino especially.” Temari explained shamelessly as she slid her right hand down between Kin’s legs, but before Temari did anything she had a little change of heart and slowly withdrew her hands from Kin’s private area.

“They saved my life after a dangerous mission I was on, so I…” Temari trailed off as she remembered that rainy night that Ino, Sakura, TenTen and Hinata had saved her.

“Are you ok?” Kin looked hazily over her shoulder as Temari smiled and shook her head.

“Don’t worry about it, let me wash your hair.” Temari swept her hand across her face as she reached over the side of the tub.

“Uhhh, yeah.” Kin exhaled noisily as the hot tingly feeling in her body faded.

“You have such soft hair, how long did it take to grow?” Temari asked keenly as she ran her hand through the length of Kin’s long black hair.

“10 years.” Kin reported calmly as she pulled her knees up to her chest.

“Wow, that’s a long time, why don’t we update it a little for tonight?” Before Kin could react Temari gripped a handful of the sound girl’s hair and yanked back.

“Hey what the fuck are you…?!?” Kin struggled bitterly as Temari bought up a kunai from the side of the tub and sliced cleanly through Kin’s black hair.

“M-my h-hair?” Kin whimpered as she brought her hands up to the back of her head. Shock struck Kin instantly as she felt where her long hair should had been.

“There, that’s better now let…” Temari soothed as Kin twisted violently.

“Y-you cut my hair?!? You bitch, I’ll kill you I’ll fucking kill YOU!!!” Kin was insane with rage as Temari quickly wrapped the girl in her arms tightly, and pressed the kunai to her throat. Kin heldfast, breathing harshly in the blonde's hands as Temari’s cruel but soothing voice crept over her shoulder with vicious intent.

“You really should let me help you Kin-chan, your getting to be a serious pain in my ass, now fucking hold still and stop acting like a spoiled little shit!” Temari roughly shifted Kin firmly between her legs as Kin finally loosened her body and mind.

“I’ve did nothing but complain and cry this whole time and all Temari was doing was try to help me, maybe it’s me who's the bitch, and ungrateful one at that.”

Kin slowly slumped against Temari’s slick wet body and cleared her throat.

“I’m sorry, I’ll behave.” Kin mumbled selflessly as the blonde moaned approvingly and kissed her shoulder.

“Good, I’m going to make Kin-Kin-chan the prettiest Kunoichi in all Konoha village.” Temari announced girlishly as she started to trim and style Kin’s short dark hair.

“Prettiest Kunoichi in all Konoha huh? This girl is crazy.”

Kin blushed shaking her head as she dropped her shoulders and relaxed completely for the first time in a long time.

“Maybe I can change, even if it is a little hard at first.”

Kin watched bits of her hair float around in the water as she closed her eyes.

“Hey?!?” Kin turned her head as her eyes stabbed daggers back at Temari.

“What? It’s jus’ piss.” Temari assured in her matter-of-fact voice as she yanked loose hair from Kin’s head a little harder then needed. Kin opened her mouth to say something, but stopped with a smirk as she knew two could play at this game.

“Yeah, jus’ pee.” Kin changed the sand girls words around as Temari laughed and poked Kin in the back with the kunai.

“Who’s the bitch now?” Temari laughed at the ceiling as Kin blushed again as she continued to pee freely in the bath.

To be continued…

Chapter 5

Title: Getting fitted

[Author's notes:

I got a lot of freetime coming up, so I will be updating.


Talking / Thinking 




The two girl’s giggled and joked about personally habits and vices as they finished washing themselves. They got out and headed to Temari’s room as a hard knock came at the door.

“She’s early.”

Temari smirked behind Kin as she brushed by her.

“I wonder who that could be?” Temari said carelessly as she headed for the front door and opened it.

“TenTen-sama? What bring you to my home at such a hour?” Temari’s tone didn’t fool TenTen as she walked right by her with her left arm over her back, holding a large, but flat bag to her back.

“Is she still…” The tanned girl paused as the dark but now shorter-haired girl nodded sternly still wrapped in her towel.


“I bought them, but I don’t know which one will fit her.” TenTen twisted the bag and held it in front of her as both girl’s looked to Kin with glaring eyes.

“If what will fit me…” Kin replied softly as she carefully stepped back from the grinning girls.

“Get the towel!” Temari snapped as TenTen laid the bag down quickly and dashed for the dark eyed girl. Kin spun swiftly into Temari’s room as she heard TenTen cursing as she slid down the hall.

