Story: Time never stops (chapter 4)

Authors: lilyheart87

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Chapter 4

Title: New beginnings

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.

4. New beginnings

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

Setsuna woke up as the first rays of sun started to creep through the curtains. For a moment she wondered what was the rather heavy object that lay on top of her. Maybe she had been in a battle and been hit. Then she must have lost consciousness and was now buried under an apartment building. She looked down and saw Yui, her head resting on Setsuna's chest. Setsuna blushed third time in one lifetime. 'How on Earth this happened?' she tought and groaned as her bedroom door opened and Haruka peeked in. 'I should always remeber to lock the door.' she thought and slapped herself mentally.

''Oh, sorry to interrupt the love birds but Michiru ordered me to inform you that breakfast is ready.'' Haruka said smirking.

''Thanks Haruka.'' Setsuna murmured tiredly.

''So, did you two have a wild night? Shame I don't have a camera with me, this is memorable.'' Haruka said conspiracily and winked.

Yui stirred a bit and Setsuna looked Haruka irritated and said sternly: ''If you don't go back downstairs right now, I call Michiru to come and get you and that won't be pretty.''

''Aah, Setsuna! You're so cruel! Fine, I leave you to it.'' Haruka said in faked anger and disappeared from sight.

Setsuna closed her eyes, it felt really nice to have Yui so near but in the same time it was torture. A reminder what she could never have but craved for badly. Setsuna couldn't resist the need to touch Yui's fiery red hair. Slowly she ran her hands through the silky locks, it felt like heaven. Quickly Setsuna drew back her hand and pondered whether or not she should wake up Yui who was sleeping so peacefully. She decided to wake her, if they didn't show up for the breakfast as quickly as possible, Michiru would propably beat Setsuna with the magazine like she had beaten Haruka. That girl had some hidden aggressions -or she just liked to spank things, like Haruka.

''Yui, it's time to get up.'' Yui stirred more and Setsuna blushed second time that day and fourth time for that lifetime as Yui rubbed herself against Setsuna's chest.

''Yui, wake up.'' she said determinedly.

''Umm...what time is it..?'' Yui muttered.

''Time for breakfast.'' Setsuna answered amused.

Finally Yui woke up and a horrified expression painted her face as she realized where she had been sleeping.

''Oh my god! I'm so sorry! You should have thrown me on the floor.'' she said blushing fiercely.

''Uh, no no. It's okay, trust me. Now let's get ready for the breakfast before Michiru comes and beats the crap out of us for being late.''

''Okay.'' Yui said smiling, the blush fading away.


Outer's mansion, kitchen

''Michiru, I wanna boiled eggs!!'' Haruka whined looking her toast and jam.

''If my cooking is not good enough for Your Royal Highness of Uranus, Her Grace can make it herself.''

''You know I love your cooking, but I wanna eggs..pretty P-L-E-A-S-E?? It's your fault that I'm so hungry, you spent all my energy last night!''

''Oh, Haruka! You are impossible, yo-''


The ringing of telephone cut Michiru's speech and she went to answer.

'Damn, I'm starving. How hard could it be to cook one egg?' Haruka thought in agony and went to pick one egg. 'So what should I do with this?', she thought, 'It will take ages for the water to boil, but then again microwave is always so quick, maybe I just put it there..' Haruka opened the microwave oven and put the egg in. She set the timer and set the temperature full blast. She leaned against the counter smiling triumphantly as Michiru appeared through the door.

''Haruka, what are you doing?'' she asked concerned.

''I'm cooking the egg you didn't want to make for me.'' she said proudly.

''You put it in the microwave? You did brake the shell, didn't you?'' Michiru asked even more concerned.

''Why would I? It's more fun to crack it when eating it.'' Haruka answered thinking about eating and drooled over the thought.

''Haruka! Are you nuts? Turn it off, quickly!'' Michiru nearly shouted.

But it was too late. A big !!KABOOM!! rang out in the house. You can say goodbye to the microwave about now (sorry kids, it went to the microwave heaven, there it will tell stories to other microwaves how you should never play with the senshi of air..).

''HA-RU-KA!!!'' Michiru yelled really angrily, but got really scared when she didn't see her and thought horrified: 'Oh my god! Maybe she blew up into pieces! NOO!!'.

