Story: Time never stops (chapter 6)

Authors: lilyheart87

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Chapter 6

Title: Waiting for something

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.

6. Waiting for something

Outer's mansion, kitchen

It had been three months since Setsuna had saved Yui in the Gates of time and Yui had learned about her divinity. Yui hadn't had the courage to tell Setsuna about the fact that she also had seen into Setsuna's soul the day after. It wasn't suppose to happen and Yui didn't want to ruin their friendship by telling something that might totally upset Setsuna and make her act differently towards her. Their understanding and feelings for each other had deepened a lot during the time spent together. Yui was fascinated by the fact that they actually knew almost everything about each others and still accepted each other.

Setsuna had started to feel that their friendship might have a chance to turn into relationship if she just wanted it. But she was still unsure and her old feelings held her back and prevented her to take the leap of faith. Beside Setsuna wasn't 100% sure about Yui's feelings since she hadn't made a move on her either. Maybe Yui just considered her as a really good friend? But all the looks Yui gave her sometimes when she thought Setsuna wasn't looking. All the little gestures; hands brushing together when doing domestic works, how she always had to show Yui how to hold her time stick in her hands properly over and over again and so on. It all might be Setsuna's imagination but there is something fishy about it all anyway.

Most clear thing that made Setsuna suspect was the fact that in the whole time she had knew Yui, she had never show slightest interest towards anyone else. Yui had got the job in the university (even though her age had arose few questions in which Yui answered to be a child genius, how modest indeed) and had got new collegues and friends but still she wasn't interested in anyone. She had also deepened her friendship towards Setsuna's family and the Inners and had met new people through them but no one had provoked reaction in Yui. Not even the people at Makoto's martial arts lessons, though she had that odd sparkle in her eyes afterwards. No, Setsuna hadn't seen or heard Yui once drooling over anyone, it was weird. Setsuna thought maybe she wast just a frigid but she cartainly didn't seem so.

In some level Setsuna wanted to believe Yui was interested in her, in other level she wanted to deny it and run to hide her head in bushes. Setsuna was really confused about her feelings. About everything. She once again used the old trick and tried to forget and banish those thoughts but that became harder and harder by each passing day.

Of course what Setsuna didn't know, was the fact that Yui knew about Setsuna's fears and didn't want to pressure her because of it, so she kept her feelings to herself. Being alone as long as Setsuna had, had made her forget that she can love too and be loved as well. And there was that destiny thing too. In reality the only thing that wasn't allowing it was Setsuna herself. Yui had seen it all when she saw Setsuna's soul and because of that, she waited. She gave Setsuna time, allowed her to get to know Yui and trust her. She planned to take it step by step, as slowly as Setsuna needed though she felt fustrated when absolutely nothing was happening even though she sometimes tried to flirt a bit and stuff.

She didn't know how much longer she could hide her feelings as her anxiety grew day by day, but she would never pressure the woman who had been so nice towards her after all what happened to her. She was always caring, friendly and encouraging. She and the other Outers had really made her feel as a part of their family, it was wonderful particularly because she had lost her real family. All those things were reasons why Yui had fallen in love with Setsuna in the first place. Maybe she was wrong after all and Setsuna didn't love her at all, at least in that way. Maybe she was just like that towards everyone, loving and caring.

It was saturday morning and they were having a breakfast in the kitchen. Because it was weekend Setsuna and Yui would use as much time as they could for studying at Setsuna's second house since they hadn't so much free time during week. The lie about them being a couple had been really useful, they had used it as an excuse to escape for their learning sessions. Though it was a bit embarassing as Haruka and Michiru thought they were the most virile couple in the whole world, always sneaking out to spend some time together. Hotaru just kept smiling that I-know-something-that-you-don't smile but denied everything when asked. Setsuna was irritated by all this but tried to ignore them all, though it was hard as everyone seemed to think that the silent, solemn and elegant time senshi was some sort of nympho sex machine. Yui just considered it all funny and it made made her laugh more than once.

In the middle of their peaceful breakfast Setsuna suddenly felt something and stood up abruptly. Something was wrong with Khronos, it didn't feel life threatening but it was definitely something. 'Damn damn damn! If that old poop wouldn't have closed his timeline from me, this all would be easier.'

