Story: Time never stops (chapter 3)

Authors: lilyheart87

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Chapter 3

Title: The Intrusive Inners

[Author's notes: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei animation.]

3. The intrusive Inners    

Outer's mansion, living room  

It took about half an hour to uncuff Michiru, dress Ami, Makoto, Haruka and Michiru properly, revive the over embarassed Rei and calm down the over excited Minako. Finally everything was the way as nothing odd had ever occurred and everyone was having a nice cup of tea in the living room, which had just a while ago been a mine field. The conversation danced around the now exposed Setsuna and Yui's relationship, for which Ami and Makoto were really grateful. However, no one dared to ask direct questions because Setsuna was glaring them with a challenging look in her eyes and none of them had the courage to defy the senshi of time. Last one to give up was the senshi of love and finally the spotlight shifted from Setsuna and Yui to other matters.  

 Suddenly Setsuna heard Michiru whisper ''I need to talk to you, now.'', Setsuna just nodded for answer and they excused theirselves. Setsuna just smiled lightly when she saw Yui's worried expression and mouthed ''I'll be back soon''. Setsuna was quite certain that if she was quick, the others wouldn't have the time to play gestapo with her supposed girlfriend. How wrong one can be.  When they reached the kitchen Michiru shut the door behind them and prepared herself to face the senshi of time.   


 Outer's mansion, living room  

Minako Aino had a dangerous look in her eyes when she eyed her next victim, it hadn't been the wisest thing from the time senshi to leave her girlfriend alone with the other senshi. This was perfect opportunity to get some answers. Yui Aeon gulped in fear when she saw Minako's fearful expression.   

''So Yui, if you and Setsuna are going out, I think we should get to know each other better, don't you agree? So where are you from? How long you two have been together? How old are you? Is Setsuna good kisser? Do you like cats? How you two met? Did Setsuna seduce you? Are your parents wealthy? Did you seduce Setsuna? Do you have a job? What is your favorite food? Do you have siblings? Is Setsuna good in bed? What is your favorite color? When you're going to get married? How many positions Setsuna knows? Can I be the maid of honor? Wha--'' 

 ''Minako! Behave yourself! Setsuna is going to kill you..'' Rei said trying to hold back Minako before she really got going.  

Minako shot Rei a look which implied that their bed would be a cold and lonely place that night if she would try to stop her. So Minako had once again made the impossible reality: she had managed to prevent Rei Hino speaking her mind out. Rei coughed a bit thinking 'if you can't beat them, join them' and started also shoot questions to poor Yui whose last hope of getting out of this had just died. Usagi and Makoto soon joined them and she was bombed from four directions, not having time to answer any of those questions, in which she had no answers anyway, so she just hoped that Setsuna would come to her rescue once again. 

 Other senshi watched helpless as all the four of them had managed to put on black sunglasses just like in Matrix. Minako took out a notebook and a pen ready to take notes while Usagi dragged the living room's floor lamp and directed it towards Yui, just like she had seen in detective movies. Meanwhile Makoto and Rei were looking for Michiru and Haruka's handcuffs.    

 Outer's mansion, kitchen 

 In the kitchen Setsuna shot Michiru a questioning look who decided to just bluntly speak out her concern: ''How long have you two been going out?'' 

 Setsuna was a bit taken aback by her question and frowned, that couldn't be the reason why Michiru had asked her there.  

''Well, mother..'' she began slightly irritated by the younger senshi's question ''...for few weeks if you must know.''  Michiru blushed a bit by that and continued hastily not wanting to make the older senshi upset: ''I-I mean..I'm just worried about you...'' 

 ''Why?'' Setsuna asked blinking, ''You know, I'm a grown up girl.''  

''I know...'', Michiru started embarrassed and blushed more, ''...I-I just figured that you two might be in some sort of trouble...''