''Haruka?'' she said in normal tone and ran worriedly behind the kitchen counter.

Haruka was laying on the ground, wide eyed.

''Are you ok?'' Michiru asked concerned.

''...yes...'' came the shaken answer.

''Oh, good. I thought you blew up!'' Michiru said relieved.

'' you think some crappy microwave will take me down, when even evil monster can't? Though it was close.'' Haruka admitted scared.

''Oh, Ruka. What am I going to do with you?'' Michiru chuckled and hugged her gently.

''You could promise me one thing.'' Haruka said slowly, smiling a bit.


''Never ever let me to near the kitchen ever again. Cooking is too scary and dangerous.''

Michiru started to laugh and kissed her cooking-master-of-the-year wife.

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

Meantime Setsuna and Yui were having a conversation about Yui's past life and what she is going to do until she becomes Khronos.

''I really want to work. I'm really greatful for your help but I want to do my bit.'' Yui said adamantly.

Setsuna nodded understandingly, ''Do you have any idea what job you had in your...previous live?''.

''Well, I don't remember my workplace but I seem to know awfully lot about history and past, though I don't even remeber my own. Hehe. So, I guess I was a historian or something.''

Setsuna frowned a bit, that might be due her future work but she didn't tell her that because she wasn't sure and it was one of the rare things the poor girl seemed to remember.

''Hmm, maybe you could try to get a job from the same university where I work. Our history professor left for Kyoto university while ago, when there was a place open as the professor there had suddenly disappeared. They haven't managed to get a competent professor to replace him, so you might have a good chance.'' 'That would also explain why I told Michiru yesterday that Yui is a collegue of mine..'' Setsuna thought.

''Oh!! That would be great! I'll go there first thing in the morning. I'm sure professors earn quite nicely'' she mused and Setsuna sweatdropped.

''Hold your horses. I don't want to disappoint you, but you don't have any kinds of proof your scholarship nor your ID card. Before we solve that problem you can't...'' while Setsuna was speaking a pile of needed documents appeared on the bed.

''Wow, how you did that?'' Yui asked in awe.

''I didn't. It must be Khronos. Maybe he's trying to compensate his guiltiness about not taking care of you.''

''Oh, thank you very much mister Khronos.'' Yui shouted to the ceilling of Setsuna's room.

''Um, technically he isn't there--'' Setsuna started to explain sweatdropping again.


Setsuna and Yui startled in unison.

''What on Earth was that.?' Yui asked frightened.

''I don't know, but I will find out.'' Setsuna answered sighing and headed downstairs.

Outer's mansion, kitchen

As Setsuna walked through the kitchen door she saw that their microwave oven had went to meet its maker (or maybe not quite so), smoke flowing everywhere.

''What happened?'' she asked casually as Michiru helped Haruka to stand up.

''Oh, nothing much. Haruka just blew up our microwave with an egg.'' Michiru answered smiling fondly at her wife.

''Oh.'' Setsuna said and decided not to ask more questions since something like this tended to happen every week with those two; last week Michiru had broken Haruka's screwdriver when she had tried to use it as a hammer.

Yui peeked in to the kitchen standing behind Setsuna -just to be sure. She looked the mess in bewilderment and thought that hard work must need hard hobbies since no one seemed to be that surprised about what had just happened. For example their daughter just came in and began to eat her breakfast as if everything was okay.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Michiru who said: ''By the way, Usagi called.''

''Really? What our beloved princess wanted?'' Setsuna said raising an eyebrow, still pissed off about yesterday.

''Well Usagi said that she and the Inner senshi felt really sorry about yesterday and they wanted to make it up for Yui by taking her to shopping and eating.''

Yui looked terrified. Setsuna smiled and thought that even the Inners wouldn't be so stupid to try something like that again. Besides it would be good thing for Yui to go out, make friends and start to live her life again after all what happened to her. It would do her no good to hide indoors for the rest of her life (or at least the time spend on this planet).

''So what do you think Yui? It would be a great opportunity to get to know them and you said you wanted new clothes. There are no better shoppers than some of those girls.'' Setsuna said smirking lightly and winked at Yui.

''I-um-I...'' Yui stammered still unsure.

''Oh, don't worry. Hotaru would propably love to go with you to keep an eye of the girls if you're thinking about last evening's activities. Wouldn't you Hotaru?'' Hotaru just nodded for answer, ''And everything is my treat, you can have my credit card.''

