Story: Time never stops (all chapters)

Authors: lilyheart87

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Chapter 1

Title: Intruder

[Author's notes:

I don't own Sailormoon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.

This is my first fanfiction (in English), I don't know if it's any good, so please r&r. Sorry if there’s some horrible grammatical or vocabular mistakes, I tried my best. I didn't use any Japanese in this fiction, so the names etc. are written in western way, meaning first name first etc. Oh and this might seem a bit violent first but it actually is more a humor fic later on.


Tokyo, Outer's mansion 

Setsuna Meioh was a lonely woman. It didn't bother her that much because she knew it was her destiny. And who would be stupid enough to fight ones destiny? Even tough she kept telling that to herself, the sadness and loneliness could be seen in her eyes when she let her guard down. None of the Inners haven't noticed this of course, being too busy with their own love lives: Usagi had her Mamoru, Minako and Rei had each others same as Ami and Makoto. Other Outers knew that there was more to Setsuna than she let to be seen but they never forced her to talk about it. They knew that Setsuna would talk to them if she needed. And Setsuna liked it that way. She didn't want to talk about it, she just wanted to forget. But at the same time she knew she couldn't.

 It had been over four years since Usagi had defeated Galaxia. It had been over one year since Haruka and Michiru had got married. Hotaru was growing up fast, eagerly waiting to be reunited with Chibiusa some time in the future. For those reasons Setsuna had started to feel like an intruder in her own home. Soon Hotaru wouldn't need them to be her parents -at least not in the way she used to. And being with Haruka and Michiru felt like being the third wheel of an otherwise perfect bike.  

This troubled Setsuna more and more every day. The more she tried not to think the more she thought about it. She knew she would never find the love of her life. She didn't even want to try, because she knew that if she would fall in love with a mortal she would have to see them getting old and dying. And there was no one single left in their senshi family, even the Starlights were gone.

 So she had made a promise to herself not to even think about that kind of things. Setsuna sighed and rose to sit. No matter what, it was a new day and she had to get up and start to live. Life would go on, lovers or no lovers.  


Tokyo, train station 

A lonely figure stepped out of the train. Her face was covered with hood and her coat seemed to be too much for such a warm and sunny day like that.  This girl, woman to be precise, looked around carefully before continuing her way out of the Tokyo train station. She looked around for a taxi but there was none. Instead she saw IT again. There it was, amongst the crowd, sniffling air like a beast searching for its prey. It looked like a human but the girl had seen its true form, which was far from human.  

''God, not here too.'' She whispered.  

Quickly she hurried opposite way and broke to run as soon as she tought it couldn't see her anymore.  

After what felt like miles she stopped in a park gasping for air and looked around. No creature was anywhere to be seen nor any other living soul. She sighed in relief and thanked god. Her joy was cut sharply as the creature formed out of nowhere before her. She screamed but she knew it was too late. She didn't have the strength to fight anymore and she didn't have the will to run anymore. She knew she was going to die here and now. Why in the world this creature chose to ambush her? She was nothing, she was no one and yet it seemed that the creature wouldn't give up before it could dance on her grave. 

Creature's attack came fast, she didn't even see it coming. She flew through the air for its impact and hit the ground hard but she didn't even feel the new surge of pain, her old wounds ached far more worse. She couldn't believe it, everything felt so surreal. She was too young to die. She hadn't got to do anything she wanted, she even hadn't been in love once or at least she didn't remember. And now she was dying. Alone. In the hands of some ugly unearthly monster. It was just too much. 

She gathered all her remaining strength and stood up. Slowly she dropped her jacket on the ground, underneath she wore simple skirt and shirt. Old bruises could be seen easily underneath, all souverines from this creature who just wouldn't leave her alone.. She took her fighting stance and the creature waited her attack. Instead the girl started to laugh hysterically.  Her laugh turned into desperate scream as she was about to lose her sanity. Monster stopped for a moment to see if this was some kind of new attack. When nothing happened it attacked the girl again.  

She kept screaming all the time as the monster started to beat her with its incredible powers, it was a pure miracle that her body had lasted this long. She screamed and prayed to gods be somewhere else, anywhere else than there and then. She just wanted to get away so badly, she could feel how her life force started slip out of her body as she tried to block the blows in vain.  

''No!!'' She screamed, ''I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!'' And with that she felt a sudden surge of energy going trough her body, filling her with some strange force.  

The creature was thrown of her by an invisible aura that came out of the girl. A strange symbol appeared on the girls forehead, glowing with bright light. And then she was gone. The creature looked around confused trying to locate her.  


Tokyo, Outer's mansion 

Setsuna was pouring a cup of coffee for herself. It was rather fine morning and the day seemed to become quite enjoyable. Michiru was already eating breakfast while Hotaru and Haruka were still sleeping. Suddenly Setsuna felt it - an intruder at the gates of time. It hadn't happened since Small Lady, the Inner senshi and Tuxedo Kamen had tried to get to the future years ago. It even shouldn't be possible; no one other than her had the ability to travel in time and all their past enemies SHOULD be gone. She dropped the coffee mug she was holding. It seemed as if It dropped and hit the ground in slow motion breaking up into pieces while Setsuna took out her transformation pen and called the power of her guardian planet.

 Michiru heard the crack and turned around to see the cause of it. She gasped as she saw Setsuna transforming into Sailor Pluto.  

She quickly took her own pen out and shouted ''What's wrong?''.  

Sailor Pluto turned to face her and said dead calmly ''Nothing to worry, this is something only I can take care of.''  

With that and a wave of her staff she was gone. Michiru stared after her worriedly but she trusted Setsuna and put her pen away trying to calm down.  


Time Vortex, the Gates of time 

A figure lay on the ground. She had no idea why the creature had stopped beating her, though she had been sure that she was as good as dead. Slowly she opened her eyes and gasped. There was nothing, expect mist. She had no idea how she had gotten in there. Then she heard noise. Familiar noise.  

''No it couldn't be..'' she whispered.

 It was just great, she was in some weird place, even more alone than before with that creature. She could see it with difficulty and hear it clearly. She hoped it couldn't see or hear her so she stayed on the ground, though she was too tired to get up anyway. 

Then suddenly another figure appeared out of nowhere. She only could make out figure's profile and she couldn't tell whether it was another creature or something else. 

''No one is allowed to be in the Gates of time. You have broken the taboo. Prepare to die.'' colorless voice said. 

'It doesn't sound like that creature.' she thought confused and stared the scene taking place in front of her.

The creature turned to face the figure but it was too late.  Only thing that she heard was a whisper ''DEAD SCREAM'', then a sudden. yet powerful blast of energy flew through the air and tore up the creature.

 She gasped and started to shake in fear, she didn't understand how someone could be that powerful. She just couldn't believe her own eyes. In mere seconds this person had wiped away the creature that had been torturing her for weeks, or was it months, she wasn't sure anymore. 'This must be some sick dream.' she tought but at the same time she was delighted that the horrible monster was gone. That joy turned into panic when she realised that the person was heading in to her direction. 'Why they don't give me break?!' she thought desperately, 'I hope he is one of the good guys but with my luck that is hardly the case'. 

She tried to stay still and quiet but the person seemed to know exactly where she was. She was so beaten up that she couldn't stand so she tried to crawl away but in vain. Then the person was right in front of her. Her jaw dropped. Her pursuer was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, and she seemed to be in some kind of sexy sailor style outfit. Her nose started to bleed but she didn't even notice, she was absolutely enchanted by this beautiful woman. In mere seconds she forgot all the hardships that had taken place in past few weeks. 

''No one is allowed to be in the Gates of time. You have broken the taboo. Prepare to die.''  

She realised that the woman had said something but it took a moment for her brain to register what she had said. Her eyes widened in fear when the woman raised her staff.  

''Wha-?! Wait! No! Please don't kill me! Please don't! I didn't want to come here! It was an accident! And I don't know how to get out! Please, I'm too young to die! Haven't they done enough!'' She rambled crying and raised her hand to defend herself, though she knew it was ridiculous considering the power of her pursuer's attack.

Life was so unfair, that woman had killed the evil creature so isn't she supposed to be one of the good guys? She knew her pleas were propably a waste of breath because the creature had felt no mercy but this person didn't seem like a monster and she didn't want to die. 


Sailor Pluto looked the crying woman on the ground and she knew she couldn't kill her. It wasn't just the fact that years spent with Usagi and the Inners had softened her but she also somehow believed that this woman was telling the truth (besides she just wasn't so cold hearted like everybody thought). But the weirdest thing was when she had killed that creature it had felt like the intruder was gone, though she still sensed this girl there but her staff didn't seem to consider her as an intruder. Somehow it felt like this girl had every right to be there but that was again just absurd and impossible since no one was allowed to be in the Gates of time. She tried to look into the time line but she couldn't see this girl there, it was like she was invicible or something. That left many questions unanswered but that, however, had to wait because the girl seemed badly injured.

 Sailor Pluto knelt down and touched gently the crying girl who still tried to crawl away while begging for mercy.  Sailor Pluto forced the girl to face her and saw pure fear in her eyes.  

''Please, calm down. I won't kill or hurt you.'' She said thinking that musn't sound really convincing because just minutes ago, she had threatened to kill her.  

For some unknown reason the girl seemed to believe her and calmed down but her tears didn't stop immediately. On her forehead she had symbol just like Sailor senshi had but she didn't have any planetary or star symbol on it.  Instead she had the simple version of the wheel of zodiac. When the girl relaxed the symbol faded away and Setsuna wasn't sure if she had seen right.

 ''We have to get out of here, your injuries have to be treated.''

 After hearing that the girl looked extremely relieved. 'What on Earth had happened to her.' Sailor Pluto pondered while trying to help her to get up but the girl was too weak to stand and started to fall back on the ground. Quickly Sailor Pluto grabbed her in her arms and started to carry her back to the Gates of time. The girl relaxed in her arms and Sailor Pluto felt warmth washing over her. Somehow she wanted to protect this girl though she didn't even know who she was.

  ''Umm..What is your name?'' The girl asked after gathering courage.  

Setsuna blinked and decided to tell her Sailor name instead.

 ''Sailor Pluto. And yours?'' The girl seemed puzzled by her name but didn't say anything about it.  

'' Mm.. I'm not sure but I guess it is Yui Aeon.'' Sailor Pluto's eyes widened.

 ''Your last name is Aeon?'' She asked ignoring how the girl couldn't be sure what her name was.

 ''Yeah, It's not Japanese name though. I don't know my parents so I don't know if they were Europeans or something, 'cause that name means in Latin 'Eternal Time' or something like that. Cool, eh?''  

''Yes.'' Sailor Pluto answered absentmindedly.  

If she hadn't been so busy in her thoughts she would have noticed that the girl sounded a much like Minako even though she seemed a bit older than her.  

''You must be really strong 'cause you can carry me so easily.'' Yui continued her chat. 

Sailor Pluto was really close to blush but managed to control it and answered ''Well, um, you see I train a lot.''.  

Yui seemed pleased with her answer and didn't ask more. The walk back to the Gates continued in silence. 

''Um..'' Yui started again suddenly.  

Sailor Pluto asked smiling ''Yes?''

 ''Th-thank you. You saved my life back there big time.''  

Sailor Pluto looked down to Yui and for the first time she noticed how absolutely gorgeus she was. She had bright green eyes and rather long red hair. She was a little shorter than herself but still she was rather tall and she seemed to be in her mid-twenties like Setsuna's physical age was. Sailor Pluto tried to banish that kinds of thoughts from her mind.

 ''You're welcome.'' Sailor Pluto whispered and Yui closed her eyes smiling and drifted to sleep while mumbling ''I can't believe that I was saved.''.  

Setsuna continued her way trough the Gates of time thinking hard what all this could mean.  


Tokyo, Outer's mansion 

Sailor Pluto walked trough the Gates of time back to her home while transforming back to Setsuna Meioh. Three pairs of eyes stared her in shock.  

Michiru dropped the plate she had been washing, Hotaru dropped the sandwich she had been eating and Haruka said smirking ''Eh, did you went to hunt innocent women? Ah, that one will make a fine wife to you, but surely you didn't have to drug he-''  


 ''Ouch! What was that for?'' Haruka asked her wife who held a day old magazine in her hand.  

''Like you don't know.'' She said angrily. 

 ''Honey, haven't I said that these kind of activities must be performed in our bedr-''  


''Ouch!!! Okay okay I was just kidding.'' Michiru glared her angrily, ready to punch her more with the magazine if necesserily, Haruka tried to look as cool as possible and Hotaru just rolled her eyes.  

Setsuna cleared her throat, she was about to loose her temper and that was really rare, considering she lived with the Outers and knew the Inners. But enough was always enough and she really needed help rather than this circus. 


Other Outers looked her in shock. They had never heard Setsuna being so noisy.  

''Please?'' She added as an afterthought. 

They nodded quickly in unison fearing what Setsuna might do beside just talking loudly. Setsuna just sighed and shook her head. 

''Now that I have your attention: Haruka would you call Ami and ask if she could come by, after all she is med school student and might be able to help. Michiru would you come with me, we have to find out whether or not she needs medical care in hospital.''

 Just then Yui regained consciousness and muttered ''Aa..No hospitals...'' and drifted off again.

 ''We will see about that. Hotaru could you come with us and try to use your healing abilities on her?'' Setsuna asked.

 ''Sure thing.'' she answered smiling. 

Setsuna started to carry Yui upstairs followed by Michiru and Hotaru as Haruka went to call Ami. Suddenly Setsuna stopped and turned to face Michiru.  

''Has Haruka repaired the guestroom's heating yet?'' she asked. 

''No she haven't got time. You know how she puts her car ahead of everything else.'' Michiru answered smiling. 

Setsuna sighed, it looked like she hadn't choice. 

''Umm.. Then she can stay in my room, it is lather large so it shouldn't be a problem.'' 

Michiru raised an eyebrow. And then Setsuna finally blushed, all the years of training to look cool was washed down the toilet in mere seconds. 

''Tell me who is this girl exactly?'' Michiru inquired. 

'' her name is Yui Aeon. And she collegue of mine.'' Setsuna lied thinking she couldn't tell the truth when she exactly didn't know it yet and she wanted to get to the bottom of this before telling anymore than necessarily.  

Besides it might not be too far from the truth in the end, Setsuna had a hunch what this was about and someone would soon get a surprize visit in other dimension. Setsuna carried Yui the rest of the way to her bedroom in bride-groom style and laid her down on the bed.  

''Where did all these bruises come from?'' Michiru continued her interrogation. 

''She had rough time these past few weeks but now it is over.'' Setsuna said as casually as possible. 

''Thanks to you?'' Michiru asked untiringly. 

''Yes.'' Setsuna answered and tried to change the subject, ''Hotaru could you now try to heal these bruises and cuts?''. 

''Of course, mom.'' Hotaru answered and called her power.

 The symbol of Saturn appeared on her forehead and her hands shined with the healing power. Setsuna smiled, she was happy that Hotaru still considered her as mother even though Hotaru was not a small child anymore. It musn't have been easy for Hotaru to grow in their deviant little senshi family but Setsuna considered it always better than Hotaru’s previous life as a vessel to bear the spirit of Mistress Nine. At least Hotaru was dearly loved by every one of them and Setsuna knew Hotaru appreciated it. 

Almost all the Yui's bruises vanished as Hotaru donated her healing force to the beaten girl. Hotaru stopped the healing a bit exhausted as no injuries could be seen anymore. 

''Thank you.'' Setsuna said her gently.  

Hotaru just smiled, she always liked to help people, even though some might think otherwise as her being the soldier of death and destruction but luckily no one in her new school knew about her past so she got to live rather normal life. Now, sixteen years old, Hotaru looked a much like Rei in her age, though her hair was a bit shorter and her eyes were a bit darker shade of purple. 

''Would you two look after her for a while? There's someone I need to see right now.'' Setsuna asked trying not to sound  suspicious. 

''Don't worry we keep an eye on her. Go ahead.'' Michiru said to her.

 ''Thanks.'' Setsuna answered relieved. 

It was pure luck that this had happened in the weekend so others could help her. Setsuna walked out of her bedroom and went to the bathroom to be save, she didn't want others to find out where exactly she was going and how. In the bathroom she changed into Sailor Pluto and went through the Gates of time to meet an old friend.