“I knew it, Temari was jus’ fucking with me!!!”

Kin's thought on this caused her rage to swell in her chest as she pieced the crazy situation instantly.

“The towel!”

Temari and TenTen were in the doorway in a second as Kin stood up proudly and gripped her towel.

“So this is how she does it.”

Smirking, both intending girl’s launched themselves into the room as Kin grinning back.

“I’m ready.” Kin smiled as she pulled her towel away, exposing her nude body.

“Damnit, she’s smarter then I though.”

Temari paused as TenTen slowed down and looked back at the blonde with confusion.

“Get the bag TenTen, I'll tape her.” Temari spoke clearly as TenTen nodded and walked back into the hall.

“I see your little game Temari-sama but you can’t fool me twice."

“Clever girl, But can you stay still without getting aroused?” Temari smirked this time as TenTen walked back in, sneering as she slapped the measuring tape in the sand ninja’s hand.


“Grab her.” Temari barely whispered as TenTen sprinted in a heartbeat and snatched Kin up from behind.

“What are you doing! Let me go!” Kin struggled weakly from her earlier injuries as Temari hushed her.

“You have to still be fitted for…” Temari continued at the same tone as Kin screamed at her.

“WHAT?!? What the fuck are you going to make me wear! Damn you both!” Temari made a hurt face as TenTen made a silly noise.

“Your kimono? What did you think?” Temari pouted caringly and extended the measuring tape.

“Kimono? I don’t have one?” Kin started as TenTen swiftly clamped the girl’s complaining mouth. Temari lowered her face and shook her head.

“Do you really like fighting us, or do you like being alone that much?” Temari words struck deep again as Kin’s insides squirmed.

“What is she going on about?”

Kin’s eyes started to water unknowingly as she truly saw what was going on. Temari wasn’t screwing with her, she was really was trying to help her and she had talked the Leaf ninja girls into helping even after what had happened.

“I‘m…” Kin closed her eyes as she could fight her emotion from exploding forward.

“Sorry! Please, I won’t fight anymore.” Kin cried out as she loosed herself into TenTen’s arms with tears falling from her eyes. TenTen looked at Temari strictly as she let go of the crying girl.

“I told you already Kunny-chan, I was going to make you the prettiest Kunoichi in the Leaf village, didn't you believe me?” Temari reminded as she moved closer to the sobbing girl. TenTen couldn’t help but laugh at Temari's comment as Kin joined her cautiously.

“Didn’t I?” Temari questioned sharply as Kin nodded wildly.

“Good, now, put your arms up and let’s get you into something a little more suitable for the party tonight.” The tall blonde wiped a tear from Kin’s eye as TenTen helped the teary eyed girl to raise her arm's above her head.

“Thank you Temari-sama…”

Kin finally smiled again as Temari wrapped the numbered tape around her without a flinch or fight.

“… again.”

To be continued…

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Chapter 6

Title: Smoking and joking

[Author's notes:

Warning: This chapter has drug usage it not under the normal warnings so I'm jus' giving you the heads up.


Darkness soon fell over Konoha village but it was quickly re-lit with streetlights, party lamps and string lights, hanging from what seem like everywhere. The streets buzzed with people, music, and fireworks as Kin felt like she was 5, looking off Temari\'s balcony to the river of people below.

"So many people, this is amazing."

Kin leaned on the metal railing, taking in the smell and sounds as a warm breezed flowed though her now short black hair.

"Hey, Kin come here we\'re jus\' about ready to go." Temari yelled from inside as Kin took one last look and stepped back inside. She was excited, more so then in her whole life. She\'d never been to a festival before.

"We jus\' got one thing to do before we leave." Temari was sitting cross-legged on the floor with TenTen and Hinata who had just showed up. The three girls were dressed in their best kimono\'s and prettied up to princess standards even Kin looked drop-dead gorgeous.

"Wow Kin, you look great." Hinata smiled brightly as Kin couldn\'t fight the blush in her face.

"Thanks, you too." Hinata blushed back as she nodded her head.

"OK, it\'s time to get this party started, did you bring your stuff Hinata?" Temari asked as she reached into her robe sleeve and pulled out a small pipe. Hinata nodded again as she reach up her sleeve and unsnapped something.

"I\'ve rolled it already too." Hinata smiled as she tossed the sand ninja a small bag of rollies.

"What\'s that?" Kin asked shyly as she leaned closer to Temari.

