Story: Proportions (all chapters)

Authors: Ichigo_Kitsune

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Chapter 1

Title: Proportions

White hot tears blur my vision
No, I can't cry--I won't
Not now.
Not ever.
On your usual mirth
The impassiveness on your face
Versus the flames licking at your eyes
No, please.
Don't. Leave.
Tears turn into sparkling white gems as they fall down my face and to the floor
Shattering upon contact, the only proof we were ever here
For none of us will speak of ever having spoken
You turn away, leading me to believe it was all for nothing
'I never loved you.'
Such a simple statement, yet it blows everything out of proportion
My throat seems too small, my eyes seem too wet
I can't think of anything to say, all my words now seem so meaningless
Suspended in the nothingness of time as it slows, and stops
Thud-um, Thud---um, Thud.
Stops the beating of my heart
How could you?
You don't sound it.
A million questions, a million responses scatter throughout my mind, and yet the only thing I can say as you leave (forever, love, always) is
'I know.'

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