Story: Time never stops (chapter 2)

Authors: lilyheart87

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Chapter 2

Title: Khronos -The personification of time

[Author's notes: I don't own Sailormoon, it belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.]

Other dimension, Celestial palace of Time 

An old bearded man, the (almost) almighty god of time, Khronos, was having a nap in his garden when he heard a familiar voice calling him.

 ''Khronos you old fart, where are you hiding?''  

Someone who didn't know Setsuna thoroughly would have had heart attack after hearing that. 

''Setsuna honey, is that any way to speak to your boss?'' He answered looking at Setsuna who stepped through the garden gates. 

''Boss? You have some nerve, if you did your job I wouldn't have to run around in time to fix things.'' 

Khronos frowned thinking 'What on Earth had gotten Setsuna so crumpy?'. 

''Setsuna honey, what's wrong? You sound more irritated than usual.'' 

Setsuna's recently found vein on her forehead was near to explode, this day had tested her nerves to new limits. 

''Don't honey me fossil. Who is that girl who bears the same symbol on her forehead as you and travels through the time -or at least tries to?'' She asked angrily wanting some proper answers. 

Khronos blinked, she seemed to have awaken sooner than he had thought. 

''Oh, her. She is my follower, daughter if you like to think so.'' 

Now it was Setsuna's turn to blink. 

''Your daughter?''

 ''Well, not biologically but she will herit my status and powers when she is ready and I can finally retire and go on vacation an-'' 

''And when were you going to tell me? I was this close to kill her today when she came to the Gates of time!'' Setsuna cut in almost shouting while waving her staff around dramatically. 

''Well I'm telling you now and you obviously didn't  kill her so everything is okay, hehe.'' Khronos said and swallowed hard after seeing Setsuna's expression.  

He decided to continue quickly ''It was a good thing that you came by. I have a mission for you.''. 

''I'm a Sailor senshi, I don't take missions from anyone else than queen Serenity.'' she said sternly. 

''Setsuna this is important and since you are a Sailor senshi you ought to do this.'' Khronos tried to explain. 

''That doesn't make any sense.''  

Khronos sighed knowing Setsuna wouldn't settle for less than perfect explanation ''You don't know this but you were supposed to be my successor but since you have your responsibility as Queen Serenity's senshi other soul was assigned to this mission. The soul of Yui Aeon. Your soulmate.'' He said trying to sound magnificant. 

Setsuna sweatdropped and blurted out ''What?''. 

''You heard me lass. And now I want you to teach her everything you know about time and things related to it. She must be ready to continue my work someday. And you will have to continue to guard the Gates of time, meaning to be her guard and protector, like you have been mine all these years.'' 

''Do it yourself, after all she is going to be your successor.'' Setsuna reasoned. 

''You know I don't have time for things like that, I'm too busy.'' Khronos said trying to sound important. 

Setsuna raised an eyebrown. 'Yeah really busy with sleeping and fooling around.' she thought. 

''And what if I refuse?'' Setsuna asked with challenging look in her eyes. 

''Then I will make you my successor and her new Sailor Pluto.'' Khronos answered coyly. 

''You wouldn't dare.'' 

''Try me.'' 

Setsuna sighed and said mockingly ''Fine you almighty Khronos, time itself.'' 

''Cut it out already you celestial knight of the time and underworld.'' the old man shot back. 

Setsuna just smiled saying ''You know I have missed you.''.

 ''I've missed you too, you should visit me more often.'' 

''No, you should have visited me, you know I wasn't supposed to leave the Gates of time.'' 

''Well you know how lazy I am. Hehe.'' he said. 

Setsuna rolled her eyes, maybe she had broken the rules and visited him if he had been someone way more nicer. 

''Speaking of lazy. You old bum, you should have taken better care of Yui! She seems to have rough time with one time eater creature! She was really beaten up when I found her.'' 

Khronos looked really embarrassed and guilty ''Um, I didn't know she had already awaken. Is she going to be all right?'' 

''Yes, but no thanks to you!'' Setsuna continued. 

''Well yeah, um. Oh, and you're not supposed to tell this to anyone, not even your senshi family. My existence must remain secret.'' Khronos informed her, changing the subject smoothly.

 ''You got to be kidding! Not even Outer senshi?'' she asked sceptically.

 ''No one.'' 

''What about Hotaru? Her powers are bind to mine in different way than others.'' Setsuna said playing her last card. 

''She will be informed but you two are not allowed to talk about it.'' Khronos said adamantly.

 ''Just great. And what I'm going to tell my family about her.'' 