"Konoha\'s finest smoking weed, they\'re not called the village hidden in the leaf\'s for nothing you know." Hinata and TenTen laughed cheerfully as Temari opened the bag and pulled two joints out and tossed one to Hinata.

"Weed? What\'s that like, cigarettes?" Kin questioned insecurely as the other three giggled.

"You\'ll see." Temari smiled as she lit the joint and inhaled deeply. After the joints burned down and out Kin felt strangely good as the others were all acting weird. TenTen was making funny faces and noises with her fingers as Hinata and Temari laughed uncontrollably.

"How about this?" Temari started making face as Kin found herself laughing this time.

"Does anyone else feel strange?" Kin asked between tears of joy as her voice sounded odd in her own ears. The others couldn\'t even answer as they rolled around laughing all out at Temari.

"Oh jus\' enjoy it Kin-Kin, we haven\'t even started drinking yet." TenTen was wiping her eyes free of tears as Temari leaned up.

"Ahhh, good call TenTen." Temari got to her feet carefully and danced out of the room.

"Hahaha, Hinata where did you get that stuff?" TenTen asked as she rocked in place.

"Hehehe, It\'s mine." Hinata replied happily as she tilted her head and smiled a goofy smile at the brown-haired girl. Kin just stared at the two in amazement like she\'d never seen them before.

"Who are you two again?" Kin asked the two girls as they looked back at her with raised eyebrows.

"Your kidding, right?" TenTen made a noise of surprise as she looked at Hinata.

"Huh? what did I say?" Confused, Kin looked like she was in a different world.

"Ohhh, my god!!!" TenTen and Hinata both burst into laughter and began thrashing around in fits of disbelieve.

"Hahaha stop it! Jus\' stop Kin please, before I piss myself!" TenTen curled her body, holding her sides as Hinata fell back giggling at the ceiling. Temari stepped back into the room, looking at Hinata and TenTen with a grin, then to Kin who was staring at her.

"What did you do?" Temari chuckled as she set a bottle of sake on the table with four shot glasses.

"I-I don\'t know." Kin shrugged as she made smacking noises with her mouth.

"Cotton mouth got you a little thirsty?" Temari grinned as she started pouring out sake for everyone. The laughter died down as TenTen and Hinata finally got ahold of themselves.

"This girl is priceless!" TenTen yelled as she leaned back up with Hinata next to her.

"Come on girls let\'s down a couple and get going the others will be waiting for us." Temari cleared her throat as Kin quickly grabbed a glass and down it. Kin pursed her face as the alcohol burned her mouth and throat. The sake tasted terrible but it helped her come down off the awful "high" she was on.

"Ohhh, another please." Kin held out her glass as Temari glanced unsure at it, then her.

"This stuff is pretty strong, I wouldn\'t over do it if I was you." Temari warned as she poured Kin another.

"Come on Kin, cheers with us at lease once before you get completely wasted." TenTen asked as she and the others all lifted their glasses.

"Yeah, sorry, anything to bring me down some." Kin lifted her glass with the others who were still giggling. Kin blushed deeply as she necked her second drink. Kin started to feel better as she managed to get the weed under control but now the alcohol was kicking in. After a few shots, 10 to be fair the girls all stood up.

"Well the time has come." Temari helped Kin to her feet as they made there way downstairs. TenTen and Hinata led the way as Temari and Kin followed. The group stopped at the doorway as Hinata and TenTen continued joking.

"Hey, Hinata and I gotta pick up some more sake, you two jus\' want to meet us at Ino\'s?" TenTen asked brightly as she looked over the two girls behind her with a dizzy look.

"Yeah, sure." Temari nodded as she looked at Kin to her right. Kin\'s face twisted a bit at the mention of Ino\'s name as Hinata and TenTen jumped into the river of bodies.


Kin was ready for the party, but not sure about seeing Ino as she got ready to step or really stumbled into the crowd of people heading up and down the street.

"Wait Kin, I\'m going to tell you abit about the other girls so you don\'t get blindsided by them later tonight, so listen good." Temari gripped Kin\'s shoulder as Kin turned back to the sandy-haired blonde.

"Blindsided?" Kin asked carefully as she steadied herself.

"Yeah, so you know what your getting into, they don\'t show it, but these leaf kunoichi are a hungry bunch of girls, and as much as I can tell about this village, the ninja boys bunk with ninja boys and the ninja girls... well you get the picture, call it "a word to the wise" some are harmless and some aren\'t." Temari grinned viciously as she wrapped her arm around Kin\'s neck and dragged her into the street.

