Story: Time never stops (chapter 1)

Authors: lilyheart87

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Chapter 1

Title: Intruder

[Author's notes:

I don't own Sailormoon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.

This is my first fanfiction (in English), I don't know if it's any good, so please r&r. Sorry if there’s some horrible grammatical or vocabular mistakes, I tried my best. I didn't use any Japanese in this fiction, so the names etc. are written in western way, meaning first name first etc. Oh and this might seem a bit violent first but it actually is more a humor fic later on.


Tokyo, Outer's mansion 

Setsuna Meioh was a lonely woman. It didn't bother her that much because she knew it was her destiny. And who would be stupid enough to fight ones destiny? Even tough she kept telling that to herself, the sadness and loneliness could be seen in her eyes when she let her guard down. None of the Inners haven't noticed this of course, being too busy with their own love lives: Usagi had her Mamoru, Minako and Rei had each others same as Ami and Makoto. Other Outers knew that there was more to Setsuna than she let to be seen but they never forced her to talk about it. They knew that Setsuna would talk to them if she needed. And Setsuna liked it that way. She didn't want to talk about it, she just wanted to forget. But at the same time she knew she couldn't.

 It had been over four years since Usagi had defeated Galaxia. It had been over one year since Haruka and Michiru had got married. Hotaru was growing up fast, eagerly waiting to be reunited with Chibiusa some time in the future. For those reasons Setsuna had started to feel like an intruder in her own home. Soon Hotaru wouldn't need them to be her parents -at least not in the way she used to. And being with Haruka and Michiru felt like being the third wheel of an otherwise perfect bike.  

This troubled Setsuna more and more every day. The more she tried not to think the more she thought about it. She knew she would never find the love of her life. She didn't even want to try, because she knew that if she would fall in love with a mortal she would have to see them getting old and dying. And there was no one single left in their senshi family, even the Starlights were gone.

 So she had made a promise to herself not to even think about that kind of things. Setsuna sighed and rose to sit. No matter what, it was a new day and she had to get up and start to live. Life would go on, lovers or no lovers.  


Tokyo, train station 

A lonely figure stepped out of the train. Her face was covered with hood and her coat seemed to be too much for such a warm and sunny day like that.  This girl, woman to be precise, looked around carefully before continuing her way out of the Tokyo train station. She looked around for a taxi but there was none. Instead she saw IT again. There it was, amongst the crowd, sniffling air like a beast searching for its prey. It looked like a human but the girl had seen its true form, which was far from human.  

''God, not here too.'' She whispered.  

Quickly she hurried opposite way and broke to run as soon as she tought it couldn't see her anymore.  

After what felt like miles she stopped in a park gasping for air and looked around. No creature was anywhere to be seen nor any other living soul. She sighed in relief and thanked god. Her joy was cut sharply as the creature formed out of nowhere before her. She screamed but she knew it was too late. She didn't have the strength to fight anymore and she didn't have the will to run anymore. She knew she was going to die here and now. Why in the world this creature chose to ambush her? She was nothing, she was no one and yet it seemed that the creature wouldn't give up before it could dance on her grave. 

Creature's attack came fast, she didn't even see it coming. She flew through the air for its impact and hit the ground hard but she didn't even feel the new surge of pain, her old wounds ached far more worse. She couldn't believe it, everything felt so surreal. She was too young to die. She hadn't got to do anything she wanted, she even hadn't been in love once or at least she didn't remember. And now she was dying. Alone. In the hands of some ugly unearthly monster. It was just too much. 

She gathered all her remaining strength and stood up. Slowly she dropped her jacket on the ground, underneath she wore simple skirt and shirt. Old bruises could be seen easily underneath, all souverines from this creature who just wouldn't leave her alone.. She took her fighting stance and the creature waited her attack. Instead the girl started to laugh hysterically.  Her laugh turned into desperate scream as she was about to lose her sanity. Monster stopped for a moment to see if this was some kind of new attack. When nothing happened it attacked the girl again.  

She kept screaming all the time as the monster started to beat her with its incredible powers, it was a pure miracle that her body had lasted this long. She screamed and prayed to gods be somewhere else, anywhere else than there and then. She just wanted to get away so badly, she could feel how her life force started slip out of her body as she tried to block the blows in vain.  