''I don't know, figure something out. Haha, you can always say she's your girlfriend since most of you seem to swing that way already.'' 

Just when Setsuna was about snap back he continued ''Oh, there's one more thing you should know.''.

 ''What?'' Setsuna groaned. 

''Her memory has been erased. All her personal memories are gone, but other knowledge she has gained in her life remains.'' 

''You mean she doesn't remember her family, friends and childhood?'' she asked unconvinced.

 ''Yes, and no one in normal world remembers her existence.'' he said somewhat seriously. 

''How could you do that?'' Setsuna asked shocked. 

''It is the way it has to be in my job, it was the same for me when I was assigned to this duty. Believe me, in the end it is better that you don't remember your previous life.'' 

Setsuna felt really sorry for Yui. And for the first time in her life Setsuna felt sorry for the old man.

 ''Oh, Setsuna darling, don't tell me you have softened during those years we last met?'' 

Setsuna rolled her eyes again, he always had to ruin everything, ''Oh, whatever. I have to go now to your almighty daughter.'' 

''Tell me, isn't she one hot chick.'' Setsuna couldn't believe her ears. 

''She was supposed to be your daughter.''

 ''I said she wasn't my biological daughter! And what harm looking could do?'' he asked innocently. 

''I hate to remind you that I am the soldier of time and undeworld and I will protect her from you too, you old fart.''  

With that Setsuna transformed into Sailor Pluto and disappeared. Khronos smiled his I-know-everything-smile. 

''That sounds more like it. You will learn how nice young lass she is. At least I guess she is nice, I haven't really met her in person so I'm not sure but it seemed so as I last checked her few years go and-.''  

And in the Celestial Palace of Time, a monologue of an old man continued for hours.  


Tokyo, Outer's mansion 

Setsuna appeared once again in the Outers mansion, however, in the toilet this time. Quickly she got out thanking god (not Khronos though) that no one had been in the toilet at the time. When she stepped into the corridor she heard voices coming from her bedroom. On her way there she hoped that Yui hadn't woken up before she had the change to talk to her about everything.  

Stepping in her bedroom she found out that Ami and Makoto had arrived already. Ami was inspecting Yui and Makoto was staring Ami adoringly while Michiru and Haruka were giggling for their behavior. Hotaru was nowhere to be seen and Yui was still unconscious.

 ''Hi everyone.'' she said letting her presence to be known.  

Everyone turned to look at her. 

''Thanks for coming Ami. And Makoto.'' Setsuna continued smiling. 

Both of them blushed and Setsuna hoped they would tell soon about they're secret relationship which everyone alredy knew, but pretended not to know.

 ''Um..I-I just gave Ami a lift..'' Makoto started to explain when Haruka cut in ''Hehe, yeah I bet you gave her a lif-''. 


''Ouch!! Michiru!'' 

''Shut up or you're going to sleep on the couch -again.'' she muttered to Haruka so that others couldn't hear but they heard anyway. 

''Oh fine but I'm gonna get you for this.'' Haruka said playfully. 

''I can't wait.'' Michiru replied smiling coyly. 

Setsuna decided to change the subject before Ami and Makoto realized what they really were talking about.  

''Where's Hotaru?'' 

''She went to see Usagi.'' Michiru answered. 

Setsuna just nodded and asked Ami, ''So, how is she Ami? Does she need medical care in hospital?''

Ami's eyes brightened due the change of subject. 

''No, I think she's going to be just fine. Thanks to Hotaru's healing powers.'' 

''I'm glad.'' Setsuna figured that Michiru must have told others who the girl was so she decided not to mention subject again until she had a change to talk to the girl in private. 

''Have you any idea how soon she will wake up?''  

''Well I can't say anything precise but it seems she is just sleeping now and should wake up anytime soon.'' 

'Damn, I have to get this people out of here.' Setsuna thought. 

''Thank you all for your help. Michiru and Haruka, would you two be so kind and get something to drink for Makoto and Ami? I can stay here with my friend.'' 

''Sure thing. Come on everybody, lets give them some privacy!'' 

Setsuna was certain that she heard Haruka mumble ''Why she can talk dirty and I can't.'' while they were walking past her.

 Setsuna sighed for thousandth time that day when the door closed. She was relieved when she was finally left alone. 'Well not entirely alone..' she thought looking the soon-to-be-personification-of-time-itself who looked the absolute opposite of herself with her red hair and green eyes. 


Yui blinked waking up from her nightmare which had ended well for the first time as a certain green haired knight had come for her rescue.

She gasped in horror as she didn't recognize her surroundings. 