"IT\'S PARTY TIME!!!" Screamed Temari as a dozen fireworks went off at the same time.

To be continue...

Chapter 7

Title: Hidden Haterd

[Author's notes:

Some of the villagers show there true colors.


The two girls walked causally though the crowed streets of the leaf village as Kin just stared in awe. The sights, sounds, and smells enthralled the young girl as Temari caught her gawking.

“Uhhh sorry, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Kin blushed as she turned her head to the side.

“It’s fine, come on enjoy yourself.” Temari smiled as she lead Kin to one of the many booths lining the streets. The two played games, ate food, and watched little shows. Kin was on top of the world as she kept stealing glances at the taller sand kunoichi. Kin’s stomach wobbled with a strange feeling she had never felt before.

“Why do I feel this way, I hardly know this girl but she’s treating me like we’ve known each other our whole lives…”

“Hey, you ready to head to the party?” Temari interrupted Kin’s thoughts as the dark haired girl snapped out of it.

“Yeah, I I’m.” Kin smiled as Temari lead her again.

“You’ll have a lot of fun here; jus’ remember what I told you.” Temari assured sternly as she cut through more people.

“Yeah, I will.” Kin reassured as she followed the blonde willingly. The two continued walking when suddenly someone bumped in Kin.

“Hey! Watch where your fucking going!” A drunken man yelled as he turned around with a group of his friends to face the two girls.

“I’m sorry.” Bowed Kin politely as the drunk man realized who he just bumped into.

“Hey, your that sound slut that changed sides aren\'t you?” Barked another man as people turned to see what all the fuss was about.

“She said she sorry now go about your business.” Temari said sharply as she shooshed the drunken group away with her hand.

“And your that girl from the Suna! You can’t fucking talk to us like that, we live here, this is our goddamn village!” The first drunk hollered as he pointed threateningly at the two kunoichi. Murmurs started throughout the crowd when a bottle came out of nowhere and headed straight for Kin’s head. Kin could only close her eyes, cringe and wait for the bottle to smash her head in. Milliseconds passed as Kin slowly opened her eyes to find a large fan blocking her. Kin looked over at Temari staring furiously at the group of men at the other side of her massive fan.

“Why are you bastards harassing us? We didn’t do anything to you!” Temari demanded as she closed her fan with a loud clank.

“Yeah, accept attack our village, get them!” Yelled the man as he raced forward. Temari stood in front of the sound kunoichi as she armed herself. A large hole formed around the two girls quickly as Kin scanned the crowd not knowing who would attack them.

“Shit, I don’t have any weapons.”

Kin, being dressed as she wasn’t armed as she didn’t know what to do. The man, not being a ninja Temari dodged him easily as she spun around him and cracked her heavy metal fan on the back of his neck, dropping him instantly. Two more jumped from the crowd as Temari swung her fan and caught one on the side of his chin as she round-housed the other. They both hit the ground hard as a man crept behind Kin and reached out to grab her.

“Kin! Duck!” Temari yelled as she caught the man out of the corner of her eye. Kin ducked swiftly as Temari’s fan just cleared her hair and jabbed the man in the throat.

“You fucking bitches, DIE!” The first man yelled as he pulled a kunai and headed for Kin.

“Why don’t you fuckers jus’ stay down!” Temari leaped high in the air in the direction of the man, ready to crack open his skull as something caught Temari’s fan.

“Who the…” Temari landed on her feet between the man and stranger.

“Temari!” A strong voice answered as Temari knew the voice’s owner.

“Anko-sama.” Temari said shortly as the man stepped back.

“That’s enough! You two go on, I’ll deal this.” Anko smirked as Temari could easily tell the proctor had been drinking, heavily.

“Come on Kin.” Temari grabbed Kin’s hand as they disappeared into the gawking crowd without any resistance. Anko turned to the scared men as she cracked her knuckles.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to hit a woman?” The men disappeared quicker then Temari and Kin as they knew Anko was a lot more dangerous then a couple of genin kunoichi.

“That’s what I though.” Anko sneered, watching Temari and Kin flee as the people started to move freely though the streets again not giving much though to what had just happened.

After getting far enough away the two kunoichi slowed down as Temari let go of Kin’s hand.