''No!!'' She screamed, ''I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!'' And with that she felt a sudden surge of energy going trough her body, filling her with some strange force.  

The creature was thrown of her by an invisible aura that came out of the girl. A strange symbol appeared on the girls forehead, glowing with bright light. And then she was gone. The creature looked around confused trying to locate her.  


Tokyo, Outer's mansion 

Setsuna was pouring a cup of coffee for herself. It was rather fine morning and the day seemed to become quite enjoyable. Michiru was already eating breakfast while Hotaru and Haruka were still sleeping. Suddenly Setsuna felt it - an intruder at the gates of time. It hadn't happened since Small Lady, the Inner senshi and Tuxedo Kamen had tried to get to the future years ago. It even shouldn't be possible; no one other than her had the ability to travel in time and all their past enemies SHOULD be gone. She dropped the coffee mug she was holding. It seemed as if It dropped and hit the ground in slow motion breaking up into pieces while Setsuna took out her transformation pen and called the power of her guardian planet.

 Michiru heard the crack and turned around to see the cause of it. She gasped as she saw Setsuna transforming into Sailor Pluto.  

She quickly took her own pen out and shouted ''What's wrong?''.  

Sailor Pluto turned to face her and said dead calmly ''Nothing to worry, this is something only I can take care of.''  

With that and a wave of her staff she was gone. Michiru stared after her worriedly but she trusted Setsuna and put her pen away trying to calm down.  


Time Vortex, the Gates of time 

A figure lay on the ground. She had no idea why the creature had stopped beating her, though she had been sure that she was as good as dead. Slowly she opened her eyes and gasped. There was nothing, expect mist. She had no idea how she had gotten in there. Then she heard noise. Familiar noise.  

''No it couldn't be..'' she whispered.

 It was just great, she was in some weird place, even more alone than before with that creature. She could see it with difficulty and hear it clearly. She hoped it couldn't see or hear her so she stayed on the ground, though she was too tired to get up anyway. 

Then suddenly another figure appeared out of nowhere. She only could make out figure's profile and she couldn't tell whether it was another creature or something else. 

''No one is allowed to be in the Gates of time. You have broken the taboo. Prepare to die.'' colorless voice said. 

'It doesn't sound like that creature.' she thought confused and stared the scene taking place in front of her.

The creature turned to face the figure but it was too late.  Only thing that she heard was a whisper ''DEAD SCREAM'', then a sudden. yet powerful blast of energy flew through the air and tore up the creature.

 She gasped and started to shake in fear, she didn't understand how someone could be that powerful. She just couldn't believe her own eyes. In mere seconds this person had wiped away the creature that had been torturing her for weeks, or was it months, she wasn't sure anymore. 'This must be some sick dream.' she tought but at the same time she was delighted that the horrible monster was gone. That joy turned into panic when she realised that the person was heading in to her direction. 'Why they don't give me break?!' she thought desperately, 'I hope he is one of the good guys but with my luck that is hardly the case'. 

She tried to stay still and quiet but the person seemed to know exactly where she was. She was so beaten up that she couldn't stand so she tried to crawl away but in vain. Then the person was right in front of her. Her jaw dropped. Her pursuer was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, and she seemed to be in some kind of sexy sailor style outfit. Her nose started to bleed but she didn't even notice, she was absolutely enchanted by this beautiful woman. In mere seconds she forgot all the hardships that had taken place in past few weeks. 

''No one is allowed to be in the Gates of time. You have broken the taboo. Prepare to die.''  

She realised that the woman had said something but it took a moment for her brain to register what she had said. Her eyes widened in fear when the woman raised her staff.  

''Wha-?! Wait! No! Please don't kill me! Please don't! I didn't want to come here! It was an accident! And I don't know how to get out! Please, I'm too young to die! Haven't they done enough!'' She rambled crying and raised her hand to defend herself, though she knew it was ridiculous considering the power of her pursuer's attack.

Life was so unfair, that woman had killed the evil creature so isn't she supposed to be one of the good guys? She knew her pleas were propably a waste of breath because the creature had felt no mercy but this person didn't seem like a monster and she didn't want to die. 


