Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 9)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 9

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Nine - Confusion

The botanical area of Haven was alive with the whole spectrum of flowers and faunae from all over the world. In amongst the plants, were benches and tables in which the students could come an have a quiet place to sit, to get away from the hustle of the school routine.

At one of the tables, Megan sat with a folder in front of her. She seemed to be going over papers and stuff, as the quiet of the place was conducive to it. She looked at her watch and then around her, as if non-verbally saying that whoever it was she waited for was a tad late right then.

Spotting a movement, she looked over and smiled. She saw the long blond haired girl Lori racing into the large greenhouse area, still holding a bagel in one hand while balancing a coffee in the other.

Lori got to the table and looked at Megan.

" Sorry I am late.." She puffed through a half mouth full of bagel. " I had to wait for a shower this morning."

" Alright." Smiled Megan, looking at Lori's flushed cheeks. " I just got the new progress report on the case."

Lori seemed to be happy about that, but Megan's face showed none of that.

" The progress report says there is little if any progress." She said, bluntly. " In fact, except for being written differently... it is the same one I had the other day." She dropped the papers intentionally on the table. " Simply stated ... nothing."

The blonde haired girl just seemed a little disappointed.

" Did you tell them about your theories on a possible it being a girl that raped Allison?"

" They said they looked at that... and dismissed it." She said, frowning with her answer, adding. " Dismissed me rather..."

" Did toy try to say we suspect Jade?"

" She had a alibi, they said." Megan responded. " Another words... they are ignoring us, as being kids, and took the alibi Jade had at face value."

Lori just sat there across from the girl, her head lowered a little.

" They just shot you down?"

" Like a wounded duck." Snuffed the girl back. " This report is just blowing smoke up our butts."

The blonde girl went around the table to look at the papers over Megan's shoulder. She leaned in and peered at the type written report, hoping to be able to see something herself that would be a hint. She knew it was a longshot, but she was hoping that it just might pay off.

She found herself smelling a light floral perfume that wafted up from Megan, along with a very faint muskiness of her natural body odor. The scent hit her nose, and she could feel her private area between her legs twitch almost instantly, as it made her feel like swooning.

She noticed that her gaze could see the top of the girl's breasts from where she stood, and that made her panties feel very wet all of a sudden. They were bigger than her's, by the looks of them, but were very full, their creamy whiteness was like whipped cream.

Lori tried to ignore all of the feelings that shot through her, but her closeness to Megan made her body quiver a little bit more. She just looked at the paper and forced herself to read, and tried hard to not let it get to her.

Megan watched the girl lean past her to the table. She found herself looking almost down the girl's shirt. She could see the not so small breasts firmly straining against the white fabric of Lori's shirt which were almost right in her face. She could smell the baby powder the girl obviously had put on after her shower mixed with a soft odor. She found herself trembling a little, as this little gorgeous girl was right next to her. She closed her eyes and took a breath in.

She was trying to stay at arms length, but the more she talked to her and just simply be around her, made it more difficult to ignore her growing attraction. Megan just turned her eyes to look at the paper, distracting herself from the lovely form that was mere inches from her.

The bell in the steeple rang out suddenly, alerting everyone that school started in ten minutes. Both girl's looked at one another, faces reddened by their own thoughts.

" Want to meet for after school to look this over more?" Asked Megan, composing herself somewhat.

" Sure." Lori said, her face glowing with a darkened shade of red. " Where should we meet up?"

" Perhaps outside my dorm building."

" See you then." Said the girl, a small nervous smile crooked her face

The two hurried out of the botanical building and quickly rushed to their buildings for their classes. Both seemed to be sneaking looks back at one another as they left, neither of them catching the other doing so.


Second period was going rather slowly for Megan. She sat in her geometry class, trying to keep herself concentrating on what was being taught, but not fairing so well.

She was sitting looking out of the window to the world outside. She was thinking about the young girl named Lori. The girl's impish smile and well slight face commanded her every waking thought, causing the girl to sigh. She found that what ever she did, would not dislodge the image from her.

She looked at the courtyard below, and saw a group of four people standing beside the fountain that was the centerpiece in the huge round that all the buildings made. She had realized that one of them was Lori, along with a middle aged woman and two younger girls. The new three were not dressed in the school uniforms, so they could not be a teacher and students. These were people from outside the school.

She wondered just who was the three that were with Lori, as this was odd for visitors to be allowed on campus while they were in class. She knew something was up, but what it was not evident right now.

