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Authors: Tenchu1

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes:

So far I've made 2 really short chapters... but, you have to deal with it because I don't really have that much time to write.


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I woke up with the sun shining in my face. "Arg..." was all I managed say as I lifted up my arm to shield my eyes. It was probably around noon.

"Misstress, wake up. It's already noon." I told you. "A lady such as yourself shouldn't be in bed this late," the maid said as she pulled the sheets off of me, for washing. I grabbed them back and wrapped my arms around it so she couldn't take them away. "Miss, please. We go through this every Sunday," she said, still pulling at the sheets.

Once again I said, "arg..."

"You're not a pirate."

"You're right. You are. Stealing my sheets and everything..." I grumbled. Ashley, the maid, walked up to me, sheets still at hand, and poked me, pretty hard, right above my hip. I giggled and let go. She instantly pulled the sheets. Damn. "My only weakness. How did you know?" I laughed. Same routine every morning. I'm still trying to figure out how she learned about that spot in the first place.

"Get up. Get dressed. Eat lunch," Ashley said while she put the sheets into the basket.

"Why do you have to be so rough with me in the morning? I mean, I think I feel a bruise coming after all those times you've poked me." Seriously. I did, and it hurt.

She lifted up my shirt enough to see the 'bruise'. "Miss, there's absolutly nothing there. You're imagining things... again." Ashley left the room. Stupid 23 year-old woman.



I finished eating breakfast, *cough, cough* lunch. A maid started to take dishes away. It seemed this maid was new. Hmmm... odd. I don't remember firing anyone. "Excuse me," I said.

The new maid looked at me. She had amazingly stunning, blue eyes. They shined like the universe was in spring. When I looked at them it felt like I was melting. "Yes, miss?" she asked. Her voice was loud, clear, and pure. I was like it was echoeing in my heart. What the hell was this feeling? I stared blankely at her. I wanted to say something but, well, couldn't. What the hell? I must've looked like an idiot because she asked, "miss? Are you alright?"

I finally got my voice back. "Y-yes! Sorry. I... I blanked out..." Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn! Did I say 'damn' yet?

"Oh, okay," she said. She picked up what was left of the dishes and left the room. I, on the other hand, stared at the door to the kitchen the new maid went through. What the hell was that? My heart felt like it was hitting my rib cage. What the hell is this? I even forgot to ask her name! Dammmmmn iiiiit!

After a couple minutes I stood up. Shook my head and, left the room. Not the best morning or afternoon, or whatever the hell time it was. The most words I used were arg, and damn it. Great. Bad luck. Sundays were always bad luck. That's why I try to sleep the day away. Hey! That rymed! I laughed to myself at that thought. I'm so childish.

"Someone's happy this afternoon compared to this morning," someone said, down the hall, with an empty clothes basket. Ashley.

I walked to her. "Not so much so."


"Reasons," I waved my hand and, dismissed the conversation. "Anyway. When did we get a new maid?"

"New maid?" She thought for a moment, "oh, yes! Your father hired someone before he left last week. I think her name was Jennifer. Why do you ask?"

"Jennifer, hey... well, I just saw her in dining area."

"Ah. I thought she was doing the gardening, though," Ashley remarked.

"No wonder I haven't seen her before now," I said thoughtfully. "Well, I think I'll take a walk. I'll be back by 2."

"You better! You have that party to go totonight! We have to get ready for that. No tricks."

I laughed in responce and walked out the front doors. Fresh air. Finally! I haven't been outside in 4 whole days! My plan was to walk around the house then, around the island. Yes, I lived on an island! I moved in about 2 months ago, and I still wasn't over the idea of an island. It was too, too perfect, to be real!

I walked down the front side of the house and turned the corner.


I was walking so fast, when I it the whatever-the-hell-I-just-walked-into, I fell over on my hands and knees. My eyes were closed. When I opened them I was starring into the face of Jennifer! Crazy, I know! Jeeze, this day keeps on getting worse!

My thought, when I opened my eyes, was to jump off of her and run for it. Emabarrassing! But, of coarse, I ended up looking stupid, and just looked at her. Her face was beat red. So cute! My heart skipped a couple beats. I swear it! I then noticed that she was soaking wet, and then, I saw the water bucket beside her. Damn it! When I banged into her she must have spilled the water all over. Nice impression. I'm a dumbass.

