Story: Time never stops (chapter 7)

Authors: lilyheart87

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Chapter 7

Title: Love finds its ways

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.

7. Love always finds its ways

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

In the next morning Yui woke up early, even Setsuna was still sleeping. She hopped off the bed fast, but carefully not to wake Setsuna. This was the day when she was going to tell Setsuna about her feelings. She had thought lot about what the old man had said about Setsuna and his own life, and she didn't want that for herself. So today was the day when Yui Aeon would grab the bull by its horns.

Yui had actually planned this all yesterday when they had come back home. She was supposed to pick up some groceries for a romantic meal. Meantime Michiru and Haruka would keep Setsuna busy by shopping and driving around in the city. Yui knew Setsuna would suspect something so she had used a new trick she had discovered; she manipulated her timeline a bit so that the amount of her possible futures would increase so big that it would be impossible for Setsuna to know what she was planning. She knew it wasn't very nice thing to do (so as the note she had left saying she was going to spend the day with the Inners) but sometimes the end justifies the means.

When Haruka and Michiru were keeping Setsuna busy, Yui would come home and make a romantic meal with the help of Hotaru (and Makoto's recepies, no wonder Ami looks so happy all the time). Hotaru was actually the only one who knew what really was going on. Michiru and Haruka thought she just wanted to surprise Setsuna romantically. For Yui's surprise Haruka hadn't said anything improper about the situation, she had actually been very pleased of Yui's thoughtfullnes towards the senshi of time. Michiru had patted Haruka's head gently for her good behaviour and Haruka had actually blushed. Yui smiled to the memory, changed her clothes and ran silently downstairs to make her plan reality.


8 hours later...

Tokyo, Outer's mansion

Setsuna had bad feeling about everything, she had received a weird messages in a piece of paper from Yui which said she would spent the day with the Inners. Then she had tried to look into Yui's timeline to make sure everything was okay but she had seen so many possible futures that it had given her a headache and she gave up. She had called Yui to make sure everything was alright, Yui had just said that she was shopping and the amount of possible groceries was so huge that it had propably messed her timeline. Somehow Setsuna didn't quite buy that but she had left it be. Then Michiru and Haruka had dragged her to shopping, which was suspicious because they rarely did it, at least with Haruka along. She had tried to go home several times, but they had insisted to go yet to another shop. And on the top of everything they hadn't let her eat in the whole day and had forced her to dress formally though it was just a shopping trip. Then out of the blue they took her home and almost threw her out of the car claiming to go to movies and dinner.

Now Setsuna was standing at the front door praying she could see her own timeline. She felt that something was going to happen that night and change her life permanently, in which Setsuna was everything but ready. The missing of Hotaru's bike just strengthened that feeling. It meant that she and her supposed girlfriend would be alone in the house. Somehow it made Setsuna really nervous, after last night she was pretty sure that Yui felt something for her, but she wasn't sure what. And she really didn't want to know, she wanted the things to remain as they were before and destiny could to claim her life in peace. It all would be easier if Setsuna's love was one-sided, everything could remain as it was.

Setsuna took out her keys from her purse with shaking hands and opened the lock. She pushed the door open as silently as possible and stepped in. Nothing seemed to be out of an order. Maybe she was just hallucinating.

''Setsuna, is that you?'' Setsuna nearly jumped to the ceiling when Yui called her.

Then she nearly screamed when she saw Yui's outfit which was more proper for a party than a quiet evening alone. Now she was certain that she had been set up by her family.

''Oh, it is you! Just in time! I made a dinner for the two of us, so please come to eat.'' Yui said brightly as ever.

''O-Oh! H-How thoughtful of you!'' Setsuna said stuttering, trying to sound casual and happy.

She followed numbly Yui to their dining room, as if she was a prisoner following her executor to scaffold.

Outer's mansion, dining room

Setsuna sat on her seat petrified and tried to eat her dinner. She was very nervous, something in that situation made her want to escape. But Yui had gone through so much trouble. The dinner was great, Yui's cooking skills had improved since Makoto had started to teach her. Also the atmosphere were romantic, dim lightning, candles and soft music playing on the backround. If they were on a date or if they were a real couple, Setsuna couldn't have thought anything more romatic than this, but now she was waiting this all to be over so she could run to her room and hide under her bed.

''How was your day?'' Yui asked politely and Setsuna tried to answer very specifically so Yui would forget her possible real reason for this all.

All the time they talked Setsuna tried to look into Yui's timeline to find out what was going to happen but Yui just frowned a bit and the amount of possible futures just increased causing Setsuna an awful headache so she gave up.

The chit chat continued on and finally they had proceeded to dessert and the moment Setsuna had feared approached when Yui laid her hands on top of Setsuna's and started to say ''I actually have something to tell you Setsuna. I've been thinking a ways to tell this but I decided it is best to juts say it. Setsuna Meioh, I think I'm in-''

''Please, wait a moment Yui. I have to go to the bathroom.'' Setsuna interrupted her and disappeared through the door leaving a stunned Yui behind.

It took a moment for Yui to recover from Setsuna's abrupt interruption while she was confessing her love. When she got her mind back on the track she realised Setsuna had escaped. 'How can she be so afraid of love or doesn't she like me anymore?' Yui wondered while running through the door after Setsuna. Setsuna was nowhere to be found and Yui knew exactly where she had escaped.

''Time stick! Come forth! We have some work to do! We have to find a certain foolish woman!'' Yui commanded as her symbol lit on celestial fire.