Setsuna looked totally lost and Michiru tried to continue ''...I mean those injuries Yui had, I thought maybe she had been in an abusive relationship, in which you saved her from, and there might be a threat coming after you in the form of an ex with axe, if you know what I mean.''  

 Setsuna stood there for a moment thinking how anyone could have so vivid imagination. 'Then again Michiru had always been the intuitive one and she knew something was wrong and have come up with an explanation on her own..' she thought holding back laughter. 

 ''No no, it's nothing like that.'', Setsuna reassured her quickly and Michiru seemed relieved, ''I can not tell you what it is, because I made a promise to Yui and I don't want to break her trust.'' Setsuna continued before Michiru had the chance to ask, she hated to lie to her family but that seemed to be her plot in this life.  

Her mission was too important to be ruined because of her personal desires. It had always been so and it will always be so.  

 ''Its okay. I'm just glad you two aren't in any trouble.'' Michiru said brightly.  

Setsuna couldn't stop wondering the amount of love and caring her senshi family and friends gave her, it felt so odd after the years of her absolute loneliness and isolation while fullfilling her destiny and duty. 

 ''I must be the luckiest person in the world to have such a caring family and friends like you, thank you.'' Setsuna said genuinely touched.  

Michiru was surprised by the sudden show of emotions but answered smiling ''Your welcome.''. 

 ''Oh, one more thing..'', Michiru continued, ''...are you going to tell about us being the sailor senshi?''.  

''Well, she knows that I am and I'm going to tell about the rest of you soon, it's not the kind of thing you can hide from the person you love, is it?'' Setsuna said thinking that her real reasons to tell were a bit different. 

 ''And you're sure she won't reveal our true identities to anyone?'' Michiru questioned.  

''Positive.'' Setsuna answered confidently.  

''That's enought for me. So shall we go back.'' Michiru said smiling warmly.  

''Yes.'' Setsuna answered casually though she suddenly felt that something was wrong with Yui, it was really hard to keep an eye on her because she was invisible in the timeline.  

Quickly Setsuna opened the living room door and was shocked to see Yui treated like a prisoner of war; she had been cuffed to her chair while a lamp was directed towards her eyes. Usagi, Rei and Makoto were shotting questions at her while Minako tried to write everything down thinking that Setsuna had trained Yui well, they hadn't got out any answers from her. It didn't even occur to Minako that maybe Yui just didn't have the answers.  

 'If only they knew that the one they had cuffed and were having an inquisition on, was a future god...' Setsuna thought irritated and was certain that the vein on her forehead would burst in any second now. 

 ''Is that any way to treat my girlfriend?'' Setsuna said coldly, hovering over the four inquisitors.  

Silence worse than death itself fell in the room and Yui looked extremely happy seeing Setsuna. Hotaru looked Setsuna apologizenly but rather amused. 'She must have been ''informed'' as Khronos put it' Setsuna thought. Ami just looked mortified and Haruka was trying not to laugh knowing her wife's temper. Three Inner senshi and their princess looked extremely guilty and the leader of the Inner senshi tried to hide her notebook and pen. Princess of the Moon kingdom turned off the lamp imperceptibly while they all put away their sunglasses and tried to act like nothing had happened during the time Setsuna had been gone. 

 '' I think I left the stove on. We must go, now. We'll continue this later on. Thanks for your hospitality.'' Rei said and grapped Minako who grapped the doorframe.  

''Noo, Rei, the fun is just about to begin!'' Minako protested loudly. 

 However, Rei had had enough fun for the day and she practically carried the protesting, yet giggling, Minako away in cavewoman style, not wanting to see the time senshi kill her girlfriend. 

 ''Um...I think I left the kettle on. See ya soon and thanks!'' Makoto stated and hurried after Minako and Rei with Ami.  

''Wait for me!! Geez, what kinds of bodyguards are you?!'' Usagi screamed stealing a handfull of cookies from the bowl, for lunch of course, and ran after the Inners.  

Setsuna turned to look Haruka. 