Sailor Pluto looked the crying woman on the ground and she knew she couldn't kill her. It wasn't just the fact that years spent with Usagi and the Inners had softened her but she also somehow believed that this woman was telling the truth (besides she just wasn't so cold hearted like everybody thought). But the weirdest thing was when she had killed that creature it had felt like the intruder was gone, though she still sensed this girl there but her staff didn't seem to consider her as an intruder. Somehow it felt like this girl had every right to be there but that was again just absurd and impossible since no one was allowed to be in the Gates of time. She tried to look into the time line but she couldn't see this girl there, it was like she was invicible or something. That left many questions unanswered but that, however, had to wait because the girl seemed badly injured.

 Sailor Pluto knelt down and touched gently the crying girl who still tried to crawl away while begging for mercy.  Sailor Pluto forced the girl to face her and saw pure fear in her eyes.  

''Please, calm down. I won't kill or hurt you.'' She said thinking that musn't sound really convincing because just minutes ago, she had threatened to kill her.  

For some unknown reason the girl seemed to believe her and calmed down but her tears didn't stop immediately. On her forehead she had symbol just like Sailor senshi had but she didn't have any planetary or star symbol on it.  Instead she had the simple version of the wheel of zodiac. When the girl relaxed the symbol faded away and Setsuna wasn't sure if she had seen right.

 ''We have to get out of here, your injuries have to be treated.''

 After hearing that the girl looked extremely relieved. 'What on Earth had happened to her.' Sailor Pluto pondered while trying to help her to get up but the girl was too weak to stand and started to fall back on the ground. Quickly Sailor Pluto grabbed her in her arms and started to carry her back to the Gates of time. The girl relaxed in her arms and Sailor Pluto felt warmth washing over her. Somehow she wanted to protect this girl though she didn't even know who she was.

  ''Umm..What is your name?'' The girl asked after gathering courage.  

Setsuna blinked and decided to tell her Sailor name instead.

 ''Sailor Pluto. And yours?'' The girl seemed puzzled by her name but didn't say anything about it.  

'' Mm.. I'm not sure but I guess it is Yui Aeon.'' Sailor Pluto's eyes widened.

 ''Your last name is Aeon?'' She asked ignoring how the girl couldn't be sure what her name was.

 ''Yeah, It's not Japanese name though. I don't know my parents so I don't know if they were Europeans or something, 'cause that name means in Latin 'Eternal Time' or something like that. Cool, eh?''  

''Yes.'' Sailor Pluto answered absentmindedly.  

If she hadn't been so busy in her thoughts she would have noticed that the girl sounded a much like Minako even though she seemed a bit older than her.  

''You must be really strong 'cause you can carry me so easily.'' Yui continued her chat. 

Sailor Pluto was really close to blush but managed to control it and answered ''Well, um, you see I train a lot.''.  

Yui seemed pleased with her answer and didn't ask more. The walk back to the Gates continued in silence. 

''Um..'' Yui started again suddenly.  

Sailor Pluto asked smiling ''Yes?''

 ''Th-thank you. You saved my life back there big time.''  

Sailor Pluto looked down to Yui and for the first time she noticed how absolutely gorgeus she was. She had bright green eyes and rather long red hair. She was a little shorter than herself but still she was rather tall and she seemed to be in her mid-twenties like Setsuna's physical age was. Sailor Pluto tried to banish that kinds of thoughts from her mind.

 ''You're welcome.'' Sailor Pluto whispered and Yui closed her eyes smiling and drifted to sleep while mumbling ''I can't believe that I was saved.''.  

Setsuna continued her way trough the Gates of time thinking hard what all this could mean.  


Tokyo, Outer's mansion 

Sailor Pluto walked trough the Gates of time back to her home while transforming back to Setsuna Meioh. Three pairs of eyes stared her in shock.  

Michiru dropped the plate she had been washing, Hotaru dropped the sandwich she had been eating and Haruka said smirking ''Eh, did you went to hunt innocent women? Ah, that one will make a fine wife to you, but surely you didn't have to drug he-''  


 ''Ouch! What was that for?'' Haruka asked her wife who held a day old magazine in her hand.  

''Like you don't know.'' She said angrily. 