“Those bastards have no respect.” Temari cursed aloud as she looked back over her shoulder. Kin just marveled at the sand ninja as her heart fluttered. Temari seemed like her knight in shining armor, so strong, so brave. She had defended her without giving a second thought or to the danger.

“You were amazing… and all I did was get in your way.” Kin’s eyes started to water as her lower lip quivered.

“Ahhhhh, don’t cry Kin-Kin-chan your makeup will run.” Temari said softly, pulling a tissue from her pocket and wiped Kin’s wet eyes. Kin could smell Temari’s sweet female scent on the tissue as the blonde tilted her chin up and looked her in the eyes.

“There, that’s better.” Temari smiled, kissing the dark-haired girl on the nose. Kin’s body felt heavy as her knees when rubbery, wanting more then a simple kiss on the nose. Kin was sure of one thing, Temari was the biggest tease in the world.

“Hey there you guys are, we’ve been waiting!” Hollered TenTen waving wildly, as Hinata waved shyly next to her.

“Come on the party’s already started.” Temari smiled brightly as Kin blushed deeply.

“Thanks, again.”

To be continued…


Chapter 8

Title: Not your kind of party

Temari walked into the party smiling as many familiar faces greeted her. Kin just held behind the tall blonde as the Sand kunoichi kept introducing her to everyone. Most just nodded with a smile, while others didn’t care who she was or why she was there, period.

“It’s about goddamn time!!!” Sakura ran up and hugged Temari tightly. Temari smiled over the pink-haired girl’s shoulder, as she knew Sakura very rarely got drunk and let herself go.

“And KIN!!!” Sakura caught Kin off guard as she wrapped her arms around the Sound kunoichi’s neck and pulled her close.

“Sorry about earlier, I’ll have to make it up to you… later.” With these words, Sakura licked Kin’s ear softly. Kin trembled slightly as the pink-haired girl leaned back, smirking.

“Ok, enough pissing around, TenTen come over her!” Temari knew with a smirk of her own, blatantly what Sakura did as she turned to watch the drunken weapon master bummer car her way through the party.

“Hey you, and… you.” TenTen swayed drunkenly in place as she poked Temari in the boob then Kin.

“Hey, where are your manners?\'\' Sakura laughed goofily as she poked TenTen harder in the same spot. Temari chuckled, shaking her head at the two as she knew better then what she was about to do.

“Will you two watch Kin for a minute? I need to find my brothers.” Both girls nodded wordlessly as they grabbed Kin’s hands and dragged her through the party. They passed people laughing, joking, and drinking as someone suddenly yelled out loud, spooking Kin.

“Drink fuckers!!!” Kiba yelled victoriously as the beer cap he threw landed at the bottom of the pointy, blonde haired-ninja’s cup.

“Your cheating ya\' dog breath bastard!” Naruto argued, pointing at Kiba with Akamaru on his head.

“Jus\' drink and stop being a pussy!” Kiba laughed as Naruto just grumbled next to the white-eyed ninja, Neji.

“Naruto’s right, you are cheating, but it’s not Kiba…” Neji paused as he looked to the ninja next to Kiba.

“… It’s Shino.” Neji finished evenly as he lifted and turned the beer cap over to find one of Shino’s bugs. Shino simply smiled as he recalled the beer-soaked bug.

“WHAT!?! I was doing jus’ fine without your help Shino ya‘ shithead!” Kiba barked as he opened another beer.

“You couldn’t make it even if those cups were buckets.”
Shino replied somberly as he lit a cigarette.

“You clever bug bastard.” Naruto smiled as everyone at the table laughed and drank.

“Come on, Kin stop dallying.” Sakura jerked Kin in a different direction. The three came up to a small bar as TenTen started banging on it.

“Three sakes right here!” TenTen announced loudly as a blonde turned around.

“Coming right… up.” Ino’s smile quickly turned to a sneer, as she looked Kin up and down. The two just stared at each other sharply as Sakura started in.

“Can’t we all get along? This is a party right? Soooo why don’t you two just kiss and… makeup?” Sakura and TenTen both leaned on the bar looking at both girls, waiting.

“Thank you for inviting me to your party, you have a lovely home.” Kin bowed slightly as Ino just sneered again.

“First, I didn’t invite you, you piggy-backed here on Temari’s invite and second this is’in my home, this is my uncle’s winter workshop.” Ino toned rudely as she crossed her arms over her chest. Kin kept her head bowed as Sakura and TenTen started arguing with Ino. After a few moments of heated debate Ino finally cracked.

