Story: A Shadowlander’s Tale: The Lingering Shadows Within (chapter 15)

Authors: Shinigami_Shimai

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Chapter 15

Title: epilogue

A Shadowlander's Tale: The Lingering Shadows Within
Written by Kathryn K Williams


"And that is what happened." I informed Dr. Jakes as I sat once again in a wheel chair, this time with Liz at my side. I'd already filled her in on my adventures and explained that I needed to return to Dr. Jakes as I promised the spider I would. She did not believe most of what I had to say, but she did not wish to allow me to face this man again alone.

The man laced his fingers together as I finished my tale. I told him everything I thought he needed to hear, leaving out a few bits here and there, "Is that so?" He mused, turning the silver key in his hand, it still held a faint glow to it and the sight of which brought a strange grin to the man's face.

I nodded slowly, "That key will take you where you wish to go." I informed him again, "It should work on any door at all."

He got up from his seat and moved around his desk, "Would it work on this door?" He inquired as he circled around us to the entrance to his office.

I shrugged, "I supposed it will." I wheeled myself in a circle to face the door as the doctor approached it.

"This had better not be some kind of trick." The doctor warned, "I could have you put away for a long time after that story you just told me." He stated as he tapped the key upon his hand.

"I'm sure you could." I felt Liz's hand upon my shoulder and her lightly squeeze it, "But you will find I'm not a harm to myself or anyone else, so it will be a short stay."

The doctor glared at me, "You think you are so clever, but you did give me this key after all, so maybe you are not as smart as you think." He placed the key near the door and a large key hole appeared under the knob, the exact same shape and size as the key, "That is very interesting." He smiled as he placed the key in the lock and turned it. When he opened the door the hospital hall had been replaced by an earthen hall with a long glowing blue carpet.

"My lord!!!"Liz exclaimed, her hands moving to her mouth.

"My lord indeed." The doctor remarked as he turned to face me, his face filled with delight, "I knew you were the key to this puzzle. I knew you would come through for me. You've done well, Bre-" Suddenly the spider's arm came through the door and grabbed the good doctor around the waist.

"May I have a word with you dear doctor?" The spider's voice drifted out of the opening.

The doctor turned to find several huge eyes staring through the door at him, "Oh My God!!!" He screamed. The two orderlies rushed around the room in aid of their leader only to suddenly be tangled up in webbing and pulled through the door, followed closely by the doctor.

The spider grinned at me, "Thank you Brenda. You should not have to worry about this man bothering you any longer." It turned to Liz and nodded, "Please to meet you Liz. I hope my appearance did not frighten you. Brenda did explain to you about me did she not?"

Liz slowly nodded, not really in control of herself.

"Good good." The spider smiled, "Then I'll see the two of you for tea sometime. You will find the key I gave you will bring you right to my home."

"Sure thing." I promised, "First I'm moving into Liz's so maybe next month?" I suggested.

"Sounds good to me." The spider waved an arm out of the door, "Have a good day ladies." It closed the door behind itself. Leaving us alone in the empty room.

Liz continued to stare at the door in bewilderment, "D... d.... did that s... spider invite us for tea?" She stammered.

I nodded, "I hope you don't mind." I said lightly, "We don't have to go if you don't want to."

"No.... no, that is alright." Liz slowly turned to look down at me, "Are there any more strange friends I need to meet?" She inquired nervously.

I simply shrugged, "I don't know, but it is possible."

Liz let out a tired sigh, "You are one interesting person, Brenda."

I glanced up at her nervously, "Do you still want to live with me?"

She gave me a perplexed look, "Of course I do. I love you." She looked up at the door again, "I just don't know how my family will handle the wedding." She let out a laugh that I joined in on. A real laugh that came from deep within. One of many that I would have with Liz and the many friends I would acquire from beyond that door.

So that is my tale. I don't know if you will believe it or not, but that is how I'm telling it. If one of you happens upon the Guardian spider in your dreams tell him I said hello, alright? And beware of the things that linger in shadows, for the may be after your very soul.

The end.

Note: The world of the shadowlands, Its stories, Characters and ideas are a copyright of Kathryn K Williams.

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