Chapter 2

Title: Khronos -The personification of time

[Author's notes: I don't own Sailormoon, it belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.]

Other dimension, Celestial palace of Time 

An old bearded man, the (almost) almighty god of time, Khronos, was having a nap in his garden when he heard a familiar voice calling him.

 ''Khronos you old fart, where are you hiding?''  

Someone who didn't know Setsuna thoroughly would have had heart attack after hearing that. 

''Setsuna honey, is that any way to speak to your boss?'' He answered looking at Setsuna who stepped through the garden gates. 

''Boss? You have some nerve, if you did your job I wouldn't have to run around in time to fix things.'' 

Khronos frowned thinking 'What on Earth had gotten Setsuna so crumpy?'. 

''Setsuna honey, what's wrong? You sound more irritated than usual.'' 

Setsuna's recently found vein on her forehead was near to explode, this day had tested her nerves to new limits. 

''Don't honey me fossil. Who is that girl who bears the same symbol on her forehead as you and travels through the time -or at least tries to?'' She asked angrily wanting some proper answers. 

Khronos blinked, she seemed to have awaken sooner than he had thought. 

''Oh, her. She is my follower, daughter if you like to think so.'' 

Now it was Setsuna's turn to blink. 

''Your daughter?''

 ''Well, not biologically but she will herit my status and powers when she is ready and I can finally retire and go on vacation an-'' 

''And when were you going to tell me? I was this close to kill her today when she came to the Gates of time!'' Setsuna cut in almost shouting while waving her staff around dramatically. 

''Well I'm telling you now and you obviously didn't  kill her so everything is okay, hehe.'' Khronos said and swallowed hard after seeing Setsuna's expression.  

He decided to continue quickly ''It was a good thing that you came by. I have a mission for you.''. 

''I'm a Sailor senshi, I don't take missions from anyone else than queen Serenity.'' she said sternly. 

''Setsuna this is important and since you are a Sailor senshi you ought to do this.'' Khronos tried to explain. 

''That doesn't make any sense.''  

Khronos sighed knowing Setsuna wouldn't settle for less than perfect explanation ''You don't know this but you were supposed to be my successor but since you have your responsibility as Queen Serenity's senshi other soul was assigned to this mission. The soul of Yui Aeon. Your soulmate.'' He said trying to sound magnificant. 

Setsuna sweatdropped and blurted out ''What?''. 

''You heard me lass. And now I want you to teach her everything you know about time and things related to it. She must be ready to continue my work someday. And you will have to continue to guard the Gates of time, meaning to be her guard and protector, like you have been mine all these years.'' 

''Do it yourself, after all she is going to be your successor.'' Setsuna reasoned. 

''You know I don't have time for things like that, I'm too busy.'' Khronos said trying to sound important. 

Setsuna raised an eyebrown. 'Yeah really busy with sleeping and fooling around.' she thought. 

''And what if I refuse?'' Setsuna asked with challenging look in her eyes. 

''Then I will make you my successor and her new Sailor Pluto.'' Khronos answered coyly. 

''You wouldn't dare.'' 

''Try me.'' 

Setsuna sighed and said mockingly ''Fine you almighty Khronos, time itself.'' 

''Cut it out already you celestial knight of the time and underworld.'' the old man shot back. 

Setsuna just smiled saying ''You know I have missed you.''.

 ''I've missed you too, you should visit me more often.'' 

''No, you should have visited me, you know I wasn't supposed to leave the Gates of time.'' 

''Well you know how lazy I am. Hehe.'' he said. 

Setsuna rolled her eyes, maybe she had broken the rules and visited him if he had been someone way more nicer. 

''Speaking of lazy. You old bum, you should have taken better care of Yui! She seems to have rough time with one time eater creature! She was really beaten up when I found her.'' 

Khronos looked really embarrassed and guilty ''Um, I didn't know she had already awaken. Is she going to be all right?'' 

''Yes, but no thanks to you!'' Setsuna continued. 

''Well yeah, um. Oh, and you're not supposed to tell this to anyone, not even your senshi family. My existence must remain secret.'' Khronos informed her, changing the subject smoothly.

 ''You got to be kidding! Not even Outer senshi?'' she asked sceptically.

 ''No one.'' 

''What about Hotaru? Her powers are bind to mine in different way than others.'' Setsuna said playing her last card. 

''She will be informed but you two are not allowed to talk about it.'' Khronos said adamantly.

 ''Just great. And what I'm going to tell my family about her.'' 

''I don't know, figure something out. Haha, you can always say she's your girlfriend since most of you seem to swing that way already.'' 

Just when Setsuna was about snap back he continued ''Oh, there's one more thing you should know.''.

 ''What?'' Setsuna groaned. 

''Her memory has been erased. All her personal memories are gone, but other knowledge she has gained in her life remains.'' 

''You mean she doesn't remember her family, friends and childhood?'' she asked unconvinced.

 ''Yes, and no one in normal world remembers her existence.'' he said somewhat seriously. 

''How could you do that?'' Setsuna asked shocked. 

''It is the way it has to be in my job, it was the same for me when I was assigned to this duty. Believe me, in the end it is better that you don't remember your previous life.'' 

Setsuna felt really sorry for Yui. And for the first time in her life Setsuna felt sorry for the old man.

 ''Oh, Setsuna darling, don't tell me you have softened during those years we last met?'' 

Setsuna rolled her eyes again, he always had to ruin everything, ''Oh, whatever. I have to go now to your almighty daughter.'' 

''Tell me, isn't she one hot chick.'' Setsuna couldn't believe her ears. 

''She was supposed to be your daughter.''

 ''I said she wasn't my biological daughter! And what harm looking could do?'' he asked innocently. 

''I hate to remind you that I am the soldier of time and undeworld and I will protect her from you too, you old fart.''  

With that Setsuna transformed into Sailor Pluto and disappeared. Khronos smiled his I-know-everything-smile. 

''That sounds more like it. You will learn how nice young lass she is. At least I guess she is nice, I haven't really met her in person so I'm not sure but it seemed so as I last checked her few years go and-.''  

And in the Celestial Palace of Time, a monologue of an old man continued for hours.  


Tokyo, Outer's mansion 

Setsuna appeared once again in the Outers mansion, however, in the toilet this time. Quickly she got out thanking god (not Khronos though) that no one had been in the toilet at the time. When she stepped into the corridor she heard voices coming from her bedroom. On her way there she hoped that Yui hadn't woken up before she had the change to talk to her about everything.  

Stepping in her bedroom she found out that Ami and Makoto had arrived already. Ami was inspecting Yui and Makoto was staring Ami adoringly while Michiru and Haruka were giggling for their behavior. Hotaru was nowhere to be seen and Yui was still unconscious.

 ''Hi everyone.'' she said letting her presence to be known.  

Everyone turned to look at her. 

''Thanks for coming Ami. And Makoto.'' Setsuna continued smiling. 

Both of them blushed and Setsuna hoped they would tell soon about they're secret relationship which everyone alredy knew, but pretended not to know.

 ''Um..I-I just gave Ami a lift..'' Makoto started to explain when Haruka cut in ''Hehe, yeah I bet you gave her a lif-''. 


''Ouch!! Michiru!'' 

''Shut up or you're going to sleep on the couch -again.'' she muttered to Haruka so that others couldn't hear but they heard anyway. 

''Oh fine but I'm gonna get you for this.'' Haruka said playfully. 

''I can't wait.'' Michiru replied smiling coyly. 

Setsuna decided to change the subject before Ami and Makoto realized what they really were talking about.  

''Where's Hotaru?'' 

''She went to see Usagi.'' Michiru answered. 

Setsuna just nodded and asked Ami, ''So, how is she Ami? Does she need medical care in hospital?''

Ami's eyes brightened due the change of subject. 

''No, I think she's going to be just fine. Thanks to Hotaru's healing powers.'' 

''I'm glad.'' Setsuna figured that Michiru must have told others who the girl was so she decided not to mention subject again until she had a change to talk to the girl in private. 

''Have you any idea how soon she will wake up?''  

''Well I can't say anything precise but it seems she is just sleeping now and should wake up anytime soon.'' 

'Damn, I have to get this people out of here.' Setsuna thought. 

''Thank you all for your help. Michiru and Haruka, would you two be so kind and get something to drink for Makoto and Ami? I can stay here with my friend.'' 

''Sure thing. Come on everybody, lets give them some privacy!'' 

Setsuna was certain that she heard Haruka mumble ''Why she can talk dirty and I can't.'' while they were walking past her.

 Setsuna sighed for thousandth time that day when the door closed. She was relieved when she was finally left alone. 'Well not entirely alone..' she thought looking the soon-to-be-personification-of-time-itself who looked the absolute opposite of herself with her red hair and green eyes. 


Yui blinked waking up from her nightmare which had ended well for the first time as a certain green haired knight had come for her rescue.

She gasped in horror as she didn't recognize her surroundings. 

''Hello there. So you finally woke up.'' 

Yui looked at the direction of the sound. Beside her bed was sitting a very beautiful woman. She looked really familiar but when Yui tried to remember who she was it somehow slipped out of her mind. 

''Is it over?'' She asked thinking this woman propably had no idea what she was talking about. 

To her suprize the woman nodded. 

''Thank am I and who are you?''  

''My name is Setsuna Meioh, the one named also Sailor Pluto. You are in my home.'' 

Yui's eyes widened as her brains let her finally recognize that this was the same woman who had saved her earlier that day. 

''It is really you.'' she whispered and suddenly hugged Setsuna. 

Setsuna certainly wasn't expecting that, more like screams of horror or something. 

''I was so scared. All these weeks, or maybe months, I don't know.'' she said tightening her grip on Setsuna and Setsuna was starting to have troubles with breathing. 

''Please could you let go, I can't breath.'' she whispered. 

''On one condition.'' the girl said more cheerfully and Setsuna was certain she heard a bit of playfullnes in her voice. 

''Yes?'' she groaned. 

''You have to kill all the evil monsters that come after me.'' 

''Okay.'' Setsuna answered smiling. 

'How right that is going to be.' she thought to herself. To Setsunas surprize she missed immediately the girls touch when she let go of her. 'Argh, remember my vow, remember my vow.' she reminded herself.

 ''You and I need to have a talk right now. You must be wondering what these past events are all about?'' 

The girl nodded looking confused and Setsuna continued ''Well I'm here to give you some answers and I need some answers from you too.'' 


Outer's mansion, downstairs 

''Coffee or tea?'' Michiru asked standing in the living room doorway.

''Tea, please.'' Ami and Makoto answered in unison and then they blushed in unison.  

Just before Haruka was about to say something improper Michiru said sternly ''Haruka, come and help me with the tea.''

 ''But..'' She began to protest.  

''No buts.''  

''Fine whatever.'' Haruka said standing up and heading in the kitchen while Ami and Makoto seemed relieved.  

Outer's mansion, kitchen 

Once they were in the kitchen Haruka started to whine ''Michiru, you are a real party pooper.''. 

''Hmph! You know it is not funny to mock people, especially them, you know how shy they are, at least Ami.'' 

''Yeah, but I can't resist, they should just come out of the closet since everyone knows about them already.'' 

''I think they will tell us when they're ready.'' 

''Okay okay. But you know there was know need to punch me with that magazine so hard earlier.'' 

''Well, maybe you should punish me later for being such a bad girl.'' 

''Hmm, maybe I will punish you now.'' Haruka whispered huskily and forced Michiru against the wall kissing her passionately. 

''H-Haruka! Not now, we have guests.'' Michiry tried to protest halfheartedly. 

''I think they can wait a bit.'' She answered while lifting Michiru on her shoulder. 

Michiru let out quiet ''Eek!'' and let Haruka carry her in their bedroom.  

Outer's mansion, living room 

''You know Ami, am I imagining or have they been awfully long in the kitchen brewing tea?'' Makoto asked her girlfriend. 

''I think so too. Do you think something happened to them?'' Ami asked worriedly. 

''Naa, we ought to have heard their screams of terror. you think they went know..'' 

It took a moment for Ami to figure what Makoto meant and then she turned as red as tomato. 

''Makoto, you can't be serious. They wouldn't..they're..well you might be right, they're Haruka and Michiru after all.''Ami admitted finally blushing even more.

 Makoto smiled to her girlfriend's reactions which took place every time something like that was mentioned. She couldn't wait to see what her reaction would be to Makoto's next move. She stood up and went to sit next to Ami on the sofa. 

''Makoto, what you're do-'' she stopped in the middle of her sentence blushing as red as one can get when Makoto placed a hand on her bare knee and whispered seducingly ''Why don't we have our own fun while waiting.''. 

''Makoto we can't, someone might come.'' 

''Naah, they're all busy, relax.'' 

Ami analyzed her options for a moment and thought then 'what the heck.' and grabbed Makoto pulling her on top of herself on the couch while kissing her eagerly. Makoto was a bit surprized but not that much, she had had the privilege to see this side of Ami many times before.  

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room 

''So that's about everything for now.'' Setsuna concluded.  

Yui seemed really puzzled. Setsuna looked her worriedly, maybe there was too much information for once. She had found out that Yui had had really rough time these past few weeks; not only had she forgotten her family and friends and her past life, it seemed that the authority hadn't believed her amnesia story and had tried to take her to custody few times. On top of that that monster had chased her untiringly and she had been close to dying on few occasion. She had also suffered from lack of sleep since she was too scared to sleep properly being afraid of the creature's attacks.

 ''Umm..I understand if you don't believe me but don't worry when you're feeling better I will show everything to you and the-'' 

''Oh, I do believe you.'' Yui cut in smiling widely. 

Setsuna looked her unconcinced, now she seemed far too happy considering circumstances. 

''I'm just so happy that I'm not alone anymore and that I'm safe. And what you told now just confirms that I'm not crazy and all this has a reason. Yeah. In a way I lost part of my life, but also got some back. I went to hell but came back alive. Funny, first I wasn’t sure who I was and now I'm a god, hehe..Oh, why they chose me? It sounds like a bad joke, I don't know anything about that kind of thing. What if I'm no good, what if I just want to be a normal person?'' she continued biting her finger nails and trying not to look miserable or lost. 

''Relax. I will be by your side and help you any way I can. Don't worry, with time you will understand it all. I will start your lessons as soon as possible.'' Setsuna tried to comfort, it seemed that the girl was just trying to cope.

 Then Setsuna did something that surprized even herself. She took Yui in her arms and hugged her gently. Yui first trembled and then relaxed seeking comfort from Setsuna's arms. Setsuna tried to convince herself that this was purely professional while enjoying every minute of the closeness that only other person can give. Finally they broke the hug and Yui seemed much more stable. 

''Okay. Umm..So let me get this right, so no one in the real world remembers my existence anymore?'' Setsuna nodded for answer.

 ''Not even the authorities few weeks ago?'' 

''Every trace of you have been erased from people's memories by Khronos.'' Setsuna answered quietly. 

The girl looked sad for a moment, Setsuna figured that she must be thinking of her family who she didn't remeber anymore. Setsuna felt really sorry for her. 

''So, where's my home now? In space or something?''

 ''Actually you have a palace in other dimension.'' 

Yui looked shocked. 

''But you can't go living there before you become the real Khronos itself so before that you are welcome to stay with me if you like.'' Setsuna offered almost shyly. 

''Really?! Of course I would love to stay, if it is no bother. But what about the family you were talking about?'' 

Setsuna cleared her throat, it seemed she hadn't no choice than use the excuse that perverted Khronos had made up.

 ''We can tell them you're my girlfriend since Hotaru is the only one allowed to know your true identity.'' 

Setsuna waited the girl answer to be terrified 'Noo!' but instead she seemed extremely happy and Setsuna suspected she must be swinging in that way too. 

''Okay! But are you sure your friends and family are okay with that? Since were both women'' 

''Yes.'' she answered straightforwardly and thought 'If only you'd know how okay..'. 

''Well would you liked to meet them?'' 

''Sure!'' Yui answered enthuastically hoping to get something else to think for a moment. 

Setsuna helped Yui up and they headed downstairs.  