''O-okay. I guess it will be fun. Thank you.'' Yui said blushing.

Haruka stared them wide-eyed and jaw hanging on the floor. Then a devilish glint appeared in her eyes.

''Oh, Setsuna honey! Would you please be my girlfriend too? It doesn't bother me, if you have others as long as you loan your credit card to me too. Michiru is so stingy. Please make me your mistress!'' she said smirking shamelessly.



''Haruka Tenoh, behave yourself! You're unbelievable sometimes.''

''Aa! But Michi honey, isn't that what you like about me? Come on my stingy-little-honey-pie.''

''Oh, I will show you shameless woman!!'' Michiru said blushing fiercely and started to look for something bigger and harder than a mere magazine to spank with.

Haruka ran to upstairs with speed of light. Michiru found her rolling pin and ran after her. Others stared after them and sweatdropped.

2 hours later...

There was a knock at the front door and Setsuna went to open it finding their princess and the Inner senshi on the porch.

''Good morning!'' they said in unison.

''Well, good morning to you too. I suppose you came for Yui.'' Setsuna stated deadpanned.

The Inner senshi just nodded, still fearing Setsuna's wrath about yesterday evening's activities.

''She'll be down in a sec. Come on in.'' she said opening the door for them.

''Oh, one more thing'',she continued when the senshi were about to step in, ''I'll send Hotaru with you and if I hear anything like what happened yesterday, you guys are history. Understood?'' Setsuna said dead calmly.

Inner senshi and their princess gulped in unison and nodded obediently.

''Good. Hotaru and Yui - um- honey! They're here.'' Setsuna said trying to live up to their little (huge) lie.

Yui appeared (obviously blushing because of Setsuna's choice of words) downstairs, Hotaru following briefly behind. She looked sceptically the Inners who looked a bit embarassed.

''Um..Miss Yui, we all wanted to apologise our yesterday's behaviour. We got a little bit carried away. It won't happen again. I promise.'' Usagi said and she and the Inner senshi bowed and said ''We're sorry.'' in chorus.

''I-It's okay.'' Yui said relaxing a bit.

''So shall we go!?!'' Usagi shouted impatiently.

''Okay, I just get my purse.'' Yui answered.

She said goodbye to Setsuna while walking past her but Minako wouldn't satisfy for just that.

''Hey, hey! Wait girl! Won't you kiss your girlfriend goodbye? I can't go anywhere without a kiss from snuggle-bunny-Rei-honey.'' she said impishly.

''Minako! Do you always have to reveal our personal stuff?'' Rei muttered under her breath.

''Shh, Rei. I could tell much more terrible things if I wanted and you know it.'' Minako whispered back and Rei hung her head in defeat.

''So, now kiss!'' Minako continued cheerfully.

Setsuna was glaring Minako with a bloodlust look in her eyes. Just when she was about to scold Minako she felt Yui's lips pressing on hers. Setsuna stood there absolutely petrified, all kinds emotions running through her body. It felt so damn good; Yui's lips on hers, so soft and invating. Emotions she hadn't felt for years, decades.. okay, for centuries came back to her in one huge wave. Just when Yui was about to broke the kiss Setsuna put her other hand around Yui's waist and the other behind Yui's head, deepening the kiss. Yui just moaned and leaned even closer to Setsuna. Just when Setsuna was about to take her tongue into the play a flash of bright light returned her to her senses. She quickly broke the kiss and saw smirking Minako with a camera. All the senshi stared at them in disbelief; they had never seen Setsuna so open with her feelings, not to mention physical attention towards anyone.

''Thank you, Minako. That will do, right honey?'' she said trying to stay calm.

Yui just nodded, a dreamy expression painting her face as she and the Inners walked through the front door.

Outer's mansion, yard

''So do you guys want to go with me, Rei and Usagi or will you go with Ami and Makoto's grandmother-speed-style?'' Minako asked grinning.

Yui just stared into nothingness thinking maybe she had gone too far by kissing Setsuna.

''There's nothing granny about driving safely.'' Ami said calmly.

''We will go with Ami and Makoto.'' Hotaru said firmly knowing Minako and Rei's driving styles. Yui sighed in relief, not wanting to make any kind of decisions in that state.