“Fine! Fine, I’m sorry for being rude, here smell my flower.” Ino finally gave in and leaned forward with her chest out. On Ino’s purple kimono was a beautiful white flower that seem to glisten in Kin\'s eyes as both TenTen and Ino smiled and nodded.

“I guess… it’s jus’ a flower after all.”

Kin reasoned in her head as she leaned forward.

“It smells nice.” Kin began to say as Ino wrapped her arms around Kin’s neck and pulled her face right into the flower. The sound ninja felt a sweet taste and smell assault her senses as she jerked back. TenTen and Sakura chuckled as Ino shortly joined them

“Why you…!” Kin balled her fists in anger as both leaf girls quickly grabbed her.

“You better hurry, he’s about to start.” Ino said offhandedly as she picked up a shot glass and downed it.

“That’s right! Come on!” Sakura hurried the others to drink as they followed her to the back of the building.

“Who’s starting?” Kin asked as she moved with TenTen, pushing her by her shoulders from behind out the backdoor.

“Shikamaru.” Sakura answered as she stopped outside a large plastic structure.

“Who’s that?” Kin questioned again as she watched the two girls take off their shoes.

“Do you remember the guy you fought in the pre-lims?” Kin remembered the slacker punk with the shadow throwing ability.

“Yeah.” Grunted Kin as she looked away remember the headache she had from smashing her head on the wall which knocked her out cold.

“He jus’ got luck… what are you doing?” Kin looked back to see TenTen slicing down the sides of Sakura’s dress from the waist.

“Making room.” TenTen replied as she handed Sakura the small blade.

“Room for what?” Kin asked as Sakura cut TenTen’s dress.

“To dance of course.” Sakura shifted to Kin and grabbed her dress.

“What the hell this is’in even my DRESS!!!” Sakura paid little attention to Kin’s moaning as she cut it anyway.

“You’ll thank me later.” Sakura tossed the blade back to TenTen as TenTen opened a small flap of plastic for the others.

“These girls are insane!”

Kin’s thoughts swirled in her head as the three stepped into the plastic building. On top of the first building three sets of eyes watched the girls walk into the structure.

“You think it’s a good idea to leave her with those girls?” The puppet master, Kankuro suggested libelously as he drank deeply from a white jug of sake and handed it to his sister.

“I can’t protect her every second of the day, she has to at lease learn to get along with the others or...” Temari took the jug and drank as Gaara cleared his throat.

“…Become "friends" with them.” Gaara said shortly from his own experience with leaf ninja. Both Temari and Kankuro looked at their somber brother as Temari just sighed heavily.

“That might be easy for you guys, jus‘ beating the crap out of each other is what you call friendship, with girls it’s a little more…" Temari sighed as she looked back down at the flap the girls just entered.


“Like how?” Gaara asked, staring at his sister.

“What part of complicated didn’t you understand?” Temari laid back of the roof, silently.

“Enough said, let’s go Gaara, we got the next game of caps.” Kankuro assured Gaara as they both got up and walked off, leaving their sister to her thoughts and the night sky.

“So complicated I sometimes don’t get it myself.”

“What’s this building for anyway?” Kin looked around a the copper pipe skeleton that formed the building frame.

“It’s a greenhouse for the colder seasons but they use it for other things too.” Sakura announced as a surprisingly large crowd talked and waited.

“Ahhhh! DJ Shadowcaster ROCKS!” TenTen yelled lively as she threw her hands in the air. To the front of the crowd as a figure moved lazily behind a massive sound system. Kin started to feel a strange warmth spread through her body as her heartbeat began to speed up too.

“I feel weird.” Kin whispered to Sakura as the pink-haired girl turned back with a lustful leer.

“It’s probably Ino’s flower, the drug usually takes a few minutes to kick in.” Sakura explained carelessly as Kin made a face of horror.

“S-She poisoned me!” Kin started to touch her body and face wildly like she was about to die.

“Poison? Hehehe, why would she do that?” Sakura laughed as she tapped TenTen for her attention.

“What’s wrong with her?” TenTen looked at Kin’s reaction as the girl continued to panic.

“She thinks Ino “poisoned” her.” At this TenTen laughed too as she shook her head.

“It’s not like everyone is out to get you Kin, for fuck sakes jus’ relax and get that hot little bod of yours MOVING!!!” TenTen grabbed Kin and kissed her deeply as a voice cleared its voice loudly over the speakers.