Outer's mansion, living room 

''Did you hear something?'' Ami asked Makoto breaking their kiss. 

''No.'' Makoto answered kissing Ami’s throat slowly enjoying every moment. 

''Aah, but..mmmm..but.. Oh it was propably nothing.'' Ami said seeking Makoto's lips with her own.  

Outer's mansion, Haruka and Michiru's bedroom 

''Oh, Haruka! How could you lost the key?''

 ''Honey you know how small it is.'' Haruka tried to protest. 

''Tsk, no excuses. Continue searching! I don't want to be cuffed like this for the rest of my life.'' 

''Fine, fine. But if you would help me, we would find it faster.'' 

''You lost it, so you have to find it. Simple as that.'' 

''Okay okay, don't be so crumpy.''

 ''Oh you, just wait for your turn to be cuffed.'' 

Suddenly Haruka froze. 

''Did you hear something?'' 

''No. Stop making excuses and find that key now!''  

Outer's mansion, kitchen

 ''Hmm, they were supposed to be having a drink here.'' Setsuna told Yui. 

''Maybe they had it already and went to living room?'' Yui suggested. 

''Yeah.'' Setsuna said having a bad feeling about it since it looked like no one had been in the kitchen since that morning. 

Maybe she should have observed time line more carefully but she had been so busy with talking to Yui. Setsuna stepped through the living room door with Yui and they both froze. On the couch were a couple making out passionately. Both of their blouses had been buttoned open and they caressed each others eagerly while kissing very intimitely. For a moment Setsuna and Yui just stared the couple, not able to speak. Yui's nose started to bleed again. 

''Ami and Makoto?'' Setsuna finally said out loud a bit shocked since this couple was so strick about not wanting  anyone know about them.

 Both Makoto and Ami looked up and blushed immediately as they recognized Setsuna. Then Ami screamed in shock and threw Makoto of her with power she didn't she possessed shouting at the same time ''This is not what you think!''.

Makoto landed on the floor with loud thump.  

''Ouch! That hurt Ami.'' She said annoyed.  

''Oh god! Sorry honey, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just panicked! Let me see it.'' She said forgetting her embarrassment and jumping on top of Makoto to inspect her head injury. 

''Aaah, Ami! I'm okay! I just didn't expect that. It won't propably even become a bruise'' Makoto tried to stop Ami's frantical treatment. 

''Hush, don't argue with me! Head injuries have to be taken seriously.'' 

Makoto silenced, she knew Ami wouldn't stop before she had what she wanted. After all that was how they started to go out. She smiled fondly to the memory. 

''Oh, Makoto! Oh my god! Look! She is smiling foolishly, maybe she hit her head so badly that she doen's know where she is anymore! This is all my fault! Makoto, hang in there! I will call ambulance!'' Ami panicked. 

''Oh, Ami. Calm down. I was just smiling to you, now would you please stop.'' she said pulling Ami to her arms and hugging her gently. 

''Oh, good. I was worried. Are you angry with me?'' 

''Of course not. It just you.'' she said and kissed Ami sweetly. 

Setsuna and Yui watched the spectacle before them and Yui was starting to understand why Setsuna wasn't worried about the lie they were going to tell them. Just in the same time Haruka and Michiru appeared on the other living room door panting heavily. 

''Where's the fire?'' Haruka asked. 

''We heard screaming.'' Michiru continued. 

Then they both fell silent as they noticed Ami and Makoto having a private moment on the floor.

 ''About time!'' Haruka said delighted. 

Setsuna looked the pair and groaned in fustration. Haruka's pants were open, her shirt was buttoned wrong and Michiru's dress was as wrinkled as it could be. Plus both of their hair were messed up badly and Michiru's hands were cuffed with fuzzy handcuffs. Setsuna didn't even want to know what Yui was thinking about all this.  

Then just right on cue the front door opened and a moment later Hotaru stepped in living room with Usagi, Minako and Rei. Their eyes widened and jaws dropped when they saw their friends doings. Michiru stepped hastily behind Haruka trying to hide her cuffed hands and whispering ''Haruka we must find that key, now!''. Of course Minako had heard and seen their problem and she hurried to help Haruka and Michiru.  

''Let me see those. Oh, their same kind like mine and Rei's. You know we also lost the key once and I was cuffed on the bed! Not able to move at all (for some reason Rei likes it that way, maybe it’s because she is a control freak sometimes)! And you know how short tempered Rei is so her search for the key was doomed before it had even begun, but luckily I figured out that this model can easily be opened with a hairpin. Let me show you.'' 

While Minako was working now furiously blushing perfect-and-innocent-little-Michiru's handcuffs open, Rei groaned at the doorway banging her head against the doorframe  blushing in extreme embarassment. Then Usagi decided that now was the proper time to shout ''Oh my god, Ami and Makoto! Are you two an item??'' 

Makoto broke the kiss for a moment and answered ''What does it look like?'' and Ami fell off Makoto in shock. Now it was Makoto's turn to check if she was okay. Setsuna decided that it was now or never. 

''Everyone, may I have your attention please.'' She said in clear strong voice.  All other activities ceased as everyone turned to look at Setsuna and Yui. 

''Thank you. Now I liked to introduce someone to you. Yui, this is my family and my closest friends. Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenoh, there in the living room door, live in this house with me. Together we are the guardians of lovely Hotaru Tomoe there. The lively blonde opening Michiru's handcuffs is Minako Aino who is dating the blushing raven haired Rei Hino at the doorway. The other (more innocent looking) blonde near Rei is Usagi Tsukino. The pair, who just came out of the closet, on the floor are Makoto Kino and Ami Mizuno. Everyone this is Yui Aeon, my girlfriend.'' Setsuna said ending her monologue. 

Yui bowed shyly saying ''Nice to meet you everyone.'' thinking at the same time how funny family and friends Setsuna had and she surely would blend in just fine.

Finally silence had fallen on the Outer's mansion as everybody stared each other in disbelief.    

A/N: Well, that was the first two chapters, I hope you liked it! This is not going to be awfully long and I will update the other chapters together later on. Things are going to be a bit serious later on but there’s going to be humor also. See ya soon! And please review! 

Chapter 3

Title: The Intrusive Inners

[Author's notes: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei animation.]

3. The intrusive Inners    

Outer's mansion, living room  

It took about half an hour to uncuff Michiru, dress Ami, Makoto, Haruka and Michiru properly, revive the over embarassed Rei and calm down the over excited Minako. Finally everything was the way as nothing odd had ever occurred and everyone was having a nice cup of tea in the living room, which had just a while ago been a mine field. The conversation danced around the now exposed Setsuna and Yui's relationship, for which Ami and Makoto were really grateful. However, no one dared to ask direct questions because Setsuna was glaring them with a challenging look in her eyes and none of them had the courage to defy the senshi of time. Last one to give up was the senshi of love and finally the spotlight shifted from Setsuna and Yui to other matters.  

 Suddenly Setsuna heard Michiru whisper ''I need to talk to you, now.'', Setsuna just nodded for answer and they excused theirselves. Setsuna just smiled lightly when she saw Yui's worried expression and mouthed ''I'll be back soon''. Setsuna was quite certain that if she was quick, the others wouldn't have the time to play gestapo with her supposed girlfriend. How wrong one can be.  When they reached the kitchen Michiru shut the door behind them and prepared herself to face the senshi of time.   


 Outer's mansion, living room  

Minako Aino had a dangerous look in her eyes when she eyed her next victim, it hadn't been the wisest thing from the time senshi to leave her girlfriend alone with the other senshi. This was perfect opportunity to get some answers. Yui Aeon gulped in fear when she saw Minako's fearful expression.   

''So Yui, if you and Setsuna are going out, I think we should get to know each other better, don't you agree? So where are you from? How long you two have been together? How old are you? Is Setsuna good kisser? Do you like cats? How you two met? Did Setsuna seduce you? Are your parents wealthy? Did you seduce Setsuna? Do you have a job? What is your favorite food? Do you have siblings? Is Setsuna good in bed? What is your favorite color? When you're going to get married? How many positions Setsuna knows? Can I be the maid of honor? Wha--'' 

 ''Minako! Behave yourself! Setsuna is going to kill you..'' Rei said trying to hold back Minako before she really got going.  

Minako shot Rei a look which implied that their bed would be a cold and lonely place that night if she would try to stop her. So Minako had once again made the impossible reality: she had managed to prevent Rei Hino speaking her mind out. Rei coughed a bit thinking 'if you can't beat them, join them' and started also shoot questions to poor Yui whose last hope of getting out of this had just died. Usagi and Makoto soon joined them and she was bombed from four directions, not having time to answer any of those questions, in which she had no answers anyway, so she just hoped that Setsuna would come to her rescue once again. 

 Other senshi watched helpless as all the four of them had managed to put on black sunglasses just like in Matrix. Minako took out a notebook and a pen ready to take notes while Usagi dragged the living room's floor lamp and directed it towards Yui, just like she had seen in detective movies. Meanwhile Makoto and Rei were looking for Michiru and Haruka's handcuffs.    

 Outer's mansion, kitchen 

 In the kitchen Setsuna shot Michiru a questioning look who decided to just bluntly speak out her concern: ''How long have you two been going out?'' 

 Setsuna was a bit taken aback by her question and frowned, that couldn't be the reason why Michiru had asked her there.  

''Well, mother..'' she began slightly irritated by the younger senshi's question ''...for few weeks if you must know.''  Michiru blushed a bit by that and continued hastily not wanting to make the older senshi upset: ''I-I mean..I'm just worried about you...'' 

 ''Why?'' Setsuna asked blinking, ''You know, I'm a grown up girl.''  

''I know...'', Michiru started embarrassed and blushed more, ''...I-I just figured that you two might be in some sort of trouble...''

Setsuna looked totally lost and Michiru tried to continue ''...I mean those injuries Yui had, I thought maybe she had been in an abusive relationship, in which you saved her from, and there might be a threat coming after you in the form of an ex with axe, if you know what I mean.''  

 Setsuna stood there for a moment thinking how anyone could have so vivid imagination. 'Then again Michiru had always been the intuitive one and she knew something was wrong and have come up with an explanation on her own..' she thought holding back laughter. 

 ''No no, it's nothing like that.'', Setsuna reassured her quickly and Michiru seemed relieved, ''I can not tell you what it is, because I made a promise to Yui and I don't want to break her trust.'' Setsuna continued before Michiru had the chance to ask, she hated to lie to her family but that seemed to be her plot in this life.  

Her mission was too important to be ruined because of her personal desires. It had always been so and it will always be so.  

 ''Its okay. I'm just glad you two aren't in any trouble.'' Michiru said brightly.  

Setsuna couldn't stop wondering the amount of love and caring her senshi family and friends gave her, it felt so odd after the years of her absolute loneliness and isolation while fullfilling her destiny and duty. 

 ''I must be the luckiest person in the world to have such a caring family and friends like you, thank you.'' Setsuna said genuinely touched.  

Michiru was surprised by the sudden show of emotions but answered smiling ''Your welcome.''. 

 ''Oh, one more thing..'', Michiru continued, ''...are you going to tell about us being the sailor senshi?''.  

''Well, she knows that I am and I'm going to tell about the rest of you soon, it's not the kind of thing you can hide from the person you love, is it?'' Setsuna said thinking that her real reasons to tell were a bit different. 

 ''And you're sure she won't reveal our true identities to anyone?'' Michiru questioned.  

''Positive.'' Setsuna answered confidently.  

''That's enought for me. So shall we go back.'' Michiru said smiling warmly.  

''Yes.'' Setsuna answered casually though she suddenly felt that something was wrong with Yui, it was really hard to keep an eye on her because she was invisible in the timeline.  

Quickly Setsuna opened the living room door and was shocked to see Yui treated like a prisoner of war; she had been cuffed to her chair while a lamp was directed towards her eyes. Usagi, Rei and Makoto were shotting questions at her while Minako tried to write everything down thinking that Setsuna had trained Yui well, they hadn't got out any answers from her. It didn't even occur to Minako that maybe Yui just didn't have the answers.  

 'If only they knew that the one they had cuffed and were having an inquisition on, was a future god...' Setsuna thought irritated and was certain that the vein on her forehead would burst in any second now. 

 ''Is that any way to treat my girlfriend?'' Setsuna said coldly, hovering over the four inquisitors.  

Silence worse than death itself fell in the room and Yui looked extremely happy seeing Setsuna. Hotaru looked Setsuna apologizenly but rather amused. 'She must have been ''informed'' as Khronos put it' Setsuna thought. Ami just looked mortified and Haruka was trying not to laugh knowing her wife's temper. Three Inner senshi and their princess looked extremely guilty and the leader of the Inner senshi tried to hide her notebook and pen. Princess of the Moon kingdom turned off the lamp imperceptibly while they all put away their sunglasses and tried to act like nothing had happened during the time Setsuna had been gone. 

 '' I think I left the stove on. We must go, now. We'll continue this later on. Thanks for your hospitality.'' Rei said and grapped Minako who grapped the doorframe.  

''Noo, Rei, the fun is just about to begin!'' Minako protested loudly. 

 However, Rei had had enough fun for the day and she practically carried the protesting, yet giggling, Minako away in cavewoman style, not wanting to see the time senshi kill her girlfriend. 

 ''Um...I think I left the kettle on. See ya soon and thanks!'' Makoto stated and hurried after Minako and Rei with Ami.  

''Wait for me!! Geez, what kinds of bodyguards are you?!'' Usagi screamed stealing a handfull of cookies from the bowl, for lunch of course, and ran after the Inners.  

Setsuna turned to look Haruka. 

 ''May I ask, why you did nothing to stop them?'' 

 ''Well.. um.. you know how they are! They would have propably just tied me, Hotaru and Ami and who would have warned you then, if it would have developed into a real inquisition?'' she tried to defend herself.  

''Oh, whatever. Yui, are you okay?'' 

 ''Um..yes..could someone uncuff me, please?'' Yui said sounding a bit shaken.  

 ''Oh, that damn key is still lost. I guess we have to use the trick which Minako teached.'' Michiru said sighing. 

 ''Wait, I got a cooler idea. Hotaru could you loan you're Silence glaive?'' Haruka asked sounding ominous.  

Yui looked like she didn't even want to know what that silence thingy was. 

 ''No daddy. How many times I have to say it? Use your own saber. Uh, is this the key you're talking about?'' Hotaru asked while waving a small metal key in her hand. 

 ''Yes! Where did you find it?'' Michiru asked relieved.  ''It was under the sofa's cushion.'' 

 ''Oh, it must have left there after the last time we --krmrmh. So, let's free poor Yui.'' Haruka muttered blushing lightly and took the key from Hotaru and opened Yui's handcuffs.  

Yui thanked Haruka while rubbing her wrists. 

 ''Yui would you like something to eat?'' Setsuna asked her suddenly as if remembering that they haven't eaten in all day. Just on cue Yui's stomach growled. 

 ''Yes, please. I haven't eaten since yesterday.'' Yui answered embarassed. 

 ''Oh, my! Setsuna did you put her on some forced diet? To me she looks very slim and fine. Hmm, indeed..'' Haruka said flirtingly while eyeing blushing Yui shamelessly.  

*WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!* (Did she really think Michiru would let her get away with something like that?)  

''Ouch! Ouch Ouch!'' 

 ''Come on Yui. Let's get something to eat. Just ignore Haruka.'' Setsuna muttered while dragging Yui to kitchen and letting Michiru handle Haruka.  

Setsuna started to prepare lunch and asked Yui: ''So, what did you like about my family and friends?''.  

''Well, um, your daughter seems really nice.. And.. um.. I'm sure the others are really nice as well, once you get to know them that is.'' She answered, not wanting to upset her hostess.  

Setsuna just smiled to her politeness, ''Yeah, they're a bit weird but don't worry they're good people. Even if it didn't seem so today...They're actually sailor senshi, just like I am, with different powers though. So if you're ever in trouble and I'm not there, don't hesitate to ask them for help.'' 

 ''Oh really? Are you sure their also warriors like you are?'' 

 ''Yes.'' Sesuna replied amused. 

 ''Don't take me wrong but they certainly didn't seem so..'' 