''I have to excuse myself. I just remembered something, don't expect me back for a while.'' Setsuna said and hurried to the upstairs.

Yui looked worriedly after her and decided to follow.

''At this early in the morning. God, they're unvelievable.'' Haruka whispered to Michiru and found Michiru's elbow in her ribs and her baguette on her head, while Hotaru was trying to hide her smirk in her sandwich. When Haruka would learn that kind talking wasn't allowed at the kitchen table?

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

''Setsuna, what's wrong?'' Yui asked stepping in to the room.

She startled a bit when finding Sailor Pluto there.

''Stay here. There's something wrong with Khronos, I'll go to find out what exactly.'' she said disappearing before Yui had the time to protest.

''Damn you, Setsuna.'', she muttered and the mark appeared on her forehead as she summoned her staff: ''Time stick come here or I make a bonfire out of you!'' The Time Staff appeared obediently though it pouted a bit because of the nickname Yui had given it (Setsuna hadn't been able to force Yui use its real name).

She went after Setsuna, becoming one with the time once again. She followed Setsuna easily, though this time she didn't go to the Gates of time. Yui had no idea where she was going but she just kept following her. They ended up in some kind of courtyard. They were standing on a wide road which led to a palace.

Other dimension, Celestial Palace of Time

''Oh! How cool!'' Yui blurted out and Setsuna turned to face her hastily making Yui jump a bit.

''Yui! Didn't I tell you to wait there? It might not be safe here.'' Setsuna asked in disbelief.

''Sorry. But I thought someone should safeguard your back.'' Yui said sheepishly waving her time stick around, which managed to look scared by the possible threat that was waiting ahead.

''Oh fine! Come here, but stay behind me, just in case.'' Yui followed her orders, readying herself to beat the crap out of anyone with her cowardly scared time stick.

They walked through a magnificant (yet a bit rusty) gate to a beautiful (yet a badly horticultured) garden. Yui saw an old bearded man lying eyes closed on an armchair, which looked like it could fall apart in any minute. Setsuna poked the old man with her staff. He just stirred a bit. Then she punched him on the head with her staff and Yui looked terrified by the lack of respect Setsuna showed towards the elderly man. She would soon understand why.

''What? What? What is happening?'' he asked waking up.

''What on Earth you're playing at Khronos? I thought you were in trouble!'' Setsuna said in a tone Yui had never heard her using before.

''Oh come on already! I figured I had time to take a little nap before you two arrived.'' Khronos tried to protest.

''You aren't supposed to make false signals! I THOUGHT YOU WERE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE!'' Setsuna started to yell.

''Now now, calm down lass. It's not like you haven't ever broken or bend the rules. Besides I'm so lazy and this was the easiest way to get you come here.'' he said smirking.

''Argh! So why are we here?!'' Setsuna asked hyper irritated.

''I wanted to meet Yui in person and I wanted to show her around the palace before she replaces me.'' Khronos explained proudly.

''Fine, have fun. Bye Yui, take your time. Don't worry I keep an eye on you.'' Setsuna said leaving.

''Um...'' Yui started but was interrupted by Khronos: ''You broke the seal I had cast on this girl?''

''Yes you old fossilized poop. She trusts me unlike some unnamed old bum.'' Setsuna said while walking away.

The old man turned to face Yui who looked a way to escape.

''You two seem close. Have you laid Setsuna honey already?'' the old man asked.

''What?! For heaven's sake no!'' Yui blurted out.

''Really? Sweetheart, sometimes you just have to take what you want. Especially likes the Setsuna are too stubborn, slow and indecisive for their own good. Or is the reason that you wanted to see me and taste real man?'' Khronos said and posed with his atrophied muscles and tried to get closer to Yui, his eyes glinting weirdly.

Swiftly Yui used one of the moves Makoto had teached her and Khronos found himself flying through the air and landing on a badly shaped, completely malformed bush. Meanwhle Yui ran after Setsuna who was about to transform into Sailor Pluto.

''Setsuna, wait! Don't leave me here with him!'' Yui yelled.

''Why? What is wrong?'' Setsuna asked bewildered.