She sighed, and turned herself to focus on the teacher once more, the question of who it was could wait, she told herself.

Megan got out of school that afternoon, and hurried herself to meet Lori outside of the grade twelve dorms that were close to their school building. She got there quick, but found no sign of the girl anywhere. She looked around for a moment, then turned to head to the sophomore dorms, wondering if she had forgotten about their little meeting.

She entered the dorms, and immediately found a whole group of people all mulling around in the entrance way. Some girls were crying, others seemed to be totally blank of any emotions and a few were of in a corner praying.

Megan looked around, confused at what was happening. She wondered just what was up to make people act like this.

" What is going on here?" She asked loudly to the crowd.

A young girl with sandy blonde hair turned and saw the girl.

" You don't know yet, Madam President?" She said, her soft blue eyes filled with tears.

" I just got here..." Megan said, looking at the girl. " Would you plead fill me in?"

" Allison died." Said the girl, bluntly.

Megan looked at the girl in shock. She just stared at the young girl, her mind processing the news that was dropped on her.

" Dead?" She said.

" Allison's roommate just announced it a few minutes ago, along with the Cameron family. " The girl informed more. " She passed away last night from blood clots that developed."

Megan was stunned, and she felt like she too, was going to cry. She forced them down and looked at the girl.

" Where is Lori and Allison's family now?" She said.

" They went up to Allison's dorm room." The girl informed. " They went up about ten minutes ago.

Megan thanked the girl and went up to the fourth floor, her resolve was strong.

Lori stood nearby, as she watched the three others pack up Allison's belongings. She had no clue on just what to do or say, so she stood there, watching.

The Mother of Allison looked over and smiled.

" You know, in the few letters home, she talked highly about you." She said " It seemed that she had found a friend in the few short weeks she knew you."

" She was the first one to really befriend me, when I first came here." Lori said, her face cracking a smile with what she had heard even through her emotions. " I am glad to have gotten to know her."

Mrs. Cramer looked over at Lori, a tear came in her eye.

" She knew so many people here, but it seemed that she had found her one true friend in you." She said, with a deep breath. " It is nice to think that she had that here."

Lori smiled, as she looked at the woman. Megan came in right then, and Lori introduced them to her.

" It is nice that the Student President would come to pay her respects in person like this." The woman said, a saddened smile on her face.

" I feel that it is my duty." Said Megan, holding back her own tears. She never knew the girl personally, but felt the sting of the loss nonetheless.

" Thank you..." Said the mother, as the two daughters behind her could only just stand there in somberness.

The people were polite, but they were now done with what they had to do. Gathering up their daughters things, they left to head back downstairs, seemingly having more trouble by the minute in being in the school Allison loved so much.

They closed the door behind themselves, almost symbolic of their own grief. With the two girls left, the silence seemed to weigh tons.

Megan looked at Lori, and saw the deep sadness the permeated from the girl's heart through the dulled blue of the eyes. She stood, trying to think of what to say, knowing nothing might be able to be.

Suddenly, Lori pitched herself right at the girl. Startled at this act, the President of Haven caught the girl in her arms, as the blonde's face buried itself into her chest. Wrapping her arms around Megan, huge sobs came from the diminutive form, her body shaking and spasaming as a flood of tears flowed.

Wordlessly, Megan folded her arms around the girl, consoling the girl with her silence as the tears flowed from the smaller girl.

" Just cry." Megan finally whispered, her heart understanding.

" Hold me... please." Lori said, half muffled into the taller girl's chest. " Just hold me."

" As long as you need to be... I will." Megan cooed

In the silence of the room, the two forms held one another, one out of grief and one out of compassion.

Lori looked up at the girl after a long time, gazing into the dark browns. Megan looked back with lovingness.

Lori suddenly lifted herself up on her toes, and planted a soft kiss on Megan's lips. Startled by this, the girl stood there as the smaller form kissed her. Something swelled inside of her, and she began to kiss her back. The fervor of their kisses escalating mushrooming

The two girls kissed with great passion, their lips drawing in on another. Hands roving over on another bodies, trying to feel one another with a unwritten need. Blouses were being puled off, hands gyrating to now bared skin as they also removed the bras that held their womanly forms in check.

Megan cupped Lori's now bared breast, reveling in their perfect fullness. She felt the silky softness of the boob, that was off set by the hardened nipple as her thumb flicked it. Lori gasped, but never said a word, and her hands mimicked Megan's and rubbed the girl's now firmed breasts. Both shuttered in utter delight, as they kissed and stopped to stare into each others faces.