 ''May I ask, why you did nothing to stop them?'' 

 ''Well.. um.. you know how they are! They would have propably just tied me, Hotaru and Ami and who would have warned you then, if it would have developed into a real inquisition?'' she tried to defend herself.  

''Oh, whatever. Yui, are you okay?'' 

 ''Um..yes..could someone uncuff me, please?'' Yui said sounding a bit shaken.  

 ''Oh, that damn key is still lost. I guess we have to use the trick which Minako teached.'' Michiru said sighing. 

 ''Wait, I got a cooler idea. Hotaru could you loan you're Silence glaive?'' Haruka asked sounding ominous.  

Yui looked like she didn't even want to know what that silence thingy was. 

 ''No daddy. How many times I have to say it? Use your own saber. Uh, is this the key you're talking about?'' Hotaru asked while waving a small metal key in her hand. 

 ''Yes! Where did you find it?'' Michiru asked relieved.  ''It was under the sofa's cushion.'' 

 ''Oh, it must have left there after the last time we --krmrmh. So, let's free poor Yui.'' Haruka muttered blushing lightly and took the key from Hotaru and opened Yui's handcuffs.  

Yui thanked Haruka while rubbing her wrists. 

 ''Yui would you like something to eat?'' Setsuna asked her suddenly as if remembering that they haven't eaten in all day. Just on cue Yui's stomach growled. 

 ''Yes, please. I haven't eaten since yesterday.'' Yui answered embarassed. 

 ''Oh, my! Setsuna did you put her on some forced diet? To me she looks very slim and fine. Hmm, indeed..'' Haruka said flirtingly while eyeing blushing Yui shamelessly.  

*WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!* (Did she really think Michiru would let her get away with something like that?)  

''Ouch! Ouch Ouch!'' 

 ''Come on Yui. Let's get something to eat. Just ignore Haruka.'' Setsuna muttered while dragging Yui to kitchen and letting Michiru handle Haruka.  

Setsuna started to prepare lunch and asked Yui: ''So, what did you like about my family and friends?''.  

''Well, um, your daughter seems really nice.. And.. um.. I'm sure the others are really nice as well, once you get to know them that is.'' She answered, not wanting to upset her hostess.  

Setsuna just smiled to her politeness, ''Yeah, they're a bit weird but don't worry they're good people. Even if it didn't seem so today...They're actually sailor senshi, just like I am, with different powers though. So if you're ever in trouble and I'm not there, don't hesitate to ask them for help.'' 

 ''Oh really? Are you sure their also warriors like you are?'' 

 ''Yes.'' Sesuna replied amused. 

 ''Don't take me wrong but they certainly didn't seem so..'' 

 ''Yeah, I know. Don't worry, some day when you don't have this much in your mind, I'll tell you our story.''  

Yui nodded smiling as Setsuna set the table and they started to eat. She was certain it would be an interesting story but right now she had had too much information already.  Setsuna watched amused as Yui ate with appetite which matched even Usagi's.

  ''You can go to my room, if you want to be alone a bit after all this. Bathroom is really close in case you want to take shower, towels can be found in the closet there. I'll follow you in a sec, I'll just clear the table and talk to my family. And don't worry, they won't try to interrogate you like the younger ones did, they know better by now, so you can go by yourself.'' 

 Yui nodded relieved, thanked for the food and disappeared through the kitchen door.  Setsuna cleared the table and washed the dishes. Then she prepared to talk to her family and went to living room.Hotaru, Haruka and Michiru were sitting on the couch, watching TV. 

 ''Hi, Setsuna. What's up?'' Haruka said smirking as she noticed Setsuna.  

''I forgot to tell you earlier. Yui is moving in with me. Or should I say with us.  Any objections?''   

Everyone of them was surprised by that but they just shook they're heads. 

 ''Good. Goodnight Hotaru. And you two. I have to excuse myself.'' 