 ''Honey, haven't I said that these kind of activities must be performed in our bedr-''  


''Ouch!!! Okay okay I was just kidding.'' Michiru glared her angrily, ready to punch her more with the magazine if necesserily, Haruka tried to look as cool as possible and Hotaru just rolled her eyes.  

Setsuna cleared her throat, she was about to loose her temper and that was really rare, considering she lived with the Outers and knew the Inners. But enough was always enough and she really needed help rather than this circus. 


Other Outers looked her in shock. They had never heard Setsuna being so noisy.  

''Please?'' She added as an afterthought. 

They nodded quickly in unison fearing what Setsuna might do beside just talking loudly. Setsuna just sighed and shook her head. 

''Now that I have your attention: Haruka would you call Ami and ask if she could come by, after all she is med school student and might be able to help. Michiru would you come with me, we have to find out whether or not she needs medical care in hospital.''

 Just then Yui regained consciousness and muttered ''Aa..No hospitals...'' and drifted off again.

 ''We will see about that. Hotaru could you come with us and try to use your healing abilities on her?'' Setsuna asked.

 ''Sure thing.'' she answered smiling. 

Setsuna started to carry Yui upstairs followed by Michiru and Hotaru as Haruka went to call Ami. Suddenly Setsuna stopped and turned to face Michiru.  

''Has Haruka repaired the guestroom's heating yet?'' she asked. 

''No she haven't got time. You know how she puts her car ahead of everything else.'' Michiru answered smiling. 

Setsuna sighed, it looked like she hadn't choice. 

''Umm.. Then she can stay in my room, it is lather large so it shouldn't be a problem.'' 

Michiru raised an eyebrow. And then Setsuna finally blushed, all the years of training to look cool was washed down the toilet in mere seconds. 

''Tell me who is this girl exactly?'' Michiru inquired. 

'' her name is Yui Aeon. And she collegue of mine.'' Setsuna lied thinking she couldn't tell the truth when she exactly didn't know it yet and she wanted to get to the bottom of this before telling anymore than necessarily.  

Besides it might not be too far from the truth in the end, Setsuna had a hunch what this was about and someone would soon get a surprize visit in other dimension. Setsuna carried Yui the rest of the way to her bedroom in bride-groom style and laid her down on the bed.  

''Where did all these bruises come from?'' Michiru continued her interrogation. 

''She had rough time these past few weeks but now it is over.'' Setsuna said as casually as possible. 

''Thanks to you?'' Michiru asked untiringly. 

''Yes.'' Setsuna answered and tried to change the subject, ''Hotaru could you now try to heal these bruises and cuts?''. 

''Of course, mom.'' Hotaru answered and called her power.

 The symbol of Saturn appeared on her forehead and her hands shined with the healing power. Setsuna smiled, she was happy that Hotaru still considered her as mother even though Hotaru was not a small child anymore. It musn't have been easy for Hotaru to grow in their deviant little senshi family but Setsuna considered it always better than Hotaru’s previous life as a vessel to bear the spirit of Mistress Nine. At least Hotaru was dearly loved by every one of them and Setsuna knew Hotaru appreciated it. 

Almost all the Yui's bruises vanished as Hotaru donated her healing force to the beaten girl. Hotaru stopped the healing a bit exhausted as no injuries could be seen anymore. 

''Thank you.'' Setsuna said her gently.  

Hotaru just smiled, she always liked to help people, even though some might think otherwise as her being the soldier of death and destruction but luckily no one in her new school knew about her past so she got to live rather normal life. Now, sixteen years old, Hotaru looked a much like Rei in her age, though her hair was a bit shorter and her eyes were a bit darker shade of purple. 

''Would you two look after her for a while? There's someone I need to see right now.'' Setsuna asked trying not to sound  suspicious. 

''Don't worry we keep an eye on her. Go ahead.'' Michiru said to her.

 ''Thanks.'' Setsuna answered relieved. 

It was pure luck that this had happened in the weekend so others could help her. Setsuna walked out of her bedroom and went to the bathroom to be save, she didn't want others to find out where exactly she was going and how. In the bathroom she changed into Sailor Pluto and went through the Gates of time to meet an old friend.

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