''Hello there. So you finally woke up.'' 

Yui looked at the direction of the sound. Beside her bed was sitting a very beautiful woman. She looked really familiar but when Yui tried to remember who she was it somehow slipped out of her mind. 

''Is it over?'' She asked thinking this woman propably had no idea what she was talking about. 

To her suprize the woman nodded. 

''Thank am I and who are you?''  

''My name is Setsuna Meioh, the one named also Sailor Pluto. You are in my home.'' 

Yui's eyes widened as her brains let her finally recognize that this was the same woman who had saved her earlier that day. 

''It is really you.'' she whispered and suddenly hugged Setsuna. 

Setsuna certainly wasn't expecting that, more like screams of horror or something. 

''I was so scared. All these weeks, or maybe months, I don't know.'' she said tightening her grip on Setsuna and Setsuna was starting to have troubles with breathing. 

''Please could you let go, I can't breath.'' she whispered. 

''On one condition.'' the girl said more cheerfully and Setsuna was certain she heard a bit of playfullnes in her voice. 

''Yes?'' she groaned. 

''You have to kill all the evil monsters that come after me.'' 

''Okay.'' Setsuna answered smiling. 

'How right that is going to be.' she thought to herself. To Setsunas surprize she missed immediately the girls touch when she let go of her. 'Argh, remember my vow, remember my vow.' she reminded herself.

 ''You and I need to have a talk right now. You must be wondering what these past events are all about?'' 

The girl nodded looking confused and Setsuna continued ''Well I'm here to give you some answers and I need some answers from you too.'' 


Outer's mansion, downstairs 

''Coffee or tea?'' Michiru asked standing in the living room doorway.

''Tea, please.'' Ami and Makoto answered in unison and then they blushed in unison.  

Just before Haruka was about to say something improper Michiru said sternly ''Haruka, come and help me with the tea.''

 ''But..'' She began to protest.  

''No buts.''  

''Fine whatever.'' Haruka said standing up and heading in the kitchen while Ami and Makoto seemed relieved.  

Outer's mansion, kitchen 

Once they were in the kitchen Haruka started to whine ''Michiru, you are a real party pooper.''. 

''Hmph! You know it is not funny to mock people, especially them, you know how shy they are, at least Ami.'' 

''Yeah, but I can't resist, they should just come out of the closet since everyone knows about them already.'' 

''I think they will tell us when they're ready.'' 

''Okay okay. But you know there was know need to punch me with that magazine so hard earlier.'' 

''Well, maybe you should punish me later for being such a bad girl.'' 

''Hmm, maybe I will punish you now.'' Haruka whispered huskily and forced Michiru against the wall kissing her passionately. 

''H-Haruka! Not now, we have guests.'' Michiry tried to protest halfheartedly. 

''I think they can wait a bit.'' She answered while lifting Michiru on her shoulder. 

Michiru let out quiet ''Eek!'' and let Haruka carry her in their bedroom.  

Outer's mansion, living room 

''You know Ami, am I imagining or have they been awfully long in the kitchen brewing tea?'' Makoto asked her girlfriend. 

''I think so too. Do you think something happened to them?'' Ami asked worriedly. 

''Naa, we ought to have heard their screams of terror. you think they went know..'' 

It took a moment for Ami to figure what Makoto meant and then she turned as red as tomato. 

''Makoto, you can't be serious. They wouldn't..they're..well you might be right, they're Haruka and Michiru after all.''Ami admitted finally blushing even more.

 Makoto smiled to her girlfriend's reactions which took place every time something like that was mentioned. She couldn't wait to see what her reaction would be to Makoto's next move. She stood up and went to sit next to Ami on the sofa. 

''Makoto, what you're do-'' she stopped in the middle of her sentence blushing as red as one can get when Makoto placed a hand on her bare knee and whispered seducingly ''Why don't we have our own fun while waiting.''. 

''Makoto we can't, someone might come.'' 

''Naah, they're all busy, relax.'' 

Ami analyzed her options for a moment and thought then 'what the heck.' and grabbed Makoto pulling her on top of herself on the couch while kissing her eagerly. Makoto was a bit surprized but not that much, she had had the privilege to see this side of Ami many times before.  

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room 

''So that's about everything for now.'' Setsuna concluded.  

Yui seemed really puzzled. Setsuna looked her worriedly, maybe there was too much information for once. She had found out that Yui had had really rough time these past few weeks; not only had she forgotten her family and friends and her past life, it seemed that the authority hadn't believed her amnesia story and had tried to take her to custody few times. On top of that that monster had chased her untiringly and she had been close to dying on few occasion. She had also suffered from lack of sleep since she was too scared to sleep properly being afraid of the creature's attacks.