“What a drag.” 

Without another word the DJ kicked the music on loud and fast as everyone started dancing and yelling to the beat.

To be continued…

Chapter 9

Title: The Misleading

[Author's notes: I'm shocked, I've been internetless for a week. Here goes 9.]

The three girls danced fervently to the music as they’re bodies bounced and grinded together.

“This is fuckin’ great!” TenTen screamed as she threw her hands into the air again, and twisted her body.

“Tell me about it!” Sakura yelled back as Kin stepped back to dance on her own. The drug she had contacted earlier began to take hold as her body seemed to move on its own.

“I know I shouldn’t, but I-I jus’ can’t control myself.”

The dark haired girl pondered as she started to feel a little ill. She blinked slowly as she saw TenTen and Sakura kiss each other in the flashing lights, and then looked at her, smiling.

“I need some air.” Kin hollered over the music as she stumbled to the back of the plastic building. Outside the girl dropped to her hands and knees as the drinking and smoking finally caught up to her. Her frame shook as she watched the puke pool in front of her.

“Are you ok?” A soft voice asked from behind her.

“I’m fine; I jus’ needed some air.” Kin wiped her mouth as she got to her feet. She turned to find Hinata Hyuuga, smiling shyly in the pale moon light. Kin found her self gawking at the Hyuuga as she pretended to clear her throat. Hinata giggled, forcing Kin to look away, blushing.

“I’m sorry for staring.” Kin apologized as Hinata continued to giggle.

“It’s fine, in fact…” Hinata moved swiftly as she pressed her body to Kin’s. “…I really like it.” Hinata purred into Kin’s ear warmly as her tongue snuck out and tasted the sound girl’s lobe.

“You smell delicious.” Hinata moaned inhaling the girl’s feminine scent with a hint of vomit as Kin quivered anxiously, waiting for it to end or... not.

“You’re on fire Kin.” Hinata began to loosen Kin’s kimono as she slid her hands around the sound girl’s blistering body.

“Ohhh, your pussy is probably all wet and sticky too.” Hinata grinned wolfishly as her fingers dipped to Kin’s underwear.

“P-Please, you m-must stop...” Kin grunted hotly as her she fell victim to Hinata’s soft, but forceful contact.

“Are you sure you want me to stop? You’re body is responding so well.” Hinata teased with rightful glee as her fingers hovered through Kin’s heavy patch of pubic hair, which made Hinata groan aloud.

“I love hairy pussies, especially hot, sticky ones.” Hinata purred again as she planted her lips between Kin’s lovely firm breasts. Kin shook in place as her mind went into overdrive.

“Hinata, p-please someone might s-see us.” Kin begged weakly as Hinata’s tongue started to trail down Kin’s front side.

“Afraid?” Hinata said shortly as Kin’s kimono opened up, revealing more of the sound girl’s shapely body.

“It’s j-just Temari told me…” Hinata paused for a moment as she looked back up to Kin’s eyes swelling up.

“What did she say, huh? How easy I am…?” Hinata laced her fingers into the sides of Kin’s white panties as she pestered on with her trailing tongue. “…Or how Sakura and TenTen always run together?” Hinata explained as Kin remained motionless.

“N-No, its, not…Ahhhh.” Hinata grew tired of Kin’s explanation as she rammed two fingers deep into Kin’s wet snatch.

“That’s better; now let me have a taste of what you got.” Hinata pulled Kin’s panties to her knees and attacked the girl’s dripped slit. Kin was paralyzed by her own sexual angst, her resistance all but stopped as Hinata laid siege to the sound girl’s cunt, its syrupy fluid blemished her mouth.

“Mmmm so sweet.” Hinata moaned into the randy girl’s pussy, her tongue swirling around like a slimy eel. Totally embarrassed Kin covered her face as her hips started to rock slowly.

“I can’t stop myself…”

Kin rose to the balls of her feet as Hinata’s tongue and fingers pushed deeper into her dribbling gash.

“You’re such a slut kinny-chan, are you ready to cum on my pretty face?” The Hyuuga’s words sent Kin over the edge as she came abruptly. Kin’s clear cream splattered Hinata’s face and mouth as the kneeling girl swallowed the fruits of her labor. Suddenly a voice rang out from behind them.

“Are you about done, Ino?” Kin froze in place as she looked down at Hinata then to the voice. Hinata turned to find Temari holding Ino’s limp body.