"Umm... miss?" Jennifer stuttered.

I snapped backed into reality. I blushed and then hoped off of her. "Umm... err... sorry..." I nervously held out a hand to help her up. She waited a moment - never a good sign - then took the hand.

"It's alright, miss," she said with the same heart warming voice as before. I felt my self turn even redder. If that possible. I looked at her clothes. Soaked. Am I smooth or what?

"Umm.. you should go change or something..." something?

"R-right! I'll go do that then," Jennifer smiled revealing her almost perfectly white teeth. She bowed, then said, "I'm very sorry for running into you."

"Nah, I ran into you. Don't sweat over it," that was a little better. "By the way, what's your name?" I asked, even though already knew the answer, it was better for her to say it herself.

"Oh! Sorry. My name is Jennifer Boshwill."

"That's crazy," I said. "My last name's Boshwell!"

"That weird!" Jennifer smiled again. My heart melted. I just seemed to notice she had blond hair that was tied up, like all the other maids. I guessed she was my age, about 19. "I have to go and get dressed. Good-bye, miss," Jennifer bowed again.

"Bye," was all I could say. Sigh. Now how was I going to go for a peaceful walk with her in my head. Damn it (for the 80th time today!).


I was at the party. Why did I get invited anyway? I absolutly hate formal parties. Just because I was rich, doesn't mean I had to go to these things. It's suprising that father still doesn't know how I hate these things. All the boys try to do is hit on me, and argue with the other boys about who was richer. For the girls, though, all they did was gossip. Mostly about me. That's why I talked with everyone at least once and then, I mostly keep to myself in some corner, until the party dies. That wasn't going to happen until 12. I'll leave at 8.

I leaned to the side to try to see the clock. It was 7:30. Half an hour to go. Half an hour to go. Half an hour to go. Half an hour...

"Hello, dear Samantha," an unforgettable voice called to me. Jacob. The host of this party. The one my father wants my to marry. He was the worst out of everyone here! He's also been trying to get his hands on me since I was 13. "I was starting to think you didn't come."

"Yeah, I hoping not to," I answered honostly, not bothering to look at him.

"Still playing hard to get hey," he managed to step in front of my vision. Great, now I can't see the clock.


"Would you like to dance? I was getting bored with the other girls here."

"No," I stubbornly stated. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. Damn it! "I'm assuming you didn't here my answer," I said reluctantly dancing with him, just so I didn't make a scene, so I didn't embarrase father. Otherwise I would've have told him to go fuck himself and ran out of th damn place.

"No. I heard it. I just knew you didn't mean it."

"What if I did?"

"I still would've danced with you," he grinned. "You should know by now that I always get what I want."

The song ended and, with it, our conversation. I went back to my corner an noticed I only had 15 more minutes. May as well leave now. I went up the steps and walked out the door. Finally! I walked to across the vast yard to the front gate. The man opened the gate for me and, I noticed, my ride had already come. I laughed to myself, knowing that Ashley sent them here early, knowing that I wouldn't be here long. I silently thanked her.

The driver opened the door for me. "Thank-you, Hectar," I said with a smile. He only nodded and closed the door when I was seated.


I was in my room taking off my dress, with the help of Ashley. This dress was complicated, with all the buttons, zippers, and such.

"How was the party?" Asked Ashley unbuttoning my back.

"Boring. As usual."

"Why don't you like them? I would die to go to one."

"Want to go in my place next time?" I asked. "You don't need to give me your life. Heck, if you do go, I'll give you mine!"

Ashley crept up my ear and whispered, "but, if you die, then you won't see little Jennifer again." I stiffened at that. She smiled at my action.

"Quit talking nonscence, Ashley."

Ashley laughed and finished undoing the buttons. She pulled the dress of and put it in the basket.

"Ashley?" I asked.


I turned around and faced her in my inderwear. "How did you know about... that?"

"It was obvious since this morning that you liked her. Well, that, and when I saw you trip over her. Literally."

I blushed at the memory. "You saw that?" I looked down.

"Beginning to end! I was surprised you didn't kiss her though. That would've been a sight," Ashley teased.

My blush deepened.

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