''That man is a total pervert! Can't you see that glint in his eye! And he talks dirty! Please, don't leave me with him. I will do your part of our domestic works for three month or as long as you want, or anything else, just don't leave me here alone with him!'' Yui pleaded horrified.

Setsuna frowned, she couldn't argue the fact that the old man was a total pervert but he was actually rather nice once you get to know him and she could really do with some time on her own to sort her thoughts about everything. Then she remembered what she had seen when Yui had opened her soul for her, all her weaknesses and hidden feelings. It had been overwhelming. She knew she could never leave her in trouble, not even in this kind, especially when she was asking for help.

''Don't worry. He is harmless, he is just lonely and wants to have fun on his guests expence whenever he has some. But I will come with you, if you don't want to go alone and you don't have to do me any services. This is a part of my job, in a way.'' she said smiling.

''Thank you.'' Yui said relieved and they walked back to the old man's garden.

''Where did you go? For quickie, eh?'' the old man said while clambering out of the bushes.

''Shut up old man, or I you'll find my staff in your throat. I decided to keep eye on you, you know it is my job to protect Yui. So, get on with the tour so we can get out of here.'' Setsuna said sternly.

''Yes ma'am, right away ma'am. I see you're as crumpy as always. Hey, Yui. If Setsuna ever causes you trouble there's a dungeon in the basement. You can put her there and keep as long as needed to tame her.'' Khronos said winking.

Yui looked him absolutely shocked, her jaws moving but no coherent speech was coming out.

''Don't speak bullshit, old man.'' Setsuna said hitting Khronos with her staff and he flew comically spinning on a tree.

After Khronos fell off the tree the tour began. Khronos seemed rather pleased with himself as he showed them his magnificant palace, which hadn't been cleaned in centuries so everything was covered with a thick layer of dust and there were mummified rats everywhere. In every room there was a minimum of one nude statue of Khronos as a young and virile god. Khronos had actually set up one (rather small but very nude) statue of Yui. He promised that when Yui would move in, she could make a lot more statues of herself. Yui just nodded blushing and thought never ever never. Yui was having second thoughts about moving in when she became god. Finally they had gone through all the onehundredseventysix similarly looking room. They were sitting exhausted on the living room sofa.

''So what do you think about the palace?'' Khronos asked Yui.

''It's nice. Rather big though, I think it's hard to get used to it.'' Yui replied trying to have a normal conversation.

''That's not a problem. When you come to live here, you can rebuild it the way you like.''

The vein on Setsuna's forehead popped up again as she said or yelled: ''So what was the point of this tour if Yui could build her own palace?!''

''Now now Setsuna honey. Why don't you go and brew us some tea so I and Yui can talk like god to god.'' Khronos answered cockily.

Yui shot Khronos an angry look, she didn't like the way he speaked to Setsuna, who had been so nice to her all the time. Khronos just ignored Yui totally.

''You're so irritating! Fine. Yui just shout if he bothers you and I'll come to beat the crap out of him. Ok?'' Setsuna stated before leaving.

''Ok.'' Yui agreed a bit relieved.

When Setsuna left Khronos turned to face Yui hastily.

''You need to know something about Setsuna.'' he whispered and Yui was totally surprised by Khronos' words.

''What?'' she just blurted out.

''You have seen into her soul, haven't you?'' Khronos asked her adamantly.

''Wha-? Well, yes but it was an accident! I didn't mean to..'' Yui said before she could stop herself.

''Don't worry about that! There's more important things right now. I know you are very much in love with Setsuna, but you're holding back, afraid to hurt her because of everything that had happened her and what she thinks about and is afraid of. But I know it's hurting you as much as it's her. Setsuna is the kind of woman who you need to take by the horns. She just tends to let things be and imagines that destiny had meant her to be alone.'' Khronos explained.

''I-I-I-I-am-not-'' Yui started to stammer.

''No need to lie lass. I know and understand, because I'm in love with her as well.'' Khronos stated.

''Hmph! So why don't you then jump on her, if you think you know everything.'' Yui tried to reason.