“Not really, I was starting to enjoy making Kin act like the slut she is.” Hinata’s voice darkened as she got to her feet, sucking on her fingers.

“She’s n-not Hinata?” Kin spoke up weakly as she quickly fixed her kimono over her soaked body.

“No, she’s using Hinata’s body, Hinata is’in that bold to take you one-on-one.” Temari grunted as she dropped Ino on the ground roughly.

“Hey that’s my fucking body you’re screwing with!” Hinata yelled meanly as Ino’s voice began to come out of Hyuuga’s mouth.

“Oh I’m sorry; I’m a little clumsy sometimes.” Temari smirked as she kicked Ino’s lifeless body.

“You bitch!” Ino/Hinata roared as Temari put her foot on Ino’s neck.

“Now, now Ino, I can be really clumsy sometimes.” Temari threatened as she put pressure on Ino’s neck. Hinata sneered as Ino knew better then to provoke the ruthless sand kunoichi. Hinata’s fingers interlock as Ino let her go. Ino’s spirit flew back into her body as Hinata staggered. Kin grabbed Hinata as the Hyuuga shook her head of confusion.

“What’s going on, what happen?” Hinata asked as she looked over at Kin then to Temari, holding Ino down by her neck.

“Yeah Ino, tell her what you did.” Temari smiled brightly down at Ino under her foot. Hinata got her feet under her as she felt something on her face and wiped it off.

“What is this…?” Hinata rubbed the clear fluid between her fingers as it quickly dawn on her.

“Uhhh, that’s me.” Kin said sheepishly. Hinata’s face tightened as she realized what had happened.

“Ino!” Hinata’s eyes flashed black as she rushed over to Ino. Temari picked the blonde up and held her arms up behind her.

“Is it true you used my body to seduce Kin?” Hinata asked menacingly as Ino struggled around.

“It’s not what you think, I was jus’ having a little…” Before Ino could finish, Hinata struck Ino randomly over her body with two fingers. The air was forced from Ino’s lungs as she knew what was going to happen next.

“No, Hinata stop please not in front of Kin.” Ino pleaded as her legs started to shake violently.

“You should have thought about that before using my body without asking.” Hinata smiled this time as she slowly back away. Temari chuckled mockingly as she pushed Ino to the ground.

“Nooooo!” Ino cried as she pissed herself.

“Hey, what’s going on out here?” Sakura asked, coming out of the plastic building as TenTen slapped her ass.

“Nothing, Ino’s jus’ acting up a little.” Temari smirked with the others as they watched Ino finish pissing herself, crying.

“Y-You rotten b-bitches! Taking that fucking slut’s side, she n-not even one of u-us.” Ino sobbed as she looked around.

“She’s just another d-dirty whore, what makes her better then me!” Ino got to her feet, looking at the huge wet spot in front of her dress.

“She’s ruining everything! My dress, my party… my friends! I fucking hate you KIN!!!” Ino screamed insanely as Temari back-handed her.

“Shut up Ino!” Temari snapped as she raised her hand for a second twat. Kin saw the hurt in Ino’s eyes as she started crying again

“S-She’s right, I-I should of never come here tonight, I should of never became a leaf kunoichi, I wish I was DEAD!” Kin ran off crying into the dark of the night as everyone but Ino felt bad for the girl.

“I’ll be back.” Temari raced after Kin as the girls all looked at each other.

“What now? I’m still horny.” TenTen licked her lips as she groped her breast.

“I don’t know TenTen, any ideas… Hinata?” Sakura tapped her chin as Hinata’s devilish smile split her face.

“I think Ino’s needs an attitude adjustment.” Sakura reported sternly as the horny kunoichi surrounded Ino.

“You got 30 minutes Ino, don’t strain yourself.” TenTen laughed with the others as she grabbed Ino’s hair and slammed her face to the floor. The three jumped on top of her as Ino tried to throw them off.

“So unlucky Ino-Pig...” Whispered Hinata as Temari looked back, then to the black figure darting away.

“Kin!” Temari cupped her mouth as the sound girl paused and looked up.

“No, they're lairs and cheats! Bitches… all of them!”

Kin screamed in her mind as she halted again, and stared confusedly at Temari. Temari's heart seared as she could see the tears in the girl’s eyes.

“What have I done?” Temari looked back to Ino getting playful raped as she couldn't look back at Kin.

"You won't be honest with me."


To be continued...



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