 ''Yeah, I know. Don't worry, some day when you don't have this much in your mind, I'll tell you our story.''  

Yui nodded smiling as Setsuna set the table and they started to eat. She was certain it would be an interesting story but right now she had had too much information already.  Setsuna watched amused as Yui ate with appetite which matched even Usagi's.

  ''You can go to my room, if you want to be alone a bit after all this. Bathroom is really close in case you want to take shower, towels can be found in the closet there. I'll follow you in a sec, I'll just clear the table and talk to my family. And don't worry, they won't try to interrogate you like the younger ones did, they know better by now, so you can go by yourself.'' 

 Yui nodded relieved, thanked for the food and disappeared through the kitchen door.  Setsuna cleared the table and washed the dishes. Then she prepared to talk to her family and went to living room.Hotaru, Haruka and Michiru were sitting on the couch, watching TV. 

 ''Hi, Setsuna. What's up?'' Haruka said smirking as she noticed Setsuna.  

''I forgot to tell you earlier. Yui is moving in with me. Or should I say with us.  Any objections?''   

Everyone of them was surprised by that but they just shook they're heads. 

 ''Good. Goodnight Hotaru. And you two. I have to excuse myself.'' 

 ''G'night, mom.'' Hotaru replied.  

Michiru put her hand over Haruka's mouth before she had the change to blurt out whatever it was this time and wished Setsuna goodnight. 

 ''Well, I guess new love is eager and passionate.'' Haruka said as soon as Michiru removed her hand.  

''Hotaru. It is time to go bed.'' Michiru said sternly. 

 ''Okay, mommy.'' she said obediently not wanting to see Michiru mommy beating Haruka daddy with the newspaper again, though it looked really funny. Somehow she just couldn't imagine herself and Chibiusa in same kind of situation, ever.  

Haruka looked helplessly as Hotaru went to upstairs. She glanced fearfully at Michiru who had this menacing glint in her eye. 

 ''Umm..I think I go to bed too..'' Haruka said weakly, ready to flee the opponent before her. 

 ''Yes...'', Michiru murmured, ''You're going to go to bed..with me. I have a bone to pick with you.'' she continued, the now legendary handcuffs hanging between her fingers.  

Haruka gulped. ''Michiru is so merciless sometimes..'' she thought smirking.   

 Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room 

 Finally Setsuna was back in her room. Yui was sitting on the bed, her hair wet and she was fidgetting the hem of her shirt nervously, obviously waiting for Setsuna. 

 ''You can relax, this is your home now.'' Setsuna said shutting the door behind her.  

Yui looked up and stammered ''Y-Yes. T-Thank you. This all seems so surreal and when I was alone here I thought I had imagined it all.'' 

 ''It's okay. It takes time but everything is going to be alright.'' Setsuna reassured her thinking what cliché that was.  

''So, I'm guessing your earthly possessions must be slim.''

  ''Yes. I lost practically everything, well what was left anyway, in the last fight with the creature.'' she admitted embarrassed.  

''Don't worry..'', Setsuna said walking to her drawer and taking out a set of nightclothes, ''..we'll take care of that and other things tomorrow. Here, take this. You can sleep on the bed, I sleep on the couch.''  

''Thanks., how long its going to take before I become that Khronos person?'' Yui asked shyly. 

 ''Well, I don't know, but its at least years, I guess.'' Setsuna answered unsurely. 

 ''And you're going to sleep all that time on the couch? Doesn't your family find it a bit strange?'' Yui continued.  

Now it was Setsuna's time to get embarrassed. 

 ''Uh..I guess so. My bed is lather large, so I guess it's not a problem..'' Setsuna said uncertainly. 

 ''No it's not.'' Yui answered happily ('too happily' the time senshi thought) and started to change her clothes there in front of Setsuna who blushed second time that day (and lifetime) turning away quickly and excusing herself to the shower, thinking whether or not she did that on purpose. 


Before they knew they were in the bed, ready to sleep. 

 ''Goodnight.'' Setsuna said turning off the light.  

''Goodnight.'' Yui answered and felt fear rushing through her body immediately as the darkness surrounded her.

During these last weeks darkness had became the synonyme of death. She couldn't see Setsuna, she couldn't see anything. Today's relieveness and feel of security went away as horror and loneliness came back. It felt like the creature could attack any minute now, just like before. 

 ''Miss Meioh...?'' she whispered praying that the woman hadn't fallen asleep already.  

''Yes? And call me Setsuna, please.'' came the firm answer.  

''Um...Setsuna...could you hold me? Just for the night. I still feel a bit scared and it all seems so real...'' she admitted mortified.  

''It's okay. I understand. Don't worry, I'm right here.'' Setsuna reassured her and Yui felt Setsuna's arm wrapping around her protectively and she felt Setsuna's warm and firm body pressing against her own.  

Never before, that she could remember, had she felt so save than she was now in Setsuna's arms. All the fears and anxiety faded away.  Just when Yui was about to fell asleep, she heard Setsuna mumble ''This is purely professional. This is purely professional''. She didn't have a clue what that meant so she ignored it and let the sleep claim her.



Chapter 4

Title: New beginnings

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.

4. New beginnings

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

Setsuna woke up as the first rays of sun started to creep through the curtains. For a moment she wondered what was the rather heavy object that lay on top of her. Maybe she had been in a battle and been hit. Then she must have lost consciousness and was now buried under an apartment building. She looked down and saw Yui, her head resting on Setsuna's chest. Setsuna blushed third time in one lifetime. 'How on Earth this happened?' she tought and groaned as her bedroom door opened and Haruka peeked in. 'I should always remeber to lock the door.' she thought and slapped herself mentally.

''Oh, sorry to interrupt the love birds but Michiru ordered me to inform you that breakfast is ready.'' Haruka said smirking.

''Thanks Haruka.'' Setsuna murmured tiredly.

''So, did you two have a wild night? Shame I don't have a camera with me, this is memorable.'' Haruka said conspiracily and winked.

Yui stirred a bit and Setsuna looked Haruka irritated and said sternly: ''If you don't go back downstairs right now, I call Michiru to come and get you and that won't be pretty.''

''Aah, Setsuna! You're so cruel! Fine, I leave you to it.'' Haruka said in faked anger and disappeared from sight.

Setsuna closed her eyes, it felt really nice to have Yui so near but in the same time it was torture. A reminder what she could never have but craved for badly. Setsuna couldn't resist the need to touch Yui's fiery red hair. Slowly she ran her hands through the silky locks, it felt like heaven. Quickly Setsuna drew back her hand and pondered whether or not she should wake up Yui who was sleeping so peacefully. She decided to wake her, if they didn't show up for the breakfast as quickly as possible, Michiru would propably beat Setsuna with the magazine like she had beaten Haruka. That girl had some hidden aggressions -or she just liked to spank things, like Haruka.

''Yui, it's time to get up.'' Yui stirred more and Setsuna blushed second time that day and fourth time for that lifetime as Yui rubbed herself against Setsuna's chest.

''Yui, wake up.'' she said determinedly.

''Umm...what time is it..?'' Yui muttered.

''Time for breakfast.'' Setsuna answered amused.

Finally Yui woke up and a horrified expression painted her face as she realized where she had been sleeping.

''Oh my god! I'm so sorry! You should have thrown me on the floor.'' she said blushing fiercely.

''Uh, no no. It's okay, trust me. Now let's get ready for the breakfast before Michiru comes and beats the crap out of us for being late.''

''Okay.'' Yui said smiling, the blush fading away.


Outer's mansion, kitchen

''Michiru, I wanna boiled eggs!!'' Haruka whined looking her toast and jam.

''If my cooking is not good enough for Your Royal Highness of Uranus, Her Grace can make it herself.''

''You know I love your cooking, but I wanna eggs..pretty P-L-E-A-S-E?? It's your fault that I'm so hungry, you spent all my energy last night!''

''Oh, Haruka! You are impossible, yo-''


The ringing of telephone cut Michiru's speech and she went to answer.

'Damn, I'm starving. How hard could it be to cook one egg?' Haruka thought in agony and went to pick one egg. 'So what should I do with this?', she thought, 'It will take ages for the water to boil, but then again microwave is always so quick, maybe I just put it there..' Haruka opened the microwave oven and put the egg in. She set the timer and set the temperature full blast. She leaned against the counter smiling triumphantly as Michiru appeared through the door.

''Haruka, what are you doing?'' she asked concerned.

''I'm cooking the egg you didn't want to make for me.'' she said proudly.

''You put it in the microwave? You did brake the shell, didn't you?'' Michiru asked even more concerned.

''Why would I? It's more fun to crack it when eating it.'' Haruka answered thinking about eating and drooled over the thought.

''Haruka! Are you nuts? Turn it off, quickly!'' Michiru nearly shouted.

But it was too late. A big !!KABOOM!! rang out in the house. You can say goodbye to the microwave about now (sorry kids, it went to the microwave heaven, there it will tell stories to other microwaves how you should never play with the senshi of air..).

''HA-RU-KA!!!'' Michiru yelled really angrily, but got really scared when she didn't see her and thought horrified: 'Oh my god! Maybe she blew up into pieces! NOO!!'.

''Haruka?'' she said in normal tone and ran worriedly behind the kitchen counter.

Haruka was laying on the ground, wide eyed.

''Are you ok?'' Michiru asked concerned.

''...yes...'' came the shaken answer.

''Oh, good. I thought you blew up!'' Michiru said relieved.

'' you think some crappy microwave will take me down, when even evil monster can't? Though it was close.'' Haruka admitted scared.

''Oh, Ruka. What am I going to do with you?'' Michiru chuckled and hugged her gently.

''You could promise me one thing.'' Haruka said slowly, smiling a bit.


''Never ever let me to near the kitchen ever again. Cooking is too scary and dangerous.''

Michiru started to laugh and kissed her cooking-master-of-the-year wife.

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

Meantime Setsuna and Yui were having a conversation about Yui's past life and what she is going to do until she becomes Khronos.

''I really want to work. I'm really greatful for your help but I want to do my bit.'' Yui said adamantly.

Setsuna nodded understandingly, ''Do you have any idea what job you had in your...previous live?''.

''Well, I don't remember my workplace but I seem to know awfully lot about history and past, though I don't even remeber my own. Hehe. So, I guess I was a historian or something.''

Setsuna frowned a bit, that might be due her future work but she didn't tell her that because she wasn't sure and it was one of the rare things the poor girl seemed to remember.

''Hmm, maybe you could try to get a job from the same university where I work. Our history professor left for Kyoto university while ago, when there was a place open as the professor there had suddenly disappeared. They haven't managed to get a competent professor to replace him, so you might have a good chance.'' 'That would also explain why I told Michiru yesterday that Yui is a collegue of mine..'' Setsuna thought.

''Oh!! That would be great! I'll go there first thing in the morning. I'm sure professors earn quite nicely'' she mused and Setsuna sweatdropped.

''Hold your horses. I don't want to disappoint you, but you don't have any kinds of proof your scholarship nor your ID card. Before we solve that problem you can't...'' while Setsuna was speaking a pile of needed documents appeared on the bed.

''Wow, how you did that?'' Yui asked in awe.

''I didn't. It must be Khronos. Maybe he's trying to compensate his guiltiness about not taking care of you.''

''Oh, thank you very much mister Khronos.'' Yui shouted to the ceilling of Setsuna's room.

''Um, technically he isn't there--'' Setsuna started to explain sweatdropping again.


Setsuna and Yui startled in unison.

''What on Earth was that.?' Yui asked frightened.

''I don't know, but I will find out.'' Setsuna answered sighing and headed downstairs.

Outer's mansion, kitchen

As Setsuna walked through the kitchen door she saw that their microwave oven had went to meet its maker (or maybe not quite so), smoke flowing everywhere.

''What happened?'' she asked casually as Michiru helped Haruka to stand up.

''Oh, nothing much. Haruka just blew up our microwave with an egg.'' Michiru answered smiling fondly at her wife.

''Oh.'' Setsuna said and decided not to ask more questions since something like this tended to happen every week with those two; last week Michiru had broken Haruka's screwdriver when she had tried to use it as a hammer.

Yui peeked in to the kitchen standing behind Setsuna -just to be sure. She looked the mess in bewilderment and thought that hard work must need hard hobbies since no one seemed to be that surprised about what had just happened. For example their daughter just came in and began to eat her breakfast as if everything was okay.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Michiru who said: ''By the way, Usagi called.''

''Really? What our beloved princess wanted?'' Setsuna said raising an eyebrow, still pissed off about yesterday.

''Well Usagi said that she and the Inner senshi felt really sorry about yesterday and they wanted to make it up for Yui by taking her to shopping and eating.''

Yui looked terrified. Setsuna smiled and thought that even the Inners wouldn't be so stupid to try something like that again. Besides it would be good thing for Yui to go out, make friends and start to live her life again after all what happened to her. It would do her no good to hide indoors for the rest of her life (or at least the time spend on this planet).

''So what do you think Yui? It would be a great opportunity to get to know them and you said you wanted new clothes. There are no better shoppers than some of those girls.'' Setsuna said smirking lightly and winked at Yui.

''I-um-I...'' Yui stammered still unsure.

''Oh, don't worry. Hotaru would propably love to go with you to keep an eye of the girls if you're thinking about last evening's activities. Wouldn't you Hotaru?'' Hotaru just nodded for answer, ''And everything is my treat, you can have my credit card.''

''O-okay. I guess it will be fun. Thank you.'' Yui said blushing.

Haruka stared them wide-eyed and jaw hanging on the floor. Then a devilish glint appeared in her eyes.

''Oh, Setsuna honey! Would you please be my girlfriend too? It doesn't bother me, if you have others as long as you loan your credit card to me too. Michiru is so stingy. Please make me your mistress!'' she said smirking shamelessly.



''Haruka Tenoh, behave yourself! You're unbelievable sometimes.''

''Aa! But Michi honey, isn't that what you like about me? Come on my stingy-little-honey-pie.''

''Oh, I will show you shameless woman!!'' Michiru said blushing fiercely and started to look for something bigger and harder than a mere magazine to spank with.

Haruka ran to upstairs with speed of light. Michiru found her rolling pin and ran after her. Others stared after them and sweatdropped.

2 hours later...

There was a knock at the front door and Setsuna went to open it finding their princess and the Inner senshi on the porch.

''Good morning!'' they said in unison.

''Well, good morning to you too. I suppose you came for Yui.'' Setsuna stated deadpanned.

The Inner senshi just nodded, still fearing Setsuna's wrath about yesterday evening's activities.

''She'll be down in a sec. Come on in.'' she said opening the door for them.

''Oh, one more thing'',she continued when the senshi were about to step in, ''I'll send Hotaru with you and if I hear anything like what happened yesterday, you guys are history. Understood?'' Setsuna said dead calmly.

Inner senshi and their princess gulped in unison and nodded obediently.

''Good. Hotaru and Yui - um- honey! They're here.'' Setsuna said trying to live up to their little (huge) lie.

Yui appeared (obviously blushing because of Setsuna's choice of words) downstairs, Hotaru following briefly behind. She looked sceptically the Inners who looked a bit embarassed.

''Um..Miss Yui, we all wanted to apologise our yesterday's behaviour. We got a little bit carried away. It won't happen again. I promise.'' Usagi said and she and the Inner senshi bowed and said ''We're sorry.'' in chorus.

''I-It's okay.'' Yui said relaxing a bit.

''So shall we go!?!'' Usagi shouted impatiently.

''Okay, I just get my purse.'' Yui answered.

She said goodbye to Setsuna while walking past her but Minako wouldn't satisfy for just that.

''Hey, hey! Wait girl! Won't you kiss your girlfriend goodbye? I can't go anywhere without a kiss from snuggle-bunny-Rei-honey.'' she said impishly.

''Minako! Do you always have to reveal our personal stuff?'' Rei muttered under her breath.

''Shh, Rei. I could tell much more terrible things if I wanted and you know it.'' Minako whispered back and Rei hung her head in defeat.

''So, now kiss!'' Minako continued cheerfully.