''Party-poopers! Rei honey, give me the keys, I'll show them how you should drive!'' Minako stated.

''Don't even think, it's my turn to drive!'' Rei said irritated.

''BUT REEEII!! I WANNA DRIVE!!'' she shouted.

''No, Minako! It's my turn! You always do that when it's mine turn!'' Rei answered sternly.

Reasoning never worked on Minako and she jumped on Rei's back and started to punch her head with her fists. Rei dropped onto her knees and fell backwards straddling Minako under her. Usagi went to sit impatiently in to the car (just to be safe too).

''Give up!'' Rei said smirking triumphantly.

''Never!'' Minako shouted and started tickling Rei who rolled over screaming.

In instant Minako jumped on top of Rei pinning her to the ground. Rei wrapped her strong legs around Minako's waist, not letting her move. They panted and glared each other smirking. Then Minako brought in her deadly weapon which Rei couldn't resist: herself. She started slowly kiss a way from Rei's mouth to her throat.

''Minako..uuh..don't...that is so unfair...stop it...aah..'' Rei murmured looking like she was about give up in any minute, but was thinking hard a way to escape the situation as winner.

''We might as well go. That will take a while and knowing they're driving style, they will catch us.'' Makoto said and turned to walk towards her car.

Yui looked back while walking behind Makoto and Ami and saw Rei whisper something to Minako who blushed and asked ''Really? You would do that? And the bunny-honey-outfit too?''.

Rei nodded and Minako let go of her hands and said ''Okay, you can drive.''.

Rei released Minako's waist allowing her to stand up and Minako helped Rei up. 'These guys get kicks out of odd things..' Yui thought and turned back to her companions.

''Makoto, can I drive?'' Ami asked her lover.

'Oh, no! Not again! These people have some serious issues with cars...', Yui thought desperately, at this rate they would reach their destination next week. 'Though this one shouldn't take that long. That slender looking bluenette doesn't look like she stands a chance against that tall, pretty muscular (hmm..yummy...) girl.' Yui thought and blushed when she realised she was at it again.

''Sure, honey. I felt a bit tired anyway.'' Makoto answered smiling brightly.

Yui certainly didn't expect that; these people were full of surprises, even if it meant just being normal. 'And these guys are so different from each other.' Yui thought in bewilderment when she got into Makoto's car and they finally pulled off.

4 hours later...

Tokyo, Crown

Drive to the mall went peacefully except for one car which drove past them speeding and they were able to see two blondes waving their fists and making victory marks while a raven haired driver were showing her tongue at them.
Who on Earth that kind of rude people could have been?

Once reaching the mall, thay spent the whole day shopping hard. Yui had beaten even Minako and Usagi with the amount of clothes she had bought, though Minako and Usagi's price range was something else, which made Rei whimper in the brink of tears (and Mamoru too, later on). The others were amazed by Yui's shopping because it looked like she had bought herself a whole wardrobe different kinds of clothes and other everyday grocery. Of course Yui couldn't tell them the real reason for that, so she just said she didn't like shopping that much and when she went for it, she bought all in one time.

During the day Yui got to know Setsuna's friends (and sisters-in-arms) a bit better and she was actually feeling relaxed when spending time with them. They were really nice people once you survive the first counter with them. She liked them all but especially Minako. They had a lot of common though Yui didn't bring her personality out as much as Minako due recent events and because she didn't know these guys so well yet. She took part in the conversation but mostlystayed as a observer, maybe with time she would open up more to them.

After all that shopping they had decided to eat at the Crown. The conversation drifted around common issues and Yui sensed that they didn't dare to ask anything personal, because of the last night, so she decided to take the initiative.

''So what do you guys do? Are you working or are you studying?''

All the senshi seemed happy by Yui's question and Usagi started to shout ''Me first! Me first! I'm studying to become kindergarten teacher someday!''

''Those poor children.'' Rei said smiling evilly.

''Rei, you're so mean! Anyways, Mamoru said that I would be goo-'' Usagi started to get going but was interrupted by Minako: ''Usagi, it's supposed to be short introduction, not the whole life story.''

Usagi looked her bodyguard battalion's leader unhappily, but didn't say anything.

''I'm studying singing and music in general. I'm going to be a super hyper pop idol someday! Right Rei honey?''

