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Chapter 1

Title: No Prank


AUThOR: theo

DISCLAIMER: they don´t belong to me sadly

No prank

Pansy POV

The first time I saw Hermione Granger was at the station, were my parents had brought me to catch the Hogwarts Express. It was difficult to miss her, her demanding voice, her patience to answer any and all questions, and those eyes.


Of course I saw, that she was muggleborn and of course but I felt no surprise that she became a Griffindor. Oh, she was intelligent enough for becoming a Ravenclaw and loyal enough to make a good Hufflepuff and I really think, she might have the cunning of a Slytherin, if she really needed it. But her courage and bravery are her greatest gifts and I didn´t need to see the incident with the troll to know that.

I spend a lot of time with watching her. Studying in the library, running around with Potty and Weasel, and jeering at the Quidditch matches. But most of all I love her expression when she puts her hands in the air to show she knows something. Her eyes glow and she looks so beautiful.

No, I´m not in love. Merlin, I´m eleven. But I am crushing on her, and I would like to show her. She deserves something nice, and its Valentine’s Day next week. But what to get for her?

Sweets are always okay, aren´t they? And I know what she likes; I remember when she told Pavarti, that she likes caramel cream and nuts, so no problem there.


But how I get in her room in the Griffindor tower? Pass the passwords and the picture? And I don´t want her friends to find out and tease her about it. So I couldn´t get one of school´s owls, no; she needed an intelligent bird. And that meant I had to ask Draco if I could borrow his falcon. But that isn’t a problem. He isn´t as arrogant and inapproachable as he likes to act. It’s all an act just an image for all of his followers. He didn’t even ask what I wanted it for.


Hermione POV

Of course I knew that it was Valentine´s day. Girls know things like that. But of course I didn´t expect anything. I was too young and even if I had been older, who should give something to bushy haired big teeth Granger? I know I’m no beauty. But deep inside me I dreamed like every little girl of prince charming who would come and sweep me off my feet.


And when I came into my room after the dinner there was a little parcel lying on my bed covers. Who would send me a parcel on valentine´s day? Something in me bristled with hope, but in my mind a seed of doubt and mistrust grew. Maybe a prank? Carefully I opened it, inside there were several chocolates. Maybe there was a potion in it, or it would explode the moment I touched it. I whispered all the examination spells I knew. Nothing.


Before Parvati and Lavender could come back and ask questions I carried the box into the common room to think about it.

"Sweets from your parents?" Ron asked. Trust him to miss any implications, without asking he reached in and took one. As he ate, I held my breath but nothing happened. I watched him for the next couple of hours, but he was fine. In the end I decided that it must just be real chocolate. Dubiously I took a piece of it, it was delicious, and my favourite chocolate.

Then it was no prank, it really must be a gift - my first Valentine’s day gift.

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