Setsuna was glaring Minako with a bloodlust look in her eyes. Just when she was about to scold Minako she felt Yui's lips pressing on hers. Setsuna stood there absolutely petrified, all kinds emotions running through her body. It felt so damn good; Yui's lips on hers, so soft and invating. Emotions she hadn't felt for years, decades.. okay, for centuries came back to her in one huge wave. Just when Yui was about to broke the kiss Setsuna put her other hand around Yui's waist and the other behind Yui's head, deepening the kiss. Yui just moaned and leaned even closer to Setsuna. Just when Setsuna was about to take her tongue into the play a flash of bright light returned her to her senses. She quickly broke the kiss and saw smirking Minako with a camera. All the senshi stared at them in disbelief; they had never seen Setsuna so open with her feelings, not to mention physical attention towards anyone.

''Thank you, Minako. That will do, right honey?'' she said trying to stay calm.

Yui just nodded, a dreamy expression painting her face as she and the Inners walked through the front door.

Outer's mansion, yard

''So do you guys want to go with me, Rei and Usagi or will you go with Ami and Makoto's grandmother-speed-style?'' Minako asked grinning.

Yui just stared into nothingness thinking maybe she had gone too far by kissing Setsuna.

''There's nothing granny about driving safely.'' Ami said calmly.

''We will go with Ami and Makoto.'' Hotaru said firmly knowing Minako and Rei's driving styles. Yui sighed in relief, not wanting to make any kind of decisions in that state.

''Party-poopers! Rei honey, give me the keys, I'll show them how you should drive!'' Minako stated.

''Don't even think, it's my turn to drive!'' Rei said irritated.

''BUT REEEII!! I WANNA DRIVE!!'' she shouted.

''No, Minako! It's my turn! You always do that when it's mine turn!'' Rei answered sternly.

Reasoning never worked on Minako and she jumped on Rei's back and started to punch her head with her fists. Rei dropped onto her knees and fell backwards straddling Minako under her. Usagi went to sit impatiently in to the car (just to be safe too).

''Give up!'' Rei said smirking triumphantly.

''Never!'' Minako shouted and started tickling Rei who rolled over screaming.

In instant Minako jumped on top of Rei pinning her to the ground. Rei wrapped her strong legs around Minako's waist, not letting her move. They panted and glared each other smirking. Then Minako brought in her deadly weapon which Rei couldn't resist: herself. She started slowly kiss a way from Rei's mouth to her throat.

''Minako..uuh..don't...that is so unfair...stop it...aah..'' Rei murmured looking like she was about give up in any minute, but was thinking hard a way to escape the situation as winner.

''We might as well go. That will take a while and knowing they're driving style, they will catch us.'' Makoto said and turned to walk towards her car.

Yui looked back while walking behind Makoto and Ami and saw Rei whisper something to Minako who blushed and asked ''Really? You would do that? And the bunny-honey-outfit too?''.

Rei nodded and Minako let go of her hands and said ''Okay, you can drive.''.

Rei released Minako's waist allowing her to stand up and Minako helped Rei up. 'These guys get kicks out of odd things..' Yui thought and turned back to her companions.

''Makoto, can I drive?'' Ami asked her lover.

'Oh, no! Not again! These people have some serious issues with cars...', Yui thought desperately, at this rate they would reach their destination next week. 'Though this one shouldn't take that long. That slender looking bluenette doesn't look like she stands a chance against that tall, pretty muscular (hmm..yummy...) girl.' Yui thought and blushed when she realised she was at it again.

''Sure, honey. I felt a bit tired anyway.'' Makoto answered smiling brightly.

Yui certainly didn't expect that; these people were full of surprises, even if it meant just being normal. 'And these guys are so different from each other.' Yui thought in bewilderment when she got into Makoto's car and they finally pulled off.

4 hours later...

Tokyo, Crown

Drive to the mall went peacefully except for one car which drove past them speeding and they were able to see two blondes waving their fists and making victory marks while a raven haired driver were showing her tongue at them.
Who on Earth that kind of rude people could have been?

Once reaching the mall, thay spent the whole day shopping hard. Yui had beaten even Minako and Usagi with the amount of clothes she had bought, though Minako and Usagi's price range was something else, which made Rei whimper in the brink of tears (and Mamoru too, later on). The others were amazed by Yui's shopping because it looked like she had bought herself a whole wardrobe different kinds of clothes and other everyday grocery. Of course Yui couldn't tell them the real reason for that, so she just said she didn't like shopping that much and when she went for it, she bought all in one time.

During the day Yui got to know Setsuna's friends (and sisters-in-arms) a bit better and she was actually feeling relaxed when spending time with them. They were really nice people once you survive the first counter with them. She liked them all but especially Minako. They had a lot of common though Yui didn't bring her personality out as much as Minako due recent events and because she didn't know these guys so well yet. She took part in the conversation but mostlystayed as a observer, maybe with time she would open up more to them.

After all that shopping they had decided to eat at the Crown. The conversation drifted around common issues and Yui sensed that they didn't dare to ask anything personal, because of the last night, so she decided to take the initiative.

''So what do you guys do? Are you working or are you studying?''

All the senshi seemed happy by Yui's question and Usagi started to shout ''Me first! Me first! I'm studying to become kindergarten teacher someday!''

''Those poor children.'' Rei said smiling evilly.

''Rei, you're so mean! Anyways, Mamoru said that I would be goo-'' Usagi started to get going but was interrupted by Minako: ''Usagi, it's supposed to be short introduction, not the whole life story.''

Usagi looked her bodyguard battalion's leader unhappily, but didn't say anything.

''I'm studying singing and music in general. I'm going to be a super hyper pop idol someday! Right Rei honey?''

''Uh..right. Whatever you say dear. Anyway, I'm a shinto priestess at Hikawa Shinja shrine but I'm also studying economics.''

Yui kept nodding and turned to the next speaker.

''I'm still in high school, but I would like to become a nurse someday.'' Hotaru said shyly and Yui smiled understandingly.

''I'm studying to become chef someday but I'm also part-time martial arts teacher.'' Makoto continued their introductions.

Yui's eyes brightened and she asked ''Really? Could you teach them to me too?''.

''Which one?'' Makoto asked amused, this seemed to happen a lot with girls and Ami tried hard not to be jealous.

''Both, please.'' Yui said eagerly.

''Okay, sure thing. Wanna become good wife to Setsuna someday, eh?'' she said smirking and blushing Ami poked her lightly making Makoto cough a bit.

''Uuh..something like that.'' Yui answered thinking 'At this point more likely to be able defend myself against horrible unearthly monsters and to be able take part in domestic works.' and said ''So what about you Ami?''.

''I'm a med school student hoping to become doctor someday.'' Ami answered.

Yui nodded and Minako nearly shouted: ''So, Yui. What do you do for living?''.

'I'm a god of time. Got nice palace in other dimension, wanna come and see?' Yui thought.

''I'm a historian.'' Yui said trying to sound convincing.

'How boring!' Minako and Usagi thought.
'How interesting!' Ami and Rei thought.
'Everyone walks their own way.' Hotaru and Makoto thought.

Everyone's thoughts were interrupted by Yui who shouted suddenly ''Ooh! Is that Sailor V game? Could someone play with me?''

Everyone stared her bewildered, Minako was the first one to recover: ''I'm on! Do you like playing?''

''Hmm..I think so.. I-I mean yes I do.'' Yui stammered.

''Well then, lets find out what you're made of! Come on!'' Minako said and dragged Yui to the game.

''So what do you think of Setsuna's new girlfriend?'' Makoto asked grinning when they left.

''I think she's a bit weird. Suits Setsuna though.'' Usagi said thoughtfully.

''Usagi, you bubblehead! That was not a nice thing to say!'' Rei scolded her.

''I didn't mean it like that! It was a compliment!'' Usagi tried to protest.

''Yeah right!''

And then the ever famous tongue war began. Hotaru tried to ignore them smiling a bit and concertrated on her soda while Ami and Makoto got bored and started a tongue war of their own, enjoying the freedom their revealed relationship was providing.

1 hour later...

The tongue wars raged on on all fronts as wild as before when Yui and Minako got back. Hotaru had got bored after fifteen minutes and was playing some car race game.

Rei noticed Minako and ignored instantly the funny faces making Usagi.

''How it went honey?'' she asked politely.

''Don't even ask.'' Minako said crumpily which caught Usagi's attention.

''So Yui, how did it go?'' Usagi asked curiously.

''Uh..'', Yui began not wanting to upset the already upset Minako, ''...well, I kinda sorta won...all the games. But it was propably pure luck.'' she said and gulped when she saw Minako's expression which was way more scarier than even in last night.

''Mamoru!!'' Usagi shrieked and rushed from the table and jumped on a black haired man.

''Hi guys.'' Mamoru said carrying the clinging Usagi.

''It's more like bye guys!'' Usagi screamed in delight and dragged Mamoru away.

Everyone sweatdropped.

''Well, I think we should go too. Right Makoto?'' Ami asked a glint in her eye.

''Right. So Yui do you and Hotaru need a lift?'' Makoto asked eager to leave.

''No they don't!'', Minako shouted and startled everybody, ''We have some unfinished business here. You guys go ahead, Rei and I will take them home.''

''O-okay.'' Ami said and she and Makoto left hastily.

Minako turned to face Yui and Yui tried to look for Hotaru who was concentrating on her game, then she looked pleadingly at Rei who looked uncomfortable.

''Minako, remember Setsuna.'' Rei whispered.

Minako ignored her and said pointing to her left ''So Yui, don't you think you should buy something nice for Setsuna, as a gift?''

Yui looked at the direction where Minako was pointing. There was two shops, A fisherman equipment shop and an erotic underwear shop. Yui knew exactly which one Minako meant but she tried to play dumb.

''Oh, you're right Minako! I'm sure Setsuna needs a new fishing net!''

Minako sweetdropped and Rei smiled amused.

''No, no! I meant the other shop. Don't you know the saying 'a way to woman's heart goes through her underwear'?'' Minako quoted lifting her finger and trying to look educational.

Yui looked Minako bewildered and Rei almost fell over and blurted out ''What?! I think you got that one wrong dear.''

Minako smiled to Rei innocently and pinched her bottom.

''I-I-you-you-you're impossible!'' Rei whined blushing.

''Yes and I know you love it.'' Minako stated huskily.

Just when Rei was about to escape from Minako's reach Minako swiftly grapped her from behind wrapping her arms around Rei's waist and giggled while hugging her. Rei blushed and tried to pretend she didn't like it though she actually enjoyed it. Yui tried to think ways to escape and decided to play time, maybe Hotaru would get bored and would come soon back so they could leave.

''So, um, how you to got together?'' she asked trying to sound really interested and hoped it would make Minako forget the underwear shop.

''We-'' Rei started but Minako cut in: ''Oh, I just love this story. Sorry honey but I will tell this one.''

''Okay.'' Rei said sighing still being held by Minako.

''In one stormy night, I was laying awake thinking about my life and realised Rei was everything I've ever wanted. So I went to meet her that night at Hikawa Shinja shrine. Then I seduced her. I think she fancied me too because she submitted herself rather quickly and easily to my ministrations, hehe. So we started to go out. End of story. How beautiful, now lets go to the erotic underwear shop!'' Minako said having noticed Yui's poor attempt to get out of the situation.

''MI-NA-KO!! That certainly wasn't the way it went! You-you- you lightheaded blonde!'' Rei nearly screamed embarrassed and tried to get off Minako's deathgrip, in vain.

''Oh, shut up honey. It was close enough, we haven't got the whole day.'' she said huskily to Rei's ear and jumped on Rei's bagback.

Rei sweatdropped blushing but carried Minako obediently to the shop. She just loved her too much to protest and was basicly happy when Minako was. Yui followed hunging her head in defeat.

Half an hour later...

Hotaru looked as Minako, Rei and Yui were walking to her direction. Everyone else seemed to have left earlier. Minako had triumphant look on her face while Rei was still carrying her, panting now. Yui looked emarrassed while carrying a little packet in her hand and when noticing Hotaru she quickly put it in her pocket.

''Hi Hotaru. Are you ready to go home?'' Minako asked her.

''Yes.'' Hotaru replied.

''Good. Now let's go.'' Minako said cheerfully then looked down when nothing happened.

Rei looked like she was about to pass out.

''Oh! Sorry, honey! I forgot. You can put me down now.''

''Thank you, you're higness.'' Rei said mockingly and almost fell over from exhaustion when Minako's weight was lifted from her.

''Aah! Rei you should have said that I was too heavy for you.''

''You never are my love, this is just a hot day.'' she said panting.

''Oh, Rei! You're always so wonderful and thoughtful! I will make a nice dinner for you!'' Minako beamed.

Rei's eyes widened in shock as she thought about Minako's cooking skills.'

''No honey! You don't have to! You know how much I like to cook for you! If you let me cook that would be the best way to say thank you!'' she said trying to sound casual.

''Oh, okay honey.. As you wish, but I'll at least carry you to the car.'' she said and lifted Rei on the ground to her arms.

''No, Minako! Not like this! Everyone is looking! Let me go!'' Rei tried to protest.

Minako ignored her and carried her to the car. Rei decided to play unconscious so people wouldn't consider them weird. Yui looked them in awe. 'How this people can be so strong! Minako certainly doesn't look that strong! Setsuna was at least that strong too.. is that because they're senshi? Will I become that strong too when I start to train with that sexy hunk, miss Kino..?..propably not..' Yui thought and followed them with Hotaru.

Fifteen minutes later...

Outer's mansion, yard

A sports car drove speeding on the street making a deadly turn to the yard of the outer's mansion (Michiru won't be happy when she sees her abused lawn). Two passengers staggered (or fell) out of the car while the blonde driver and her raven haired companion waved goodbye to them and sped away in speed of light.

A/N: I just had to bring the Inners back, they're just so fun to write. This was rather long chapter...well so what. In the next chapter is time to familiarize Yui with time (how sad pun, hehe).

No microwave ovens were harmed during the filming.

Chapter 5

Title: Master and apprentice

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.

5. Master and apprentice

Outer's mansion, living room

Setsuna was sitting in the living room, staring into nothingness and thinking hard. That kiss was.. something. It had provoked emotions which Setsuna had tried to dug six feet under these past years. It looked like her spade had broken because she couldn't put them back under ground. All she could think was the feeling of Yui's soft lips on hers and her own reaction; how she had deepened the kiss though she should have broken it. She had never before lost her self control like that. It looked like she was falling for that girl and hard. Now she just have to think ways to banish that kinds of thoughts and submit to her lonely destiny. 'That will be hard once you've tasted the heaven..' Setsuna thought depressed.

She also thought about yesterday and how it had changed her life, as it seemed now, perminately. Even if Yui would stay only couple of years, she would become her boss after that and that was pretty interesting fact. She would have to put up this facade for the rest of her life (which was VERY long). The thought was absolutely paralysing. Not to mention that they have to pretend to be lovers for years. It would be even harder to control her mind when SHE was so close. 'Oh, what on Earth I have gotten myself into?' she thought banging her head on a decoration pillow. Then she heard the front door opening and ceased her self destructive activity.

''Hello! We are home!'' Hotaru shouted still feeling a bit seasick.

''Hi! I'm in the living room.'' Setsuna shouted back and tried to pull herself together.

Hotaru appeared in the doorway with Yui who was carrying two packs.

''Did you have good time? And more importantly, did the Inners behave themselves?'' Setsuna asked Hotaru.

''Yes and yes. I'm gonna go and do my homework now.'' Hotaru replied happily and went to her room, leaving Yui and Setsuna alone.

''So did you enjoy your shopping trip?''

''Yes, it was fun! Thanks for encouraging me to go. And the girls are really nice once you get to know them.'', Yui said smiling and then blushed when she remembered something, ''Even though they forced me to buy this to you. I'm so sorry, I didn't know what to do 'cause they think we're a couple.'' she said and gave Setsuna a small packet.

Very cautiously Setsuna opened the packet and found black strings with small printed text saying 'Yui's property' in red letters. Setsuna's jaw dropped and she was certain she would die then and there. Yui looked like she wanted the earth to swallow her and leave no trace. The gift looked like the handiwork of a certain love senshi. 'Oh, I'm gonna get her for this..' Setsuna thought shaken.

''I wouldn't even give that to you if I didn't know that they will ask you about it the next time they see you. Sorry, I will pay for those and everything when I get a job.'' Yui rambled beet red.