''Uh..right. Whatever you say dear. Anyway, I'm a shinto priestess at Hikawa Shinja shrine but I'm also studying economics.''

Yui kept nodding and turned to the next speaker.

''I'm still in high school, but I would like to become a nurse someday.'' Hotaru said shyly and Yui smiled understandingly.

''I'm studying to become chef someday but I'm also part-time martial arts teacher.'' Makoto continued their introductions.

Yui's eyes brightened and she asked ''Really? Could you teach them to me too?''.

''Which one?'' Makoto asked amused, this seemed to happen a lot with girls and Ami tried hard not to be jealous.

''Both, please.'' Yui said eagerly.

''Okay, sure thing. Wanna become good wife to Setsuna someday, eh?'' she said smirking and blushing Ami poked her lightly making Makoto cough a bit.

''Uuh..something like that.'' Yui answered thinking 'At this point more likely to be able defend myself against horrible unearthly monsters and to be able take part in domestic works.' and said ''So what about you Ami?''.

''I'm a med school student hoping to become doctor someday.'' Ami answered.

Yui nodded and Minako nearly shouted: ''So, Yui. What do you do for living?''.

'I'm a god of time. Got nice palace in other dimension, wanna come and see?' Yui thought.

''I'm a historian.'' Yui said trying to sound convincing.

'How boring!' Minako and Usagi thought.
'How interesting!' Ami and Rei thought.
'Everyone walks their own way.' Hotaru and Makoto thought.

Everyone's thoughts were interrupted by Yui who shouted suddenly ''Ooh! Is that Sailor V game? Could someone play with me?''

Everyone stared her bewildered, Minako was the first one to recover: ''I'm on! Do you like playing?''

''Hmm..I think so.. I-I mean yes I do.'' Yui stammered.

''Well then, lets find out what you're made of! Come on!'' Minako said and dragged Yui to the game.

''So what do you think of Setsuna's new girlfriend?'' Makoto asked grinning when they left.

''I think she's a bit weird. Suits Setsuna though.'' Usagi said thoughtfully.

''Usagi, you bubblehead! That was not a nice thing to say!'' Rei scolded her.

''I didn't mean it like that! It was a compliment!'' Usagi tried to protest.

''Yeah right!''

And then the ever famous tongue war began. Hotaru tried to ignore them smiling a bit and concertrated on her soda while Ami and Makoto got bored and started a tongue war of their own, enjoying the freedom their revealed relationship was providing.

1 hour later...

The tongue wars raged on on all fronts as wild as before when Yui and Minako got back. Hotaru had got bored after fifteen minutes and was playing some car race game.

Rei noticed Minako and ignored instantly the funny faces making Usagi.

''How it went honey?'' she asked politely.

''Don't even ask.'' Minako said crumpily which caught Usagi's attention.

''So Yui, how did it go?'' Usagi asked curiously.

''Uh..'', Yui began not wanting to upset the already upset Minako, ''...well, I kinda sorta won...all the games. But it was propably pure luck.'' she said and gulped when she saw Minako's expression which was way more scarier than even in last night.

''Mamoru!!'' Usagi shrieked and rushed from the table and jumped on a black haired man.

''Hi guys.'' Mamoru said carrying the clinging Usagi.

''It's more like bye guys!'' Usagi screamed in delight and dragged Mamoru away.

Everyone sweatdropped.

''Well, I think we should go too. Right Makoto?'' Ami asked a glint in her eye.

''Right. So Yui do you and Hotaru need a lift?'' Makoto asked eager to leave.

''No they don't!'', Minako shouted and startled everybody, ''We have some unfinished business here. You guys go ahead, Rei and I will take them home.''

''O-okay.'' Ami said and she and Makoto left hastily.

Minako turned to face Yui and Yui tried to look for Hotaru who was concentrating on her game, then she looked pleadingly at Rei who looked uncomfortable.

''Minako, remember Setsuna.'' Rei whispered.

Minako ignored her and said pointing to her left ''So Yui, don't you think you should buy something nice for Setsuna, as a gift?''

Yui looked at the direction where Minako was pointing. There was two shops, A fisherman equipment shop and an erotic underwear shop. Yui knew exactly which one Minako meant but she tried to play dumb.

''Oh, you're right Minako! I'm sure Setsuna needs a new fishing net!''

