Story: Time never stops (chapter 8)

Authors: lilyheart87

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Chapter 8

Title: Epilogue

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation. Hmm..I just realized that I do own something: Yui Aeon. Hehe, good for me! And we all own Khronos as a common cultural heritage from the era of antics. Good for you too!

8. Epilogue

''Am I imagining or do those two seem a lot closer after that romantic dinner?''

''I think so too. Hmm. Maybe I should cook to you too..''

''No Ruka! You're not going to come near my kitchen ever again!''

''Kidding! Kidding! Geez Michiru...''

''Ruka, we don't need meals to get closer (too much work for me) besides we can't get any closer than this.''

''Hmm..Maybe you're right Michi. But maybe I could use some persuasion..''

''Ruka, is that all you ever think about?''

''Well sometimes I think about cars..''

''And you claim to be a woman! You're-yhm..oh..ah!''

''Was that approve enough of my feminine side?''

''Hmm..maybe you should show me a bit more of that, then maybe I could persuade you more.''

''It's a deal then.''





''Ups. Well, let's worry about that later.''



Setsuna and Yui were sitting on the backyard porch watching the sunset. Colors blended on the sky beautifully and the whole evening was serene. Yui was leaning her head against Setsuna's shoulder and Setsuna had wrapped her arm around Yui's waist. Both of them were just enjoying the peaceful moment.

''I'm so happy.. I've never been happier..'' Yui said sighing contently.

''Not that you remember though, right?'' Setsuna answered teasing and Yui just rolled her eyes and poked her a bit.

''I love you so much..'' Setsuna whispered into Yui's ear.

''Apology accepted.'', Yui whispered back, ''And I love you too, even if you don't have any sense of humor.''

While speaking Yui traced Setsuna's thigh with the tip of her fingers. Setsuna blushed a bit but an evil grin formed on her lips. The time spent with Yui had been very liberating and she had come out of her shell bit by bit.

''If that's the way you wanna play it, so be it.'' she said huskily and lifted Yui into her arms.

Yui just squealed a bit in surprise.

''It's so unfair that you're so strong! I wanna carry you too, I wanna be senshi too!'' Yui whined in fake pout.

''Now now dear. You're a god for heaven's sake, I'm really honored to share something like this with your divinity. And besides, how could I protect you if I were a weakling?'' she said teasingly and Yui just laughed.

''Ok ok darling! You're right. Maybe I should show you some tricks we gods can do when we-''

''Yui! How many times I have to say you can't use your powers in to something like that?'' Setsuna scolded her.

''Oh dear! It was a joke Setsuna! You're so upthight, but I promise when I'm done with you, you won't be.'' Yui said coyly.

Setsuna almost hit door. Behind the door they saw Michiru and Haruka laying in each others arms (luckily they had blanket for cover). When they noticed Setsuna and Yui, Haruka tried to act coolly and look them smirking but they just rolled their eyes and showed tongue at her and let Michiru take care of the rest.

Setsuna carried Yui to upstairs and into their room, where she laid her gently on the bed sitting next to her. She kissed Yui softly first then more demanding. Then Yui deepened their kiss and they're tongues started an expedition. When they broke the kiss, Setsuna whispered: ''I wish time could stop.''

''Only if you want me to.'' Yui whispered coyly and Setsuna smiled amused.

''On the second thought, I wish time never stops.'' Setsuna stated firmly.

Yui laughed and pulled the grinning Setsuna on top of her. They're hands started to roam all over each others bodies.. Setsuna had been a bit surprised by her own hidden passion which however didn't match to Yui's. Setsuna moaned a bit to Yui's expertise handling, it must be odd for her to know all the right moves but not remembering where or with whom she learned them.

Well, that all was past now. They both had had their fair share of misery, unsecureness and loneliness but now they had each other. Even destiny and duty couldn't touch them anymore, together they would conquer all the obstacles. Two lonely souls had met each other and none of them would continue their journey alone. Setsuna smiled happily that she had surrendered in to love, before it was too late. There was nothing better in the world.


A/N: Well this is it, the end of Setsuna's adventure in the sea of love. Sorry, I'm really excited 'cause this is my first complete story in English. I liked writing this story, it just came to me and I didn't need to try hard to write, I just went with the flow. Actually this wasn't supposed to be this long but it took more time and space to rebuild Yui's lost life etc. than I had assumed. Since it was my first one in English I wanted it to be a little bit lighter and humorous. Don't expect ALL my stories to include this much craziness, though it's so much fun to write silly situations with Sailor moon characters, especially when wackiness exists in the original series also.

I want to write few words about my characters (meaning the one I made up and the one borrowed from the Roman mytology). I wanted Yui to be somewhat like Minako ('cause I think Minako and Setsuna would make a nice couple too) but with the heavy burden of losing her previous life, so she could better understand Setsuna whose duty and job aren't the nicest ones in the world. Actually I have to admit that the idea for Yui came from Kyoko Suomi who is the main character of Arina Tanemura's manga Time Stranger Kyoko. I like Tanemura's style to draw and tell stories and thoughts through her works. But it's only for inspiration, Kyoko is far from my Yui.
Khronos is in the early Greek mytology the god and/or personification of time. He is usually described as an old, bearded man. The idea to use Khronos in my fanfiction came from the Sailor Moon R season; one of those episodes where Chibiusa is trying to go back to future, she prays the god of time, Khronos, for help. So the idea came actually from the series. Linking it to Setsuna was obvious, her being the senshi of time and the guardian of the Gates of time.

Well that was a lot of information. By the way, the reason why I chose Setsuna to be the main character in this story is the fact that she is not shown very often in the anime (I want to see more Setsuna!!) and she is so mysterious. I like her a lot, she is one of my favorites. I feel so sorry for her because she has to guard the Gates of time alone, at least now she is not alone anymore. Yeah, now you think I'm some a silly and crazy romantic. Oh, well so be it.

I might someday write a sequel to this (if I have the time, maybe I should borrow Setsuna's garnet orb staff or Yui's time stick) because writing this was fun and I got positive reviews. Thanks for my reviewers and those who bothered to read this story and my over long ramblings. See ya round!

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