''Umm..oh..don't worry about it. This was my treat. Um, thank you for the gift.'' Setsuna said holding her blush with all her will power.

Just right on the cue Haruka appeared at the living room doorway and Setsuna didn't react fast enough to hide her 'present'. It took Haruka few moments to realise what was happening, but when she realized that Yui had given Setsuna strings as a present her eyes lit and she prepared to say something really smart and proper.

''Oh, no no no Haruka! You won't! Michiru help!! Haruka is at it again!'' Setsuna shouted and hoped that the senshi of sea was in the house.

Terrified expression spread all over Haruka's face and she said in disbelief:''I can't believe you Setsuna! I didn't even say anything! That was so cruel and unfair!''

''Yeah, that was my point!'' Setsuna said irritated.

''HA-RU-KA-TE-NOH!!!'' Michiru shouted from the upstairs.

''Oh, no! Here we go again...'' Haruka whimpered and looked for a place to hide and decided to go to carage and hid under the car, maybe Michiru wouldn't look there. As if.

Setsuna sighed relieved as Haruka disappeared from the doorway.

''They have pretty rough relationship, don't they?'' Yui asked in awe as they saw Michiru looking for Haruka with rolling pin in her hands.

''Well, they're really passionate. But Haruka doesn't mean anything bad with those things she says and Michiru doesn't hit Haruka as hard it may seem, merely pokes. It is like a game for them which they both enjoy. Michiru said to me once that it keeps their relationship fresh and exciting.''

''Oh! I'm so glad to hear that. Even though that kind of thing wouldn't be my cup of tea. At all.'' Yui said smiling.

''Yes, I know what you mean.'' Setsuna said with a little smile as she hid her 'present' to prevent further embarassments and confrontations.

''So do you feel up to your first lesson about you know what?'' Setsuna asked thinking the sooner they started the more she could teach.

''Oh, sure! That would be cool!'' Yui beamed.

Setsuna sweatdropped.

''Um..glad to see your excited. We better go to my room to be sure.''

When she rouse to her feet she saw smirking Michiru and Haruka at the doorway, oddest expressions on their faces and they were obviously holding back laughter. 'Oh no! How long they've been listening, or do I even need to ask?' she thought depressed.

''Don't worry guys, Hotaru left to see a friend and we are going out to dinner, so you got the whole house to yourselves so you don't necessarily need to use your room.'' Haruka said helpfully and even Michiru was smirking.

'This is just great and I have to put this up for god knows how long..' Setsuna thought and said ''Thanks guys, you're as helpful as ever. Now let's go Yui.''

''Wow they're really eager.'' Michiru commented as she and Haruka watched Setsuna dragging Yui to upstairs.

''Yeah, and their bed talk sounds really weird.'' Haruka added.

Once they were in their room, door locked and double checked Setsuna sighed in relief as Yui put down her shopping.

''Did they think that we were going to have-'' Yui asked.

''Yes.'' Setsuna said quickly before Yui could finish her sentence.

''Oh, hehehehee. They're funny.'' Yui said laughing a bit.

It was the first time since she had met Yui that Setsuna saw her laughing and she liked the sound of it.

''I'm glad they don't bother you.''

''Oh, not at all. I'm liking them more and more all the time.'' Yui admitted.

''Nice to hear. Now down to business.'' Setsuna said and transformed into Sailor pluto.

''Wow that is so cool! Can I do that do?'' Yui asked eagerly.

''I'm afraid you don't have a transformation, you just are the Time.'' Setsuna answered.

''Oh, how boring.'' Yui pouted.

''But you have really... cool... mark on your forehead and a staff which you use to channel your powers with.'' Setsuna tried to console.

''Really? Where's my staff?'' Yui said her eyes brightening.

''You have to summon it.''


''You are its owner and master and you must bend it to your will. Order it to come forth.'' Setsuna tried to explain.

''Um..ok..'' Yui said sounding everything else but sure.

''Its okay. Just try it.'' Setsuna encouraged and Yui nodded.

''Okay here we go: Hey, you crappy old time stick! Come here right now or I will kick the crap out of your sorry little ass!!'' Setsuna nearly fell off a cliff when hearing that, luckily there were no cliffs.

''How it went?'' Yui asked excitedly.

'' have to be a bit more polite, even though you are its master it still have a mind of its own. It actually has a name. And that name is....''

*Drums* *Audience its holding breath* *fanfares*

''The Time Staff.'' Setsuna pronounced dramatically and Yui fell over comically.

''Oh, okay. How original.'' Yui said scratching the back of her head.

Yui tried to concentrate, she tried to feel the same power she had felt when she had escaped the creature yesterday. The wheel of zodiac appeared on her forehead once again. Setsuna smiled satisfied.

''Oh, The Time Staff, I the future Khronos, god of time, command thee, come forward.'' Yui said in commanding and firm tone and stretched out her hand.

A four feet (A/N: about 1,2 m) long staff appeared in Yui's hand. It looked liked it was made of wood but it was as hard as stone. It had a round stone on the other end and when you watched closely you could see it looked like a human eye with green iris, on the other side was dial, showing the True Time. There was a golden ring going round the stone and many little hourglasses were attached to the ring.

''YEEAH! O-OH, I DID IT! HOW COOL!!!'' Yui screamed happily waving the staff around and almost knocking Setsuna's lights off.

Setsuna prayed that the others had left already and didn't hear Yui's burst of emotions, god knows what they'd think she and Yui were doing by the sound of that.

''Congratulations, this was the first step on your long path to divinity.'' Setsuna said to Yui gracefully.

''Ehe, thanks. Now how I use this?'' she asked impatiently.

''We can try it now. Remember the place where I found you yesterday?'' Yui nodded for answer.

''It is the Gates of time, which guardian I am among other things. We can try to get there. There we can practise in peace, no one will bother us and if will, well, I have to blow them up anyway. Lets go.''

''O-okay.'' Yui replied thinking about yesterday and how near death she had been.

Setsuna raised her staff and prepaired to leave.

''H-hey wait, how can I get there?'' Yui asked worriedly

Setsuna turned to look at Yui.

''You're the time itself. All living things, including myself, can be seen in time, if you want them to be seen. So basicly, you just have to want to see me and come after me. Its simplier to you to move in time than it is for me, because the time is you and you are the time.''

Yui didn't quite understand at all what Setsuna was saying but she followed her anyway, just stopping to look herself on the mirror with the staff and the cool shining mark on her forehead. She stepped after Setsuna thinking all the time how she didn't want to lose the sight of her. She actually could feel the time, though she knew it sounded stupid but she felt it alright. It was all around her, it was in her, it was her, and she was everywhere. She moved in it, she moved with it, and it somehow opened before her, allowing her to do what she wanted in it. It felt like the time whispered her all the time, communicating in subconscious level and she answered to it without even knowing it. It really was her element, they became one. And then she was there, at the Gates of time. Setsuna was standing amongst the mist, waiting for her.

Time vortex, the Gates of time

''Good job! Your starting to get a hang of it.'' Setsuna praised her.

''Yeah! It was great! As if I became one with time.'' Yui explained happily.

Setsuna nodded smiling.

''Now I want to find my family, how I do that?'' Yui asked suddenly dead serious.

''What?'' Setsuna blurted out.

''You heard me, I want to find my family with these powers. Its awful to know there is people who loved you and raised but not being able to remember who they were, or who your friends were. I want to find them.''

''Yui, I'm really sorry but that isn't possible. Once that kind of thing is done, it can not be undone. All the strings you and your family had, have been broken and can not be fixed anymore. Not even by you. I'm sorry.'' Setsuna said sadly.

''Oh..okay.. But don't be sorry. Its not your fault.'' Yui said disappointed.

''What kind of family you have? You know beside the senshi?'' Yui asked after a moment of silence..

''You know that I'm old, right?'', Yui nodded, ''I'm really really old, and centuries and centuries ago I had to watch as my family and friends were slain in a war which made no sense. I was unable to do anyhing to help them because of my duty. Because of my job. Because of my destiny. At the time, it tore me apart.'' Setsuna confessed sounding sad and Yui regretted asking.

''I'm sorry, I didn't know.''

''Don't worry about it. Past is past and now I have a chance to new life like the rest of us.'' Setsuna said smiling a bit.

Yui nodded understandingly and decided to change the subject: ''Um..Setsuna...what exactly are my powers? I mean what I can do?''

''Well, you're the time. You are everywhere, you are everything. Everything and everyone that moves in time are under your control. You can't create life and you can't destroy life but you oversee and control everything and everyone's journey through time. You keep the wheel of time turning one might say. And you keep sure no one tries to abuse the flow of time and I'm actually your soldier in that apartment. You can interfear in the flow of time but as a god of time you'll know that is forbidden. Basicly, you're duty is making sure the flow of time never stops. It includes much more and we're going to go to that later on, your education is going to take long time.'' she said ending her monologue.

''So basicly I could do anything I liked, but I can't because it's forbidden and unmoral and might throw all existence into disorder?''

''Something like that.''

''Damn, this must be the most boring job in the world.'' she muttered.

''Well, but it has its benefits, you know the palace and all. Would you like to see my place? We can have a cup of tea while I tell you more.'' Setsuna proposed.

''Sure!'' Yui said, her eyes brightening.

Setsuna led Yui into the mist and after some walking Yui saw a house, or a manor more likely. She watched fascinated as its emerged amongst the mist, bit by bit. When they reached the entrance of the manor, Setsuna opened the door and let Yui in.

''Welcome to my humble house'' she said and winked.

''Thanks. Um, how..I mean who made this? And how? You?'' Yui asked in awe as she looked around in the western style decorated hallway.''

''No, I didn't do this. Actually Khronos made it for me when I became Sailor Pluto and the new guardian. I have no idea how he did it. I guess he makes new one to suit different guardians. You have to ask it from himself if you meet him someday.'' Setsuna explained.

''Well, it surely looks nice. Do you like it?'' Yui asked curiously.

''Actually I do. I'm a amazed that kind of bum, as he is, managed to create something like this.''

Yui was shocked by Setsuna's choice of words and she asked: ''What do you mean 'bum'?''

''Er...forget, just a joke. Now let's make some tea.'' Setsuna said trying to avoid the subject, it wasn't necessarily to Yui to know what kind of lazy old begger he's predecessor was. She certainly shouldn't follow his example.

While drinking tea, curiosity once again took Yui over, ''So what exactly are your skills? What can you do?''

''Besides my offensive sailor attacks (which I can also use protecting time and this place), I can travel through time as you know, I can read people's timelines and I can stop one person's flow through time or I can stop everything, you know stop the time itself.''

''What?! You can stop the time?! You can stop me?'' Yui asked in awe.

''Uh..yes. But it is a taboo and I'm not supposed to do that.''

''Well have you broken it?'' Yui asked curiously.

''Eh..yes, once.'' Setsuna admitted.


''I had to save my friends lives, Michiru and Haruka's, they weren't supposed to die then. I thought that the faith of mankind was bound to their survival, and in a way it was. Boy was Khronos then angry with me, if there's one thing he doesn't like, then it is being stopped. He actually destroyed my earthly body for punishment. But he soon forgave me and I was needed back on Earth so I got a permission to get another one.'' Setsuna said smiling to the once horrible, now just funny, memory.

''This all is so weird and confusing.'' Yui said smiling confused.

''Yeah, I know. However I needed to talk to you about something. You know I said I can read people's timelines, meaning I can see all the possible futures that can happen to that certain person and predict what might happen to that person in the future. Are you following me?'' Yui nodded for answer and Setsuna continued: ''It is not simple nor easy and seldomly it is clear or unambiguous because all the choices we make creates new paths we could take and new choices appear all the time, at least it helps me to see possible threaths. Sometimes I consider it as a burden but I don't have to do it if I don't want to and I use it only to make sure nothing is threating the peace of Earth or my friends.''

Yui nodded thinking why Setsuna was telling this to her, not that she didn't consider it fascinating.

''You see, the thing is that I can not see yours nor Khronos' timelines, he had prevented it because he doesn't like the idea I could guard him like that. It actually just makes my job of protecting him harder and I have to trust my instincts to be sure he's not in any danger. But I think you have the right to know about this and decide for yourself whether or not you want to be invisible in the timeline. If you let me see you, it's easier for me to protect you but you don't have to if you're not comfortable with it. You see, in order to make you visible I have to look into your soul and-''

''Do it.'' Yui said straightforwardly.

''Excuse me?'' Setsuna asked shocked.

''Do it. I don't want to experience that what happened to me ever again.'' Yui explained.

''Doesn't it bother you that I can see into your soul? Yui, it means I will see everything, your emotions, fears and so on.''

''I trust you. You wouldn't hurt me, would you?''

''Of course not.'' Setsuna answered instantly.

''That's settled then. Now what we have to do?'' Yui asked eagerly.

''Well I haven't actually done this before but I know what I'm supposed to do. Don't be afraid no matter what I do, just relax and open your mind.'' Setsuna explained.

Yui nodded and closed her eyes trying to calm down, while Setsuna was concentrating on her garnet orb staff asking it to reveal her Yui's timeline. Yui gasped in surprised as she felt Setsuna's hand on her chest. She opened her eyes to see Setsuna's hand disappearing inside of her chest and touching her heart, both of their symbols burned in bright light same as the spot where Setsuna's hand disappeared inside her. To describe the feeling odd would be an understatement. Yui fought back a scream of horror as she felt herself somehow revealed as Setsuna hold her life force in her hand. Against her will she grapped Setsuna's arms as if fearing for her life. Setsuna looked her soothingly but Yui just tightened her grip. Then she felt it. Or saw it. Setsuna's soul. She knew that Setsuna was supposed to see hers, not other way round but she couldn't stop it. It all flooded into her mind. Setsuna's past, all the uncountable years of absolute loneliness flowed through her mind like a tidal wave, Setsuna's emotions, Setsuna's fears, Setsuna's thoughts, everything. It was too much and Yui passed out.

Setsuna managed to see into Yui's soul and open Yui's timeline for her to see. Then Yui passed out. She had no idea if that was supposed to happen. She pulled out of her hand from Yui's chest and took Yui into her arms and carried her on the sofa. She laid her gently on it and took a seat beside. Setsuna sighed in relief, it had taken more from her than she had expected, and it was emotionally consuming. All the emotions Yui kept to herself, all her weaknesses, all the fears she had about her situation and about herself about everything, and the fact she didn't remember her past, which bothered her much more than she let on. It felt really odd to know that kinds of things about someone, things they wouldn't want anyone to know. Well, Setsuna had suggested this so it was her job to deal with it and not burden Yui about it. She must feel even more horrible knowing that someone knows all her deeepst thoughts.

Yui stirred a bit and opened her eyes slowly. At times like this she actually looked a bit like princess Kakyuu.

''Uuh..what happened?'' Yui said and rose to sit.

''I managed to reveal your timeline and you passed out. How are you feeling?'' Setsuna said

''Okay. Glad it worked.'' Yui said hesitantly.

''So what's going to happen next in my life?'' Yui asked eyes brightening.

''I can not tell. It's also part of my job not to reveal things about future.'' Setsuna said smiling mysteriously.

''You know this work is really boring.'' Yui whined.

Setsuna smiled and helped Yui up.

''Yeah, I know, but in the end, it's worth it. If it wasn't I wouldn't have sacrificed so much for it.'' Setsuna said smiling understandingly.

Yui smiled back to her and they left Setsuna's manor to return back to outer's mansion.

A/N: I figured out Setsuna must have a place to stay if she had to guard the Gates of time. I think she wouldn't have been sleeping in the mist, on a cold floor etc. so this was my version and interpretation about that.
In the next chapter Khronos is going to be back on the track.

Chapter 6

Title: Waiting for something

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.

6. Waiting for something

Outer's mansion, kitchen

It had been three months since Setsuna had saved Yui in the Gates of time and Yui had learned about her divinity. Yui hadn't had the courage to tell Setsuna about the fact that she also had seen into Setsuna's soul the day after. It wasn't suppose to happen and Yui didn't want to ruin their friendship by telling something that might totally upset Setsuna and make her act differently towards her. Their understanding and feelings for each other had deepened a lot during the time spent together. Yui was fascinated by the fact that they actually knew almost everything about each others and still accepted each other.