Minako sweetdropped and Rei smiled amused.

''No, no! I meant the other shop. Don't you know the saying 'a way to woman's heart goes through her underwear'?'' Minako quoted lifting her finger and trying to look educational.

Yui looked Minako bewildered and Rei almost fell over and blurted out ''What?! I think you got that one wrong dear.''

Minako smiled to Rei innocently and pinched her bottom.

''I-I-you-you-you're impossible!'' Rei whined blushing.

''Yes and I know you love it.'' Minako stated huskily.

Just when Rei was about to escape from Minako's reach Minako swiftly grapped her from behind wrapping her arms around Rei's waist and giggled while hugging her. Rei blushed and tried to pretend she didn't like it though she actually enjoyed it. Yui tried to think ways to escape and decided to play time, maybe Hotaru would get bored and would come soon back so they could leave.

''So, um, how you to got together?'' she asked trying to sound really interested and hoped it would make Minako forget the underwear shop.

''We-'' Rei started but Minako cut in: ''Oh, I just love this story. Sorry honey but I will tell this one.''

''Okay.'' Rei said sighing still being held by Minako.

''In one stormy night, I was laying awake thinking about my life and realised Rei was everything I've ever wanted. So I went to meet her that night at Hikawa Shinja shrine. Then I seduced her. I think she fancied me too because she submitted herself rather quickly and easily to my ministrations, hehe. So we started to go out. End of story. How beautiful, now lets go to the erotic underwear shop!'' Minako said having noticed Yui's poor attempt to get out of the situation.

''MI-NA-KO!! That certainly wasn't the way it went! You-you- you lightheaded blonde!'' Rei nearly screamed embarrassed and tried to get off Minako's deathgrip, in vain.

''Oh, shut up honey. It was close enough, we haven't got the whole day.'' she said huskily to Rei's ear and jumped on Rei's bagback.

Rei sweatdropped blushing but carried Minako obediently to the shop. She just loved her too much to protest and was basicly happy when Minako was. Yui followed hunging her head in defeat.

Half an hour later...

Hotaru looked as Minako, Rei and Yui were walking to her direction. Everyone else seemed to have left earlier. Minako had triumphant look on her face while Rei was still carrying her, panting now. Yui looked emarrassed while carrying a little packet in her hand and when noticing Hotaru she quickly put it in her pocket.

''Hi Hotaru. Are you ready to go home?'' Minako asked her.

''Yes.'' Hotaru replied.

''Good. Now let's go.'' Minako said cheerfully then looked down when nothing happened.

Rei looked like she was about to pass out.

''Oh! Sorry, honey! I forgot. You can put me down now.''

''Thank you, you're higness.'' Rei said mockingly and almost fell over from exhaustion when Minako's weight was lifted from her.

''Aah! Rei you should have said that I was too heavy for you.''

''You never are my love, this is just a hot day.'' she said panting.

''Oh, Rei! You're always so wonderful and thoughtful! I will make a nice dinner for you!'' Minako beamed.

Rei's eyes widened in shock as she thought about Minako's cooking skills.'

''No honey! You don't have to! You know how much I like to cook for you! If you let me cook that would be the best way to say thank you!'' she said trying to sound casual.

''Oh, okay honey.. As you wish, but I'll at least carry you to the car.'' she said and lifted Rei on the ground to her arms.

''No, Minako! Not like this! Everyone is looking! Let me go!'' Rei tried to protest.

Minako ignored her and carried her to the car. Rei decided to play unconscious so people wouldn't consider them weird. Yui looked them in awe. 'How this people can be so strong! Minako certainly doesn't look that strong! Setsuna was at least that strong too.. is that because they're senshi? Will I become that strong too when I start to train with that sexy hunk, miss Kino..?..propably not..' Yui thought and followed them with Hotaru.

Fifteen minutes later...

Outer's mansion, yard

A sports car drove speeding on the street making a deadly turn to the yard of the outer's mansion (Michiru won't be happy when she sees her abused lawn). Two passengers staggered (or fell) out of the car while the blonde driver and her raven haired companion waved goodbye to them and sped away in speed of light.

A/N: I just had to bring the Inners back, they're just so fun to write. This was rather long chapter...well so what. In the next chapter is time to familiarize Yui with time (how sad pun, hehe).

No microwave ovens were harmed during the filming.

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