 ''Umm..I understand if you don't believe me but don't worry when you're feeling better I will show everything to you and the-'' 

''Oh, I do believe you.'' Yui cut in smiling widely. 

Setsuna looked her unconcinced, now she seemed far too happy considering circumstances. 

''I'm just so happy that I'm not alone anymore and that I'm safe. And what you told now just confirms that I'm not crazy and all this has a reason. Yeah. In a way I lost part of my life, but also got some back. I went to hell but came back alive. Funny, first I wasn’t sure who I was and now I'm a god, hehe..Oh, why they chose me? It sounds like a bad joke, I don't know anything about that kind of thing. What if I'm no good, what if I just want to be a normal person?'' she continued biting her finger nails and trying not to look miserable or lost. 

''Relax. I will be by your side and help you any way I can. Don't worry, with time you will understand it all. I will start your lessons as soon as possible.'' Setsuna tried to comfort, it seemed that the girl was just trying to cope.

 Then Setsuna did something that surprized even herself. She took Yui in her arms and hugged her gently. Yui first trembled and then relaxed seeking comfort from Setsuna's arms. Setsuna tried to convince herself that this was purely professional while enjoying every minute of the closeness that only other person can give. Finally they broke the hug and Yui seemed much more stable. 

''Okay. Umm..So let me get this right, so no one in the real world remembers my existence anymore?'' Setsuna nodded for answer.

 ''Not even the authorities few weeks ago?'' 

''Every trace of you have been erased from people's memories by Khronos.'' Setsuna answered quietly. 

The girl looked sad for a moment, Setsuna figured that she must be thinking of her family who she didn't remeber anymore. Setsuna felt really sorry for her. 

''So, where's my home now? In space or something?''

 ''Actually you have a palace in other dimension.'' 

Yui looked shocked. 

''But you can't go living there before you become the real Khronos itself so before that you are welcome to stay with me if you like.'' Setsuna offered almost shyly. 

''Really?! Of course I would love to stay, if it is no bother. But what about the family you were talking about?'' 

Setsuna cleared her throat, it seemed she hadn't no choice than use the excuse that perverted Khronos had made up.

 ''We can tell them you're my girlfriend since Hotaru is the only one allowed to know your true identity.'' 

Setsuna waited the girl answer to be terrified 'Noo!' but instead she seemed extremely happy and Setsuna suspected she must be swinging in that way too. 

''Okay! But are you sure your friends and family are okay with that? Since were both women'' 

''Yes.'' she answered straightforwardly and thought 'If only you'd know how okay..'. 

''Well would you liked to meet them?'' 

''Sure!'' Yui answered enthuastically hoping to get something else to think for a moment. 

Setsuna helped Yui up and they headed downstairs.  

Outer's mansion, living room 

''Did you hear something?'' Ami asked Makoto breaking their kiss. 

''No.'' Makoto answered kissing Ami’s throat slowly enjoying every moment. 

''Aah, but..mmmm..but.. Oh it was propably nothing.'' Ami said seeking Makoto's lips with her own.  

Outer's mansion, Haruka and Michiru's bedroom 

''Oh, Haruka! How could you lost the key?''

 ''Honey you know how small it is.'' Haruka tried to protest. 

''Tsk, no excuses. Continue searching! I don't want to be cuffed like this for the rest of my life.'' 

''Fine, fine. But if you would help me, we would find it faster.'' 

''You lost it, so you have to find it. Simple as that.'' 

''Okay okay, don't be so crumpy.''

 ''Oh you, just wait for your turn to be cuffed.'' 

Suddenly Haruka froze. 

''Did you hear something?'' 

''No. Stop making excuses and find that key now!''  

Outer's mansion, kitchen

 ''Hmm, they were supposed to be having a drink here.'' Setsuna told Yui. 

''Maybe they had it already and went to living room?'' Yui suggested. 

''Yeah.'' Setsuna said having a bad feeling about it since it looked like no one had been in the kitchen since that morning. 

Maybe she should have observed time line more carefully but she had been so busy with talking to Yui. Setsuna stepped through the living room door with Yui and they both froze. On the couch were a couple making out passionately. Both of their blouses had been buttoned open and they caressed each others eagerly while kissing very intimitely. For a moment Setsuna and Yui just stared the couple, not able to speak. Yui's nose started to bleed again. 