''Because Setsuna doesn't like men and I'm not the kind of guy who thinks he can make any woman (no matter what) to fall in love with him. And lets face it, I'm too old. But you would be perfect for her. I'm just waiting my job to be done so I can go on a vacation and some granny hunting.'' he said smirking and Yui rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Khronos continued: ''Believe me when I say that denying your feelings and waiting for ages just eats you inside out. I have my fair share of it and it's not healthy to either of you. So girl, it's time to take some action!''

Yui was at the loss of words, it seemed like the old perverted man had changed personalities just now. She didn't have the time to answer him as Setsuna walked through the door with the tea pot and cookie tray. It looked like the cookies best before date had gone centuries ago.

''Did he behave himself?'' Setsuna asked but Khronos cut in ''We were just measuring the size of our sticks.''

''What?'' Yui and Setsuna said in unison sweatdropping and Khronos showed his The Time Staff aka time stick.

''Mine is longer because I have to lean for it for support.'' he said proudly.

''Well mine is younger.'' Yui sneered.

Khronos pouted a bit but focused his attention on the cookie tray. Setsuna's eyes widened in disbelief.

''Khronos you old poop!! What kind of example you give to your successor.'' she scolded Khronos as he touched the cookies with his staff and reversed their flow in time, making them eatable again.

''Don't whine! I won't eat some crappy old cookies! It's not like you haven't broken the rules ever.''

''I had proper reasons! To defend the goddamn world! You just want to satisfy your bottomless appetite! You should go to shop instead of taking always the easiest way!!!''

''Who is the god here? Hm?''

''I take care nothing messes with the time! Not even some cookie-monster-old-fart like you!'' and so the fight went on and on.

Yui had never heard Setsuna being so loudy or yelling so much. Maybe this was her way to let off steam once in a while. She was always so elegant, serene and calm. Yui actually found this side of Setsuna fascinating and amusing.

When they had eaten all the cookies and drank all the tea, it was time for Yui and Setsuna to go home. Before they left Khronos managed to pinch Yui's bottom earning a loud punch from Setsuna's garnet orb staff and a hit from Yui's fist. Khronos waved them goodbye with his black eye and bumb on his head.

He smirked proudly, he thought that this time he had made a breakthrough in his matchmaking game. First step had been setting Setsuna to teach Yui, although he could have easily just transfer all his knowledge into Yui anytime he wanted, but this way he could bring Yui and Setsuna together. He should have realised how stubborn Setsuna was going to be, luckily he had the chance to talk to Yui who hopefully would take some action already.

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

Late in that night, when they had already went to sleep, Setsuna woke up suddenly finding Yui's arm around her. Setsuna's heart started to beat faster and faster. Yui felt so incredibly warm and soft against her and Yui's breath against her all started to turn her on. 'Again these thoughts! Bad Setsuna! Very bad! Remember my duty..' Setsuna thought and decided to release herself from Yui's grip but Yui suddenly spoke: ''Oh, Setsuna.''

First Setsuna thought Yui was talking in her dreams but then she continued, clearly awake so Setsuna decided to stay quiet and still.

''There's so much that I'd like to say to you but I know I can't. At least while a go I still thought so.. You mean so much to me, I hope I find a way to express those feelings to you properly..'' Yui sighed but didn't say anything else.

Setsuna was as stiff as a wooden board and held her breath, her heart beating loudly in her ears. When nothing happened and Yui seemed to have fallen a sleep she relaxed a bit thinking hard what on Earth Yui had meant by those things. 'She couldn't have meant? Or could she?' Setsuna thought horrified. 'No, I'm just imagining, just wanting to believe in that. I should stop this line of thought right now.' she thought.

A long time ago Setsuna had closed her own timeline just like Khronos had closed his. She didn't want to know what was possibly going to happen in her personal life, it would make her insane she was sure of it. But at the moments like this, it would be convenient to confirm few things just in case. ''Naah, I have too vivid imagination. Just remember my duty..' she tought and closed her eyes. Yui's arm was still around her and she felt oddly secure and comfortable. She actually liked the feeling and she hoped it could last. Finally she drifted off to the wields of dreams.

A/N: Sorry for the lack of romantic stuff in this chapter, but worry not! In the next chapter the wheel of time.. I mean things starts to move faster and something important is about to happen. Something that might change Setsuna's life for good. But will Yui manage to win Setsuna's heart or is Setsuna's stubborness mightier than Yui's love for her?

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