 ''G'night, mom.'' Hotaru replied.  

Michiru put her hand over Haruka's mouth before she had the change to blurt out whatever it was this time and wished Setsuna goodnight. 

 ''Well, I guess new love is eager and passionate.'' Haruka said as soon as Michiru removed her hand.  

''Hotaru. It is time to go bed.'' Michiru said sternly. 

 ''Okay, mommy.'' she said obediently not wanting to see Michiru mommy beating Haruka daddy with the newspaper again, though it looked really funny. Somehow she just couldn't imagine herself and Chibiusa in same kind of situation, ever.  

Haruka looked helplessly as Hotaru went to upstairs. She glanced fearfully at Michiru who had this menacing glint in her eye. 

 ''Umm..I think I go to bed too..'' Haruka said weakly, ready to flee the opponent before her. 

 ''Yes...'', Michiru murmured, ''You're going to go to bed..with me. I have a bone to pick with you.'' she continued, the now legendary handcuffs hanging between her fingers.  

Haruka gulped. ''Michiru is so merciless sometimes..'' she thought smirking.   

 Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room 

 Finally Setsuna was back in her room. Yui was sitting on the bed, her hair wet and she was fidgetting the hem of her shirt nervously, obviously waiting for Setsuna. 

 ''You can relax, this is your home now.'' Setsuna said shutting the door behind her.  

Yui looked up and stammered ''Y-Yes. T-Thank you. This all seems so surreal and when I was alone here I thought I had imagined it all.'' 

 ''It's okay. It takes time but everything is going to be alright.'' Setsuna reassured her thinking what cliché that was.  

''So, I'm guessing your earthly possessions must be slim.''

  ''Yes. I lost practically everything, well what was left anyway, in the last fight with the creature.'' she admitted embarrassed.  

''Don't worry..'', Setsuna said walking to her drawer and taking out a set of nightclothes, ''..we'll take care of that and other things tomorrow. Here, take this. You can sleep on the bed, I sleep on the couch.''  

''Thanks., how long its going to take before I become that Khronos person?'' Yui asked shyly. 

 ''Well, I don't know, but its at least years, I guess.'' Setsuna answered unsurely. 

 ''And you're going to sleep all that time on the couch? Doesn't your family find it a bit strange?'' Yui continued.  

Now it was Setsuna's time to get embarrassed. 

 ''Uh..I guess so. My bed is lather large, so I guess it's not a problem..'' Setsuna said uncertainly. 

 ''No it's not.'' Yui answered happily ('too happily' the time senshi thought) and started to change her clothes there in front of Setsuna who blushed second time that day (and lifetime) turning away quickly and excusing herself to the shower, thinking whether or not she did that on purpose. 


Before they knew they were in the bed, ready to sleep. 

 ''Goodnight.'' Setsuna said turning off the light.  

''Goodnight.'' Yui answered and felt fear rushing through her body immediately as the darkness surrounded her.

During these last weeks darkness had became the synonyme of death. She couldn't see Setsuna, she couldn't see anything. Today's relieveness and feel of security went away as horror and loneliness came back. It felt like the creature could attack any minute now, just like before. 

 ''Miss Meioh...?'' she whispered praying that the woman hadn't fallen asleep already.  

''Yes? And call me Setsuna, please.'' came the firm answer.  

''Um...Setsuna...could you hold me? Just for the night. I still feel a bit scared and it all seems so real...'' she admitted mortified.  

''It's okay. I understand. Don't worry, I'm right here.'' Setsuna reassured her and Yui felt Setsuna's arm wrapping around her protectively and she felt Setsuna's warm and firm body pressing against her own.  

Never before, that she could remember, had she felt so save than she was now in Setsuna's arms. All the fears and anxiety faded away.  Just when Yui was about to fell asleep, she heard Setsuna mumble ''This is purely professional. This is purely professional''. She didn't have a clue what that meant so she ignored it and let the sleep claim her.



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