Setsuna had started to feel that their friendship might have a chance to turn into relationship if she just wanted it. But she was still unsure and her old feelings held her back and prevented her to take the leap of faith. Beside Setsuna wasn't 100% sure about Yui's feelings since she hadn't made a move on her either. Maybe Yui just considered her as a really good friend? But all the looks Yui gave her sometimes when she thought Setsuna wasn't looking. All the little gestures; hands brushing together when doing domestic works, how she always had to show Yui how to hold her time stick in her hands properly over and over again and so on. It all might be Setsuna's imagination but there is something fishy about it all anyway.

Most clear thing that made Setsuna suspect was the fact that in the whole time she had knew Yui, she had never show slightest interest towards anyone else. Yui had got the job in the university (even though her age had arose few questions in which Yui answered to be a child genius, how modest indeed) and had got new collegues and friends but still she wasn't interested in anyone. She had also deepened her friendship towards Setsuna's family and the Inners and had met new people through them but no one had provoked reaction in Yui. Not even the people at Makoto's martial arts lessons, though she had that odd sparkle in her eyes afterwards. No, Setsuna hadn't seen or heard Yui once drooling over anyone, it was weird. Setsuna thought maybe she wast just a frigid but she cartainly didn't seem so.

In some level Setsuna wanted to believe Yui was interested in her, in other level she wanted to deny it and run to hide her head in bushes. Setsuna was really confused about her feelings. About everything. She once again used the old trick and tried to forget and banish those thoughts but that became harder and harder by each passing day.

Of course what Setsuna didn't know, was the fact that Yui knew about Setsuna's fears and didn't want to pressure her because of it, so she kept her feelings to herself. Being alone as long as Setsuna had, had made her forget that she can love too and be loved as well. And there was that destiny thing too. In reality the only thing that wasn't allowing it was Setsuna herself. Yui had seen it all when she saw Setsuna's soul and because of that, she waited. She gave Setsuna time, allowed her to get to know Yui and trust her. She planned to take it step by step, as slowly as Setsuna needed though she felt fustrated when absolutely nothing was happening even though she sometimes tried to flirt a bit and stuff.

She didn't know how much longer she could hide her feelings as her anxiety grew day by day, but she would never pressure the woman who had been so nice towards her after all what happened to her. She was always caring, friendly and encouraging. She and the other Outers had really made her feel as a part of their family, it was wonderful particularly because she had lost her real family. All those things were reasons why Yui had fallen in love with Setsuna in the first place. Maybe she was wrong after all and Setsuna didn't love her at all, at least in that way. Maybe she was just like that towards everyone, loving and caring.

It was saturday morning and they were having a breakfast in the kitchen. Because it was weekend Setsuna and Yui would use as much time as they could for studying at Setsuna's second house since they hadn't so much free time during week. The lie about them being a couple had been really useful, they had used it as an excuse to escape for their learning sessions. Though it was a bit embarassing as Haruka and Michiru thought they were the most virile couple in the whole world, always sneaking out to spend some time together. Hotaru just kept smiling that I-know-something-that-you-don't smile but denied everything when asked. Setsuna was irritated by all this but tried to ignore them all, though it was hard as everyone seemed to think that the silent, solemn and elegant time senshi was some sort of nympho sex machine. Yui just considered it all funny and it made made her laugh more than once.

In the middle of their peaceful breakfast Setsuna suddenly felt something and stood up abruptly. Something was wrong with Khronos, it didn't feel life threatening but it was definitely something. 'Damn damn damn! If that old poop wouldn't have closed his timeline from me, this all would be easier.'

''I have to excuse myself. I just remembered something, don't expect me back for a while.'' Setsuna said and hurried to the upstairs.

Yui looked worriedly after her and decided to follow.

''At this early in the morning. God, they're unvelievable.'' Haruka whispered to Michiru and found Michiru's elbow in her ribs and her baguette on her head, while Hotaru was trying to hide her smirk in her sandwich. When Haruka would learn that kind talking wasn't allowed at the kitchen table?

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

''Setsuna, what's wrong?'' Yui asked stepping in to the room.

She startled a bit when finding Sailor Pluto there.

''Stay here. There's something wrong with Khronos, I'll go to find out what exactly.'' she said disappearing before Yui had the time to protest.

''Damn you, Setsuna.'', she muttered and the mark appeared on her forehead as she summoned her staff: ''Time stick come here or I make a bonfire out of you!'' The Time Staff appeared obediently though it pouted a bit because of the nickname Yui had given it (Setsuna hadn't been able to force Yui use its real name).

She went after Setsuna, becoming one with the time once again. She followed Setsuna easily, though this time she didn't go to the Gates of time. Yui had no idea where she was going but she just kept following her. They ended up in some kind of courtyard. They were standing on a wide road which led to a palace.

Other dimension, Celestial Palace of Time

''Oh! How cool!'' Yui blurted out and Setsuna turned to face her hastily making Yui jump a bit.

''Yui! Didn't I tell you to wait there? It might not be safe here.'' Setsuna asked in disbelief.

''Sorry. But I thought someone should safeguard your back.'' Yui said sheepishly waving her time stick around, which managed to look scared by the possible threat that was waiting ahead.

''Oh fine! Come here, but stay behind me, just in case.'' Yui followed her orders, readying herself to beat the crap out of anyone with her cowardly scared time stick.

They walked through a magnificant (yet a bit rusty) gate to a beautiful (yet a badly horticultured) garden. Yui saw an old bearded man lying eyes closed on an armchair, which looked like it could fall apart in any minute. Setsuna poked the old man with her staff. He just stirred a bit. Then she punched him on the head with her staff and Yui looked terrified by the lack of respect Setsuna showed towards the elderly man. She would soon understand why.

''What? What? What is happening?'' he asked waking up.

''What on Earth you're playing at Khronos? I thought you were in trouble!'' Setsuna said in a tone Yui had never heard her using before.

''Oh come on already! I figured I had time to take a little nap before you two arrived.'' Khronos tried to protest.

''You aren't supposed to make false signals! I THOUGHT YOU WERE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE!'' Setsuna started to yell.

''Now now, calm down lass. It's not like you haven't ever broken or bend the rules. Besides I'm so lazy and this was the easiest way to get you come here.'' he said smirking.

''Argh! So why are we here?!'' Setsuna asked hyper irritated.

''I wanted to meet Yui in person and I wanted to show her around the palace before she replaces me.'' Khronos explained proudly.

''Fine, have fun. Bye Yui, take your time. Don't worry I keep an eye on you.'' Setsuna said leaving.

''Um...'' Yui started but was interrupted by Khronos: ''You broke the seal I had cast on this girl?''

''Yes you old fossilized poop. She trusts me unlike some unnamed old bum.'' Setsuna said while walking away.

The old man turned to face Yui who looked a way to escape.

''You two seem close. Have you laid Setsuna honey already?'' the old man asked.

''What?! For heaven's sake no!'' Yui blurted out.

''Really? Sweetheart, sometimes you just have to take what you want. Especially likes the Setsuna are too stubborn, slow and indecisive for their own good. Or is the reason that you wanted to see me and taste real man?'' Khronos said and posed with his atrophied muscles and tried to get closer to Yui, his eyes glinting weirdly.

Swiftly Yui used one of the moves Makoto had teached her and Khronos found himself flying through the air and landing on a badly shaped, completely malformed bush. Meanwhle Yui ran after Setsuna who was about to transform into Sailor Pluto.

''Setsuna, wait! Don't leave me here with him!'' Yui yelled.

''Why? What is wrong?'' Setsuna asked bewildered.

''That man is a total pervert! Can't you see that glint in his eye! And he talks dirty! Please, don't leave me with him. I will do your part of our domestic works for three month or as long as you want, or anything else, just don't leave me here alone with him!'' Yui pleaded horrified.

Setsuna frowned, she couldn't argue the fact that the old man was a total pervert but he was actually rather nice once you get to know him and she could really do with some time on her own to sort her thoughts about everything. Then she remembered what she had seen when Yui had opened her soul for her, all her weaknesses and hidden feelings. It had been overwhelming. She knew she could never leave her in trouble, not even in this kind, especially when she was asking for help.

''Don't worry. He is harmless, he is just lonely and wants to have fun on his guests expence whenever he has some. But I will come with you, if you don't want to go alone and you don't have to do me any services. This is a part of my job, in a way.'' she said smiling.

''Thank you.'' Yui said relieved and they walked back to the old man's garden.

''Where did you go? For quickie, eh?'' the old man said while clambering out of the bushes.

''Shut up old man, or I you'll find my staff in your throat. I decided to keep eye on you, you know it is my job to protect Yui. So, get on with the tour so we can get out of here.'' Setsuna said sternly.

''Yes ma'am, right away ma'am. I see you're as crumpy as always. Hey, Yui. If Setsuna ever causes you trouble there's a dungeon in the basement. You can put her there and keep as long as needed to tame her.'' Khronos said winking.

Yui looked him absolutely shocked, her jaws moving but no coherent speech was coming out.

''Don't speak bullshit, old man.'' Setsuna said hitting Khronos with her staff and he flew comically spinning on a tree.

After Khronos fell off the tree the tour began. Khronos seemed rather pleased with himself as he showed them his magnificant palace, which hadn't been cleaned in centuries so everything was covered with a thick layer of dust and there were mummified rats everywhere. In every room there was a minimum of one nude statue of Khronos as a young and virile god. Khronos had actually set up one (rather small but very nude) statue of Yui. He promised that when Yui would move in, she could make a lot more statues of herself. Yui just nodded blushing and thought never ever never. Yui was having second thoughts about moving in when she became god. Finally they had gone through all the onehundredseventysix similarly looking room. They were sitting exhausted on the living room sofa.

''So what do you think about the palace?'' Khronos asked Yui.

''It's nice. Rather big though, I think it's hard to get used to it.'' Yui replied trying to have a normal conversation.

''That's not a problem. When you come to live here, you can rebuild it the way you like.''

The vein on Setsuna's forehead popped up again as she said or yelled: ''So what was the point of this tour if Yui could build her own palace?!''

''Now now Setsuna honey. Why don't you go and brew us some tea so I and Yui can talk like god to god.'' Khronos answered cockily.

Yui shot Khronos an angry look, she didn't like the way he speaked to Setsuna, who had been so nice to her all the time. Khronos just ignored Yui totally.

''You're so irritating! Fine. Yui just shout if he bothers you and I'll come to beat the crap out of him. Ok?'' Setsuna stated before leaving.

''Ok.'' Yui agreed a bit relieved.

When Setsuna left Khronos turned to face Yui hastily.

''You need to know something about Setsuna.'' he whispered and Yui was totally surprised by Khronos' words.

''What?'' she just blurted out.

''You have seen into her soul, haven't you?'' Khronos asked her adamantly.

''Wha-? Well, yes but it was an accident! I didn't mean to..'' Yui said before she could stop herself.

''Don't worry about that! There's more important things right now. I know you are very much in love with Setsuna, but you're holding back, afraid to hurt her because of everything that had happened her and what she thinks about and is afraid of. But I know it's hurting you as much as it's her. Setsuna is the kind of woman who you need to take by the horns. She just tends to let things be and imagines that destiny had meant her to be alone.'' Khronos explained.

''I-I-I-I-am-not-'' Yui started to stammer.

''No need to lie lass. I know and understand, because I'm in love with her as well.'' Khronos stated.

''Hmph! So why don't you then jump on her, if you think you know everything.'' Yui tried to reason.

''Because Setsuna doesn't like men and I'm not the kind of guy who thinks he can make any woman (no matter what) to fall in love with him. And lets face it, I'm too old. But you would be perfect for her. I'm just waiting my job to be done so I can go on a vacation and some granny hunting.'' he said smirking and Yui rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Khronos continued: ''Believe me when I say that denying your feelings and waiting for ages just eats you inside out. I have my fair share of it and it's not healthy to either of you. So girl, it's time to take some action!''

Yui was at the loss of words, it seemed like the old perverted man had changed personalities just now. She didn't have the time to answer him as Setsuna walked through the door with the tea pot and cookie tray. It looked like the cookies best before date had gone centuries ago.

''Did he behave himself?'' Setsuna asked but Khronos cut in ''We were just measuring the size of our sticks.''

''What?'' Yui and Setsuna said in unison sweatdropping and Khronos showed his The Time Staff aka time stick.

''Mine is longer because I have to lean for it for support.'' he said proudly.

''Well mine is younger.'' Yui sneered.

Khronos pouted a bit but focused his attention on the cookie tray. Setsuna's eyes widened in disbelief.

''Khronos you old poop!! What kind of example you give to your successor.'' she scolded Khronos as he touched the cookies with his staff and reversed their flow in time, making them eatable again.

''Don't whine! I won't eat some crappy old cookies! It's not like you haven't broken the rules ever.''

''I had proper reasons! To defend the goddamn world! You just want to satisfy your bottomless appetite! You should go to shop instead of taking always the easiest way!!!''

''Who is the god here? Hm?''

''I take care nothing messes with the time! Not even some cookie-monster-old-fart like you!'' and so the fight went on and on.

Yui had never heard Setsuna being so loudy or yelling so much. Maybe this was her way to let off steam once in a while. She was always so elegant, serene and calm. Yui actually found this side of Setsuna fascinating and amusing.

When they had eaten all the cookies and drank all the tea, it was time for Yui and Setsuna to go home. Before they left Khronos managed to pinch Yui's bottom earning a loud punch from Setsuna's garnet orb staff and a hit from Yui's fist. Khronos waved them goodbye with his black eye and bumb on his head.

He smirked proudly, he thought that this time he had made a breakthrough in his matchmaking game. First step had been setting Setsuna to teach Yui, although he could have easily just transfer all his knowledge into Yui anytime he wanted, but this way he could bring Yui and Setsuna together. He should have realised how stubborn Setsuna was going to be, luckily he had the chance to talk to Yui who hopefully would take some action already.

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

Late in that night, when they had already went to sleep, Setsuna woke up suddenly finding Yui's arm around her. Setsuna's heart started to beat faster and faster. Yui felt so incredibly warm and soft against her and Yui's breath against her all started to turn her on. 'Again these thoughts! Bad Setsuna! Very bad! Remember my duty..' Setsuna thought and decided to release herself from Yui's grip but Yui suddenly spoke: ''Oh, Setsuna.''

First Setsuna thought Yui was talking in her dreams but then she continued, clearly awake so Setsuna decided to stay quiet and still.

''There's so much that I'd like to say to you but I know I can't. At least while a go I still thought so.. You mean so much to me, I hope I find a way to express those feelings to you properly..'' Yui sighed but didn't say anything else.

Setsuna was as stiff as a wooden board and held her breath, her heart beating loudly in her ears. When nothing happened and Yui seemed to have fallen a sleep she relaxed a bit thinking hard what on Earth Yui had meant by those things. 'She couldn't have meant? Or could she?' Setsuna thought horrified. 'No, I'm just imagining, just wanting to believe in that. I should stop this line of thought right now.' she thought.

A long time ago Setsuna had closed her own timeline just like Khronos had closed his. She didn't want to know what was possibly going to happen in her personal life, it would make her insane she was sure of it. But at the moments like this, it would be convenient to confirm few things just in case. ''Naah, I have too vivid imagination. Just remember my duty..' she tought and closed her eyes. Yui's arm was still around her and she felt oddly secure and comfortable. She actually liked the feeling and she hoped it could last. Finally she drifted off to the wields of dreams.

A/N: Sorry for the lack of romantic stuff in this chapter, but worry not! In the next chapter the wheel of time.. I mean things starts to move faster and something important is about to happen. Something that might change Setsuna's life for good. But will Yui manage to win Setsuna's heart or is Setsuna's stubborness mightier than Yui's love for her?

Chapter 7

Title: Love finds its ways

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation.

7. Love always finds its ways

Outer's mansion, Setsuna's room

In the next morning Yui woke up early, even Setsuna was still sleeping. She hopped off the bed fast, but carefully not to wake Setsuna. This was the day when she was going to tell Setsuna about her feelings. She had thought lot about what the old man had said about Setsuna and his own life, and she didn't want that for herself. So today was the day when Yui Aeon would grab the bull by its horns.