The Time Staff appeared in her hands, obviously pouting for Yui's impolite calling. Yui ignored it totally and disappeared in time and looked for Setsuna. That woman just couldn't run forever.

Time vortex, the Gates of time

Setsuna walked through the Gates of time only to find Yui already waiting for her. 'Damn I shouldn't have taught her so well.' Setsuna thought and turned to escape again.

''Oh no you won't!'' was the last thing she heard before Yui's time stick hit her legs and she fell on the ground.

''Ouch!'' Setsuna stated irritated and turned around but Yui was already there.

''I guess women around here have to be catched.'' she said grinning and sat on Setsuna's stomach, pinning her hands on the ground.

Setsuna easily broke her grip and was ready to throw Yui off her with force if necessarily.

''AA! Aa! Wait, please just listen to what I got to say! Or else I won't stop following you! You know I will find you! I'm a god for heaven's sake. But I promise if you still are stubborn after what I say to you, you are free to go and I won't bother you again.'' Yui said hastily.

Setsuna thought her options and agreed, at least this way she could continue her lonely journey and this fiasco would be over as well.

She nodded and allowed Yui to pin her on the ground again.

''I love you. I fell in love in that day over three months again when I saw you first time. A-a-aa-! Don't say anything let me finish!'' Yui scolded Setsuna who looked her wide-eyed ready to say something.

''I know you're afraid to love and be loved. You think you're destined to live your life alone and just to do your duty. I know this because when you looked into my soul back then, somehow I saw into your soul too. That was when I really fell for you, and hard. I was too afraid back then to tell you about all this. When I looked into your soul, I saw how beautiful you were inside too, not just outside. You were as human as anyone of us or even more so. You are so loving, caring, passionate and dedicated to mention just few. You were always so nice, protective and caring towards me, even if I was an intruder who messed your life. I felt so secure, there was someone who cared for me after I had lost everything else. It meant so much to me. I know it was part of your job but I could see the emotions were real, not faked. You did more for me than was necessarily. I fell deeper and deeper for you every passing day. But you hide yourself under a shell. I would like to break that shell. I would like to let you see that you can love and be loved as much as anyone of us. I didn't do anything to to show my feeligs for you because I wanted to give you time, to get to know me and to trust me, and to learn to love me. But I cannot wait any longer, I'm sorry. I need answers. But first I want you to understand that you're not destiny's slave. We all forge our own paths, it only takes courage and trust. So I ask you please trust me Setsuna! Let me be part of your destiny. That part that is just for you, not for anyone else. Please, let me love you, because we all are just humans in the end. Even me.'' Yui said ending her monologue and stealing a kiss from the now totally numb Setsuna.

When she broke the kiss she saw how touched Setsuna was, silent tears falling down to her cheeks.

''With me, you don't have to pretend. Just be yourself and tell me what you really want and I will respect that. Just don't runaway your true feelings anymore.'' Yui whispered.

Setsuna lay there crying, trying to get her voice to work and Yui waited patiently.

''I-I- I want you. You are right about everything you said. I'm a blind and stubborn fool.'' she managed to stammer.

''But you are my fool.'' Yui stated smiling.

''Yes and I love you Yui.'', Setsuna said and sighed, ''That wasn't so hard after all. I have been really silly, haven't I?'' she asked smiling.

''That is why I love you so much.'' Yui whispered into Setsuna's ear and they kissed ever so sweetly.

It lasted long. When they finally had to brake it, they looked into each others eyes and for the first time they realised it was indeed love what they saw in the other one's eyes. Yui put her head onto Setsuna's shoulder and they lay there a moment, enjoying the company and the closeness of the other.

''You know what Yui?'' Setsuna said coyly.

''What?'' Yui inquired.

''Don't tell this to anyone but I'm wearing the strings you gave me.'' Setsuna told her smirking.

''What?!'' Yui blurted out and Setsuna laughed a bit.

''Maybe I should buy a matching pair for you too.'' Setsuna said wryly.

After recovering fromt the shock Yui started to laugh as well. After the laughter had ceased they were silent once again. Then Yui spoke in soft tone: ''Thank you. For saving me, not just then but now too. I don't know what I would do without you.''

''No, it's me who should thank you. This is incredible. You are incredible. And you saved me big time.'' Setsuna answered softly.

They both smiled goofily thinking how lucky they were, and they didn't even need to brake the news to their family, as they had done it already months ago. Heh, speaking about convenient.

''Oh, were are my manners I forgot to thank you for the lovely meal! How can I make it up to you?'' Setsuna asked suddenly.

''Hmm..I have few ideas already. Say, could we spent the night at your place, here?'' Yui said a glint in her eyes.

''You're so eager, how long have you tried to get into my pants?'' Setsuna asked amused.

''From the moment I first saw you. Hmm..speaking about that, it will be a happy story to tell our grand children, 'When Yui granny and Setsuna granny met, Setsuna granny was going to blow up Yui granny into pieces!' '' Yui stated exaggerating.

''Your as bad as Haruka and Minako together.'' Setsuna muttered in fake anger.

''You haven't seen a half of me.'' Yui said and started to laugh.

''Let's go find out, shall we?'' Setsuna said and lifted the still laughing Yui off the ground and carried her to her other house. Silence once again fell on the Gates of time as the two new lovers disappeared into the mist.

A/N: I hope I didn't screw this one, I tried really hard. Next chapter will be the last one, consider it as a compensation for the lack of Yui/Setsuna romantic situations, because they got together so late on in this story.

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