Megan ran both hands down the girls sides. She felt the small but very athletic growing hot under her touch., and the body now trembling. She looked into the girl's soft features, as she undid the button on the skirt. Lori did not stop her, and the article slipped down her hips and to the floor.

Simple white panties were all the girl wore other than the socks and shoes. Megan looked down, and just wanted to drink in every inch of this perfect small form. Lori looked up at her, and did the same for the taller girl, reveling Megan's small black panties she had on. Lori smiled, as her eyes traced the long and lean legs that Megan was sporting.

Megan slowly pushed the blond girl on to the bed, and slowly went to her knees. Lori watched from her laying position, her body trembling with anticipation.

Megan hooked Lori's pantie waistband and slowly drew them down Lori's shapely legs, until they cleared her feet. The older girl held the little white undies for a second or two, then dropped the flimsies to the floor. She smiled, then turned her head up to see just what she had unwrapped.

Lori's pussy was almost shaved, with a small tuft of soft wheat blonde hair right at the very top. Megan could see the wetness forming on the dusty pink outer cunt lips, and she noticed a soft feminine musk which was coming to her nose from the girl. She breathed it in, noting how intoxicating it was to her whole senses. She smiled, as she slowly lowered her head to taste the girl love rose, anticipating the sweetness she was going to have.

Lori felt the girl's lips kiss her private area, and she shuttered. It was an amazing feeling, casing her to want more and more. She squirmed as the girl lavished kisses on her outer vaginal opening and thighs. She gasped, as she felt the wave of pure ecstacy explode over her and shoot to ever part of her body.

With a surprised little gasp on her lips, she started to feel the girl's tongue starting to trace the outer parts of her snatch with a baby's breath of friction. Lori felt her legs opened on their own, instinctually wanting to give the girl ever access to her. She swooned, as that tongue began tracing circles around one particular spot. She began to vibrate uncontrollably, throwing her head back with a moan on her lips, as what ever she was doing, was sending her into cloud nine.

Megan started to lap the girl with a cautious motions, knowing this was probably the girl's first time. She purposely took it slow, making sure she hit each and every spot she knew of to bring great pleasure for the girl. The moans and gasps she heard coming from Lori as she writhed on the bed, told her that she was doing it all right. She inserted a finger into the girl's now wet hole as she licked the little love nub, the girl began to hump her face and hand, and she knew that she was right on the mark.

Lori felt a powerful type of feeling building inside of her, and all she wanted was for the girl to continue whatever this was. Sweat beaded on her skin like shiny rhinestones, as she found herself wriggling and contorting on the bed. She could hear herself moaning and gasping, and was unable to stop it in any way. She did not want to either.

Megan inserted a second finger after awhile, speeding up her lapping at the same time to maximize everything. The girl on the bed vibrated wildly, she arched up and slammed her pussy into the girl's face Another gasp came from the girl, and Megan's face and hands were suddenly drenched in the girl's very sweet smelling juices.

The older girl smiled in to the girl's now heated hole but never stopped her work. Megan realized that she just had given the girl her first full orgasm, and she wanted to give the girl as many as she could possibly do for her. The short haired girl just closed her eyes, and continued, enjoying herself while pleasuring the girl.

Megan's hand drifted down and went into her own sloping wet panties, and her fingers were quickly set to work on her own love nub. She gasped into the girl's hole as she fingered herself, and the two of them shuttered in unison.

Lori felt her body floating on ths wave of intense euphoria. Every lap of Megan's tongue sent another pleasure wave, culminating in another orgasm after orgasm. She could only moan and coo with rapture, as she vibrated with each orgasm that rocked her to her core. Taken away on this action, she felt the girl continued her onslaught on her pussy.

Megan finally stopped, and pulled herself on the bed beside Lori, her face was totally soaked with the young girl's sweetness she had caused. She looked down into the girl's face, smiling directly at the sweat streaked face that regarded her in the dimming light of the evening. She felt her heart race, as those bright blue eyes were twinkling back at her

Lori was just laying there, looking up at Megan in silence as they settled down into the softness of the bed. The girl just looked deep into Megan's eyes, using a hand to stroke Megan's cheek. Neither one even tried to speak, as their hands gently rubbed one another soothingly.

The two covered up with the comforter, and simply sunk into one another's embrace. As the falling night outside took away what little light their was, the girls fell asleep, spent from what had just happened.

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