Yui had actually planned this all yesterday when they had come back home. She was supposed to pick up some groceries for a romantic meal. Meantime Michiru and Haruka would keep Setsuna busy by shopping and driving around in the city. Yui knew Setsuna would suspect something so she had used a new trick she had discovered; she manipulated her timeline a bit so that the amount of her possible futures would increase so big that it would be impossible for Setsuna to know what she was planning. She knew it wasn't very nice thing to do (so as the note she had left saying she was going to spend the day with the Inners) but sometimes the end justifies the means.

When Haruka and Michiru were keeping Setsuna busy, Yui would come home and make a romantic meal with the help of Hotaru (and Makoto's recepies, no wonder Ami looks so happy all the time). Hotaru was actually the only one who knew what really was going on. Michiru and Haruka thought she just wanted to surprise Setsuna romantically. For Yui's surprise Haruka hadn't said anything improper about the situation, she had actually been very pleased of Yui's thoughtfullnes towards the senshi of time. Michiru had patted Haruka's head gently for her good behaviour and Haruka had actually blushed. Yui smiled to the memory, changed her clothes and ran silently downstairs to make her plan reality.


8 hours later...

Tokyo, Outer's mansion

Setsuna had bad feeling about everything, she had received a weird messages in a piece of paper from Yui which said she would spent the day with the Inners. Then she had tried to look into Yui's timeline to make sure everything was okay but she had seen so many possible futures that it had given her a headache and she gave up. She had called Yui to make sure everything was alright, Yui had just said that she was shopping and the amount of possible groceries was so huge that it had propably messed her timeline. Somehow Setsuna didn't quite buy that but she had left it be. Then Michiru and Haruka had dragged her to shopping, which was suspicious because they rarely did it, at least with Haruka along. She had tried to go home several times, but they had insisted to go yet to another shop. And on the top of everything they hadn't let her eat in the whole day and had forced her to dress formally though it was just a shopping trip. Then out of the blue they took her home and almost threw her out of the car claiming to go to movies and dinner.

Now Setsuna was standing at the front door praying she could see her own timeline. She felt that something was going to happen that night and change her life permanently, in which Setsuna was everything but ready. The missing of Hotaru's bike just strengthened that feeling. It meant that she and her supposed girlfriend would be alone in the house. Somehow it made Setsuna really nervous, after last night she was pretty sure that Yui felt something for her, but she wasn't sure what. And she really didn't want to know, she wanted the things to remain as they were before and destiny could to claim her life in peace. It all would be easier if Setsuna's love was one-sided, everything could remain as it was.

Setsuna took out her keys from her purse with shaking hands and opened the lock. She pushed the door open as silently as possible and stepped in. Nothing seemed to be out of an order. Maybe she was just hallucinating.

''Setsuna, is that you?'' Setsuna nearly jumped to the ceiling when Yui called her.

Then she nearly screamed when she saw Yui's outfit which was more proper for a party than a quiet evening alone. Now she was certain that she had been set up by her family.

''Oh, it is you! Just in time! I made a dinner for the two of us, so please come to eat.'' Yui said brightly as ever.

''O-Oh! H-How thoughtful of you!'' Setsuna said stuttering, trying to sound casual and happy.

She followed numbly Yui to their dining room, as if she was a prisoner following her executor to scaffold.

Outer's mansion, dining room

Setsuna sat on her seat petrified and tried to eat her dinner. She was very nervous, something in that situation made her want to escape. But Yui had gone through so much trouble. The dinner was great, Yui's cooking skills had improved since Makoto had started to teach her. Also the atmosphere were romantic, dim lightning, candles and soft music playing on the backround. If they were on a date or if they were a real couple, Setsuna couldn't have thought anything more romatic than this, but now she was waiting this all to be over so she could run to her room and hide under her bed.

''How was your day?'' Yui asked politely and Setsuna tried to answer very specifically so Yui would forget her possible real reason for this all.

All the time they talked Setsuna tried to look into Yui's timeline to find out what was going to happen but Yui just frowned a bit and the amount of possible futures just increased causing Setsuna an awful headache so she gave up.

The chit chat continued on and finally they had proceeded to dessert and the moment Setsuna had feared approached when Yui laid her hands on top of Setsuna's and started to say ''I actually have something to tell you Setsuna. I've been thinking a ways to tell this but I decided it is best to juts say it. Setsuna Meioh, I think I'm in-''

''Please, wait a moment Yui. I have to go to the bathroom.'' Setsuna interrupted her and disappeared through the door leaving a stunned Yui behind.

It took a moment for Yui to recover from Setsuna's abrupt interruption while she was confessing her love. When she got her mind back on the track she realised Setsuna had escaped. 'How can she be so afraid of love or doesn't she like me anymore?' Yui wondered while running through the door after Setsuna. Setsuna was nowhere to be found and Yui knew exactly where she had escaped.

''Time stick! Come forth! We have some work to do! We have to find a certain foolish woman!'' Yui commanded as her symbol lit on celestial fire.

The Time Staff appeared in her hands, obviously pouting for Yui's impolite calling. Yui ignored it totally and disappeared in time and looked for Setsuna. That woman just couldn't run forever.

Time vortex, the Gates of time

Setsuna walked through the Gates of time only to find Yui already waiting for her. 'Damn I shouldn't have taught her so well.' Setsuna thought and turned to escape again.

''Oh no you won't!'' was the last thing she heard before Yui's time stick hit her legs and she fell on the ground.

''Ouch!'' Setsuna stated irritated and turned around but Yui was already there.

''I guess women around here have to be catched.'' she said grinning and sat on Setsuna's stomach, pinning her hands on the ground.

Setsuna easily broke her grip and was ready to throw Yui off her with force if necessarily.

''AA! Aa! Wait, please just listen to what I got to say! Or else I won't stop following you! You know I will find you! I'm a god for heaven's sake. But I promise if you still are stubborn after what I say to you, you are free to go and I won't bother you again.'' Yui said hastily.

Setsuna thought her options and agreed, at least this way she could continue her lonely journey and this fiasco would be over as well.

She nodded and allowed Yui to pin her on the ground again.

''I love you. I fell in love in that day over three months again when I saw you first time. A-a-aa-! Don't say anything let me finish!'' Yui scolded Setsuna who looked her wide-eyed ready to say something.

''I know you're afraid to love and be loved. You think you're destined to live your life alone and just to do your duty. I know this because when you looked into my soul back then, somehow I saw into your soul too. That was when I really fell for you, and hard. I was too afraid back then to tell you about all this. When I looked into your soul, I saw how beautiful you were inside too, not just outside. You were as human as anyone of us or even more so. You are so loving, caring, passionate and dedicated to mention just few. You were always so nice, protective and caring towards me, even if I was an intruder who messed your life. I felt so secure, there was someone who cared for me after I had lost everything else. It meant so much to me. I know it was part of your job but I could see the emotions were real, not faked. You did more for me than was necessarily. I fell deeper and deeper for you every passing day. But you hide yourself under a shell. I would like to break that shell. I would like to let you see that you can love and be loved as much as anyone of us. I didn't do anything to to show my feeligs for you because I wanted to give you time, to get to know me and to trust me, and to learn to love me. But I cannot wait any longer, I'm sorry. I need answers. But first I want you to understand that you're not destiny's slave. We all forge our own paths, it only takes courage and trust. So I ask you please trust me Setsuna! Let me be part of your destiny. That part that is just for you, not for anyone else. Please, let me love you, because we all are just humans in the end. Even me.'' Yui said ending her monologue and stealing a kiss from the now totally numb Setsuna.

When she broke the kiss she saw how touched Setsuna was, silent tears falling down to her cheeks.

''With me, you don't have to pretend. Just be yourself and tell me what you really want and I will respect that. Just don't runaway your true feelings anymore.'' Yui whispered.

Setsuna lay there crying, trying to get her voice to work and Yui waited patiently.

''I-I- I want you. You are right about everything you said. I'm a blind and stubborn fool.'' she managed to stammer.

''But you are my fool.'' Yui stated smiling.

''Yes and I love you Yui.'', Setsuna said and sighed, ''That wasn't so hard after all. I have been really silly, haven't I?'' she asked smiling.

''That is why I love you so much.'' Yui whispered into Setsuna's ear and they kissed ever so sweetly.

It lasted long. When they finally had to brake it, they looked into each others eyes and for the first time they realised it was indeed love what they saw in the other one's eyes. Yui put her head onto Setsuna's shoulder and they lay there a moment, enjoying the company and the closeness of the other.

''You know what Yui?'' Setsuna said coyly.

''What?'' Yui inquired.

''Don't tell this to anyone but I'm wearing the strings you gave me.'' Setsuna told her smirking.

''What?!'' Yui blurted out and Setsuna laughed a bit.

''Maybe I should buy a matching pair for you too.'' Setsuna said wryly.

After recovering fromt the shock Yui started to laugh as well. After the laughter had ceased they were silent once again. Then Yui spoke in soft tone: ''Thank you. For saving me, not just then but now too. I don't know what I would do without you.''

''No, it's me who should thank you. This is incredible. You are incredible. And you saved me big time.'' Setsuna answered softly.

They both smiled goofily thinking how lucky they were, and they didn't even need to brake the news to their family, as they had done it already months ago. Heh, speaking about convenient.

''Oh, were are my manners I forgot to thank you for the lovely meal! How can I make it up to you?'' Setsuna asked suddenly.

''Hmm..I have few ideas already. Say, could we spent the night at your place, here?'' Yui said a glint in her eyes.

''You're so eager, how long have you tried to get into my pants?'' Setsuna asked amused.

''From the moment I first saw you. Hmm..speaking about that, it will be a happy story to tell our grand children, 'When Yui granny and Setsuna granny met, Setsuna granny was going to blow up Yui granny into pieces!' '' Yui stated exaggerating.

''Your as bad as Haruka and Minako together.'' Setsuna muttered in fake anger.

''You haven't seen a half of me.'' Yui said and started to laugh.

''Let's go find out, shall we?'' Setsuna said and lifted the still laughing Yui off the ground and carried her to her other house. Silence once again fell on the Gates of time as the two new lovers disappeared into the mist.

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Chapter 8

Title: Epilogue

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon. It belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation. Hmm..I just realized that I do own something: Yui Aeon. Hehe, good for me! And we all own Khronos as a common cultural heritage from the era of antics. Good for you too!

8. Epilogue

''Am I imagining or do those two seem a lot closer after that romantic dinner?''

''I think so too. Hmm. Maybe I should cook to you too..''

''No Ruka! You're not going to come near my kitchen ever again!''

''Kidding! Kidding! Geez Michiru...''

''Ruka, we don't need meals to get closer (too much work for me) besides we can't get any closer than this.''

''Hmm..Maybe you're right Michi. But maybe I could use some persuasion..''

''Ruka, is that all you ever think about?''

''Well sometimes I think about cars..''

''And you claim to be a woman! You're-yhm..oh..ah!''

''Was that approve enough of my feminine side?''

''Hmm..maybe you should show me a bit more of that, then maybe I could persuade you more.''

''It's a deal then.''





''Ups. Well, let's worry about that later.''



Setsuna and Yui were sitting on the backyard porch watching the sunset. Colors blended on the sky beautifully and the whole evening was serene. Yui was leaning her head against Setsuna's shoulder and Setsuna had wrapped her arm around Yui's waist. Both of them were just enjoying the peaceful moment.

''I'm so happy.. I've never been happier..'' Yui said sighing contently.

''Not that you remember though, right?'' Setsuna answered teasing and Yui just rolled her eyes and poked her a bit.

''I love you so much..'' Setsuna whispered into Yui's ear.

''Apology accepted.'', Yui whispered back, ''And I love you too, even if you don't have any sense of humor.''

While speaking Yui traced Setsuna's thigh with the tip of her fingers. Setsuna blushed a bit but an evil grin formed on her lips. The time spent with Yui had been very liberating and she had come out of her shell bit by bit.

''If that's the way you wanna play it, so be it.'' she said huskily and lifted Yui into her arms.

Yui just squealed a bit in surprise.

''It's so unfair that you're so strong! I wanna carry you too, I wanna be senshi too!'' Yui whined in fake pout.

''Now now dear. You're a god for heaven's sake, I'm really honored to share something like this with your divinity. And besides, how could I protect you if I were a weakling?'' she said teasingly and Yui just laughed.

''Ok ok darling! You're right. Maybe I should show you some tricks we gods can do when we-''

''Yui! How many times I have to say you can't use your powers in to something like that?'' Setsuna scolded her.

''Oh dear! It was a joke Setsuna! You're so upthight, but I promise when I'm done with you, you won't be.'' Yui said coyly.

Setsuna almost hit door. Behind the door they saw Michiru and Haruka laying in each others arms (luckily they had blanket for cover). When they noticed Setsuna and Yui, Haruka tried to act coolly and look them smirking but they just rolled their eyes and showed tongue at her and let Michiru take care of the rest.

Setsuna carried Yui to upstairs and into their room, where she laid her gently on the bed sitting next to her. She kissed Yui softly first then more demanding. Then Yui deepened their kiss and they're tongues started an expedition. When they broke the kiss, Setsuna whispered: ''I wish time could stop.''

''Only if you want me to.'' Yui whispered coyly and Setsuna smiled amused.

''On the second thought, I wish time never stops.'' Setsuna stated firmly.

Yui laughed and pulled the grinning Setsuna on top of her. They're hands started to roam all over each others bodies.. Setsuna had been a bit surprised by her own hidden passion which however didn't match to Yui's. Setsuna moaned a bit to Yui's expertise handling, it must be odd for her to know all the right moves but not remembering where or with whom she learned them.

Well, that all was past now. They both had had their fair share of misery, unsecureness and loneliness but now they had each other. Even destiny and duty couldn't touch them anymore, together they would conquer all the obstacles. Two lonely souls had met each other and none of them would continue their journey alone. Setsuna smiled happily that she had surrendered in to love, before it was too late. There was nothing better in the world.


A/N: Well this is it, the end of Setsuna's adventure in the sea of love. Sorry, I'm really excited 'cause this is my first complete story in English. I liked writing this story, it just came to me and I didn't need to try hard to write, I just went with the flow. Actually this wasn't supposed to be this long but it took more time and space to rebuild Yui's lost life etc. than I had assumed. Since it was my first one in English I wanted it to be a little bit lighter and humorous. Don't expect ALL my stories to include this much craziness, though it's so much fun to write silly situations with Sailor moon characters, especially when wackiness exists in the original series also.

I want to write few words about my characters (meaning the one I made up and the one borrowed from the Roman mytology). I wanted Yui to be somewhat like Minako ('cause I think Minako and Setsuna would make a nice couple too) but with the heavy burden of losing her previous life, so she could better understand Setsuna whose duty and job aren't the nicest ones in the world. Actually I have to admit that the idea for Yui came from Kyoko Suomi who is the main character of Arina Tanemura's manga Time Stranger Kyoko. I like Tanemura's style to draw and tell stories and thoughts through her works. But it's only for inspiration, Kyoko is far from my Yui.
Khronos is in the early Greek mytology the god and/or personification of time. He is usually described as an old, bearded man. The idea to use Khronos in my fanfiction came from the Sailor Moon R season; one of those episodes where Chibiusa is trying to go back to future, she prays the god of time, Khronos, for help. So the idea came actually from the series. Linking it to Setsuna was obvious, her being the senshi of time and the guardian of the Gates of time.

Well that was a lot of information. By the way, the reason why I chose Setsuna to be the main character in this story is the fact that she is not shown very often in the anime (I want to see more Setsuna!!) and she is so mysterious. I like her a lot, she is one of my favorites. I feel so sorry for her because she has to guard the Gates of time alone, at least now she is not alone anymore. Yeah, now you think I'm some a silly and crazy romantic. Oh, well so be it.

I might someday write a sequel to this (if I have the time, maybe I should borrow Setsuna's garnet orb staff or Yui's time stick) because writing this was fun and I got positive reviews. Thanks for my reviewers and those who bothered to read this story and my over long ramblings. See ya round!

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