''Ami and Makoto?'' Setsuna finally said out loud a bit shocked since this couple was so strick about not wanting  anyone know about them.

 Both Makoto and Ami looked up and blushed immediately as they recognized Setsuna. Then Ami screamed in shock and threw Makoto of her with power she didn't she possessed shouting at the same time ''This is not what you think!''.

Makoto landed on the floor with loud thump.  

''Ouch! That hurt Ami.'' She said annoyed.  

''Oh god! Sorry honey, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just panicked! Let me see it.'' She said forgetting her embarrassment and jumping on top of Makoto to inspect her head injury. 

''Aaah, Ami! I'm okay! I just didn't expect that. It won't propably even become a bruise'' Makoto tried to stop Ami's frantical treatment. 

''Hush, don't argue with me! Head injuries have to be taken seriously.'' 

Makoto silenced, she knew Ami wouldn't stop before she had what she wanted. After all that was how they started to go out. She smiled fondly to the memory. 

''Oh, Makoto! Oh my god! Look! She is smiling foolishly, maybe she hit her head so badly that she doen's know where she is anymore! This is all my fault! Makoto, hang in there! I will call ambulance!'' Ami panicked. 

''Oh, Ami. Calm down. I was just smiling to you, now would you please stop.'' she said pulling Ami to her arms and hugging her gently. 

''Oh, good. I was worried. Are you angry with me?'' 

''Of course not. It just you.'' she said and kissed Ami sweetly. 

Setsuna and Yui watched the spectacle before them and Yui was starting to understand why Setsuna wasn't worried about the lie they were going to tell them. Just in the same time Haruka and Michiru appeared on the other living room door panting heavily. 

''Where's the fire?'' Haruka asked. 

''We heard screaming.'' Michiru continued. 

Then they both fell silent as they noticed Ami and Makoto having a private moment on the floor.

 ''About time!'' Haruka said delighted. 

Setsuna looked the pair and groaned in fustration. Haruka's pants were open, her shirt was buttoned wrong and Michiru's dress was as wrinkled as it could be. Plus both of their hair were messed up badly and Michiru's hands were cuffed with fuzzy handcuffs. Setsuna didn't even want to know what Yui was thinking about all this.  

Then just right on cue the front door opened and a moment later Hotaru stepped in living room with Usagi, Minako and Rei. Their eyes widened and jaws dropped when they saw their friends doings. Michiru stepped hastily behind Haruka trying to hide her cuffed hands and whispering ''Haruka we must find that key, now!''. Of course Minako had heard and seen their problem and she hurried to help Haruka and Michiru.  

''Let me see those. Oh, their same kind like mine and Rei's. You know we also lost the key once and I was cuffed on the bed! Not able to move at all (for some reason Rei likes it that way, maybe it’s because she is a control freak sometimes)! And you know how short tempered Rei is so her search for the key was doomed before it had even begun, but luckily I figured out that this model can easily be opened with a hairpin. Let me show you.'' 

While Minako was working now furiously blushing perfect-and-innocent-little-Michiru's handcuffs open, Rei groaned at the doorway banging her head against the doorframe  blushing in extreme embarassment. Then Usagi decided that now was the proper time to shout ''Oh my god, Ami and Makoto! Are you two an item??'' 

Makoto broke the kiss for a moment and answered ''What does it look like?'' and Ami fell off Makoto in shock. Now it was Makoto's turn to check if she was okay. Setsuna decided that it was now or never. 

''Everyone, may I have your attention please.'' She said in clear strong voice.  All other activities ceased as everyone turned to look at Setsuna and Yui. 

''Thank you. Now I liked to introduce someone to you. Yui, this is my family and my closest friends. Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenoh, there in the living room door, live in this house with me. Together we are the guardians of lovely Hotaru Tomoe there. The lively blonde opening Michiru's handcuffs is Minako Aino who is dating the blushing raven haired Rei Hino at the doorway. The other (more innocent looking) blonde near Rei is Usagi Tsukino. The pair, who just came out of the closet, on the floor are Makoto Kino and Ami Mizuno. Everyone this is Yui Aeon, my girlfriend.'' Setsuna said ending her monologue. 

Yui bowed shyly saying ''Nice to meet you everyone.'' thinking at the same time how funny family and friends Setsuna had and she surely would blend in just fine.

Finally silence had fallen on the Outer's mansion as everybody stared each other in disbelief.    

A/N: Well, that was the first two chapters, I hope you liked it! This is not going to be awfully long and I will update the other chapters together later on. Things are going to be a bit serious later on but there’s going to be humor also. See ya soon! And please review! 

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